Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 74

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Chapter 74 – Acquisition of Fukashiro

The shadows of the Monarchy warships shrouded each sector of the Fukashiro Star System as a black cloud.

Fifteen million of the 40-meter-long suppression machines were dispersed throughout the system, along with hundreds of millions of heavily armed Android soldiers to make a massive military force used to maintain security.

By these great forces, the Tenka people were made aware that the effective ruler of the star system had changed to the Monarchy.

When they looked up at the night sky, 20 million Salamanders and Israfels were flying around as a meteor shower. Among them, the Strategic Satellite Metatron, which shines brightly, became a new moon and illuminated the night of Lián Shāng.

The military city-building facilities sent through the transition gate were building new Monarchy facilities one after another across the planet, using resources in the star system.

The Monarchy has begun to govern much better than originally anticipated, using the data on the period of occupation provided by Liú Hào of Kyūyama, who had submitted to the Sòng family.

The population of Fukashiro, which was 21 billion people at the time Hào Lán subordinated, had decreased by 1 billion when the Monarchy liberated them after a year and two months of occupation.

The damage suffered by Fukashiro was so great, that it was extremely difficult for the Monarchy, which was of a different people, to rebuild the governing system that Shinkyō and Kyūyama had established, without the entire governance structure being transferred to the Monarchy and then taken over by Kyūyama.

The restoration of all social systems was carried out promptly, and some were smoothly switched to the Royal System. Spirit crystals were distributed free of charge to the Fukashiro people, and the connection between the Sòng family and the Fukashiro people and the communication system were also rebuilt.

The restoration was swift not only in terms of systems, but also in terms of human resources.

Xuě Lì, who succeeded Hào Lán as head of the Sòng family, and Sūra and Lín fā of the Sòng family, who were Xuě Lì’s cousins, returned to the Monarchy, and the former senior retainers of Fukashiro, who had fled and hid, returned. Regarding them, they have all been uniformly returned to their original positions, and future replacements will be decided by Sūra and Lín fā in consultation with Fukashiro’s aides.

As for the serious crimes …… such as massacres and rapes committed during the armed occupation by Shinkyō and Kyūyama, the serious criminals of Shinkyō are being dealt with harshly, while the Kyūyama side is being dealt with a little more care and attention.

Consideration is being given to the Kyūyama people, as it is necessary to show that they will be rewarded if they follow and contribute to the Monarchy.

Property stolen from the Fukashiro people will be returned, and the Monarchy will provide support to compensate them, and they will not be saddled with debts. Their position is tentatively the same as that of the people of the MacLir system, and they are in the process of calculating the merits and demerits of the situation and considering the best way to settle the matter.

As for the postwar Shinkyō citizens, Hart left them to Xuě Lì’s two cousins and their husbands as originally planned. He hopes that they will be used successfully as targets for the Fukashiro people to vent the resentment, which can no longer be directed at Kyūyama.

Although it is Líng Yīng’s crime, it is easy to drive anger at the Shinkyō people, as they are also guilty of launching a fusion munition. The creation of a common enemy was a blessing for both the Monarchy and Fukashiro.

However, Hart has decided to use his own authority to deal harshly with a small number of Shinkyō residents.

“Your Majesty, I would like to report on Leandre’s three sisters who were sent to Fukashiro on marriage diplomacy. The result was the rescue of two and the confirmation of one death. As for the two, they were found to be mentally deranged and invalid.”

The younger sisters of the traitor Leandre, daughters of the former Crown Prince Gracian, were exiled in the form of marriage diplomacy after being defeated by former Sovereign Valfrete in the political dispute.

The marriage diplomacy with the Fukashiro system was hostage exchange on behalf of both countries.

If Leandre’s sisters were treated unfavorably, Xuě Lì and her comrades would be treated unfavorably in retaliation, so their personal safety should have been guaranteed. At least Valfrete, who sent it out, had that view.

What was unexpected for the Monarchy was the invasion of Fukashiro by Shinkyō and Kyūyama. It was impossible for the Monarchy, which had no diplomatic relations with Tenka, to foresee such a situation when diplomatic relations were established.

Still, the Shinkyō side should have treated the girls respectfully to use them as a material for political negotiations. If the Shinkyō side had such consideration, the Monarchy would have also given Shinkyō consideration if only to that extent.

The reality, however, was that things had taken a turn for the worse.

When Shinkyō invaded Fukashiro, they had no intention of giving any consideration to Fukashiro, and had a strong desire for revenge against the Monarchy of Diete, which had dropped celestial bodies. That had dire consequences for the girls.

Although Hart is too horrified to mention aloud what exactly was done to the girls, they were targeted for retaliation by the Shinkyō side as representatives of the Monarchy that destroyed the Shinkyō Star System, and were subjected to the full extent of the human imagination.

Astrid has developed a mental illness, and her thinking is fundamentally distorted. Unless all the memories from the invasion of the five Tenka nations are erased, it is unlikely that she will ever be able to return to a normal Royal Diete citizen.

Cecilia, who had become an invalid, lost her language and regressed to an infantile state of vocalization, speaking instead like a one-year-old child. She is also emotionally unstable, and even if her body could be regenerated with modern medicine, it is not possible to cure her broken spirit.

This was also the fate of Yuna, Xuě Lì and the others should the Monarchy lose the war.

“I do not wish to trouble Your Majesty, so please leave this matter to your vassals.”

Hart adamantly refused to give Yuna a detailed report on the circumstances of the two rescued people.

“That’s what I ought to know.”

“Yuna, you don’t have to take on all the responsibility. Let me take care of this.”

“Who am I and who are you?”

Hart didn’t back down from Yuna, even when she went into dark mode.

“You’re my wife, I’m your husband. We put it off because due to the issues of the Queen’s magic power decline due to childbirth and the authority of the Queen’s Sovereignty, but we would have been married by now. I’ll say it again. Yuna, you don’t have to take on all the responsibility. Let me take care of this.”

Yuna’s lips quivered slightly for a few seconds, with a scant expression.

Hart is more familiar with Yuna’s inconsistencies and position than Yuna herself, although he could not convey the specifics of what she was unconsciously trying to appeal to.

“Fleet Admiral, by the name and responsibility of the Marquis of Amakawa, I ask that you handle this matter appropriately.”

“Yes, I’ll make it work to your satisfaction.”

Nodding, Hart walked up to Yuna and silently hugged her body.

Yuna did not resist, nor did she return the hug, but instead let Hart do what he wanted.

Hart sighed at Yuna’s reaction and began stroking her head with his right hand. The sweet feminine scent tickles Hart’s nasal passages.

Hart made a nonsensical analysis that the mental strain on Yuna was not enough to dismantle her minimum personal appearance yet.

He thinks that Colette, Yuna’s best friend, should stick with Yuna for the time being, something that Yuna herself, in his embrace, would protest if she knew about it, as if she had nothing else to offer.

Patting Yuna’s head, Hart began rocking her small form side to side, as if he were soothing the baby Yuna, who he was hugging. Yuna relaxed her body and let Hart rock her…

The next day, Hart laid down the terms of the punishment.

“Those who ordered it, those who carried it out, and those who are their blood-kin, will all suffer the same fate. Let the children resent their parents for their actions. Said parents did the same thing to minors who represented the Monarchy. You will not be allowed to escape alone.”

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

The law of vengeance for the same harm, expressed in Latin as LEX TALIONIS, is a theory of retribution that has been adopted in a wide range of ages and nations, both ancient and modern, and is one of an orderly system that avoids excessive retribution and limits it to a similar degree of revenge.

Hart ordered retaliation because, as a representative of the Monarchy, he is in a position to embody what would happen to those who put their hands on the Monarchy. By inculcating human society as a group that will surely retaliate, criminals will hesitate, and the future descendants of the Monarchy will be safer.

Hart announced to all mankind, both inside and outside the Monarchy, that the retaliation he had determined would “be the same, and extend to all descendants”.

The severe punishment does not extend to the uninvolved general Shinkyō people.

What the Monarchy of Diete does to ordinary Shinkyō citizens is to punish criminals in accordance with the law, and to collect war reparations with interest for the damage caused due to the invasion by Shinkyō, which was also within the scope of international common sense formed by humanity.

The reason why the debt continues to the descendants of Shinkyō is because it is the war reparations owed by the nation of Shinkyō itself, and this has been a very common practice between the victorious and defeated nations.

The resources and property of the Fukashiro system belong to Fukashiro, and it is only natural for the transgressors to pay compensation to those who have suffered damage, even if the interest will not decrease no matter how long they continue to do simple labor as a result of being charged for the use of land and energy leased in Fukashiro.

Sūra and Lín fā are the ones to determine the amount of debt and the details of forced labor as a means of repayment.

After two former royals and most of the war generations have lived out their natural lives, if the majority of the people decide, “Shall we forgive them now?”, they will reduce the debt or grant them some rights, and then the situation will be brought to an end.

Until that day comes, even if the hardships of the Shinkyō people continue, it was the Shinkyō people who supported the Gāo family who started the war, and they can compensate for the damage caused by the war they set up. Hart thought, and let the victims who could no longer express their will begrudge him.

As for the rescue of the two former Royals who carried out marriage diplomacy, what exactly had been done to them was not disclosed, but only the resulting death, mental illness, and invalidation were reported to the Monarchy.

However, even without knowing the specifics, one can imagine what was done. And it is also possible to use it.

It was the Duke of Takrham who made a move.

He brought a solution for Astrid, who resented the royal family, and Hart, who was troubled by Cecilia’s eventual need for full care.

[The two can be taken care of by our family. There are conditions, but they are within reason. What do you say?]

The old man, still virile at the age of over 100, with his full-backed hair and glistening eyes, and full of vitality throughout his body, made a proposal with a sarcastic smile.

The two young ladies would be taken in as a form of remarriage to the Viscounts prepared by the Duke of Takrham.

[Both Households are in danger of being demoted due to lack of magical power after their heir candidates died in the Second Battle of Diete. The children will succeed the aristocratic peerage, so they can receive the greatest treatment as Viscountesses.]

Takrham’s proposal showed the best future for Leandre’s two sisters. If Astrid and Cecilia had their own dedicated aides, just as Hart maintained Yuna’s spirit, he thought that it would be far better than throwing them into a sanatorium.

The condition of the exchange was to have Liú Hào of Kyūyama be conferred as a Viscount for his efforts in saving many Fukashiro Royal Citizens, marrying him to the Duke’s granddaughter Digitalis, who will be conferred as a Count, and having them her rule the people of Kyūyama on the condition that their children take over the household.

“Attaching the Duke’s granddaughter Digitalis to Liú Hào of Kyūyama?”


It was with regard to the governance of the people of Kyūyama that Takrham turned his attention.

As a basic premise, Takrham claims that it is preferable for the Kyūyama people to follow the Lin family’s lineage, just as the Fukashiro people follow the Sòng family’s lineage. There was no one else to be the central figure but Liú Hào, who was on the side of the Monarchy.

Liú Hào is of a different nation, but if he can mix in a suitable bloodline, such as the Lady of a Duke branched from the Royal family, it will be easier to gain the understanding of the Royal people.

When Digitalis was mentioned as a candidate, even Hart, who nowadays is unmoved by some matters, was shocked psychologically and fell into a temporary pause in his thinking.

The villainess Digitalis, who was in Hart’s school year, was the Last Boss in the Maiden Game “The Galactic Prince”.

She was unable to receive the magical power that the Dukes had stolen, and Hart assumed that she had been completely abandoned when her sister Lysine became the fiancée of the Second Prince, Josslan.

“How does Duke Takrham feel about the provinces to be given to the new Count.”

[The people of Kyūyama will resent the Duke of Son, and the people of Fukashiro will resent the people of Kyūyama. The Artemis System has more available land than Lián Shāng. There is also the land of those who have fallen from Marquis to Count. All they have to do is go there. I, the grandfather of Digitalis, can support you.]

“………… I see.”

Hart was taken aback by Takrham’s argument, but at the same time he was aware that the purpose of the Duke’s desire to bring the Kyūyama people into the Artemis System would be to rob the Kyūyama National Mages of their magical powers by using Digitalis, who know the secrets of device that steals magical power.

From those who do not have spirit crystals, the Duke of Takrham’s device can take away their magical power. Those who know the secret are very few. Perhaps even Lysine is unaware that it takes away magic.

The Lin family will take Digitalis as a bride, but the Duke of Takrham and Digitalis, who will be his backers, must be treated graciously. Countess Digitalis will be in a position of considerable freedom.

And among the Tenka people, because the national mages do not have human rights from the beginning, no matter how they are treated, there will be no conflict with the Lin family. Even if told, “Send us about 10,000 National Mages to engage in development,” Liú Hào would comply.

Their position in the Monarchy is completely different between a mere resident and a person who has been given the title of Count and is officially entrusted with a territory and its people. There is no doubt that Liú Hào will comply.

[If one is to marry an old enemy and rule over them, I think it’s better to be as bold as Digitalis.]

The boldest genes are yours… thought Hart, as he plunged into the other party’s brain, and pondered over his answer.

The magic of the national mages is about one-third that of the middle school students of the Academy of Magic. The magic power that can be added by stealing it from them is about one-third of Hart’s, which is about the same as a Royal-grade magic power holder.

If Takrham fulfills his purpose, up to 50,000 high magic powered individuals will be created from the descendants of the Duke of Takrham. If the Duke is creative, he will be able to aim even further.

Hart’s descendants, on the other hand, can compete by inheriting magical power with the help of spirits, but they would not have an overwhelming advantage. And, as in this case, political defeat is also a possibility. Hart thought as much.

(The power is too biased towards the Sòng family. It is impossible to refuse the proposal of the Dukes of Takrham, considering the governance of the nation from the Queen’s point of view.)

The option of not entrusting the Lin family and the Kyūyama Peoples to the Duke of Takrham cannot be adopted.

As for the Fukashiro system and the people of Fukashiro, since the ruler Hào Lán himself has subordinated to the Monarchy when it was an independent state, they are allowed to be incorporated in the same form as they are.

However, the Lords’ Council has not approved the incorporation of 1,545 million Kyūyama people, who have the same rights as the former Coalition people, under the Duke of Son.

If none of the Lords come forward as administrators, let alone if other Dukes do come forward, it is not possible to entrust the excessive population to the Duke of Son family.

As for the population to be governed, with reference to the Duke of Taka Amanohara, who rule former enemy nations who do not give royal citizenship, it is possible to resist to the extent of having Liú Hào govern about four times the 200 million people ruled by the Count of their home country, and leave the rest under the direct control of the Royal family.

Although it makes no sense to halve the governing population to prevent Takrham from pursuing his intended purpose.

After abandoning his pointless resistance, Hart mitigated the damage and replied.

“I understand Lord Takrham’s proposal. First of all, I would like to express my appreciation for your offer to take in the two former royals. Regarding the case of the conferment of peerage and territory, it is beyond my authority, so I will ask Her Majesty the Queen, who has the authority, about her intentions, and will reply as soon as possible.”

[As we are also Dukes, we will not impose any burden upon the Duke of Son alone. Then, I shall proceed with the preparations.]

The depths of Takrham’s eyes shone with interest at Hart’s unhesitating approval, but in his attitude, he showed his willingness to cooperate as a Duke.

Once again, Takrham presented an alternative, with a light tone as if he was offhandedly mentioning it.

[I can marry off another Lady to the Lin family, instead of Digitalis. But only on the condition that Digitalis, who will no longer be able to marry, be made a concubine of the Lord.]

Even more than when Digitalis was named as Liú Hào’s partner, Hart was stunned by Takrham’s proposal.

For the second son of a Baron Household, albeit a former one, to be allowed to take his favorite granddaughter as a concubine, such a development would never have come up in the game.

“Because we were in the same grade in the middle school of the Academy of Magic, I know a little about the character of your granddaughter. I am sure that Miss Digitalis has no interest in the second son of a former Baron Household.”

[As the Lord is now with the title of Duke, Digitalis will follow you. It cannot be denied that the lawful wife to the third wife, in terms of family lineage and magical power, surpasses Duke-grade, but it would not matter to a concubine. If that’s fine, it is a viable option.]

What Duke Takrham did, Hart thought, was a time-honored technique of making people compare a somewhat decent proposal with an unacceptable alternative, making them think it is better than alternatives and making them feel like they had a choice.

If Hart removes Takrham’s aim and chooses the other proposal, it would not bother Takrham in the slightest.

Of course, Hart welcoming Digitalis as a concubine is an impossible choice.

With Digitalis as a concubine, there will be stomach-wrenching daily conversations between Yuna, the former Queen turned Grand Duchess, and Digitalis, the former Duke Lady.

“Is Her Majesty the Grand Duchess unaware of such things?”

“How does that help me fulfill my duties as a royal aristocrat? If you are going to assert your aristocracy, why don’t you at least earn one of the military decorations?

“It is a matter of dignity and respect for the Amakawa family. The aristocracy, who represents the state, must act accordingly. If one were to behave like a Baron Lady, what would the people think?”

“You should think back to your middle school days. Did you know what dignity is? Dignity does not imply intimidation, though, does it?”

“Oh my, it’s sometimes necessary to attack, intimidate, and even overpower domestic political opponents. Wasn’t it the First Lady who demoted the two former Marquises of Draghi and Jerome before she got married?”

The dispute unfolds until Hart intercedes, and the moment he does, the attack is directed at him.

He would be blamed by Yuna for the situation, and by Digitalis for his lack of education of the senior aristocrat. When a man interferes in a quarrel between women, he only adds fuel to the fire.

Hart is a military man, but he doesn’t want to see war when he returns home.

Although somewhat accustomed to war with weapons fired at each other, the war between women is completely beyond his area of expertise, and he doesn’t even understand the unwritten rules.

If he can manage Digitalis, he can avoid her becoming the last boss of the world, but instead, it is inevitable that the Marquis of Amakawa will become the last boss.

Hart, who was tormented by headaches and stomach pains just by thinking about it, clearly expressed his rejection of the idea.

“I think the first idea is more realistic. Let the people of Kyūyama be ruled by Liú Hào and Miss Digitalis, with the assistance of Lord Takrham. If it is Miss Digitalis, it may work. There will be no need for another plan.”

Hart, who avoided the impossible option, consulted with Yuna and others about the proposal to marry Liú Hào of Kyūyama and Digitalis in exchange for taking in the two former royals.

If they demanded that the Amakawa family’s genes be donated, only Hart and Yuna would be sufficient to deal with the situation. But the proposal made by the Duke of Takrham this time …… at least the first one, was not that kind of a fight.

In addition to Hart and Yuna, Colette, who is familiar with what Digitalis is, and Claudia, who is better to talk through on matters of aristocratic relations, discussed the proposal of the Duke of Takrham.

Claudia is told that Digitalis was in the same grade in middle school and she did a lot of things back then. Claudia, who has a strong influence at the string society, knew the details, of course.

“If anything happens to the Kyūyama people, the Fukashiro people will be able to settle their resentment, so I wonder if it’s a good deal. I just hope that the people of Kyūyama, who have lost patience with him, won’t get the better of him and rise up in arms.”

Colette, who trusts Digitalis in another sense, spoke in a harsh manner.

“Master Hart, it seems that the Viscounts who will be hosting the former royals are really suffering from a lack of magical power. I think the Duke of Takrham’s proposal is a godsend.”

“I see. Thank you for confirming that.”

Hart thanked Claudia for acting as an intermediary to collect evidence.

Most of the aristocrats in the Diete System served in the Second Battle of Diete and lost their successors, and many houses were in danger of descent and extinction.

There are aristocrats who have pulled in their relatives and, whatever the reason may be, have welcomed high magical women and are maintaining their households through various hardships.

These aristocrats will surely cherish the former royal women certain to have Count-grade magical power. As far as the remedies for the two former royals are concerned, the Duke of Takrham’s proposal is superlative.

Hart self-analyzes that although his family is currently in power, he still has a sense of dislike toward Digitalis, which Hart attributes to the trauma of his middle school days.

Hart himself knows the deeds of the Duke of Takrham, who stole magic from 100 aristocratic children, but because he cannot explain the incident, he has to leave the two former royals and the Viscounts alone. It is not possible to show enough threat to make the two families abandon their salvation.

“I accept the proposal of the Duke of Takrham. Hart will transfer the responsibility for Astrid and Cecilia to receive proper treatment, and also incur the treatment to the Kyūyama people.”

“I understand.”

Hart, guessing the purpose of the Duke of Takrham, thought that the Duke of Takrham family, who is in charge of support and supervision, would rule the Kyūyama People, the people of the domain, excluding the National Mages, in order to avoid outsiders finding faults on the matter.

In conclusion, Hart and Yuna recognized the birth of the Count of Lynn family and Countess Digitalis, who ruled the people of Kyūyama.

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