Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 44

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Chapter 44 – Second National Mobilization System

Monarchy history October 442.

Seven months after the surrender of the Hercules Star System, the last system of the Coalition, the Monarchy of Diete adopted a second national mobilization system.

At first, the people of the Monarchy were perplexed by the ultimatum from the distant nations of the Tenka Federation.

However, after hearing directly from Sovereign Valfrete that the 5 Tenka Nation’s arguments were “The excessive and inhumane deaths on the Coalition side”, with their demand to “Hand over all the former Coalition territories and former Coalition people”, as their cause, that the annexation of the Coalition brought their borders closer together, and that it was merely a fishing expedition after the exhaustion of the war, the royal citizens were outraged by the arbitrary grievances of the Tenka Federation.

The ideology of the Royal people of Diete is clear when it comes to the war of independence from colonial rule. The royal people are convinced that the war of independence was an essential act for them and their descendants to live as people.

Moreover, the Monarchy and the former Coalition had no treaties or agreements on the war. There was no reason to find faults in how it was fought.

“If war is inhumane, then the colonial rule that preceded it is also inhumane. What criteria did the Tenka people, who complain about war but not about colonial rule, use to judge the ‘inhumane acts’ and interfere?”

“If colonization is okay, then Tenka should also be under colonial rule.”

Just as the leaders of the Diete government, who opposed colonial rule, were executed, so were the Tenka people who opposed colonial rule. And if the Tenka Federation would accept such treatment, the Monarchy of Diete should colonize them for eternity and let them enjoy whatever humanity they want.

Outraged by this, the Royal citizens recognized that the war against the Tenka Federation was “a war to defend the legitimacy of their war of independence” and they renewed their resolve to go to war.

In the Monarchy, war reserves gathered against the Coalition, which had accumulated for more than 400 years, were abundant, and the war ended without them being consumed, and was piled up. The resources seized from the former Coalition territories were also enormous, and the national income and expenditure from the war was in a huge surplus.

Therefore, there was no need to worry about the shortage of military expenditure, and the pilots of the fighter crafts, who had been shown high rewards, gathered one after another.

The majority of the more than 30 million fighter craft pilots employed in the six star systems are expected to gather in large numbers, even though the countries involved in the war have changed, with additional recruitment expected.

The new Salamander fighter crafts are also being mass-produced with the highest priority.

Although it was not as fast as mass-producing sweets in a candy factory like with spirit crystals, a large number of shipyards alongside Fortress Kerviel were in full operation every day, producing a large number of fighter crafts, and then throwing them into the huge stomach of Fortress Kerviel.

While the preparations for the expedition were being made, Hart had temporarily entrusted the political decisions of the Marquis’ estate to the Royal Government and worked on his own affairs, such as taking over the work which had been done at the Command Center.

Claudia contacted him, and directly asked to be taken along.

“Claudia Coesfeld volunteers as a Royal-grade Magic power holder of the Monarchy of Diete to be an Operating Assistant for Fortress Kerviel. Master Hart, please take me with you.”

Claudia’s expression showed no trace of sadness, but rather her blue eyes sparkled, and she was delighted to stand at the forefront and protect her people.

Hart warns the silver-haired fox that was expressing joy with her whole body.

“We’ve ourselves set the precedent for joining the battlefield while still in the Military Academy. Those conscripted from the Heavy Battleship Department can also be appointed as Lieutenant. But didn’t your family say anything?”

“My grandfather, the Duke of Coesfeld, agreed, ‘Fight for the Monarchy’, that was his message.”

The Duke of Coesfeld, as Hart knows him, is not worried about his granddaughter, but is a man with a strong sense of mission as a Duke of the Monarchy.

When they met at a gathering of Apollo aristocrats and celebrities, the Duke introduced three young ladies, Claudia, the Count’s Lady Evelina, and Viscount’s Lady Gabriella, in order to increase the number of High Magic power holders.

Claudia became Hart’s second fiancée, after Yuna. This prevented a resolution calling for impeachment of Prime Minister Stanley for breach of trust from being submitted.

Evelina was in a disadvantageous position because she was close to Alisa, who was suspected of fleeing before the enemy, but her position was reversed along with Alisa’s honor being restored. With the end of the war and Hart’s busy schedule, the talks were called off. If anything, it was Yuna who pressured Hart into calling them off under those pretexts.

Gabriella, of course, was refused by Yuna, partly citing the end of the war and Hart’s busy schedule. As war is about to break out again, it feels like someone will be introduced to him again.

When Claudia operated her terminal, a stereoscopic image of an old man reminiscent of an old silver fox appeared in front of the two.

[Marquis Amakawa, I asked that Claudia, young lady of the Coesfeld clan, be present to open the war with a new country, and I hope you make the best choice for the Monarchy.]

The Duke’s message was short, but it was plain that he had no intention of holding Claudia back.

Considering whether Claudia is useful or not, she is very useful.

Fortress Kerviel, as adjusted by Dr. Kerman, is designed so that four magic holders can operate the magic element engines at the same time. And while Hart, Yuna, Philine and Colette are registered as operators, there are no spare personnel, and if there are two shifts in a two-person system, there will be two extra seats.

Claudia, with two spirit crystals, has the Monarchy’s second-largest recorded magic power value, culminating at 32,027. As the operator of the magic engine supported by a B-class spirit crystal, she is far beyond even the most seasoned military personnel.

Hart, who saw no reason to deny it, decided to accept it.

“Okay, the application will be submitted to the Commander-in-Chief, with me as the nominee, to be assigned to Fortress Kerviel and to be appointed the rank of Lieutenant. The Chief of the Staff shall also approve the continuation at the Military Academy.”

“Thank you. It was quite difficult, wasn’t it?”

“No, the Commander-in-Chief is my direct superior, so it’s easy. The Chief of Staff also instructed me to ‘Shove in what is necessary’, so I’ll shove you in as he said.”

The merit of having Claudia continue her Officer Education even when on the front line can clearly be shown by attaching the battle results of Hart and others, who set a precedent.

In the Monarchy of Diete, the youngest Lieutenant in history was born at the age of 16 years and 0 months.

The previous record so far was set by Yuna in November 439 at 16 years and 8 months old, so she broke the record by about 8 months. However, Yuna rose to the rank of Captain and then Major immediately after being appointed as Lieutenant.

As for the new lieutenant, who had only attended the military academy for half a year, Hart felt uneasy, putting their own precedent on the shelf.

“You’ll report directly to me, so make sure you listen to your superiors’ orders during military service.”

“I’ll be fine, sir. Please make use of me, sir.”

The white silver fox looked very happy.

Hart asked the two chiefs to coordinate and assigned Claudia under him.

The nation-wide preparations for war progressed rapidly, and in November, they were on track to launch from the Capital planet. As the expedition was in sight, Hart was personally summoned by Valfrete.

The three people in attendance were First Queen Cassandra, Second Queen Maina, and First Princess Yuna. Hart was surprised by the unusual arrangement, but the subject was even more surprising.

“I would like Marquis Amakawa to consider accepting one of the candidates for marriage diplomacy.”

Hart involuntarily glanced at the three royal ladies who were present.

Yuna was clearly in dark mode, which granted a panoramic standpoint that allowed the deaths of enemies and allies in battle.

The two queens, who had little to do with the situation, seemed unsure. The First Queen had a somewhat apologetic look on her face. The Second Queen seemed to be suppressing what she wanted to say, but he couldn’t make out what she was trying to say.

“With all due respect, First Princess Yuna, Your Majesty’s daughter, is to be my first wife soon. Your Majesty, I can’t understand the reason for this plan, it could jeopardize my relationship with the First Princess.”

When Hart questioned him, Maina turned an accusing gaze to Valfrete. Yuna, who followed suit, also glanced at her father in protest.

“I am aware. I regret that I had too few children in this situation. I will now explain the shame of the royal family. No one needs to hear of this except for the attendants here.”

When Hart nodded, Valfrete explained the situation.

First Prince Bernard, who is a freshman at the High School of the Academy of Magic, is infatuated with Beatrice LeGrand, a young lady of a Baron household who is the same age as him.

Beatrice is the former fiancée of Stephen, the son of the Duke of Langlois, who was taken by the former Sovereign’s grandson Leandre, but became a free lady after he was executed as a traitor.

In the recent joint defense exercise with the military academy, the final defense line was breached due to Bernard protecting Beatrice’s Future Arrow, resulting in 1.6 billion additional deaths. He received a warning by name from the instructor, Philine, and almost lost his credits for refusing to respond.

Even if the marriage diplomacy partner is a concubine candidate, it will not be possible to pull him away from Beatrice and make it work. If the first in line to the throne rebels and refuses to accept at the moment of establishing diplomatic relations, the negative impact on the Monarchy will be immeasurable.

Is Beatrice a modern-day beauty? Hart wondered.

She was the reason that the former Sovereign’s grandson, Leandre, committed the outrageous act of plundering the fiancée of his vassal, Stefan, the Duke of Langlois’ son, who condemned him at the war victory celebration, and the First Prince, Bernard, abandoning 1.6 billion people, albeit in a simulation.

However, no matter how beautiful she is, or how high her magic power is, there is no guilt on her part.

“That was quick.”

Valfrete gave a bitter look to Hart, who showed bewilderment.

“In addition, Josslan, the Second Prince, has a close relationship with Lysine, the young lady of the Duke of Takrham. Is the Lord aware she is the sister of Digitalis? The Duke of Takrham also strongly advocates for Lysine.”

In other words, even if he is sent to establish diplomatic relations, there is a possibility that Josslan, who is being seduced by Lysine, will refuse.

Hart resisted the urge to make a direct complaint to the Sovereign about the education of the princes. It would have been dangerous if Cassandra, the mother of the two sons, had not been present.

As for the cruelty of Digitalis, the Military Police of the Command Office came to investigate during Hart’s magical power investigation, and Valfrete, who was the Commander-in-Chief, must know the result of the accusations made there.

Hart doesn’t know the character of Miss Lysine, but she is recommended by the Duke of Takrham, who supported the abuse, for the next Sovereign. But if the Duke of Takrham is going to be the backer of the next Sovereign, the future of the Monarchy is looking bleak.

“During the four-year war with the Coalition, I was raised to the rank of Duke in between, and my children’s education was neglected. I am ashamed to admit it, but this was a matter of my priorities, and I cannot change them even if I could go back in time.”

In short, Hart had no words for the Sovereign, who reiterated that he had no remorse whatsoever.

At the time of the war, Valfrete had no plans to succeed to the throne. He wouldn’t have been able to educate his children as royalty, and neither Beatrice nor Lysine would have been close with them.

The current state of affairs is within the realm of possibility for those who are not all-powerful. Of course, it’s not a problem that can be solved so easily.

“The princes are young and incompetent. If they come forward in marital diplomacy, they will be at the mercy of the other side’s manipulations. And I do not have the option to welcome a concubine. Should I die, not only will the country tilt, but even if the woman is innocent, the neutral country will turn into an enemy country. There is no man who can receive the princess of the other side.”

At the words of the Sovereign, Hart sighed, even though he was right in front of him.

If Valfrete dies suddenly, the country could be split between the Duke of Takrham, who favors the Second Prince, and the First Prince, who is trying to welcome Beatrice, the former fiancée of the traitor Leandre, as queen, making him unfit to be the next Sovereign.

“So your Majesty, what are you asking of your vassal?”

“The Lord will be the Sovereign’s future son-in-law, and no matter which prince becomes the next Sovereign, you will be his brother-in-law. Due to this stable position, the other side will agree with you as a partner of marriage diplomacy. And as the man who will take the Sovereign’s eldest daughter as his wife, they cannot demand to be taken as the Legal wife, and so will be satisfied with the Third wife.”

Hart turned his gaze to Yuna and Maina before shaking his head and denying Valfrete’s claim.

“Even if the other side concurs, The First Princess and Her Royal Highness the Queen do not seem convinced. As I am not a member of the royal family, I am confused about being subject to marriage diplomacy.”

“I understand. I will offer terms of the exchange.”

“Terms of exchange?

“Surely, various aristocratic families will be putting pressure on Marquis Amakawa to take a concubine. I will have all this suppressed on the grounds that it will interfere with marriage diplomacy. Which would you rather have, 30 more partners from the String Society, or one more in diplomacy?”

Hart finally understood the reason for Yuna’s grudging approval.

Yuna, who dreams of the heroine-like ending of a maiden game, was dispersing the pressure from all sides.

From Yuna’s point of view, the engagement between the two was established by mutual agreement when Hart confessed his love to her after overcoming romantic obstacles and various events during their school days. At the time, her status was the daughter of a Viscount and the Lady of a Baron, and both of them were students, yet Yuna was chosen regardless of the status and position associated with her.

In other words, they are in a romantic marriage. And, Yuna is convinced of it.

As the couple was planning to marry in love, they were interrupted by the number of magic power holders, and a second wife was added even if they did not want to. That alone would have ruined their post-marriage plans, but 30 more will ruin their newlywed life.

What will happen to my life…? With this sense of crisis in mind, Yuna is struggling alone against the world.

As one would expect of the world, there is some forethought for the First Princess Yuna, who was his classmate from middle school, got engaged from love and protected the Capital planet. Therefore, without their consent, they didn’t take the liberty of simply bringing a male horse and a female horse together as if they were deciding the bloodline of a racehorse.

But that was because the war against the Coalition was over.

With the start of the war with the Tenka Federation, Yuna’s defenses will be at an overwhelming disadvantage from now on.

If the great cause of diplomatic relations was to prevent the nation of 21 billion people from participating in the war, it will be a powerful reinforcement for Yuna. Yuna, who wanted a barrier, had no choice but to accept Valfrete’s proposal.

“Then I ask this of you. If she is too ugly, you may decline.”

Despite the fact that there was no way they would bring such a woman here through marriage diplomacy, Valfrete declared flatly.


Hart, July 7: Tanabata (Star Festival). The day when The Weaver (Orihime) and The Cow Herder (Hikoboshi) can cross in the Milky Way

Yuna, March 6: The Release Date of “The Galactic Prince” (the date of the first post of this work)

Philine, June 22: Midsummer Festival in Finland, when winters are long and cold

Colette, July 14: Paris Festival. A Day to Celebrate the Establishment of the French Republic

Claudia, October 5: Day of the Heavenly Kitsune (Fox Spirit). (I avoided the actual Saint’s Day)

Xuě Lì, September 9: Chrysanthemum Seasonal Festival (Chrysanthemum Flower Banquet is also an Imperial Court event in Japan)

Linnell, May 20: Birthday of self-replicating artificial bacteria with synthetic genome

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  1. In other words, they are in a romantic marriage. And, Yuna is convinced of it.

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    1. Politics wise:
      They need to accept the princess of that country in marriage for stable partnership and she needs to be accepted by someone of a high status to receive her.
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      So best choice is to give the marriage to someone in close ties with royal family but issue is:
      Prince 1 is head over heels smitten with a girl and will reject the proposal as the new princess will have to be his first wife according to her status.
      Prince 2 got seduced by the a girl from a ducal house and whether he marries the new princess or rejects it’s bad.
      This leaves MC who’s the hero and no side will object as he’s already marrying the 1st princess thus by familial relations supports the next sovereign anyway.

      The deal Yuna got is accept the new princess and he’ll use ut as an excuse to end all proposals to mc(which yhey estimate will lead to 30 more wives)


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