Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58 – Re-Invasion Plan

In early 3744 A.D., the ruler of the Solar System was the Federation of Tenka.

Tenka is the only country with warships out in outer space, and given the fact that only civilian ships that follow the control system of the Tenka Federation are allowed to navigate, it is clear at a glance which is the effective ruler.

Earth was home to a total of 5 billion people, including 1 billion former Coalition members and 4 billion former non-members, but they are uniformly under Tenka’s control.

During its rule, the Monarchy of Diete had a policy of favoring 4 billion former non-members and treating the one billion of the member states coldly under the direction of the former Crown Prince Gracian, who was the first invading ruler.

After Gracian’s death and Valfrete’s accession to the throne, the privileges that had once been granted to the former members were taken away, and the system continued until the star system was robbed by the Tenka side.

From the former non-member’s point of view, the member states were responsible for the suppression of the Solar System.

As a result of member states’ preemptive attack on the Monarchy in the Republic of Frodi, the Solar System was suppressed in the counter-offensive, so it is only natural that the member states should compensate for the economic losses suffered by the non-member states. By the idea, the preferential treatment of the Monarchy was self-justified.

The four billion people, whose dissatisfaction with the Monarchy’s rule had been counteracted by various preferential policies, such as the cession of the member states’ land on Earth and the transfer of rights and shares to the non-member states, were dissatisfied with the uniform treatment by the Tenka Invasion Force.

Non-member states, whose hidden assets have been confiscated due to accusations by member states, have no way of resisting Tenka’s overwhelming military power, hence creating a situation where Earthers are fighting each other. This is a convenient situation for the Tenka side, where the labor of governance decreases if the Earthers fight each other and expose their property.

Tenka, who suppressed the resistance of the local residents by overwhelming force, reversed the number of dominant systems with the Monarchy in just one year. The residential systems of both forces, including destroyed ones, have flipped from 12- 6 to 6-12.

As far as the sphere of influence is concerned, it can be said that Tenka’s leaders made progress according to their plans.

The Fukashiro system has also been acquired, which can be viewed as an increase from what was expected. By explaining it in this way, the opposition within the Tenka nations was minimized, except for the former inhabitants of Shinkyō and Kyūyama.

“If we cease at this stage, we won’t have a significant increase in the dominant systems.”

“Only the national mages will die in battle. We should throw more in and take the Monarchy territories.”

Many brave and irresponsible voices have risen in Tenka.

In light of the destruction of Shinkyō and Kyūyama, some people are concerned about the defense of the star systems, but brave people talk. How many national mages do you think are available?

It is true that there were many national mages in Tenka, but they did not know the number of national mages that had been lost in a year.

Although it is not disclosed to the public, the number of national mages has decreased significantly in one year.

The current generation has decreased by 760,000 from 1.07 million, leaving 310,000.

The previous generation has decreased by 310,000 from 920,000, leaving 610,000.

The next generation has decreased by 650,000 from 1.92 million leaving 1.27 million.

The number of people who can fight right now has decreased from about 2 million to 920,000, less than half.

Moreover, the 9 million crafts held by Fortress Kerviel, which were evenly matched by a Tenka fleet of 120,000 vessels, require at least 480,000 ships to simultaneously defend the four star systems inhabited by the Tenka people. Then, the force that can be used for the invasion is only 440,000 ships.

If this fact is made public, those who bravely argued would turn pale.

Yuen, who manages the whole of Tenka, ordered the next generation of mages to be doubled as much as possible, and at the same time ordered the total mobilization of the mothers for defense.

The mothers consist of 700,000 in the active generation, and 600,000 in the generation who have finished giving birth.

Meaning at least 1.3 million destroyer-class ships operated by the mothers can protect the four inhabited systems. This would add up to 173,000 cruisers to the defense force, and they would be able to mobilize 610,000 ships for the invasion, the same level of force as when we attacked the MacLir system.

However, the national mages of the Tenka outsiders will have been exhausted with this.

The only option left is to wait for the next generation of national mages to mature or to conscript the Tenka people.

Mages of Tenka nationality are able to move private ships to support their economic activities, and they are all from wealthy families of great pedigree, and so cannot be used as if they were national mages. If the situation is not dealt with by the national mages alone, the footsteps of governance will be shaken.

In addition to these forces, the five Tenka nations had other major concerns.

“What is the status of the control of Fukashiro?”

Líng Yīng of the Gāo family, who proposed the invasion of Fukashiro, answered the question in the communication from Yuen, who oversees the five Tenka armies, with a bitter expression.

[At the very least, it was established. Hào Lán of the Sòng family was unable to be captured because of the suicide bombing, and as long as the daughter Xuě Lì, the named successor the Sòng family, lives, it will give the Fukashiro people a cause for their resistance. Organized resistance activities will continue for years.]

“Can’t we use someone from the Sòng family to be a substitute governor, or have them marry into the Gāo or Lin families to create a buffer and keep the people in Fukashiro calm?”

Yuen, who asked the question himself, thinks that he would have done as much. What he really wanted to ask was “why didn’t it work?”.

Líng Yīng kept silent for a while with a rugged expression, and eventually opened his mouth gravely.

[The interests of the 3.75 billion displaced people from Shinkyō and Kyūyama are at odds with those of the more than 20 billion Fukashiro people. The victors, the people of Shinkyō and Kyūyama, are, of course, the ones who will take the land, property, and rights of Fukashiro. If they don’t take it, it won’t work, and if they do, it’s inevitable that there will be resistance. Unless you hold them down with force, there is nothing that can be done.]

After receiving the explanation, Yuen nodded with deep consent.

Shinkyō and Kyūyama were destroyed by the raid of Fortress Kerviel, and the refugees were only able to save the bare minimum of their possessions. Some would only have the clothes they were dressed in, and since the forces of the five Tenka nations could not compensate for them, they had no choice but to take from Fukashiro in order to survive.

Yuen was on the side of Shinkyō and Kyūyama, and they have to consider that it is unavoidable to take Fukashiro’s land, property, rights, etc. in order for them to live as human beings. The occurrence of resistance activity was an understandable result.

Even if the people of Shinkyō and Kyūyama were taking more from Fukashiro than was necessary to survive, Yuen had no intention of stopping them.

The people of Shinkyō and Kyūyama are strongly dissatisfied with the destruction of their resident star system and they were turned into refugees. In order to solve these problems, they had to take more from Fukashiro than was necessary.

Otherwise, the rulers, Líng Yīng and Liú Hào, would be disgruntled by the people of Shinkyō and Kyūyama, and would not be able to move the war potential of Shinkyō and Kyūyama freely. It would put the Five Tenka Nations at a disadvantage, as only two would be offering forces, and would lead to their defeat in the war.

Those who have been deprived of their lifelong wealth will spend their entire lives in resistance, but Yuen decided that it was unavoidable.

“Líng Yīng and Liú Hào, please continue to govern the subdued Fukashiro. There may be conflicts of interest between Shinkyō and Kyūyama, but please coordinate properly so that there is no conflict.”

[Yes, understood.]

After the interstellar communication, Yuen then discussed with the Xǔ family’s Yúnlán, who was stationed in the same Solar System.

Yúnlán, ranked fourth in Tenka, hit the Diete system with 350,000 ships, killing Sovereign Valfrete and destroying the continent where the spirit crystal factory was located.

Yúnlán rose to great fame, but he regretted not being able to completely destroy the planet Diros.

According to the former Sovereign’s communications, there is a large stock of spirits crystals already produced.

The survivors will be able to use the stock of these spirit crystals to pilot the fighter crafts.

If you change the pilot from a volunteer system to a compulsory conscription system and scour the population, the pilots will be in the hundreds of millions. Changes to social systems that are directly linked to the lives of the people require considerable reasons, but they are fully feasible because their Capital planet was attacked and billions of people were killed.

[The fighter craft pilots immediately after the draft are weak. Nuclear fusion rounds were also effective, with 80 million crafts and 350,000 ships being balanced. Instead of 75 crafts, one ship has knocked down 228 crafts. While the enemy is weak, we should strike. We must not stop attacking the Monarchy.]

Yúnlán insists on striking again as soon as possible because he has experienced the violence of numbers in the form of fighter crafts.

Attacking with a massive force of 350,000 ships, he was met by a massive nebulous force of 80 million crafts, and was forced to use up his troops in exchange for the battle results.

The Royal Army was advantageous in the replenishment speed of their forces, and it was predicted that if they sat back and waited, a flood of stars would eventually flow into Tenka’s side.

If the Tenka side had unilaterally won, there would also have been an option for a ceasefire, but the Tenka side, which lost Shinkyō and Kyūyama, suffered greater damage, and the former Sovereign Valfrete directed the way to win through his communication. Therefore, it must be considered impossible to conclude the war at this stage.

The only way for Tenka to win is to destroy the Monarchy’s six systems and defeat them completely, or by making them realize that it is impossible to win by inflicting appropriate damage and forcing their surrender, or draw in battle and have the current dominant star system recognized. As such, Yúnlán insists on Yuen, who has the authority to make the decision.

“Whether it’s a victory or a ceasefire, we must destroy the Monarchy’s systems and cause enough damage to make the enemy consider ending the war. I urge you to invade immediately with all your forces, excluding defenses and reserves. If the problem is with uneven achievements, you can change the commander.”

[I understand.]

As for the re-attack, Yuen also recognizes that it is necessary.

Yuen’s concern is that if the Tenka side destroys each star system, their declaration of war, on the cause of inhumanity of the Monarchy that massacred the former Coalition people, will not hold as legitimate. It would also be impossible to acquire the systems of the Monarchy, which was planned at the beginning of the war, without any damage, or to rule the Monarchy’s people with non-tenure.

Still, understanding the current predicament, he was forced to decide that winning the war, even if they could not maintain the cause, would take priority over maintaining the cause only to face defeat.

“They were the ones who destroyed Shinkyō and Kyūyama first. It pains me to say this, but if we are attacked in a war of annihilation, we have no choice but to fight back. Moreover, it is not necessary to change the commander who produced the result. The defense from the forces of 920,000 ships…”

In the three Tenka systems and Fukashiro, the mothers of the national mages can be used for defense.

Each system can be allocated 43,000 cruisers, and if defense forces of 90,000 ships are allocated from the fleet, the total force will be equivalent to 133,000 ships. With this, it will be possible to stop the force equivalent to 120,000 ships of Fortress Kerviel.

While Yuen deployed 90,000 ships in the four star systems, the former Coalition Systems of MacLir, Hercules, and the Solar System were allocated 20,000 ships to set a total of 420,000 as defense forces, leaving the remaining 500,000 to Yúnlán.

The next generation of national mages will be replenished by 60,000 to 70,000 people in the five nations per year, which will be the reserve force for each star system.

“500,000 ships are the limit, so is it possible?”

[That’s enough.]

Yúnlán, who caused considerable damage to the Diete System with 350,000 ships, was satisfied with Yuen’s offer of 500,000 ships. Yúnlán wasn’t thinking of simply invading the Diete system again with 500,000 ships.

[The Monarchy should be gathering defense forces in the Diete system. We will bypass it, hit the lesser Athena System, followed by the Machaon System, Podalley System, and then destroy rear star systems.]

“………… what was that?”

Yúnlán adds plainly to Yuen, who instinctively asks back.

[Shinkyō and Kyūyama wanted a habitable system, that has been settled by the acquisition of Fukashiro. As a reward for Ten-to, Ōizumi, and Honyō, there are also MacLir, Hercules, Solar Systems, and the three destroyed systems. All that’s left is to destroy each Monarchy system and end the war.]

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