Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 43

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Chapter 43 – 2 Types of Communications

“I’ve received two communications from the Tenka Federation. One is to negotiate the establishment of diplomatic relations, and the other is an ultimatum to prepare for war.”

At the first meeting of the Royal Court after his accession to the throne, Sovereign Valfrete made known with cold anger the two types of communications he had received from the Tenka Federation.

A total of 41 officials were in attendance, including the Sovereign, the prime minister, 15 ministers, 20 senior military officers at the rank of General and above, the First Queen and the First Princess, the Speaker of the House of Lords and the Speaker of the National Assembly. Each of them was nervous as they reaffirmed the information they had been informed in advance.

The Tenka Federation is an interstellar nation whose ancestors settled on a planet that was independently developed by a large country in the Eurasian Continent during the Earth Age before the Diete War of Independence.

According to information obtained from the MacRil system of the Former Coalition, which was annexed by the Monarchy, there are currently six central star systems, which are divided into six nations to form a federal state.

Apparently, the relationship between the six nations is not particularly favorable, and they are competing with each other for development.

The total population is much larger than the Coalition, which is due to the fact that the original nation had a huge population during the Earth’s era, so if the planetary environment can withstand population increase, explosive population growth can occur. This is what the Monarchy has determined.

In terms of science and technology, there is no extreme difference because there is an exchange between Tenka and the Coalition, the Coalition has exchanges with the Republic of Frodi, and the Republic of Frodi is in relations with the Monarchy of Diete.

And according to the information the Coalition had obtained, Tenka continued mass production of the magic powered individuals via artificial insemination methods the Coalition gave up on.

The number of the Coalition’s mass-produced magic holders through artificial insemination had declined by 0.45 times for each generation.

10,000 magic powered individuals become 4,500 after 1 generation, 2025 after 2 generations, and 911 after 3 generations.

For this reason, the Coalition abandoned mass production by artificial insemination, but Tenka pushed the system through with the state’s authority. Moreover, the warship mass production consists of the combination of the gene of high magic holder and medium magic mothers.

Although the Coalition could not grasp the total strength, the estimated power of Tenka surpasses the Coalition.

If Tenka’s high-magic holders existed up to the Duke class, which is the highest grade for non-modified magic holders of the Coalition, even if the medium magic holder were about 100 or 500 people, it is estimated that the magic power value of the children would be pushed up for each generation and eventually reach cruiser-class magic holders.

Compared to the Coalition Cruisers, which are larger in size, the military strength evaluation will be a little lower, but the overwhelming quantity is more than enough to compensate for the quality.

The reason why the powerful Tenka Federation did not intervene in the war between the Monarchy and the Coalition is great distance and a matter of consciousness.

The shortest distance from Earth is 500 light years, and the shortest distance from the Diete System is 680 light years via Earth. At the time of the War of Independence, when travel technology was much lower than it is now, intervention was not practical.

Also, for those who separated from Earth before the war of independence and secretly devoted themselves to the development of their own planet, the conflict between the Diete government and the Earth government was a separate affair.

The only reason why they have come into contact with each other now is that the Monarchy has gained the MacLir system, 250 light-years from Tenka, and the border wall of the Coalition has been removed.

“First of all, the Sòng dynasty of Fukashiro asked for the establishment of diplomatic relations. They are only one of the six nations, hold the star system that Tenka first settled on, and a self-proclaimed population of 21 billion people, which is the second largest in Tenka. They want to remain neutral, they claim they will not participate in the war between the Monarchy and the other five nations, they say they won’t sell the other Tenka nations, but won’t sell the Monarchy either.”

Forty other attendees were silent, except for Valfrete.

Since they have never been involved in any of these parties, they lack sufficient information to judge them.

Are the five nations and this one other nation at odds? Or is it a trap to catch the Monarchy off guard and shoot from behind? If the history and relations of the six nations were known, it would be helpful in making a decision, but the former Coalition that was taken over did not have any detailed information.

But by the time the meeting was held, Valfrete had already come to a conclusion.

“The establishment of diplomatic relations with Fukashiro, and the neutral position of Fukashiro, has been accepted. There is no need to unite a broken enemy. The other side has made a number of proposals in preliminary negotiations, all of which were acceptable.”

I see. Hart nodded.

The conditions proposed by Fukashiro at the Royal Court meeting were as follows: a mutual non-aggression pact for a certain period of time, the handing over of prisoners of war held by the Monarchy, no extradition requests for former Coalition exiles already accepted in Fukashiro, and the offering of daughters from both countries to enter marriage diplomacy.

A mutual non-aggression pact for a certain period of time is a reasonable condition for Fukashiro, who has a neutral stance and does not want to be involved in the war between the Monarchy of Diete and the other Five Tenka Nations.

The extradition of prisoners of war from the Royal Army will encourage the Monarchy to accept the establishment of diplomatic relations. If refused, it could damage the morale of the army and the humanity of the Sovereign. It is not in a situation where one side can threaten the other to hand them over unconditionally.

The case of not demanding the extradition of the former Coalition asylum seekers cannot be requested anyway as long as the two countries do not have an extradition treaty. It is a matter of both sides making their terms clear.

As for marriage diplomacy, Hart’s gaze at the arbitrator with an impersonal smile on his face.

“I know some of you are concerned, but of course I won’t send out a lady who is already engaged to be married. The other side’s princess may be offered, but she will not match our princess. Also our other princess, she’s too young. They declared that they are going to send out several people, including the Leader’s granddaughter, but we will also send out the daughter of the Sovereign’s late brother.”

Hart was stunned by Valfrete’s viciousness.

The younger sister of Leandre, the traitor, remained royalty because their dead father was not stripped of his status and position.

Until half a year ago, she was promised the position of Princess after her father’s accession to the throne then Royal Sister after her brother’s accession to the throne, and was served by aristocratic children.

But now, she is the daughter of a family that is extremely harmful to the Monarchy.

Her father was an incompetent who had caused one billion deaths on the Capital planet and treated the Marquis Amakawa unfairly, which lead to the Monarchy’s defeat at the Hercules Star System Battle.

Her brother was a state traitor who ordered the leakage of military secrets and caused numerous casualties to the Royal citizens.

As a daughter from the main family, her mother is from Langlois, a clan that got demoted by three ranks, who raised her eldest son to be a traitor. Her uncle is a traitor who killed hundreds of thousands of people by leaking confidential information and so on.

It is a crime of the family, not of the person in question, but the educational environment is in question. The more domineering one is of their origins, the bigger the repercussions will be.

With the whole country staring at them, their engagement is annulled, their ties with their friends are cut off, and they will continue to be isolated in the Monarchy.

Getting them out of the country through marriage diplomacy would be a relief for them.

Daughters who engage in marriage diplomacy will be criticized by the people of the other country if they are treated carelessly, which can lead to a deterioration of friendly relations. When going to the other country on a diplomatic mission, they will be treated with the utmost respect in the other country due to political considerations.

A bail out from a gentle Sovereign. Hart felt the strength of Valfrete, who did away with his troublesome brother’s daughters.

“The ceremony for establishing diplomatic relations will be held in the MacLir system, 250 light-years from Fukashiro. I can’t attend the ceremony as bombs may be embedded in the bodies of the attendees. As my representative, I will send my only adult child, the First Princess Yuna, to attend.”

The eyes of the attendees shifted giddily to Valfrete, Yuna, and Hart.

Hart, who heard this for the first time, was surprised, but he could understand that Valfrete, the Sovereign, would not attend.

There are currently only two heirs to the throne in the Monarchy.

They are a first-year high school student and a second-year middle school student, and should Valfrete fall and the Monarchy be disrupted, they could be conquered by the five Tenka nations.

However, the Sovereign’s representative to the establishment of diplomatic relations cannot be entrusted to a first year high schooler or a second grade middle schooler. The reason Yuna is acting on his behalf is that there is no other qualified person.

Hart called up to his spirit.

“Mira, send a message to Yuna through her spirit, Sharon. [His Majesty can’t go, but Seraphina is in the MacLir system, so you don’t have to worry about bombs. You’re safe.]”

“Yes, yes”

Hart waited for a while, and Yuna, who looked like she wanted to say something, smiled while looking at him, and Hart asked Mira for an additional message, though he was a little frightened.

“[Of course, I’m going with you.] tte, please add that.”

“First, you should have said, ‘It’s okay because Seraphina and I will be there’. It’s not a matter of getting the message across without saying it.”

“I understand, so please do it soon. Her Royal Highness is putting pressure on me with her smile.”

“It can’t be helped.”

Shortly after sending the message, the pressure on Hart disappeared.

Currently, they are in the middle of a meeting regarding war and diplomatic relations that will affect the survival of the Monarchy. Hart refocused and turned his attention to the Sovereign with a serious face.

“It seems that the discussions have been settled. The details of the establishment of diplomatic relations will be discussed with each of you individually later. As for the five nations that demanded we hand over the former Coalition territories and all Coalition people, of course, we will of course reject their demands. As for after the war, please refer to…”

What Valfrete showed was a delay strategy at the expense of all of the former Coalition territories.

Tenka’s total strength is unknown, but if Tenka believes it can easily defeat the Monarchy, it is unlikely that the Song dynasty, the second largest family in Tenka, would offer to negotiate for peace.

The national mobilization system was issued, personnel will be gathered, D-class spirit crystals will be attached, and the Salamander fighter crafts will be mass-produced and deployed to thoroughly enhance the defense capability of the 6-star systems.

A serious Monarchy can physically deploy hundreds of millions of fighter crafts to defend its systems. The former Coalition territories cannot be protected, but the destruction of the Monarchy can be prevented by strengthening the defense of its original 6 star systems using fighter crafts.

Until that is achieved, they will buy time against the enemy at the expense of all of the former Coalition territories.

The main force will fight the enemy at the MacLir system, while the other systems will be used as a diversion and to buy time.

The Royal Army’s main force was Fortress Kerviel, which was to hold 9 million fighter craft pilots and Salamanders from the Capital planet to engage in possible battles at Hart’s discretion.

Nine million are fighter craft pilots who gathered and educated at Diros during the war with the Coalition. Of these, 5 million are fierce men with combat experience in the Coalition Four-Star System Battles. There may be some decliners, but the numbers will be gathered even if the non-commissioned officers are assigned to the fighter craft operators.

When Yuna visits the MacLir System to establish diplomatic relations with Fukashiro, Fortress Kerviel will remain in the MacLir System and prepare for the upcoming attack by the five Tenka nations. The number of fighter craft pilots who will leave the Capital planet entirely will be recruited from the 11 billion citizens on the Capital planet.

“There is a souvenir of Dr. Kerman in the MacLir system. General Amakawa knows how to use it, so he will be the right man for the job. Amakawa has full discretionary power regarding battles under Fortress Kerviel for the purpose of delaying the enemy. How many support fleets do you need?”

The question was not one that had been prearranged.

Valfrete, who had been in the Royal Army for about half a century, knows how many fleets are needed in any given situation, based on his long experience as a Fleet Commander and Commander-in-Chief. Furthermore, he is a genius who can put together a development on the spot.

Although he himself must know that not everyone is on the same level, Valfrete’s opinion of Hart is high.

Hart merely took advantage of the various developments he knew from the Maiden game “The Galactic Prince”, but some people mistakenly believe that this is Hart’s standard coping ability.

The conditions for this time are the number of fleets to be sent to other star systems, and the delay operations to be established by Hart.

Hart determined that Fortress Kerviel, which was allocated 9 million Salamanders, needed no further force. If anything, more craft ships would be helpful.

“We have enough strength, so we don’t need to allocate a fleet. I would be grateful if you could only send about 150 craft ships to the fortress.”

“Very well. If it’s craft ships, there’s some room, so take 200 ships just in case.”

“I thank your Majesty for your consideration.”

Valfrete, who granted permission for the craft ships, then explained the former Coalition treatment.

What matters to the Monarchy of Diete is the Monarchy and its citizens. The former Coalition territories and Coalition people, who were enemies until a year ago, were lower in priority than Diete. All of them could not be taken, so they would be temporarily abandoned.

However, only the magic powered individuals of the former Coalition territories were taken to the Monarchy territory to prevent them from being used.

“As long as the five Tenka nations condemn the mass deaths of the Coalition people due to the war and declare war for their liberation, the loss of the former Coalition territory to the five Tenka nations will not result in immediate disastrous consequences. If it can be protected, it will be protected, but if it will be difficult, a temporary abandonment is unavoidable.”

The Monarchy of Diete is a constitutional Monarchy, but the Sovereign has a strong right to decide on war.

As a major premise, interstellar war cannot be fought unless magic power holders operate the warships. If you have spirit crystals, you can operate a fighter craft, but you can’t invade the enemy star system because you can’t warp, so you can’t end the war no matter how long it goes.

The ministers and chairmen did not interject the decision of Valfrete, who destroyed the Coalition of humanity.

On that day, a second national mobilization system was announced in the Monarchy.

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