Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 34

Previous | TOC | Preview Chapter 34 – The Destination of the Arrows October 441 of the Monarchy calendar. The Royal army, which was ordered by the Sovereign, went on another large-scale expedition. "The defeat of Hercules killed the Crown Prince. We must dispel the anxiety of the people. I order the Commander-in-Chief, Colonel General … Continue reading Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 34

Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 146

Previous TOC Preview Chapter 146 - Watch Me [Eh~, uh~, everyone, umm......... please don't go home yet! The final isn't over yet… eh, emm...] The host, who had been shouting out loud as he wished, was now at a loss for words for the first time. He seemed shaken up over his blunder of forgetting … Continue reading Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 146