Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 75

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Chapter 75 – Results of the 7 Month Reign

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October 444 of the Monarchy of Diete Calendar.

Seven months after the coronation of Queen Yuna, the power structure of mankind has changed dramatically.


The total population went from 64 billion vs. 60 billion, to 35.2 billion vs. 97.5 billion. 100:277 became 100:94. The number of possessed habitable star systems has also reversed from 6:7 to 8:5.

With regard to the 42 billion people in the four-star system at the forefront of the Monarchy, the realms of the Spirit Kings and transition gates created an ironclad defense that could not be breached even if the Tenka Federation invaded with total force.

On the other hand, the Tenka Federation became the three Tenka nations after the two nations of Shinkyō and Kyūyama disappeared. The damage inflicted so far is enormous, and except for the head planets of the three nations, there is no force left to withstand the invasion of Fortress Kerviel.

Only one year has passed since the former Sovereign died in the Second Diete System Battle. The Monarchy reversed the Tenka Federation in its total population, habitable systems, and total war potential, and the gap was widening over time.

In each system of the Monarchy, defense vessels will be switched from Salamander to 40 million large fighter crafts, Israfel, in about a year.

This was a military power equivalent to 1.6 million Tenka warships, and if at the scale of when the Athena system was attacked by 500,000 warships, it will be possible to defend the system without the realm of the Spirit King.

Each system had more than 40 million pilots, and the surplus personnel had D-class crystals, and there was even room for resource mining and transportation using Salamanders and suppressors.

Having built a strong defense system, Hart also made some changes to personnel at Fortress Kerviel.

Brigadier General Alois Khan, who was approached to Head the Fighter Craft Division, was a first-generation fighter pilot that Valfrete had gathered in his home country in early 441, when the former Crown Prince Gracian, who had died in the war, dominated the Solar System.

At the tender age of 19 when he volunteered, Alois was only one year older than Hart, and was a war victim of the First Battle of Diete.

There were a lot of desperate volunteer soldiers who lost family and property in the battle, and abandoned themselves in the war, and it was a common story that they die or fight to the last, but Alois was among the ones who achieved extraordinary results.

“I want to entrust the Head of the fortress’ Fighter Craft Division to you, a graduate of a short-term training center, not even from the Military Academy or a Fighter Craft School, because I thought it was the best way to increase the fortress’ security.”

“………… Oh.”

Alois, who lost various things and enrolled in the short-term training center, became a Corporal six months later and served in the four-star system Battle against the former Coalition, and officially became a Second Lieutenant.

The serious shortage of personnel caused by the Second Battle of the Diete Star System coincided with his period of distinguished service, and he rose to Major in the three-star battle of Fortress Kerviel last year and to Brigadier General in the three-star system battle from Athena to Fukashiro.

In the ten battles in which he served, Alois has surpassed the threshold to receive the Medal of Honor at least six times in each case.

In one notable achievement, he single-handedly destroyed the flagship of the Shinkyō ruler, Líng Yīng, in his Israfel.

Hart is convinced that the spirit attached to Alois had a great deal to do with Alois’ war achievements.

A rare spirit, that was seriously devoted to a low-dimensional existence like a human being, stood beside Alois.

Hart believed that if Alois were placed on Fortress Kerviel, this spirit would move the spirits around her to protect Alois, and as a result, the security of the fortress would increase.

“While serving as Deputy Director of the Fighter Craft Division at Fortress Kerviel, you will undertake a six-month Field Officer Education and 1-year Command Staff course. After that, I will recommend your promotion to Major General. Since we are recruiting you, you can expect to be paid for your preparation.”

“I’m afraid there’s going to be some animosity if a training center graduate is promoted to Major General.”

“I’ll fill in the [Recommender] column with [Fleet Admiral Amakawa, Commander-in-Chief of the Monarchy Armed Forces]. I look forward to working with you.”

There is no faction conflict in the current Royal Army.

In the former Royal Army, there were two major factions: the former Crown Prince Gracian faction and the third Prince Valfrete faction.

However, after Gracian’s son Leandre became a national traitor and it was publicized that the Gracian faction had made unjust personnel moves against Hart, even causing the Monarchy’s defeat at the Hercules Star System Battle, the Gracian faction, which had become the enemy of the Monarchy, disappeared completely.

The past Valfrete faction was succeeded by his son-in-law, Commander-in-Chief Amakawa, due to the death of former Sovereign Valfrete. Two Colonel Generals, the Chief of Staff and the Chief of Military Affairs, have also publicly professed their full support for Hart.

There are no Generals in the current Royal Army who are opposed to Hart’s direct personnel management.

Such an existence could be a danger to the nation. But fortunately, from the public’s point of view, Hart is not seen as a potential threat to the Queen.

The royal people know Commander-in-Chief Hart and Queen Yuna are childhood friends since Middle School, enrolled in the Military Academy together and that Viscount Hart confessed his feelings to the Baron Young Lady Yuna.

During the war, they were both assigned to the same fortress duty and were formally engaged, and they are still together with the Marquis of Amakawa as their Royal Capital. It is a sweet relationship which seems something like out of a Maiden Game, and it’s hard to believe that Hart could ever be a threat to Yuna.

If Hart had any ambitions for the position in the first place, all he has to do is let Yuna continue as Queen. It is very easy to convince the public of that.

“During wartime, the survival of the nation was at stake. Even after the war, the two princes are not strong enough to incorporate the former Coalition and Tenka people.”

With such an explanation, the majority of the Royal Citizens would consent.

The Royal Citizens created the aristocracy in order to enable what Yuna is currently doing.

Yuna’s achievements, which brought a reversal from the crisis of the destruction of the Monarchy in a short period of time, have already become so huge that they are not influenced by the will of the former Sovereign.

If Yuna says she will continue as Queen for the Monarchy, there is no way that the Monarchy Parliament will not pass the bill. If the Queen is replaced and sacrifices increase, the one who pushed for the change will become the enemy of the Monarchy, so who can demand the replacement?

However, Yuna raised Bernard and Josslan as candidates for the next Sovereign, and allowed Josslan to retract his previous erroneous statement. Hart also led the two princes to earn Medals of Honor in the Athena Star System Battle.

From the objective facts, it can only be considered that Hart does not want the position of Queen’s Prince Consort.

The Commander-in-Chief, who is safe and secure for such a nation, immediately stopped his advance with the acquisition of the MacLir system and the Fukashiro system.

The reversal of the power structure was necessary to quickly establish the position of the crowned Yuna. The recapture of the Fukashiro system also required urgency so that the people of Fukashiro, who were subservient to the Monarchy, would not be integrated into Tenka’s side.

Now, however, it’s no longer necessary to rush operations.

The Solar System and Hercules System were not originally territories of the Monarchy, nor did any Royal Citizens reside there. Now that the MacLir and Fukashiro Systems had been acquired, they are not even valuable as a bridgehead to the enemy’s stronghold.

For the Tenka side, it could be a bridgehead for the invasion of the Monarchy, but the defense system is already in place. While the fighter crafts of each system are preventing the invasion of Tenka, it would be advantageous if the enemy invades carelessly because it is possible to counter-invade with Fortress Kerviel.

As time goes by, the deployment rate of Israfels and the skill level of the pilots would increase, and the gap in strength against Tenka would widen, so Hart decided that there was no need to hurry.

In the meantime, he plans to incorporate the acquired MacLir and Fukashiro star systems into the Monarchy.

“Tenka has lost most of its mobile forces in the Athena System, and we want to expand ours as well. There will be a short interval.”

After stopping the march, Hart promoted Yuna and the other three and the Chiefs of Staff to Generals, in recognition of the three battles that followed from the Athena System.

He also gave Colette the post of Deputy to the Commander-in-Chief. This is to make it easier for Colette to issue orders to others when Yuna and Colette operate on the flagship Ramiel.

Claudia was promoted to Major General, the rank of a Fortress Commander, by raising the rank by one for each battle, and Hart’s plan for military personnel was largely achieved.

The only time he can do as he pleases in this way is while Yuna is Queen.

Now, under the joint name of Yuna and Hart with the Duke of Takrham, it is easy to manage the Kyūyama people with the pair of Liú Hào and Digitalis, the Lady of the Duke of Takrham, as the Countess.

If this were to be replaced by Bernard or Josslan, various hurdles will arise.

Even with regard to this promotion, Philine, who was awarded the Order of the Double Star Gliese, 1st class, may have needed political consideration, such as keeping Yuna and Colette’s ranks unchanged, depending on the current situation.

Taking care of these troublesome matters, Hart, who had raised his rank early, began to prepare for the inconvenience that will be caused by the replacement of the Sovereign.

When will Yuna’s successor be nominated?

Bernard is now a third-year student at the Academy of Magic, and Josslan is a first-year Cadet at the Military Academy.

It is necessary to wait at least until Bernard graduates from the high school in six months. The Sovereign dropping out of high school would not be received well. And if she were to be fair to her brothers, it would be three and a half years after Josslan graduated from the Military Academy.

The older sister who helps out with the family business a little……Within the framework of this common sense, Yuna has to accept it, and she can endure until her brothers have graduated from school.

During her reign, Yuna reversed the difference in power with enemy states and created transition gates between Star Systems, and achieved results that would be worthy of a mention in a list of the achievements of past Sovereigns. Hart believes that if she can keep her position as queen for another three and a half years, it will be enough.

“………… Our army won overwhelming victories in three star systems, but all of that were in special systems. The transition gate cannot be opened outside the realm, and the output of the enemy’s magic engine would not drop. Please keep that in mind. From now on, while incorporating MacLir and Fukashiro into the Monarchy, we will take the opportunity to capture the Solar System and the Hercules System to improve the security of the Monarchy. That is all on the Royal Army policy and the outline of the governance of MacLir and Fukashiro.”

At the third Lords’ Conference, the outline of the military actions and rule described by Hart had been communicated to the Lords in advance.

After Hart finished his explanation, Yuna, who is in a much better mood than the second Conference, posed a question to the two princes.

“The powers of the Monarchy and Tenka have reversed. Here, if I were to give up the throne right away, how would you two deal with the war against the five Tenka nations? First, answer from Bernard, the First Prince.”

Yuna’s questions were communicated to the two in advance, and anyone other than Yuna and Hart could have asked it. In order to prevent one from changing his answer after hearing the other’s, their answers were also submitted in advance.

Bernard stated the opinion which he had submitted to his elder sister beforehand in the Lords’ Conference.

[In my case, I would entrust the policy to Fleet Admiral Amakawa, the Commander-in-Chief. I know that if I leave it to him, we can win. The Sovereign doesn’t need to micromanage affairs when experts are at hand. It’ll only be a hindrance to meddle half-heartedly.]

When Bernard finished answering, Josslan, who was nominated next, gave his findings.

[Now that we have the advantage, we attack thoroughly, continue cutting down the enemy forces, causing them to lose their defensive capability, and bring down the enemy systems. A specific plan has been submitted in advance.]

Josslan brought in a proposal that would have been discussed with the instructors at the Military Academy.

According to the information provided by Liú Hào of Kyūyama, each main planet of Tenka only has enough defenses to withstand one or two invasions of Fortress Kerviel.

When Hart examined the offensive by applying it to himself, he calculated that he could completely defeat the enemy, probably in about three years, although he would have to retreat several times because he could not attack all three Tenka main planets.

On the specific plan that Josslan omitted, Hart expressed his evaluation from the standpoint of Commander-in-Chief.

“His Royal Highness Josslan’s proposal was based on the plan to allow the invading Royal Army to make sacrifices and withdraw several times, but by the third time it would be possible to capture the enemy star system. This is also a strategy that the Monarchy forces attacking the enemy’s star system must actually consider in the future. As Commander-in-Chief, I highly evaluate the contents of His Highness Josslan’s proposal as extremely realistic.”

When Hart praised him, Josslan showed his joy with a proud smile.

However, from Hart’s point of view, he used Josslan’s proposal as a pretext to get the Lords to accept the “repeated invasions and defeats in order to cut down the enemy”.

To be fair to both princes, Yuna mentioned Bernard’s assessment.

“In Bernard’s case, the result is the same as mine, when I left it to Commander-in-Chief Amakawa. We won big in the three systems of Athena, MacLir, and Fukashiro, and Bernard could do the same. Both of them are capable of doing roughly what is required of the Sovereign during wartime. Time and experience will tell on the details.”

Yuna, who simultaneously gave the two princes high marks, smiled softly for the first time in front of the Lords.

“It seems that the day when I will abdicate the throne is near. I commend all the contributions made by the Lords to the Monarchy with a letter of commendation in my name, so that they may remain for generations to come. Now, if there are any opinions or suggestions, I will allow you to speak freely.”


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  1. He also gave Colette the post of Deputy to the Commander-in-Chief. This is to make it easier for Colette to issue orders to others when *YUNA and Colette operate on the flagship Ramiel.


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