Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – Catch & Release

“Transition to national mobilization system”

That’s the best way to summarize the current state of the Monarchy.

More precisely, the state of a natural truce, which was neither a ceasefire nor an end to the war, has come to an end, and the wartime system has been restored for the first time in 439 years.

So far, the Monarchy has been allocating its national budget to boosting its national power rather than military spending.

The construction cost of 2,000 ships per fleet is about 500 trillion Rhodes. Combined with 50 years of maintenance, renovation, and personnel costs, it will triple to 1,500 trillion.

The annual budget for the entire fleet is 750 trillion, as the annual cost is split by 50, but there are 25 fleets.

However, the total population of the Monarchy is 40 billion. In Japan, where “The Galactic Prince” was made, the annual budget for a fleet is about 1.875 trillion out of a national budget of 100 trillion.

The Military budget includes the cost of construction and maintenance of fortifications and bases, labor costs for personnel assigned outside the fleets, and the cost of developing weapons and equipment, bringing the annual defense budget to 4 trillion, which is less than Japan’s defense budget of 5 trillion.

In the Monarchy, the production system was streamlined, the number of androids and other non-manual labor was high, and expenditures exceeding revenues and government bonds were not issued, so it was difficult to say that military spending was putting pressure on the national treasury.

Therefore, the Monarchy decided to expand its war potential on a large scale.

First, the government decided to increase the number of regular fleets from 50,000 vessels to 70,000 vessels in the short term, and then double the number of regular fleets to 100,000 in the medium term.

The total population of the officer class, which can operate military ships with a total length of 600 meters or more, is 2 million, and 100,000 warships is feasible if the national mobilization system is shifted.

The 10-piece fleet will be expanded to 20,000 vessels and 5 million crew members.

Local squadrons and small fleets were pulled out to keep the number of ships uniform, and the holes were filled with aging and modified ships.

The shortage of crew members was replenished with logistical captain-class magic power holders, retired civilian reserves, and personnel recruited from the private sector.

At the same time, an attack fleet will be formed to preemptively destroy the expeditionary fleet from the Loki system, which is a Coalition forward base 110 light-years away.

In the main story of the Galactic Prince as Hart knows it, the first battle was a planetary defense battle from the invading Coalition forces. Having obtained detailed information on Operation Fenrir from the captured prisoners of war seems to have changed the future significantly.

From the 1500 aristocratic families, the first group of high-magic holders, who were worthy of peerage, was dispatched.

In the first formation, those who have the least impact on the maintenance of their household, such as the elderly aristocrats who let their children take over the family, and the second sons before independence, are selected.

In the conventional aristocratic family, there was a tendency for children after the second son to become independent as soon as possible so as to avoid turmoil among the household. However, the reversal of this trend happens now, and even if part of property is allowed to be inherited, there is a growing movement of people rejoining the family.

Senior aristocrats also offered funds, supplies, and support ships free of charge based on the share of the burden presented.

Provinces and tax-free privileges were granted to each aristocrat in anticipation of this day. They took the initiative in offering goods in order to maintain those privileges.

With the help of wartime recruitment and cooperation of aristocrats, the Royal Army is rapidly increasing its strength.

Among the supplies collected by the Royal Army, spirit crystals were also included.

Spirit crystals have been the focus of attention even before the resumption of the war.

After Hart defeated four enemy ships and fled while being chased by 10 times as many enemies, spirit crystals became a necessity for the captain.

“Suddenly the army came. I was told to deliver one million units as soon as possible.”

“So, did they pay in full?”

Dr. Kerman, who hadn’t seen Hart in a long time, shrugged his shoulders as soon as he saw him.

Neither of them are senior aristocrats, so there was no obligation to provide property free of charge.

Since Hart was conferred his peerage this month, he did not enjoy any benefits based on aristocratic privileges, and even if the burden ratio is calculated from the profits, his financial burden would be zero.

If asked for supplies, they will have to give priority, but it is natural to ask for payment.

“It was deposited the day after it was delivered. Your fiancée’s family were there as intermediaries.”

“I’m a gene donor, not a gigolo or a son-in-law. I was more than happy to pass the bill.”

The Royal Army’s 35th fleet consisted of 70,000 warships. There are 350,000 battlecruisers and space suppression crafts.

Including the Vice-Captain, navigator, and spirit crystals for reserve personnel, one million units will be needed.

It’s a tremendous number, but there is no problem with delivery. The Doctor can mass-produce spirit crystals as if he were making sweets in a candy factory.

The production line has also been significantly enhanced, thanks to the Marquis of Carneus’s hush money.

Fortunately, the convenient method of simply connecting to an existing information terminal seems to have been completed quickly.

“I’ve saved a lot of money to fund the company’s operations, but I’m not sure what to do.”

“The Marquis of Carneus alone has 20 million people, right?”

“If you add large orders, it’s already 20 times to 400 million people.”

400 million people make up 1% of the total population of the Monarchy of Diete.

Even if one is sold for 100,000 Rhode, if it is sold to 400 million people, it will be 40 trillion Rhode.

“Can enough be produced for 400 million people in time?

“It’ll take six months under the current system. After that, with the expansion of production and orders, I think it will be a tit-for-tat game.”

“Even under the current system, will it reach 40 billion people in 50 years?”

If we sell to 40 billion people, the revenue will be more than 4,000 trillion Rhodes. Even if taxes and expenses are deducted from it, net income is more than 2,000 trillion Rhodes.

Even after reaching the entire Monarchy, it will continue to sell to newly born children, so the company can permanently obtain a sales profit. If sold to 500 million people every year, it will be 50 trillion Rhodes.

Even if half the profits are left to the company, their income will temporarily be 500 trillion Rhodes each, followed by 12.5 trillion Rhodes every year.

Hart firmly pledged not to list the stock, which is the gavel of the hammer, on the market.

“If you have income, I think it’s imperative to strengthen the company’s structure. A legal department, an administrative department, a security department, and the establishment of a personal security unit for the doctor. Right now, we have the support of the Marquis of Carneus, but if we can’t handle things in-house, we’ll eventually be taken advantage of.”

“We have S-class spirits guarding us, so we’re fine.”

“I think there are a lot of unscrupulous characters out there, like someone who would deliberately bump into you and demand settlement money because they were attacked by a spirit.”

“Oh, dear. That’s troublesome.”

“I’d like to ask you to take care of it. If the person trying to set you up is a senior aristocrat, it will be a hassle.”

“Then, I’d like to ask the Marquis’ messenger for the initial personnel to set up the organization. If anyone comes in, it’s better to have someone you can negotiate with.”

The Marquis Carneus is a family of senior aristocrats, but their standing position is different from other households.

That is Philine’s promise from Hart to provide genes.

The current Hart has four things that even the Marquis cannot ignore.

  1. Super high magic power value that is three times higher than the royal family’s leading grandson.
  2. Ownership of all shares of the spirit crystal manufacturing company.
  3. Personal income that allows him to own a private fleet.
  4. The honor as the Hero who was conferred a peerage after the defeat of the Coalition operation.

In this case, the best way for the Marquis to benefit is to have a child with Philine while maintaining all their magic, power, property, status, and honor.

Therefore, if requested, they will gladly send personnel to the company, eliminate obstacles and troubles, deeply connect the business relationship with the Marquis family affiliates, and strengthen the relationship with the granddaughter.

Most important, Philine, like a rival character, opposes or resists Hart and is fighting to hold the initiative.

Is it her personality that makes it impossible to succumb to the other party? Or is it because Dorothea has fallen out and the mental hierarchical relationship with Hart has become a top priority?

After Hart increased the third and fourth pieces in his hand, her attitude of not backing down in order to gain a mental advantage became more prominent.

Hart sighed inwardly and decided to skip Philine and directly approach the Marquis for negotiations.

After the transition to the wartime system, a whirlpool of emotions has engulfed the entire system.

Those who laughed greatly at the special demand for war, and those who wept as they were deprived of their human resources and goods, and a large amount of money and goods went up and down, and a high speed communication ship using a spirit crystal flew around between the six star systems.

The same was true for the Military Academy and other military schools.

In the Military academy, the recruitment capacity of the Commandant department in the next fiscal year will be tripled. In addition, the capacity of military schools will be doubled and mass production of combat androids will be carried out.

Since only 74 of the approximately 3,300 second-year cadets in the Commandant department were able to survive, it seems the vacancies in teachers and classrooms will also be fully utilized.

Due to such bookkeeping, the second grade heavy battleship department has settled down with four people.

All four were classmates in middle school, which would normally drown out the feeling of loneliness.

However, the four are not always together. Due to the fact that the second grade heavy battleship department became four people, all were assigned some kind of work.

And now that the two of them are working as committee members at the same time, Hart is left alone with Yuna.

Yuna is the main protagonist of the Maiden Game, and her looks were as blessed as Philine’s.

She is usually accompanied by Colette, who is a nuisance, but when she is alone with a mob character without any insect repellent, she can’t help but raise her heart rate.

Pure eyes that are slightly droopy, cherry-red colored lips, glossy skin, and a feminine figure.

The light brown haired beauty of the mixed race are the results of the genes of her mother, a Takamiya family Baroness with Japanese roots, and her father, a royal who adopted high magic powered people of various races.

The reason why Hart cannot help being nervous about Yuna’s charm is that he remains unfamiliar with women because Philine stubbornly refuses to have physical contact with him, following the example of a young lady in a Maiden Game.

“Well, I would have liked to have been transferred to the third grade.”

It was just the two of them in the silent lecture room. Unable to endure such a situation, Hart carelessly talked to himself to find a clue to the conversation.

In reality, due to the lack of completion of the curriculum, it is an unlikely future.

Hart was expecting to be pointed out and denied, but he was dismayed when someone stared back at him with a look of deep sadness.

“Why do you say that?”

Yuna was quivering like a volcano enduring an eruption.

On the other hand, a quiet anger, similar to the steam erupting from the ground, was also erupting.

“No, I’m sorry.”

Realizing that he had stepped on the tiger’s tail, Hart was the first to apologize.

In retrospect, Hart and other’s classmates had mostly been killed. If they move up to the third grade, they would be thrown into the deadly battlefield a year earlier.

Hart himself was prepared for war due to the precognitive dream. In addition, he was a super high magic power holder, and had the leeway to acquire A-class spirits. But that’s impossible for anyone else to relate to.

Yuna would likely find the status quo unacceptable.

Philine grew up conscious of the rights and duties of aristocrats from an early age. Colette also kept herself in check to calm Yuna down. But Yuna doesn’t have any of these.

“I’m scared of war. What do you think, Mr. Hart?”

The moment Yuna’s anxiety overflowed, Hurt thought of a scene from “The Galactic Prince”.

It was almost the exact same lines where the heroine expresses her anxiety to the highly likable capture target when they entered the war.

The capture character would encourage her saying, “It’s okay. I’ll protect you,” and Yuna replies, “But I also have to be on the frontlines,” based on her high magic power.

In the hard mode storyline, the Monarchy was at an overwhelming disadvantage, so it was impossible for a high magic power holder who could move a first-class fortress ship, like Yuna, to be left behind.

At present, the other side is preparing for war first, but it is still not overwhelmingly disadvantageous.

However, cadets eventually enter the battlefield. There is no change in Yuna’s mobilization.

Looking back on how his affection points rose so much that the lines meant for the capture targets were issued, Hart had various clauses that came to mind.

The best boy for Yuna right now is Hart.

After all, she hasn’t entered the Magic Academy, and there are no capture targets.

There are no school events in this academy, cadet classmates were too rough for a maiden game, so they were rejected by Colette, and they all died in battle the other day.

For Yuna, Hart brought a comfort from having been in Middle School with her, gifted her a hard-to-find spirit crystal, had a joint experience of overcoming the Human Coalition raid together, the sense of trust that he led her to survive, and the understanding of the sense of desolation she feels as her classmates were gone.

Originally, even though he was less than a mob character, there is a degree to raising the favorability too much.

“That’s right. It’s certainly unsettling.”

Hart first showed his understanding to Yuna, who was shaken by anxiety.

When they found her in this situation, some of the capture targets calmed Yuna down by showing her a loophole to keep from having to enter the battlefield.

There is a way for women to gain a cause for exemption from the battlefield, even if they are cadets, like Yuna, who are aristocrats.

First, infants, their biological mothers, and pregnant women are excluded from conscription.

Second, for married women and women of childbearing age with fiancés, recruitment will be postponed. Moreover, even if they are recruited, they will not be sent to the frontline, but will be assigned transportation missions.

That is because when considering the stable supply of high magic power holders, others should be recruited first. Unless the nation is cornered to a great extent, abandoning the future will not be an option.

A few of the characters in the game took advantage of the fact that aristocratic wives wouldn’t have to go to the frontline and called out to their fiancées, and said, “Let’s get married when this war is over.”

As could be imagined, the cost of raising a death flag in hard mode was high.

If Yuna doesn’t get a not-for-sale spirit crystal and give it to her candidate, and they hadn’t been on the battlefield together, there is a 90% probability the capture target she seduced will die in the battle or become a prisoner of war.

After a little hesitation, Hart dared to say almost the same lines as the capture target.

“It’s okay. I’ll protect you.”

“But I also have to be on the frontlines.”

The words returned by Yuna were exactly as in the precognitive dream.

At this point, saying “If you are an aristocratic wife, you won’t have to go to the frontline. Will you become Viscountess Amakawa?” will make her a weak heroine who is mentally trapped. Incidentally, the death flag is also a get.

Here, Hart dared to choose the wrong option.

“I will give you an advanced spirit crystal that is much higher than the intermediate spirit I gave you before”

Hart returned to the ocean the fish, which he had grasped for a moment with the manly line about protecting, with the adult word “assets” between the lines.

A Catch & Release.

However, in his case, instead of releasing it because he has already caught one and his stomach is full, the first fish he caught resisted and he released the second because his hands were full.

Since she was only pretending, where’s the fault in starving her boyfriend? If the man below mob character says that he cannot capture the rival character, that’s all there is to it.

However, even if starving, when the second fish is caught, it needs backing to the extent that it does not get bitten by the first fish that was caught.

For instance, royalty and the duke family, etc.

By the way, the second half of the sophomore year is when the identity of Yuna’s father is revealed.

Yuna’s father is Valfrete Asteria, the third prince.

Shortly before Hart was born, the Monarchy of Diete had designated the first prince with magic power value of 29,000 as the first heir and the third prince of magic power value of 28,500 as the second heir.

At the same time, the magic power value of both princes was so close that there was a tendency to determine the magical powers of their children.

However, the third prince made clear his intention not to succeed to the throne.

He advanced from the Military Academy to the Royal Army, moved away from the court politics, and had not even entered into a marriage with a high magic power noble lady that could affect the succession of the elder brother.

In an army that is not at war, there is no opportunity to earn valor.

The third prince was valued for his Royal-class magic power value and willingness to relinquish the throne and serve the Monarchy, and with the backing of the Sovereign, he pushed through the middle of the career path.

At a point in his life, the third prince had an affair with the daughter of Baron Takamiya, whom he met in the military.

Eventually, his elder brother’s child confirmed a boy with a magic power value of 30,000, and the turmoil subsided. Afterwards, the royal family stabilized when the third prince welcomed the daughter of a Marquis to be his formal wife.

When it was time for the royal grandchild to graduate from the high school of the Magic Academy, the succession right second place is changed from the third prince to the Sovereign’s grandchild, and the third prince who was the elder brother’s reserve is given the Duke peerage and became a vassal.

Depending on who Yuna aims for at that time, the event where she remembers her father from her childhood and consults her mother about it may or may not occur.

If capturing the Royal grandchild or Duke’s son, her status as the daughter of a baroness whose father is unknown is disproportionate. At that time, Yuna’s mother becomes the third prince’s concubine, and Yuna becomes the Duke’s daughter.

On the other hand, if the candidate is a quasi-aristocracy or less, the status of the Duke’s daughter will be unbalanced. In that case, the baroness and her daughter will stay together until the capture.

Hart suddenly reconsidered, and sprinkled bait again.

“Because I’m resented by people who can’t obtain it, I’ll only provide them for three people in secret. I really only want to give it to Philine and Yuna, but if Yuna has it, Colette will definitely find out.”

“Yes, I may not be confident enough to hide it. Other than that, Hart. Why is it just me and Philine?”

Yuna looked at Hart, her cheeks slightly flushed and her eyes filled with hope.

“I like you second in the world, Yuna. If I had any chance, I would have made you Viscountess Amakawa.”

Though hungry, he could not easily catch, and missing in a situation where she came to him would be unfortunate.

Such a man continues to scatter bait around the fish he released.

“I’m not the first, am I?”

The fish looked at the sprinkling of bait and poked carefully with its mouth.

“When I bought shares in Second Systems, I wanted a backing. Philine wanted a high magic power holder as a gene donor in the Marquis’s battle for succession. I have a higher sense of trust in you, so if you two were in the same position, I would have chosen Yuna.”

Hart sincerely has a high sense of affinity and trust in Yuna.

This is because he had seen the various lives of Yuna in the precognitive dream of “The Galactic Prince”.

Now that he has confirmed the match with reality, there is no room for doubt about Yuna’s personality.

So he added…

“Philine will inherit the Marquis, so she will not be Viscountess Amakawa. If Philine approves, I would like to cooperate with the Marquis of Carneus and welcome Yuna as the Viscountess of Amakawa.”

“Hart, do you mean that.”

“Oh, I’m serious. Are you mad?”

The man continues to scatter bait.

“I’m not upset. Look, I’m also an aristocrat, so I can understand my house and position. And if Hart is serious, I’ll do my best.”

Although the main character of the Maiden game, the fish that was fasting due to lack of love bait, finally took the bait.

“What are you trying to do?”

“Ehehe. It’s a secret.”

Yuna, who had completely changed her mood, was smiling all the way until the other two returned.

The man made an excuse to himself, saying, “I was starving, so couldn’t help myself. It was her fault for being so preoccupied with the struggle for dominance that she didn’t feed me properly.”

However, this is also one of the story developments.

Philine in the storyline has a development that desperately tries to stop the capture target, saying “I don’t care if you like Yuna, as long as you cooperate with me as a high magic power gene donor” to the character that the heroine aims for.

What Hart hoped was for Philine, who thought the gene donation was confirmed and secure, to be cornered by a change in circumstances and break down and give in to his demands.

Indeed, it is a typical scene in a maiden game, a game of love.

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