Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 – The Educational Video featured a Villainess

“Hart, look, look!”

Yuna’s eyes sparkled as she showed Hart the video inside the delivery container.

A mysterious voice was heard, and Hart watched into the video stunned with his mouth open.

The image was the inside an aquarium made up of large containers connected together. Under artificial gravity in the fortress, the container had a water surface and was supplied with oxygen, light, and food. Huge marine organisms swarmed and swam gracefully in the water.

“Sharks… no, dolphins.”

Hart was amazed by the huge marine creatures he was seeing for the first time.

The Diete system did not carry dolphins during settlement from Earth. Therefore, Hart had never seen images of dolphins moving in real time.

“That’s right. They’re a species called bottlenose dolphins. They’re cute, aren’t they?”

Yuna watches the dolphins swim by like a child taken to the aquarium.

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Hart initially agreed, but inwardly tilted his head.

Earth keepers, who have been brought in with the dolphins, are working in the same container, but the dolphins are about twice the size of keepers.

According to the data stored in Hart’s information terminal, it was a species of whale with half the torso of a  False Killer Whale(Pseudorca Crassidens) or a  Short-finned Pilot Whale(Globicephala Macrorhynchus)… hence called the “half-body Handou”. On Earth, there are other theories and names, but on the Deite side, it is registered as Handou (half body).

It’s not as big as a whale, but it’s more than 3 meters long.

The king of the sea in the Capital planet Diros, is the Bluefin Tuna, but its average size is 2.5 meters and the weight is about 300 kg, making the bottlenose dolphin one size larger.

About 10 bottlenose dolphins were put in each large container, of which there were 20. There are apparently as many as 200 of these dolphins being brought to Deite.

“Will these dolphins be released into the waters of Diros?”

Yuna’s eyes are shining.

When Hart looked at the data on the information terminal, it was written that dolphins sometimes cooperate with tuna to prey on fish. The tuna would circle the sardine horizontally, while the dolphin would circle vertically, forming a spherical ball of sardines to feed on.

They are intelligent and friendly, and on Earth, and it is said that they sometimes entertain visitors by performing in aquariums and other places. There were many records of them aiding humans at sea, and apparently humans did not eat dolphins like tuna.

“If we release them into Diros’ sea ​​, the waters of Diros will be filled with dolphins in about 200 years.”

Humans eat tuna, but dolphins have no natural enemies. Hart imagined edible fish in the waters of Diros being devoured by a flock of dolphins.

As Hart was pondering this, Philine, who had arrived on her shift switch with Yuna, stepped in between them.

“In the [Purpose of Transport] column, they are listed as being for research and ornamental use. After transportation to the oceanarium, they will be used for national entertainment as Earth terrestrial creatures.”

“I see. As long as we don’t release them into the ocean, it’ll be fine.”

Hart was convinced by Philine’s explanation, lightly convinced.

Bringing back the results of the Earth invasion and showing them off to the Royal citizens who were severely damaged in the Battle of the Diete system is an easy-to-understand manner to resolve their dissatisfaction.

Giant marine life has an outstanding visual effect.

“Hart, when the dolphins enter the aquarium, let’s go see them.”

“It’ll probably be pretty crowded.”

Hart imagined tens of millions of people rushing into an aquarium, but Yuna’s eyes have asked Hart for confirmation.

If you just want to see dolphins, you can go to one of the containers under the pretext of randomly inspecting transport as a fortress command staff. But what Yuna wanted, of course, was not to inspect the transport.

“…… Okay. Let’s go to the aquarium.”

“Yay! Hart, I love you.”

Yuna was so pleased that she gave Philine a momentary look of pride before changing shifts and happily returning to her room.

“Of course, you will go with me.”

“Hahahaha. Of course.”

Hart nodded to Philine, with his face twitching, as he imagined a future in which he would be swallowed twice by a sea of people in an aquarium. Then, as if to forget the sight of the future drowning scene, he began to look at the list of transportation items other than dolphins.

The list of items to be transported included the names of natural resources and raw materials, as well as the names of various production machinery and products. Some of the containers were relocated to research facilities.

There are medium and small containers with various creatures also loaded. Dogs were separated by breed, and pet breeders and their families were also loaded together. In some cases, there were even containers loaded with trees that had been transferred with their soil.

“This is terrible.”

Hart was dismayed because the use of the container was too extravagant.

For a transport ship, it would take more than two months to transport one large container, or ten medium containers, or twenty small containers. What would the crew of the transport ship think if they were ordered to carry a tree as research material?

While switching the items to be transported with dismay, he arrived at an item of a certain organism. The number of individuals is about 1 billion, and of all transported goods, there are the most delicate items to be handled.

Hart became expressionless and remembered “the Galactic Prince” he once played.

If reality had progressed according to the game’s storyline, without interfering with the plots of the Dukes of Takrham, the Capital planet Diros would have been subdued and the royal people would have been loaded into containers.

Before the resumption of the war, many of Diete’s citizens believed that the war was over. The idea was that “what they had done was offset by what had been done to them” in the celestial swarm operation carried out against Earth at the time of the War of Independence.

However, the Coalition of Humanity does not teach colonial rule as a bad thing. They are of the opinion that it is a legitimate debt collection of funds and resources invested on the development of a new planet, and the punishment of the Diete government was also a lawful act, indicating the view that Diete had unilaterally attacked them.

As a royal citizen, Hart believes that “if the war was to end, the Coalition side should have accepted that they were forced to fight a war of independence and compromised to end the war before it resumed” but the Coalition would believe that the Monarchy should have compromised.

1 billion people were killed on the Diete side after the resumption of the war, and 1 billion people were taken from Earth on the coalition side, making it nearly impossible for the two sides to come to an agreement.

When Hart pressed the list of terminals, the inside of the container was projected.

Large containers that house humans are 500 meters long, 160 meters wide, and 50 meters high by standard.

One large container can accommodate 40,000 people.

At a height of 50 meters, 30 meters is like a 10-story condominium, and the remaining 20 meters are loaded with a recyclable circulation supply system, and food cultivation is also carried out.

In a 10-story condominium with a height of 30 meters, five-eighths are used for living areas, and three-eighths are used for passageways, soundproof walls, and edible botanical gardens.

At 500 meters long and 160 meters wide, it has an area of 80,000 square meters. Since the living area is five-eighths, there will be 10 living lots of 50,000 square meters in a large container.

The 50,000-square-metre living area can accommodate about 4,000 people, with four people in a 50-square-metre 2LDK space or eight people in a 100-square-metre 4LDK space. Because it has 10 levels, the capacity of one large container is calculated to be about 40,000 people.

A large container of these specifications is the interstellar travel container in the Monarchy of Diete.

In the Monarchy of Diete, large-scale migrations have been carried out many times in the past using migrant containers.

Large containers are loaded on transport ships, and they are wrapped with Magic Conversion Protective Me(shield) generated by a Magic Element Engine to protect them from cosmic radiation and dust, as they travel across the stars.

When stored on Fortress Kerviel, they can be transported in bulk because they can be shielded as well as a transport ship.

“The fact that they are listed as a type of organism aside, the method of transportation is exactly the same as the type used by the Monarchy for immigration.”

At Hart’s monologue, Philine describes her interpretation.

“I guess it was because the existing immigration containers were readily available. The Monarchy has immigrated to five star systems in 388 years. And if the war hadn’t resumed, a sixth migration would have taken place.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. In the royal family, when a member excellent enough to cause an issue with succession appears, they were granted Duke peerage and sent out to other star systems. If not for the war, I think the former Third Prince Valfrete would have been the sixth interstellar immigrant as the Captain of the initially developed interstellar immigrant fleet.”

“That’s why the reconstruction was so quick and the shipping containers were ready.”

Hearing from Philine about the origin of the large-scale containers, Hart could see why they could quickly procure reconstruction resources and transport containers.

Carrying a billion people would require at least 25,000 migrant containers.

It is also necessary to incorporate an advanced circulation system into plots that can be used for food cultivation, provide furniture and supplies necessary for human life, and even create soundproof walls and an edible botanical garden.

Even though the resumption of the war was unexpected, it is impossible to manufacture that many new units in parallel until the Capital planet was severely damaged. However, if they were prepared in advance, it is sufficient to simply postpone the immigration plans and divert them.

“I think the timing of immigration was when the Sovereign’s Grandson, Prince Leandre, graduated from the high school of the Magic Academy and he replaced the third Prince Valfrete as second in line to the throne. Instead of lowering the order of succession, he would take on the role of the Commander of the immigrant fleet as a vassal.”

“Well, if it weren’t for the war, immigration plans might have been announced by now. I think the senior aristocrats were providing support and recruiting immigrants from their territories.”

It is February 441 of the Monarchy history, one month before the graduation ceremony of the Magic Academy.

The migrant containers flies through space with Earthers captured in the war, rather than the originally planned Royal Diete nationals.

With mixed emotions that could not be simply expressed, Hart looked at the data of the container holding the Earthers.

The containers are separated in three layers by the outer walls of two containers and the partitions of the fortress, so there is a low risk of the Earthers uprising all at once.

Moreover, according to the manual handed down by the Solar System Forces, an entire container can be thrown into space in the event of a mutiny. Since there are 1.6 million more people, that seems to be within the expected range.

“By the way, one of the container management officers made an Educational video to prevent Earth people from rioting. The final decision was in the hands of the Planning and Public Relations Department.”

“That’s quite a work ethic.”

More than a million containers deposited from the Solar System Forces are managed by the subordinates of the Colonel, the chief of the fortress’s Accounting Department. One Division is responsible for the 25,000 containers carrying humans, and it is the officers in charge of the division who directly manage them.

They are an elite group of non-captain graduates from the military academy who control automated functions and military androids at will, supporting the backbones of the Royal army.

After hearing the story from Philine, Hart showed interest in the contents of the Educational video.

“I think a written approval was sent by the Director of Planning and Public Relations. It may have already been approved, but we can also view the application data if we want.”

Philine, who has the rank of Colonel, picked up the application data on her terminal and sent the link to Hart’s terminal.

When Hart played back the data sent, a female secretary of about 20 years old with curly hair and droopy eyes, wearing a cream-colored jacket and grass-colored skirt appeared, deformed into a three-dimensional image with a soft atmosphere.

The deformed female secretary, who seemed to have been made using rendering software, introduced herself cheerfully and then started talking.

[The people of Earth lost the war.]

The sad-faced secretary resumes the explanation after a few seconds of silence.

[You will now be taken to the Monarchy. However, if you cause problems, the destination you’ll be taken to may turn into a terrible place.]

Next to the female secretary, a deformed image of Earth is projected.

A disk-shaped UFO appeared in the footage, shooting a mysterious ray from the sky above Earth, and showing the Earthers being pulled up.

The Earthers, who showed resistance by moving their hands in a jittery manner, were helplessly pulled up and retrieved by the UFO. Many UFOs were sucked into a huge fortress one after another, and eventually a large fortress traveled away from Earth.

And inside the fortress, one of the Earthers goes on a rampage.

Immediately after, a D’nin sound effect was played.

[You have caused problems. Then you will be taken to a different place from everyone else. Let’s take a look at what kind of place you will be taken to. You who caused the problem were taken to a place as a cleaner.]

The large fortress that flew through space eventually reached a beautiful planet.

From the fortress that stopped on the planet, a UFO slowly descended to the beautiful planet.

There, the footage changed, trees and the lawn were planted in a vast site, and a gentle road which continued to a magnificent building was projected.

“Isn’t this the Magic Academy?”

“It’s been so long. You can see the school building in the distance.”

As Hart and Philine were nostalgically looking at the scenery of the video, pure white luxury flying vehicles descended from the sky into the premises one after another.

Then, a blonde young lady, dressed in white with a barely pale pink skirt, dressed like a saint, landed majestically on the ground.

“Geh, Digitalis!”

“………… been a long time.”

Hart raised a disgusting voice at the blonde-haired model who appeared, and Philine muttered indifferently.

Standing on the lawn of the Magic Academy in the video that the two watched, the young lady looked around deliberately and then frowned at a certain point.

At the end of her gaze was a shabbily dressed man cowering, moving a lawnmower and a trash collector.

[Well, well, well, what a mess. Hey you, call the academy’s androids.]

[Yes, Milady]

When one of the butlers operated the terminal at hand, the academy’s androids rushed in.

[Hey, look, there’s dirty trash over there. I’m going to wash it off with a tree water sprinkler, so do hold it down.]

[Please stop. I was washed yesterday too.]

The man who was seized desperately resisted, but the opponents were four androids who are much stronger than humans. The resistance was futile, and his limbs were grabbed one by one and his body was lifted in the air.

The man continues to plead for mercy, frantically twisting himself.

Hearing that he had been washed yesterday, Hart was convinced that Digitalis had deliberately descended near the man.

[Here, activate it.]

When the young lady smiled, a watering nozzle came out from under the lawn.

Then, with a jaa sound effect, she began to spray water on the body of the man who closed his eyes.

[Gyaaaa…. mugagagaga]

[Well, well, well, even the rinsing doesn’t clean the mess. I wonder why.]

After a close-up of the lady laughing mirthfully, the video switched back to the female secretary.

[If you cause problems, this will be your future life. If they like you, they may take you in and keep you as a cleaner in their territory. If they get bored along the way, you may be discarded and disposed of at random. And no one will be able to help you. Please refrain from inconveniencing the Royal Army for your own sakes. This is a sincere warning.]

When the female secretary bowed with a sad face, the screen switched to an advertisement center logo along with an “AC~” sound effect.

After the data had been played, Hart and Philine, who had been frozen for a while, opened their mouths gravely.

“For the time being, I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that.”

“Then I’ll clear the browsing history.”

Later, the container in which the video was broadcast no longer caused any problems for the Royal army to deal with.

Hart did not interfere with the discretionary authority of his subordinates, and returned to the Capital planet, solemnly serving as fortress commander.

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