Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – The Rival Character Sinks

Philine Carneus, one of the heroine’s rival characters.

Her family is one of only 14 Marquis Households in the Monarchy of Diete, which has a total population of 40 billion. Including the Royalty and Duchies, they are among the top 20 great houses in the state.

Each Marquis has a territory of about 800 million people. In addition, it has tremendous power due to the synergistic effect of their broad range of tax exemption privileges as aristocrats.

It is a clan that unites to a notion about eight times the size of Japan, where Hart’s ancestors lived.

In exchange for their title, a Marquis’ duty is to use their vast magic power to operate a 17,000m-long fortress ship. In wartime, it becomes a barrier to protect the capital planet from enemy bombardment, and it becomes one of the meteor showers that rush into the enemy’s capital planet.

The current Marquis is Philine’s grandfather, and the next in line is Philine’s father.

However, it remains to be seen who will succeed the Marquis in Philine’s generation.

The Monarchy Law requires the Marquis to possess a reference value of 12 and a magic power of 17,280 or more.

This is to maintain the magic power value and the strength to oppose the Human Coalition.

Because the Monarchy of Diete has a history of deadly battles against Earthlings and high magic power values are essential to maintaining its independence, no exceptions are allowed in the conditions of the Marquis’ succession.

National law stipulates that if the magic power value of the next generation falls, so does the peerage.

Moreover, the succession of the title is defined only by direct lineage in order to prevent the monopolization of the title by the same bloodline.

Therefore, in many cases, the successor is a man who does not have to worry about losing their magic power by 10% at the time of childbirth hence not meeting the reference value of the head of the aristocracy.

However, the children of the Marquis Carneus were three sisters and one younger brother, in addition to four elder sisters and younger brothers.

The eldest daughter Johanna has 19,750 magic power. As the family head, she can give birth to a child once.

Second daughter Philine, has magic power value of 25,733. As the family head, she can bear children three times.

Third daughter Dorothea, has 27,040 magic power. As the family head, she can have four children.

The eldest son Horst, has 12,548 magic power which is only equivalent to a Viscount.

Due to lack of magical power, the eldest son, who was originally intended to be the Family head, was excluded from the candidates for succession to the Marquis.

After that, a three-way struggle began with the second and third daughters as the favorites, and the eldest daughter as well.

The specific method of conflict for the three sisters is the choice of spouses.

The transfer of magic power from parents to children is based on [(father + mother x 3) ÷ 4], and approximately 99.99% falls within the range of more than half to less than twice the reference value.

However, the average magical power of a child tends to decrease by 0.9 times that of a parent, and if there is an extreme difference in pedigree, like if the father is an aristocrat and the mother is a commoner, the succession does not go well.

In rare cases, the magic power can be more than twice that of the parents, but it is said to be equal to the probability of winning the first prize in the lottery (1/20 million).

Therefore, not only the Marquis Carneus but also each aristocratic family selects the successors to their title so that the descendants will have as high a magic power value as possible.

The condition of the Marquis is that the child selects the person with the highest magic power value during the sister’s marriage or by the time the title is transferred to the father.

In order for the child to inherit magic power, the mother has three times as much influence as the father, so Philine must bring her into her household a partner with good conditions such as magic power difference of 3921, which is three times the magic power difference of 1307 with the younger sister.

The magic difference between Dukes and Marquises, also Marquises and Counts is about 4,000.

Therefore, Philine must take a Marquis if the third daughter brings a Count, and a Duke if the third daughter brings a Marquis.

Moreover, because the third daughter is younger, she has an overwhelming advantage of being able to change her partner according to the second daughter’s selection.

In the hard mode, the relationship between the second daughter Philine and the third daughter Dorothea is the worst.

At the very least, Dorothea has identified Philine as an enemy, and if Dorothea succeeds to the Marquis, there’s no telling what she will do to Philine.

For the time being, what Hart saw in his precognition was a gruesome development that was impossible for a man.

Therefore, among the capture targets that the heroine Yuna meets in high school, if the affection point with a high magical person other than the Royal Grandson who needs a consort or the Duke’s exalted son, who is a trusted retainer of the Royal Grandson, increases, Philine becomes a powerful rival character who does not pull back one step in self-defense.

In middle school, there were no candidates other than the Royal Grandchild and his right hand man the Duke’s son, who did not pay attention to women, so Philine was supposed to expect a large number of boys with high magic power value that would enter high school.

However, in the middle school ranking, Hart surpassed the royal grandson, who is considered the highest peak of the Monarchy, with magic power value of over 30,000, so her behavior was slightly … the change she awaked went beyond what one would call humble.

“I was hoping that you could return the favor from the other day.”

“………… it’s about the succession battle of the Marquis Carneus, right?”

“Oh, you know. How much do you know?

“You’re at a greater disadvantage than the third daughter Dorothea, and if you don’t present a higher ranking candidate, you’ll be in a big pinch.”

“It’s troubling that even Hiragi knows about this. Over the past days, my sister Johanna brought a candidate with Marquis-class magic power. If I don’t take anyone with me, I won’t be able to stop her when something happens to my grandfather.”

“That’s why you want to introduce me as a high magic candidate? It is certainly a great honor to be approached by Philine, though.”

Is Philine’s far ancestor Scandinavian?

As one would expect of the Maiden Game heroine’s rival, her appearance and beauty is a great sample. Flowing silver hair and sky blue eyes. Her features are adorable like flowers blooming, and her figure is slim and lean like a gymnast.

Her gestures are soft, her demeanor is gentle, and her core is strong.

When the heroine fights with Digitalis, there is also a route where she becomes an ally and lends a hand, so although she is a rival character of the setting, her personality is not bad. It’s just that he sometimes breaks down when cornered too much.

If she inherits the Marquis family, she can firmly fulfill the Marquis role.

Certainly, her breasts aren’t large, and although she looks like a fairy, she is not bewitching, so men’s tastes may differ.

For Hart, however, Philine’s figure was not a negative. And, there was also the circumstance in which he wanted the backing of a senior aristocrat due to his extraordinary magic power.

Incidentally, her younger sister, who is two years younger, is also shaped like a doll.

However, the inside is a doll that starts to move at midnight and attacks with a knife in hand.

She has a magic power value close to that of the Royal family, and is the most promising candidate for the Marquis, so her personality was distorted.

If you omit the ‘Dere’ from Yandere, you will get the third daughter Dorothea.

“Ah, is there any problem then?”

“I don’t like being a convenient gigolo for Philine.”

Hart’s argument is a biological problem for ‘Males’.

There are many men who are kept by their wives without knowing it, but that is only possible because they are successfully deluded to it.

It is extremely difficult for a man to live on knowing that he will be kept by a woman for the rest of his life.

“I’m troubled. As a woman and as a member of a Marquis house, I’m making the greatest of concessions.”

“I understand it’s an exceptional concession. But I don’t want to be a gigolo.”

“Then let’s discuss the terms. I’m sure we can come to an agreement.”

Philine shows a relaxed expression, but Hart knows that she is actually recognized as a target by her Yandere sister (*omitting Dere), and has a sense of impatience and anxiety in her heart.

If her younger sister gets the position and even succeeds Marquis Carneus, to protect herself the only options are either as the Royal Grandson’s Consort or the wife of the successor to one of the 5 Duchies.

However, now that the life span is said to reach 300 years, the age of each Duke and their spouse does not match, and the only partner who fits the grade is the confidant of His Royal Highness, the Duke’s son, and he does not give any opportunity to the women around him.

And, at this rate she’ll be defeated by the ludicrously obsessed Dorothea.

When the heroine, Yuna, raises the affection points with the capture targets, Philine, feeling a sense of crisis, takes various bold actions.

For example, there is also a development where she says that it doesn’t matter if they like Yuna as long as the capture target cooperates with the heroine and consents being a high magic power breeder.

He admits to cheating on her as long as he doesn’t use any of the Marquis’ property. Rather, Philine becomes the adulterer, but she tries to secure a partner even if she has to lower her own conditions.

For the time being, Hart tried to raise his own likability to Yuna.

Then, when he thought he liked Yuna enough to want to get married, he is approached by Philine for negotiations.

“For example, I want my freedom to the extent that I do not use any of the Marquis’ property.”

“I wouldn’t restrict you that much. I’ll even grant you an allowance to use as you will.”

In the end, the condition that Philine presented was to make Hart a gigolo with no freedom.

Is it because she is not in dire straits yet, or because she is not competing with the heroine for me?

“If I don’t show my worth, my state of being kept will not change.”

“Magic power of 30,000 is worth more than enough as an aristocrat of the Monarchy.”

“With her degree of advantage, won’t Dorothea propose a contest using the magic power of the child to be born? Instead, there is a suggestion that will help you defeat Dorothea sooner rather than later.”

“Oh, what is it?”

“Before that, we need to negotiate. If my proposal guarantees that Dorothea can be defeated, why not treat me as an equal collaborator if you agree to it? On the condition that I don’t interfere with Marquis Carneus, but they equally would not interfere with me.”

“I’d like you to begin by telling me about your proposal.”

Hart, who couldn’t speak, still sent his personal data.

Personal data is the official identification card in the Monarchy of Diete.

By looking at the data, it is possible to know the magic power value and the origin of the parents, and it is also one of the confirmation methods used when aristocrats consider formal marriage.

The data sent included Hart’s magic power value.

Hart quickly sought a confirmation from Philine, who is at a loss for words.

“When you present me and show my personal data, the battle for succession of the Marquis Carneus will be settled. That’s right.”

“………… Hiragi, are you an ancestral resurgence or something?”

“It’s only three times as magical as His Royal Highness. So if you accept that you can defeat Dorothea for sure, we can get on with the proposal, then you are willing to be an equal collaborator.”


From Philine, an onomatopoeia that was unlike the daughter of the Marquis was emitted.

Hart pretends not to hear it and adds the coup de grace to his continuous attacks.

“If it doesn’t work, you can use this magic power by selling it to Dorothea…”

“Wait, wait, that’s no good.”

“The exchange condition to Dorothea is that I can make Philine my concubine even though I love her………… I feel it’s much better that way.””

“I, I understand. The earlier conditions are fine.”

This Maiden Game seems to be equally in hard mode for each character.

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