Serra – Chapter 20

Patreon Sponsored Chapter! Thanks for the Overwhelming Support!! Previous | TOC | Next Chapter 20 - Escape "! Karen! Hold on!" Karen woke up to Iris's voice. The surroundings were surprisingly quiet, and neither Hildle nor Cecilia, who should have been just before she fainted, were anywhere to be seen. "...... Iris? Where did they … Continue reading Serra – Chapter 20

Serra – Chapter 19

Previous | TOC | Next Chapter 19 - Wrath, Intent to Kill, Sorrow "Riko, are you all right?"  I ran up to Riko and untied her. Looking at her right hand, from the thumb to the ring finger were broken painfully. What a bad way to hurt someone. "Serra! I was scared, I was so scared!!" … Continue reading Serra – Chapter 19