Living a Maiden Game in Hard Mode

Otome Gēmu no Hādomōdo de Ikite Imasu

Source: 乙女ゲームのハードモードで生きています

Author: Yosuke Akano

The Galactic Prince is a maiden game released in 2038.
The heroine falls in love with various characters in the universe 1,700 years in the future.
A boy in the far future who had such a dream gradually believes it is connected to reality.

If this was the standard version with the flower garden development, he would have laughed it off.
However, the progress seems to follow the ported hard mode version, with an interstellar war about to break out.
Aware of the imminent destruction of the capital planet, he joined the military academy in order to get onboard the space fortress.

Tags: Maiden Game, Villainess, Original War Record, IF War Record, Space Opera, 3737 A.D. Sci-fi,

Chapter 1 – Trying to Tip the Military Police Squad off on the Villainess

Chapter 2 – The Heroine of the Maiden Game has Escaped

Chapter 3 – The Heroine Explosion

Chapter 4 – The Rival Character Sinks

Chapter 5 – Stock Investment with the Maiden Game’s Knowledge

Chapter 6 – The Villainess’ Scheme

Chapter 7 – Death Flags Everywhere

Chapter 8 – Space Flight Drills

Chapter 9 – Holding a Handsome Guy in the Jaw

Chapter 10 – The Birth of a Sparkling Name

Chapter 11 – Catch & Release

Chapter 12 – Gut Punched by the Heroine’s Best Friend

Chapter 13 – Summoned by the Heroine’s Father

Chapter 14 – The Defense Fortress became Wreckage before the War

Chapter 15 – For Cat Ears

Chapter 16 – Battle of the Loki Star System

Chapter 17 – Extremely High Level Request (Cat Ear Maid)

Chapter 18 – Bought an Artificial Floating Island Home

Chapter 19 –Coalition Forces Destroyed the Home Planet

Chapter 20 – Earth Invasion

Chapter 21 – Solar System Forces

Chapter 22 – The Educational Video featured a Villainess

Chapter 23 – Notice of Engagement Offer Annulment

Chapter 24 – How to Use Power Correctly

Chapter 25 – The Duty of the Diete Aristocrat

Chapter 26 – Mr. Black Goat, Writes a Letter

Chapter 27 – Ms. White Goat, Cuts Off the Path of Retreat

Chapter 28 – Planet of the Dwarves

Chapter 29 – Hercules Star System Battle

Chapter 30 – The Crown Prince, Explosion!

Chapter 31 – Exoneration and Letter of Commendation

Chapter 32 – Schemes

Chapter 33 – Castle in the Sky

Chapter 34 – The Destination of the Arrows

Chapter 35 – Battle of the Myrna Star System

Chapter 36 – The Spirit Fleet

Chapter 37 – Condemnation

Chapter 38 – Interstellar War

Vol 1 & 2 Report on Revisions

Chapter 39 – The 6 Families of Tenka

Chapter 40 – The Salamander Project

Chapter 41 – Joint Defense Exercise

Chapter 42 – Hart’s Daily Life

43話 2種類の要求

44話 再国家総動員体制

45話 マクリール星系

46話 使節団

47話 シャリーと精霊たち

48話 侵略戦争

49話 第二次マクリール星域会戦

50話 セラフィーナの領域

51話 新京星域会戦

52話 九山星域会戦

53話 ディーテ王国の性質

54話 深城侵攻

55話 焦土作戦

56話 第二次ディーテ星域会戦

57話 新女王ユーナ