Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 – How to Use Power Correctly

“Dr. Kerman’s spirit crystals were discovered during your expedition to Earth.”

At the Commander’s Office Diros’ Department of Military Affairs, Hart reported his return to his future father-in-law, Colonel General Valfrete Strani.

There, Hart was again confronted with the reality of the doctor’s death.

“There is probably only one S-class spirit crystal in existence, correct?”

“Yes. only what the doctor wore.”

As far as Hart knows, the only S-class spirit crystal that exists was used by Dr. Kerman.

“It was found in the doctor’s evacuation area. He had retreated to an underground evacuation zone, but an enemy ship plunged into it, blowing a whole area away, and there was a huge tsunami triggered by fusion rounds from enemy ships that crashed into the ocean.”

Valfrete simply piled up the situation.

“The spirit crystal functions like a pseudo-living body in which the manifested spirit performs desirable actions for the wearer. Moreover, the stronger the crystal grade, the stronger the power of the spirit. Therefore, until the doctor’s spirit crystal was found, his death was presumed. But now that spirit crystal has been found, there is no choice but to reach that conclusion.”

Hart, who played in the maiden game “The Galactic Prince”, knows something that there is no way of knowing.

The S-class spirit crystal is merely one of the energy sources of the spirit god’s interference in this world. If the spirit god is willing to do so, then Dr. Kerman could be spared.

However, if the doctor is tired of the spirit crystal production life and does not appear because he wants to spend his time in peace and quiet, the act of chasing the hidden Doctor around will be displeasing for the spirit god who cooperated with him. In the worst case, every spirit crystal in the Monarchy may become dysfunctional.

“Does the Lord have any objections?” 」

“No sir, I don’t. I also believe that the doctor’s death has been confirmed. His loss is very regrettable.”

Hart’s face was observed for a few seconds as he responded.

As far as Hart is concerned, Valfrete is sensitive to human’s subtlety.

This is evident from the fact that he enrolled himself in the Military Academy to avoid the issue of succession to the throne without anyone’s recommendation, had no relationship with the high magic powered lady, which could develop into a succession issue, got married only after the high magic power of the Sovereign’s grandson, Leandle, was discovered, and has always controlled the people around him with his meticulous actions.

“Very well. Then I’ll declare the doctor dead. We have lost a truly valuable individual.”

Hart couldn’t predict what Valfrete was thinking during the few seconds of silence.

However, with Valfrete’s declaration, the death of Dr. Kerman, the developer of spirit crystals, was officially confirmed.

Dr. Kerman not only invented the spirit crystals, but also improved Kerbiel Fortress to be able to use multiple magic element engines together, and that technology can be introduced to other fortresses in the Royal Army.

If the doctor is still alive, he would have been sought after by the Ministry of Military Affairs’ Technical Bureau and the Ministry of Education. Hart thought, and was convinced that the doctor would never show himself again even if he survived.

Valfrete, who had been observing Hart’s expression closely for a while, eventually resumed the conversation.

“Let us talk on an important matter. The discovered S-class spirit crystal was used for the operation of the first spirit crystal production plant. The first factory, rebuilt based on data provided by the Lord, was able to resume the production of spirit crystals.”

“………… I see.”

Valfrete smiled curiously at Hart’s immediate conviction.

Hart had explained to Valfrete about the first production factory, at a place like the boundary with the spirit world, where the spirit god of the S-class spirit crystal that the doctor wore, and various spirits of D-class and above that he produced could interfere with this world.

By Hart’s explanation, if the production plant can be restarted with the restored S-grade spirit crystal, the first production plant can be resumed unless Dr. Kerman shuts down the plant functions.

“Did you understand the theory? Then, let’s hear your opinion. Production could only be resumed for C-class and below, but not B-class and above. Why is that?”

With a serious look from Valfrete, Hart pondered the cause.

Even in the maiden game “The Galactic Prince”, the doctor did not provide the military with B-class advanced spirits, but made them for a small amount of personal use. And when he met Hart, he said, ‘anything above B-class gives a troubling performance, and I have no intention of putting them out to the public, only to a limited number of people’.

That’s why Hart was limited to 10 B-class units by the doctor.

“I believe the doctor has put restrictions on the production.”

“Do you know how to release them?”

Hart shook his head at Valfrete’s inquiry.

“Spirit crystals can only be used by the first human wearer. And the S-class spirit crystal was worn by the doctor. I’m not a technician, so I can’t operate it.”

“I see.”

In a few short words, Valfrete was devastated by the situation.

“Even if only C-class or lower spirit crystals can be produced, they are a countermeasure to the number of high magic powered individuals in the Coalition. Each captain who wears a C-class spirit crystal can be switched to a higher class ship, and the operator of the combat ship can move an auxiliary ship.”

The additional magic power of the C-class spirit crystal, whose production has been resumed, is 810.

With C-class spirit crystals, operators who have been moving 120-meter-long combat ships can operate the 600-meter auxiliary ship’s magic element engine.

Auxiliary ship captains can operate 1,200 meters long destroyers.

Destroyer captains can generally operate 2,100-meter-long light cruisers.

Light cruiser captains can operate about half of the 3,300-meter-long cruisers.

Battleships with a total length of 5,000 meters or more can be covered by conscription from 1,500 aristocratic families. There are 50 battleships per fleet, so by gathering 1,500 people, 30 battleships can be operated.

Since each lower ship model is more than twice as large as the upper model, just by doing this, the Monarchy Fleet can be more than doubled.

“Certainly, if it is a switch to a higher ship, I doubt that there will be any inconvenience. I’m worried about switching from a combat ship to an auxiliary ship, but then again, even a destroyer will be operated during the second year of training at the Military Academy.”

“That’s right. The second-year cadets have dropped four enemy ships in the Frodi system, and after the political propaganda in the Republic of Frodi, they retreated at high speed, overcoming ten times as many enemies. For a thickheaded bunch, that was some scandalous conduct.”

Hart’s face naturally overflowed with a smile as a nostalgic story was dug up.

The combat ship has one crew member and the auxiliary ship has 100 crew members, but they are not that advanced except for the warp, as long as the role is limited to the operator of the magic element engine.

Of the 2,000 ships in a single fleet of the Royal Army, there are four types of auxiliary ships, for a total of 500 ships.

Escort ships provide missile defense and mine removal to protect fleets and facilities.

Reconnaissance ships detect enemies as quickly as possible by scanning Multidimensional Magic Conversion Waves.

Transport ships carry a wide variety of supplies in large and small containers to any location.

The craft ship maintains the fleet by maintaining and repairing warships and military facilities.

These auxiliary ships were powered by baron-class magic power holders, and there were only 2 million of the 40 billion in the Monarchy of Diete. If the knight-class, which has 8 million people, could operate ships, securing human resources will be four times easier.

“The fleet expansion plan is likely to move forward soon.”

The plan is to double the Monarchy’s 25 fleets of 50,000 ships to 50 fleets of 100,000 ships. To that end, the Commandant department of the Military Academy has tripled its capacity to 6,000 since the year Hart became a third-year cadet.

Last year, however, 10,000 ships were lost in combat. With so many casualties, the captains of the Royal Army, which were decreasing rather than increasing, were revived at once with the operation of spirit crystals.

As Hart spoke happily, Valfrete also looked like a sly child.

“And using D-class spirit crystals, we will also increase the number of combat ships. We have already recruited a wide range of people among the royal citizens.”

With the D-class spirit crystals, even commoners without magic power can operate the magical engines of a combat ship.

Combat ships are specialized for short-range combat, eliminating all interstellar navigation capabilities and versatility such as warp, circulation system, and habitability.

The crew consists of one operator of the magic engine and androids. Most of the maneuvers are controlled automatically, and they fight under the command of a battle-linked system with the home port and the mothership.

The total length of the combat ship is one tenth of the destroyer, and the strength evaluation is one twentieth that of the destroyer.

Operation requires a home port or carrier craft. Since one carrier ship can carry 100 ships, one carrier ship that avoids combat can contribute as much as five destroyers.

Since the magic element engine of the carrier ship and cruiser are the same size, and the fighting strength of the cruiser is equal to eight destroyers, there is an opinion that it is better to reduce the number of carrier ships and increase the number of cruisers.

But with only one crew member and eliminating all functions, the combat ships are much simpler and easier to build than a battlecruiser with thousands of people on board, including Androids.

The operators of the combat ships are of the knight-class, and compared to the barons who operate the battlecruisers, the denominator is larger and easier to collect.

Valfrete said that he would increase the number of such fighters from 8 million to 39 billion, a target 4,875 times more than the previous one.

“If the general public’s Combat ships actually play an active role, the traditional knight class could disappear.”

Valfrete admonished Hart, who confirmed that he was fine with it.

“It’s better than losing the war. The other side has brought out modified magic powered individuals and the like. Even if the Monarchy’s class system collapses, we have to do this.”

Other than Valfrete, it would have been impossible for anyone to achieve.

However, Valfrete, who was removed from the front line and was on the Capital planet, made the most of the Crown prince’s absence from his home country, and his position and status as both commander-in-chief and a former duke of the royal family allowed commoners to board combat ships.

The combat ships are mostly controlled automatically and come with androids, making it easy enough that kids could play with them like experience-based games. The main role played by the operator is the operation of the magic engine, but the spirit crystal solves it.

If it were compared to the operators that are being rapidly created, it would be like a child who was learning to drive a car in a game and then given directions to a driving school. In the future, he will go to the school and get a license, and eventually he will be responsible for interstellar defense while attaching Learner’s sticker.

Hart imagined that the future Monarchy’s army would be significantly strengthened.

“We have gained a means of countering the ever-increasing number of enemies through magic power alterations. The Spirit Crystal Factory is under the strict control of the Royal Army, but in terms of rights, this is how it is done.”

Valfrete operated his terminal and transferred data regarding the handling of the Spirit Crystal Factory to Hart.

Hart confirms that the spirit crystals are strategic supplies and the production plant is controlled by the Royal Army. Second Systems is paid compensation for military conscription, and defense and administrative expenses by the Royal Army are not charged to the company.

The lower-grade spirit crystals produced at the second production plant will also be sold to the royal citizens in order to widen the range between the operators of combat ships and suppression crafts.

The proceeds from the sales of spirit crystals will be paid to Second Systems, after deducting the costs necessary for sale.

In summary, it is a situation in which “The Royal army will protect it for free”.

It is now wartime, and there is no guarantee that the Coalition did not send spies or saboteurs via the neutral Republic of Frodi. The Royal Army will work with the government to protect it, and if anything happens, it will take responsibility.

The conditions were unbelievably favorable, so Hart agreed.

“That’s one of the key matters about how spirit crystal plants are restarted and operated.”

“Is there anything else of importance to discuss?

When Hart asked, Valfrete’s face, which looked as if he were a cunning child, changed to a chilling adult.

“Our Crown Prince is destabilizing the front lines.”

Hart involuntarily looked over the Commander’s Office and reaffirmed that no one was there.

The invading forces, led by Crown Prince Gracian, commander-in-chief of the Solar System Invasion Force, are still stationed in the solar system, conducting patrols and one-off battles with the Hercules system 120 light-years away.

The casualties they have caused by being away from their home planet are far greater than the results of their battle to conquer the Solar System. Therefore, the Invasion Force cannot make a triumphant return to the Monarchy without further accomplishments.

“Is the influence of his Royal Highness the Crown Prince strong?

With a fed up expression, Hart asked the commander-in-chief about the situation.

“Because my eldest brother is the next Sovereign. The people who went to the Solar System with the royal prince, instead of stopping the crown prince as staff members, were impatient for war results, and gradually crushed the forces I was increasing in their near-sighted fleet battle. As a split in the matter of succession, I cannot interfere with the Crown Prince’s behavior. At this stage, if I restrain my eldest brother, the Monarchy will be split in two.”

“Political issues narrowing down military action. It’s a classic example.”

Valfrete nodded lightly at Hart’s candid assessment.

“The invasion of the Solar System and the Battle of Diete have significantly reduced our defenses. Therefore, it was reported that there were no additional reinforcements, but the Crown Prince issued an order to senior aristocrats to participate as Commander-in-Chief of the front line and acting Commander on the expedition. He organized a fleet of offerings from senior aristocrats and war-time conscripts from ordinary aristocrats, and added a step to increase the fleet without receiving reinforcements from the Royal Army.”

“…… I can think of a few Generals who might be willing to do that.”

With two military orders in one country, Hart wanted to hold his head.

However, that was the bad news conveyed by Valfrete, from then on came the turning point.

“I speak only to you as my son-in-law, but my eldest brother’s act of gathering the aristocrats extensively is overt. The large-scale invasion of the Hercules System by the Royal Army came only a month after the aristocrats gathered on Earth. A day later, it was known to the Coalition via the neutral Republic of Frodi.”

“If you do it so flashy, you’ll be known to all.”

Perhaps dissatisfied with the perception that Hart had shown him, Valfrete repeated his explanation.

“When, where, who, for what purpose, and on what scale, the enemy is accurately aware of it all. Major General Amakawa can imagine what the outcome will be.”

“Unless the Coalition forces are too dumbfounded, the Monarchy army will be defeated. And they will suffer heavy losses.”

Satisfied with Hart’s answer this time, Valfrete began to talk about countermeasures.

“I will give some advice to my son-in-law, Sir. ‘When someone is in a critical situation on the battlefield, think about whether saving their life will benefit the Monarchy. If the Monarchy is defeated, you and your fiancée will be in dire straits. Don’t make a mistake about what’s important.’ That is all.”

The intention that can be inferred from the flow of conversation was clearly conveyed to Hart.

The Monarchy could be destroyed if the Crown Prince, a deadly fool who invades the Solar System for political reasons, which led to the Capital planet being half-destroyed, disrupts the Royal Army.

When he understood what Valfrete was asking for and sincerely agreed that it was necessary, Hart realized that he had become a member of Valfrete’s faction.

“What I seek is the final victory of the Monarchy. I sincerely agree with your Excellency’s ideas and would like to move on with a broader perspective.”

Valfrete looked at Hart with a keen eye, with a sarcastic smile on his mouth.

“Very good. The Lord will go there to transport supplies. Do well when the opportunity arises. And the details pertaining to the spirit crystal production plant will be sent to Colonel Strani, your auxiliary and fiancée. Thank you for your hard work on the transport mission in the Solar System. Dismissed.”

“Sir, excuse me.”

Hart saluted, turned his heels, and left the Commander’s Office.

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  1. So on top of baby-sitting the crown prince. He will also need to prevent the monarchy from losing and make a situation where he and his lovers will move from hard mode life to ultra hard mode…

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