Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 66

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Chapter 66 – The Administrator

It has been a month since the transition gate connecting the two systems in an instant was opened.

Queen Yuna has made the details of the transition gate a military secret, and has announced that it will be used for sharing the forces of both star systems and securing evacuation destinations.

During the evacuation, millions of salamanders will be deployed.

The 150-meter-long, slim Salamander can tow a 100-meter-long medium-sized container with a magic engine. One medium-sized container can provide enough living space to house 4,000 people for a month.

An emergency evacuation within one day does not require a comfortable living space, and if 1 million Salamanders crafts each carry 10,000 evacuees, 10 billion people will be evacuated.

Deploying about 3 million salamanders with medium-sized containers in each area of the system will ensure the evacuation of either system, which do not have 10 billion inhabitants.

All that was left was for the Royal citizens to trust the transition gate, and the use of the transition gate was completely opened to the private sector in order to facilitate a smooth evacuation.

“The transition gate will also be open to civilian ships. By the galactic reference plane, the upper half is reserved for the Royal Army and the aristocratic households obligated to serve, and the lower half is for civilian use.”

Even if they enter from both systems at the same time, as long as they follow the guidance of the spirits, no collision accidents will occur. And if they follow the guidance of the spirit, anyone can use it at any time.

The Royal citizens were initially perplexed by the news, but after the media made a safe return trip via live relay, a large number of civilian ships had come and gone through the transition gate to another system, which occurred only 300 million kilometers from the inhabited star system.

“This is a tremendous business opportunity.”

Private companies and interstellar logistics companies viewed the toll-free transition gate as an opportunity for business, and began to actively travel back and forth to create new trade.

The researchers, whose interests differ from those of the general public, have been sticking to the transfer gate and observing it with various instruments after their jaws dropped by its existence.

In addition, the warship Captains of both systems, the pilots of Salamanders, and the aristocrats serving in the military were all forced to pass through the transition gate at least once.

As a result of the fact that even the students of the Magic Academy were made to pass through the gate, the aristocrats of each star system were stunned to learn that the existence of the transition gate was a fact.

The second Lords’ Conference was held after the impact of the transition gate shook the aristocracy.

The content of the meeting notified in advance was “The administrators of the new star systems”.

The MacLir System had the Doctor’s souvenir from the beginning, and if a souvenir is deployed in Fukashiro as well, the recapture of both systems would be close to realization. One of the purposes of the conference was to form an agreement on the administrators after the realization at the Lords’ Conference.

The unwritten law that exists in the Monarchy will be followed.

“One Duke situated in each star system.”

The Fukashiro system will be subordinated to the Monarchy under the Duke of Son family.

The MacLir System will be under the Grand Duke of Taka Amanohara, which Yuna will found after abdication.

In the absence of a Duke in the Athena System, it will be under the Duke of Strani.

These ideas were communicated in advance, and discussions will be held on whether to place Marquises and Counts to assist in the management of the system in both populated star systems.

“Then, we will hold the second Lords’ Conference. This time, we will be discussing the administrators of the new star systems.”

Yuna, who chaired the conference, first shared her awareness of the Duke houses to be placed in each system.

Naturally the Duke of Son is to be placed in Fukashiro, and as for the remaining MacLir and Athena Systems, it is clear that MacLir is the more difficult to govern, and the proposal is that Yuna should be placed in the difficult one.

After all, MacLir is a former Coalition territory inhabited by the people with whom they had been at war with for a long time, and has already declared independence from the Monarchy as a protectorate of Tenka. The difficulty of governance is too high to leave it to the prince who could not become the Sovereign.

The plan for MacLir is based on the consultation between Hart and Yuna, and for the time being, contemplates indirect governance, which involves controlling the local government from a distance, as was done by Colonel General Reinelt. On the practical side, the plan assumes support from the Monarchy government, the Royal Army, Seraphina who controls the territory, and Linnell, an artificial intelligence that manages the Coalition people.

While 96% of the MacLir System are MacLireans who had not suffered any civilian casualties in the war, the remaining 4% are the Coalition refugees from the 3 destroyed star systems who basically resented the Monarchy. The Monarchy understands that it will be difficult to govern, and there are no complaints about Yuna’s management methods.

Yuna herself, who would become the Grand Duke at the direction of the former Sovereign, is not looking for a free and profitable territory. After her abdication, she simply wants to marry Hart and lead a newlywed life, and that would happen if she were to indirectly govern the MacLir System.

“I told Bernard and Josslan, who could be involved, in advance to consider whether the Duke of Strani would be content with the Athena system, so I will ask of both of them their will. First of all, Bernard, do you have any objections?”

[There is none.]

Between the Athena system, the home of his fiancée Beatrice, and the MacLir System, where the former Coalition is prevalent, Bernard’s choice was only natural.

Yuna nodded to the answer, and then confirmed the will of the Second Prince Josslan.

“Does Josslan have any objections?”

[Before I object, I would like to ask about the conditions. Will there be other aristocrats in the MacLir System with a population of 5 billion? If one Duke Household governs 5 billion people, I think those would be pretty good terms. If it’s 1.2 billion people, no one would want to do it, so I think doubling the number would be reasonable.]

Josslan seemed to be trying to reduce the governing population of the Grand Duke of Taka Amanohara and the Duke of Son.

It is unclear whether he came up with the idea or if it was suggested by the Duke of Takrham, but Hart, who wanted to do it himself, communicated his intentions directly to Yuna through the spirits.

『If he thinks it’s a good deal, then Josslan can manage the MacLir System. The Spirit King Rhea is in the Athena System as well as a transition gate, so there is no problem at all even if Yuna’s territory becomes the Athena system.』

When Yuna received Hart’s message, she stated her conclusion on Josslan’s remarks, with an expression lacking in emotion.

“Then, Josslan, you shall become the Duke of Strani and govern the 2.4 billion people you just mentioned as reasonable in the MacLir System. Taka Amanohara shall govern the 1.2 billion in the Athena System. Bernard, be prepared to succeed to the throne. We will now move on to the next item on the agenda.”

[How can that be?]

When Yuna declared Josslan the Duke of Strani and tried to move to the next agenda, a flustered Josslan raised a call to stop her.

When asked, Yuna replied calmly.

“Because I judged that Josslan lacked the sense of balance which is indispensable for the Sovereign. Therefore, the Sovereign was not entrusted to him, and the Duke was confirmed.”

[What do you mean ‘lacked the sense of balance’?]

“The 2.4 billion people of the former Coalition who were our mortal enemies until a few years ago and the 1.2 billion Royal citizens of the Monarchy. It is foolish to think that this is balanced as territories. The Sovereign that would pursue a sense of balance, cannot possibly be entrusted. That’s all. Now, as for the next agenda…”

The Athena System is home to 1.2 billion people, comprised only of the royal citizens developed by the Monarchy.

The MacLir System has 2.4 billion former enemies who were at war with them until a few years ago.

Moreover, the MacLir System is close to the new enemy, the Tenka Federation, far from the mainland of the Monarchy, and has even declared independence as a protectorate of Tenka.

The Lords and the royal citizens would also acknowledge that Athena and MacLir are not balanced, even if their governing population is doubled. Therefore, the royal citizens will be satisfied with Yuna’s decision to choose Bernard as the next Sovereign.

Josslan, who tried to reduce the governing population of Yuna and Hart, hurriedly solicited in response to the painful reprimand.

[Wait. It seems that MacLir’s rule was not balanced by 2.4 billion people. Earlier, I was mistaken.]

Perhaps he didn’t want to govern the 2.4 billion former Coalition people. When Josslan withdrew his remarks in spite of himself, Yuna turned to him with a scowl on her fine features.

“Then I ask again, Josslan, what is the reasonable governing population now that you have reconsidered? Imagine yourself in a position to govern and speak out, as that may be the number entrusted to your rule. I will not allow the retraction of your remarks twice on the same issue.”

While the Lords watched, Josslan paused for a moment before opening his mouth cautiously.

[I think the MacLir System is fine as a Duke territory under the assistance of the government. Doubling or tripling the population is not worth it, and if not managed collectively, it would feel unfair and lead to dissatisfaction among the residents. Also, I think the rule of the former enemy country is a heavy burden unless it is under my sister.]

When Josslan changed his way of speaking, Hart imagined the shadow of the advisor standing behind him.

Just as Hart uses the Spirits to consult with Yuna, Josslan is probably getting advice from the Duke of Takrham.

『MacLir and Fukashiro will be established as our territories. In the hundreds of years before incorporating the inhabitants into the Monarchy, enrich the Monarchy’s territories and raise the governing population of other Duke territories to adjust the balance. But maybe I should say that.』

Yuna gave a slight nod to Hart’s message, then looked over the Lords and addressed them.

“If I were the next Sovereign, I would leave the two systems to Taka Amanohara and Son, and in the hundreds of years needed to incorporate the inhabitants into the Monarchy, I would develop the Monarchy’s territories and raise the governing population of other Duke territories to balance them. Josslan, you should use this as reference.”

[Yes, I understand.]

With Josslan’s agreement, a consensus was formed between the next Sovereign and the Lords.

The next agenda was about whether there were any aristocratic households who wanted to change to a province with more than twice the governing population in the former enemy MacLir System or to Fukashiro, with a Tenkan population, which the Son family expected to rule.

Of course, there should be no such household.

It was just after Yuna and Josslan had discussed the matter, and the Lords understood that Yuna was not asking anyone to take on the hardship, so no one came forward.

Nevertheless, it was a decision made at a meeting attended by all the Lords, giving them the opportunity to freely express their wishes. If they get dissatisfied at a later date, she could reply, “Why didn’t you say so when we had the discussion?”. Creating the grounds for this was one of the purposes of this conference.

“That is all for the prearranged agendas. Are there any opinions or suggestions from the Lords? I allow free remarks, priority is given in order of precedence in the Royal Court. We will begin with the Dukes, indicate on the communication screen your intention to ask questions.”

The organizer, Yuna, gave the chance to speak freely, so the Duke of Dauphin of the Podalley System expressed his intention to ask questions.

[With your permission, I would like to ask Her Majesty the Queen a question. I’m sure the Lords are also concerned, it is about the transition gate. What exactly is the transition gate?]

For Hart and the others, it was a question that they had expected would come up.

Hart even asked Marquis Carneus, “If the Dukes don’t raise their hand with the question, I want you to ask it when it’s the Marquises’ turn”.

How many transition gates can be created and to what extent are transitions possible? Depending on the answer, the difficulty of immigration to another system will decrease dramatically, the acquisition of resources in another star system would become easier, and the Monarchy can develop explosively.

The Duke of Dauphin will want to connect the Capital planet and each Star System to the Podalley System via the transition gate for the development of his territory.

Yuna assigned a predetermined respondent to explain.

“As they’re the ones who manage and operate the transition gate, I’ll allow an answer from the Royal Army. Commander-in-Chief Amakawa, please report to the extent that it does not reveal any military secrets.”

“Certainly. At this Lords’ Conference, I will be reporting in my capacity as Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Army on military duty, not as the Marquis of Amakawa or the Duke of Son.”

Hart, who prefaced that he would answer as the Commander-in-Chief on military duty, began to explain the transition gate.

“The transition gate is a warp doorway through the high-dimensional space controlled by the spirits. The gate administrators are all my contracted spirits, including in the MacLir System, and I can direct who opens and closes the gate and passes through. Please be assured that the enemy will have no access whatsoever.”

[What was that!?]

The Lords were deeply shocked by Hart’s explanation.

If the explanation was true, the reversal in the final battle with the Coalition of Humanity in the MacLir star system, which was said to have been saved by the activation of the Doctor’s souvenir, would be a phenomenon intentionally caused by Hart.

If it can be intentionally triggered by a contracted spirit, can it be increased, and if so, by how much? As a contractor, Hart would be in control of all of this.

[Isn’t it possible to add more to other star systems? For example, if we were to open one in the Podalley system, we could send a great deal of force to Diete.]

In response to Dauphin, who was the first to come forward in his capacity as speaker, Hart indicated that it could not be realized by shaking his head.

“Currently, we are limited to only Fukashiro. If we could increase it, we would connect with all the systems of the Monarchy to gather forces, even open transition gates to each Tenka system, rush in with our entire army to annihilate the enemy and win the war.”

In view of Hart’s position as an actual commander on the battlefield, if they could be installed in large quantities, there was no reason to spare the advantageous transition gates.

Convinced about this, Dauphin turned his gaze to the future in light of the fact that the souvenir, which was active only in the MacLir System, had increased to Athena and Diete.

[I believe we can expect more in the future.]

“I won’t deny the possibility. I can’t reveal the method as it’s a military secret, but if we can increase the number, we will decide whether to connect it to a Tenka System and devastate them, or open it to a Monarchy System to increase our defense, based on Her Majesty’s will and the situation of war.”

[If you need cooperation to increase it, our family will spare no effort.]

“Thank you, Lord Dauphin.”

After the expected question, it was the Marquis’ turn and the two Marquises expressed their intention to give their opinions jointly.

The Marquis of Draghi and the Marquis of Jerome both have territories in the Artemis System.

They are the central figures who have gathered supporters among the aristocrats of the Diete System about Hart’s gene donation.

Hart and Yuna, who obtained information from the Marquis of Carneus via Philine, concluded that they would not provide the gene donation and planned to respond here.

“Marquis Draghi and Marquis Jerome may speak at the same time. What would you like to ask? Perhaps it’s about gene donation.”

[Indeed it is.]

[I’m with Marquis Draghi.]

In light of Hart’s position in marriage diplomacy, Valfrete, the former Sovereign, had ordered a suspension on all requests to Hart for gene donation. When the former Sovereign died in battle, the weight was lifted, and both Marquises were moving against the order.

With Fukashiro conquered by Tenka, there is no longer any need to take diplomatic relations into consideration. They argued that if it was only the provision of sperm, it would not be a burden on Hart, who was acting as Commander-in-Chief of the Monarchy’s Armed Forces.

Yuna’s response to this was to state the answers she had prepared in advance.

“In the Monarchy of Diete, it is forbidden for the state to use its authority to force magic powered individuals to procreate. When did my Monarchy become like the Coalition or Tenka? Please abide by the constitution that has been established for the Monarchy.”

Referring to the former Coalition, which produced genetically modified magic individuals, and Tenka, which was forcibly producing national mages, Yuna dismissed both of their appeals with the good argument of constitutional provisions.

In response, neither of them withdrew.

[I have no intention of coercion. Senior aristocratic men are fulfilling their obligations, so I would like to ask the Duke of Son for his cooperation.]

[I concur. The aristocrats have a duty to increase the number of magic power holders.]

Draghi was stern, and Jerome had a smirk as they prodded him to do his duty. That was a death sentence when moving to win over other households of the Monarchy to their side.

“If the Queen approves and then demands it, Lord Amakawa substantially can’t refuse. That is coercion by authority, and what both of you are proposing is unconstitutional.”

Yuna harshly questioned both of them, as they insisted that it was not coercion, but the fulfillment of his duty.

The Marquis of Amakawa had been the decisive factor in destroying the Coalition, defeated 250,000 Tenkan ships, destroyed two Tenka Systems, and opened realms and transition gates to two Monarchy Systems.

Yuna, who listed Hart’s contributions, questioned the contributions made by the two households, who claimed Hart was not fulfilling his obligations.

“The two Lords have slandered Amakawa, who was made a Marquis only two years ago, as not fulfilling his obligations, but to the Marquises, who have enjoyed the aristocratic benefits of the Monarchy for 444 years, how much of a contribution have you made to the Monarchy? Have you contributed 222 times as much as Lord Amakawa has?”

The two families in question have not been able to contribute 222 times more than Hart, or even 1/222 times more than Hart.

When both of them were unable to argue about their contributions, Yuna pressed for their response.

“If the combined contribution of the two families to the nation is less than 222 times the contribution of a single Amakawa, both houses will be punished by the Queen’s authority for unjustified hostilities against the Commander-in-Chief, currently on military duty, by falsely accusing Amakawa of not fulfilling his aristocratic obligations and forcing him to explain the transition gate. Please state in order how your households outperform Amakawa’s achievements to the Monarchy by a factor of 222.”

In his earlier explanation of the transition gate, one of the reasons Hart made remarks in the position of Commander-in-Chief on active military service was to bring the Commander-in-Chief in military service into a form of unjustified disgrace through slander.

Both men, who have been accused of acts of injustice, attempted to explain themselves.

[By this humble subject’s word, I only mean to point out that as aristocrats, we must leave descendants and connect them to the next generation. I do not deny any military service or contribution.]

[I as well. The Duke of Son is unrivaled among the aristocracy in terms of military prowess, but he is unaccomplished in terms of leaving descendants. I am only speaking in that regard.]

Both of them panicked when they realized the reason why Hart highlighted his position as Commander-in-Chief during military service, but Yuna had prepared a response to their defense in advance.

“Both of you seem to be mistaken, but the aristocracy has no obligation to produce descendants. The Monarchy is only trying to maintain and improve the magic power of the aristocratic families by providing aristocratic privileges and establishing a system where their titles are lowered if they fail to fulfill their obligation to serve. At this Lords’ Conference, by the Queen’s authority, you two are downgraded to Count for the vindictive acts of demeaning the Commander-in-Chief by making unscrupulous accusations of him not fulfilling his duty.”

[Please wait. Your subjects have such intentions…]

Immediately after Yuna glared at them, the audio from both people was cut off by the operation of the conference organizer.

“We will make public the details of their descent, so if you are dissatisfied with the decision, please pass a resolution in parliament to dismiss the Queen. But on the other hand, you would have to handle the Tenka Federation without the Marquis of Amakawa, who is apparently 222 times inferior to both families, and his Marquess, who goes with him on maternity leave to create the children that both families so desire. If you can contribute 222 times as much as Amakawa, who has established realms and transition gates, then I can leave things in your hands with peace of mind.”

With two-thirds of the parliament’s approval, the resolution to dismiss the Sovereign will be passed.

Along with the decision, after Yuna told parliament to move if dissatisfied, Hart, who was watching Yuna fight, expressed his intention to speak.

“Your Majesty, if I may have a moment.”

“I’ll allow it.”

With permission, Hart declared the words he had prepared beforehand.

“I can’t let Your Majesty take the quarrel that was sold to Amakawa, even though you are my future wife. So I will take it on myself. Janet, I will be imposing restrictions on the Counts of Draghi and Jerome, and all descendants of their bloodline, for having made unreasonable demands on the Amakawas.”

〘What restrictions will you impose?〙

After the word ‘Janet’ was uttered by Hart, her voice was delivered while she remained unseen, the Lords sensed that this was Hart’s contracted spirit that had created the transition gates.

“All ships on which the Counts and their descendants are on board are prohibited from passing through the transition gates. All spirit crystals subject to Amakawa’s interference are prohibited from contracting with the two families. The contracted spirits of the two families, who are now enemies of Amakawa, will forcibly cancel their contracts and return to the spirit world. This will be in effect for the next tens of thousands of years.”

Hart told the Spirit Emperor Janet to put restrictions on all spirits contracted by Hart and the spirits crystals under her control.

Immediately, the bodies of both men, who were active in the Diete System, glowed a pale white, and the connected spirit crystals broke, causing the spirits to disappear.

“There are two types of spirit crystals. The Dr. Kerman line and mine. The realms, the transition gates, and the spirit crystals that will be created in the future are all from my line. This is a constraint imposed by me, the originator, and the restrictions cannot be lifted even by my descendants who will use my line. And I have no intention of lifting it, not even by the command of the next Sovereign. So it will be eternal.”

The additional purpose of positioning Hart as Commander-in-Chief in military service was also to reveal that Hart was the current administrator of spirit crystal matters and to demonstrate the impact of losing the benefits.

Hart, who had deprived them of the benefits of the spirits, declared that the two families would be mortally wounded as aristocrats, with the two people confused only by their appearance while their voices were cut off.

“These two great families will not need any assistance from the Amakawas, who have apparently failed to fulfill the duties of the aristocracy. Should anyone go along with the agenda of the two families that considered my descendants to be like the Coalition’s gene-modified individuals or Tenka’s national mages, I will impose the same restrictions on all hostile households. Propose any such resolution. Of course, it would mean all-out war. Now, that’s all your retainer has to say.”

Hart cast his eyes on Yuna, ignoring the buzz of the noisy Lords.

“The people of Diete will fight any unjust treatment that exceeds the limit, even if it means self-harm. Do not mistake the descendants of the Amakawa family as possessions that the Lords may do with as they please. Those who have forgotten the founding principles of our country, take this opportunity to remember them. As the current Sovereign, I will allow the Amakawas to defend themselves.”

The current Sovereign, Yuna, allowed the actions of Hart, who declared that he would not lift the restrictions even at the order of the next Sovereign. It is not clear whether it will be accepted by the next generation, so Yuna made a further remark.

“Be careful, Bernard and Josslan. If they dance to the tune of persuasion and issue orders that trample over their subjects, even the Royal Family may be hated by the spirits. A Monarchy perishes from within when the ruling class goes astray. Well then, this concludes the second Lords’ Conference.”

It is unclear whether the younger brothers will follow their sister’s advice, but they were restrained by suggesting that should an order to lift the restrictions be issued by the prince that will take her place, the Royal Family or even the Monarchy could become collateral damage.

Thus, the second Lords’ Conference ended in confusion and frustration.

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