Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 64

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Chapter 64 – The Queen and The Countess

Half a year had passed since the Second Battle of the Diete System, and the Capital planet had regained some calm.

The death of the former Sovereign in the attack on the Capital planet was a great blow, but as the new Queen Yuna and Commander-in-Chief Amakawa switched to the new regime, and the massive conscription created a flood of Salamanders in the star system, the Royal citizens understood the path of the nation and began to move forward.

The Royal citizens were keenly observing the Queen’s facial expressions, gestures, and tone of voice, which were reported daily in the news.

If the Queen seemed anxious about anything, it would mean that there was cause for concern, which would have a profound effect on the future of the Royal citizens.

Therefore, the Royal citizens, without being called upon by anyone, kept an eye on her daily affairs, so as not to overlook her slightest change.

From the people’s perspective, Queen Yuna had a clear direction for military affairs and began to exert mighty leadership with the government and Lords.

With a 100 million people from each star system, the recruitment of fighter craft pilots is overflowing from the media to street advertisements, and the military has requested various companies to register reserve personnel to fly and operate in emergencies.

With the momentum to eat up resources in the entire star system, a huge number of fighter craft that far exceed the recruitment personnel will be mass-produced.

Queen Yuna was undeniably an Asteria. The majority of the Royal citizens, convinced of it, showed their willingness to follow the Queen’s guidelines when it came to policies in line with the former Sovereign’s will.

As for the administration, there are parliaments and governments in the constitutional monarchy, and Yuna has not made much of a change from the former Sovereign’s political system.

“In terms of politics, I will carry over the policies of the former Sovereign. As for political skills, His Majesty the former Sovereign has done better than I, who has just succeeded to the throne. In situations where it is necessary to correct the trajectory, I will interfere with my authority as a leader of the nation, but I think it is normal not to abuse the Royal family’s treasured sword.”

This announcement was decided in advance after Hart had discussed with Yuna.

The majority of the Royal citizens who heard the announcement were relieved that the Queen’s policy, which is basically left to politicians, was justified, regardless of who influenced it.

When it comes to military affairs, it is urgent in the midst of war, but as for politics, it would be better not to make sudden changes so as not to cause confusion. The Royal citizens’ confidence in the Queen’s political power to continue making reasonable decisions was gradually increasing.

However, Yuna did not throw all political judgments to the government. Only the Aristocratic Privilege Reduction Committee, which was organized by Valfrete, was dissolved by Royal Order, saying that certain results were achieved in the abolition of the knight class.

“My parents and grandparents were killed in the Second Diete Star System Battle, fulfilling the service duty of royalty and the aristocracy. The parents and grandparents of my fiancé, the Marquis of Amakawa, were similarly killed in battle. More than 90% of the aristocrats who served in the defense of the Capital planet were killed in action. Stefan Langlois, who was the secretary of the Aristocratic Privilege Reduction Committee, also died in the battle. In exchange for their lives, the Capital planet was protected. It was a reduction theory that started with the treason of the national traitors Leandre and Maxim Langlois, but if it contributes so much, the aristocratic system should be maintained as it is. They are necessary for national defense. Even if the aristocrats are pompous, they will fulfill their dedication to the nation. If they go too far, as Sovereign I will demote them and strip their aristocratic peerage.

The Queen’s remarks, which were completely unadorned, became controversial in the media, but on the Capital planet it was those who survived aided by the devotion of the aristocrats who argued.

There were some who thought that the Queen’s words were too harsh, but there were also those who felt that the Queen’s position, with her parents and grandparents killed, as influenced by the spirits, encouraging them to be sympathetic to her feelings.

In addition, in the National Assembly of the House of Representatives, which represents the people, the cost-benefit figures were readily available, which could be examined from a logical point of view, leading to the analysis that the aristocracy was necessary, and no proposals were submitted against the dissolution of the committee.

After the debate on the aristocracy had settled down for a week or so, the Queen then worked on the award for meritorious service to the aristocrats during the Second Battle of the Diete Star System.

For the aristocrats who had demonstrated their devotion, they were given Letters of Commendation and Medals of Valor according to their achievements in the name of the Queen. At the same time, she also provided the families with a military merit bonus that would allow them to live comfortably, and an indemnity that would fully compensate them for all damages caused by the war.

Regarding the succession to the peerage, she allowed inheritance to include the addition via spirit crystals, in accordance with her own precedent.

In addition, various relief measures were taken, such as even if there is no one eligible to inherit the title at the time, if there are children who would reach the reference value when they come of age, they will be allowed to inherit the title, and even if the descendants of the branch family will reach the reference value, they will be allowed the succession by returning to the main family, and forgoing demotion if there is a Young Lady who is a direct descendant of the family head whose future child could possibly reach the threshold.

The Queen had a general grasp of the actual situation of each aristocratic family, and took steps to rescue the aristocrats who were in need. Though no one knew where she had gathered the information from.

The Queen, who made her announcements in rapid succession, finally performed Colette’s promotion.

Colette, the Viscount Lady of Listner and the second child of the family head, was forced to take over the Viscount household prematurely due to the death of her parents and brother in the Second Battle of the Diete System.

The surviving relatives of the branch family had a magic power holder who could inherit the Viscount, but the adult daughter of the head of the family was alive, and she was Lieutenant General Colette Listner, an Operating Assistant to Fortress Kerviel, who was the best friend of the Queen and a decisive factor in destroying the Coalition. So, from anyone’s eyes, Colette had no choice but to inherit it.

In the Ministry of the Interior of the Monarchy, data on unspoken agreements and loans which were conducted by aristocrats were kept, so that even if the head of the family dies by accident, the data can be viewed by the next head of the family to ensure a smooth succession.

Colette, who took over the head of the family, did not accompany Hart and the others heading to the Athena System, but was working to take over the Viscount in the Diete system and to grasp the data stored in the Ministry of the Interior.

Then Yuna issued a royal order to promote the Viscount of Listner to Count for her achievements.

According to her, three of the four Magic Engine Operators of Fortress Kerviel have been promoted for their achievements in destroying the Coalition. Hart is the Marquis, Yuna is the First Princess, and Philine of the Marquis of Carneus is next in the line of succession for the Marquis title.

As for the four Magic Engine Operators of Fortress Kerviel, which was the decisive force to destroy the Coalition, all achieved the objective of establishing the Monarchy of Diete to oppose the Coalition of Humanity, and their promotion was warranted in view of the purpose of the royal aristocracy system established to fight the Coalition.

Only Colette has been foregone from promotion of status according to her achievements because there was a possibility of her marrying into another family. However, since Colette herself inherited the Viscount family, she was promoted to Count according to the merit that she had reserved so far.

“Colette and I have been good friends since we were children, and it would be foolish not to give her the credit and punishment she deserves, for fear that it might be perceived as preferential treatment. As a close friend, she gave priority to the salvation of other aristocratic families and put it off, but her promotion is a definite matter. I will clearly state the reasons for the elevation as well as other examples, so that you may use them as a basis for your judgment.”

At this stage, the Royal citizens came to believe that Queen Yuna had her own sources of information and the ability to manipulate public opinion, and made decisions based on her own clear criteria.

It was the Queen who mentioned the promotion, and since Yuna and Colette are close friends, the idea of unjust suspicion is not advice that an official would give before expressing his or her intention of promotion.

It is the ideal ruler who is able to confer the right rewards and punishment according to merits and action without being distorted by the unjust suspicions of others.

At times, public opinion and approval ratings distort one’s judgment, but it shows a high level of competence as a leader to point this out, clearly explain the decision-making process, and then persuade the people to act promptly.

A reliable leader is a welcome presence in the face of a national crisis.

In a short period of time, those who were closely observing the new Queen soon began to place a certain level of trust in Yuna, not only in her youth and appearance, but also in her ability to rule.

When Yuna was finally able to take a breather, Colette, who had been promoted to the rank of Count, went to Yuna’s private chamber in the Royal Palace, the residence of the Marquis of Amakawa and complained.

“Thank you very much for your nomination and your promoting me to Count. Thanks to you, it’s been very difficult.”

Yuna, who switched her mindset from the Queen to the casual way Colette spoke, turned to her best friend after a long absence.

“Countess Listner’s estate exists only on paper, and its administration is controlled by the same government as the Royal Family, so the burden of governance isn’t that great.”

“Being a Count is already a burden, though. It comes with an obligation to attend the Lords’ Conference, and so on.”

“Oh, I’d like you to attend those.”

If the Queen’s best friend is absent from the meeting proposed by the Queen, it would be a problem.

Colette mysteriously asked Yuna, who made such a decision, with her right hand on her chin.

“You’re doing a lot of things, but who taught you?”

“Hart and my spirit Sharon, but I think for myself.”

In fact, she received support from Janet, who had made the Diete system a realm, but that was a secret between Hart and Yuna.

Basically, the Royal citizens are equipped with spirit crystals, and the spirits attached to the people are under Janet’s control. There was no way they could tell anyone about that.

Yuna realized why Hart and Valfrete were so secretive, but in fact, Hart did not give a lot of information to Valfrete either.

Concerned about Yuna’s lack of political ability, Hart used Janet, who was Yuna’s spirit in the Maiden Game “The Galactic Prince”, to give support.

“You might be too competent to be able to abdicate.”

Yuna returned her resolute will to Colette, who muttered jokingly.

“I’m the one who decides on the abdication, so as long as I want it to happen, it will.”

“A pity for the Count.”

After elegantly sipping her tea, Colette switched feelings and confronted Yuna.

“Because I took over the information from the Ministry of the Interior, I also know that the Viscount of Listner was the shadow of the Royal Family.”

“You were protecting me at the behest of your house.”

After getting a response from Yuna, Colette gave a troubled sigh before confessing.

“Although I was guided in my actions, I learned my exact role only after I entered middle school. But before that I knew about my house and I knew my role.”

Even before she could remember, Colette often acted with Yuna, who had been taken in by her parents.

It was natural for parents who hear their children’s reports to guide their behavior, but this was influenced by the social position their parents held.

If the child was close to the child of the president of the company they worked for, the parents may guide him or her in some way. However, the fact that the employees and the president had agreed from the beginning to let their children be close to each other, and the employees’ children being told to protect the president’s children, may have been peculiar.

Yuna never dreamed that she was in such a position even after becoming a Duke’s daughter and the First Princess. However, after inheriting the throne and taking over the royal family data, she was shown that she was in that position.

Still, Yuna considered Colette to be her best friend.

“If you’ve been seeing each other since you were children, you’ll naturally get along. You’re my closest friend, so I think it’s right that we’re best friends, and even if us being close was arranged by our parents, it’s okay.”

“Yes. I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet, but if you’ll forgive me, I will be in your care.”

In contrast to Colette’s expression of relief, Yuna’s expression was apologetic as she spoke to her.

“Yes. There are more things that I can’t talk about, so I apologize too. As a Queen, there are things I’m doing to you, Colette, but I can’t say anything. I’m sorry.

“………… I wonder what it is. A Royal family that has ruled the Monarchy for 444 years likely has a lot going on.”

Colette, who had no intention of seriously questioning things, let it slide without pursuing it.

And then, as if this conversation was over, she changed the subject. What Colette brought up had to do with the future of the Count of Listner household.

“Oh yes. Actually, when we were withdrawing from the Kyūyama system to the MacLir system, Hart invited me to his concubine in the Amakawa family. But now that I’m the Count of Listner, I can no longer be a concubine. So I’m going to ask for him to be a gene donor, just like Philine.”

“………… Ha?”

“As the head of the family, I would want children of high magical power, right? Fortunately, I have Duke-grade magic power value, so I can have up to four children. Since we have a system that allows the addition from spirits crystals as well, having up to six children is fine. Now is not a good time to take maternity leave, so we’ll have to wait until things settle down. Ah, I’m also into cat-ears now.”

“What the hell do you mean, Countess Listner?”

The Queen drew the treasured family sword and approached the Countess with a smile.

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