Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – Extremely High Level Request (Cat Ear Maid)

The school year changed during the Battle of Loki, and Hart was now a third-year student at the Military Academy.

After serving for five months, it was only natural that he felt like the fairy tale, Urashima Tarō, when he saw that the seniors two years ahead were gone and three times as many new cadets were walking around the academy.

In the Loki system, a Dragon Palace rich in natural water resources, Urashima Tarō danced with the Sea bream fortress and the fleet of ships that swam around like flounders, and instead of applauding, he slammed lasers and missiles into the Dragon Palace, destroying half of it before returning home in triumph.

As a result of killing 9 sea breams and reaping a good amount of flounder, he was promoted to Brigadier General, and he also received the Battle of Loki Military Service Medal and was decorated with the Order of Eridanus 6th Class.

Will military medals and insignias be a substitute for The Jewel Boxes? It looks great, but when seeing it, he felt like an old man who is indulging in a retrospective.

“Seven million people received the Military Service Medal. It doesn’t have much scarcity value.”

Hart smiled bitterly at the insignia displayed on the chest of his uniform.

All military personnel who participated in the battle have received the “Loki Star System Battle Military Service Medal “. With that being one in six Monarchy soldiers, it’s a long way from going up in value.

On the other hand, the Medal of Honour, which is awarded for outstanding military merit, has a high value.

The standard for receiving the Medal of Honor is to “single-handedly defeat an enemy with a higher strength rating than your own in a single battle”.

The Medal of Honor starts at 7th class, and if you receive 7 medals, you will be awarded 1st class.

The origin of the 7 classes is a spectral classification of the stars, which is also the color of the medal. The medals were named after real stars.

Order of Orion, 1st class (Blue) <O type>

Order of Algol, 2nd class (Blue and White) <B type>

Order of Sirius, 3rd Class (White) <A type>

Order of Procyon, 4th Class (Yellow-White) <C type>

Order of Capella, 5th Class (Yellow) <G type> ※The Sun is G type

Order of Eridanus, 6th Class (Orange) <K type>

Order of Gliese, 7th class (Red) <M type>

If you fight an enemy stronger than you, you will usually die. If you receive a medal for defeating a superior enemy, you will be noticed, even if you don’t want to be. Hart and the others have been awarded the Medal of Honor twice, the Frodi System and the Loki System Battle, and have the highest military decoration in the Royal Army.

This battle is a victory for the Monarchy Army.

In a series of battles, including interstellar battles, pursuit battles, and Loki Star System Battles, the Monarchy fleet had 3041 unreturned ships, while the Coalition lost an estimated 10,000 ships.

In addition, hundreds of Coalition ships and a large number of Coalition personnel who were on board have been captured, so the acquisition of Coalition technology and information can be expected.

And most of all, they prevented the enemy invasion into the Diete system.

A victory parade was held in the confetti-filled royal capital, and the soldiers were praised with all that could be mustered.

In order to fill the void left by the 3,000 lost ships, and to prepare the personnel of 10 fleets that were being reinforced, promotions and medals of valor were scattered among active personnel with merits.

The royal people favorably accept that the soldiers were rewarded for their achievements.

Hart, who has remarkable success, is also an object of jealousy, but it is also proof that his contributions to the state are duly appreciated.

In strengthening the military on a large scale, the ranks of the upper echelons were also promoted.

The Secretary of State (Military Affairs) and Chief of Staff (Operations), two of the three military commanders, were promoted to the rank of Colonel General, the same as Commander-in-Chief Valfrete (Combat), and some of the fleet commanders were promoted to Generals in order for them to command multiple fleets.

On the other hand, Valfrete, who had rendered great service, was not promoted to Colonel General, but was granted the sixth Duke peerage and a Dukedom in the Monarchy as originally planned. Valfrete, who had been registered as a vassal, laid claim as the Duke of Strani.

Yuna’s mother was welcomed into the new Duke’s household, and her daughter Yuna also officially became the Duke’s daughter. It has also been announced that Yuna is Valfrete’s biological child and that she was engaged to the Viscount of Amakawa.

As a result, Yuna met the condition that ‘women with high magic power who are married or engaged to a high-magic holder will be exempted from the conscription ‘. From now on, unless she wishes it, she will not be sent out to the front line.

However, for Hart and the others, the opportunity to go to war has been delayed due to political reasons.

This is because the issue of the succession to the throne of the third prince, Valfrete, who defeated the Coalition forces, is being rekindled, and there is a widespread belief that the first prince should make an expedition to Earth to make his mark.

From a purely military point of view, this is not only pointless, but a negative idea that takes unnecessary risks.

What the Sovereign needs is not to excel in tactics, but to establish a path to the end goal of “eliminating the threat of the Coalition”.

One of the methodologies is military power, and in order to operate it effectively, it is the specific role of the Sovereign to appoint a Minister of Military Affairs, who can give the appropriate authority to those who excel in military administration, strategy, and tactics.

If the Sovereign keeps track of national power and human resources, prioritize them according to their importance and urgency, and strive to facilitate negotiations and coordination between ministers, it will be easier to plan the future of the nation based on stable military power.

What rulers and their successors should have for the nation is political power.

Nevertheless, the Monarchy’s government and the royal army were forced to accept it because the current royal family made the greatest contribution to the independence of the Monarchy of Diete, and the populace realized that the royal family would carry the banner in the battle against the Coalition.

This is a matter of identity as citizens of Diete and the reason why the Deite Monarchy’s political system is a constitutional monarchy, so logic and profit-and-loss calculations cannot truly convince the royal people.

Therefore, the expedition for gaining achievement was carried out not for military reasons, but for political reasons.

The first prince has never attended a military-related school, but operational command is carried out by the general staff that follow him when he is conscripted as aristocracy.

Earth, at the halfway point between the Diete system, where the Monarchy’s Capital planet is located, and the Myrna system, where the Coalition’s main planet is located, is the key to the outcome of the war.

Now that the Coalition has been dealt a major blow, there is little fear that they will be prevented from invading Earth. If you go as Commander-in-Chief to a battle that can be expected to at least destroy military facilities thoroughly, you will be able to create a track record that will satisfy the people.

If Hart, who is by all accounts under Valfrete faction and is engaged to the third prince’s daughter, and Yuna, who is the daughter of the prince, play an active role in such a campaign to make a record, it would be a complete disaster for the side that is trying to establish the legitimacy of the first prince.

Thus, it was decided that Hart and the others would remain until the first prince was active.

Considering the round trip to Earth, it would take at least half a year.

At least until they reach the 4th year of the Military Academy, they won’t be called to duty. Considering the high school of the Magic Academy, which was the stage of the game, the main story until graduation has been fixed.

While watching the news footage of the reorganized Grand fleet, Hart imagined the end roll flowing on the game screen as the story progressed without them.

The only problem left for Hart is to return some of the tilt of the balance, which is too biased towards the Duke of Strani, to the Marquis of Carneus.

With the daughter of the Duke of Strani’s wife as his fiancée and being considered as under the Valfrete faction in the military, even though he and the Marquis of Carneus are working together on the Second System’s Spirit Crystals, the balance is 2 to 1 in favor of the Duke.

For Hart, his own freedom is important. He wants to maintain his right to self-determination without being swallowed up by the Marquis of Carneus or the Duke of Strani.

So, Hart relied on Philine and by extension, the Marquis Carneus family to help him arrange the residence and servants of Viscount Amakawa in the capital planet, Diros.

“What are your intentions?”

“The mansion and servants brokered by the Duke of Strani would be reluctant towards Philine. I’m not going to treat Philine as under Yuna. Apart from the formal occasions, I don’t think of you as a concubine in spirit. Lately, I’ve been able to behave more like a lover.”

Philine looked at Hart’s face in silence, as if struggling to find the right words to reply.

If she had been acting like a lover from the beginning, it would have been only Philine. If Philine showed her willingness to make concessions, Hart was willing to reciprocate. If you think about it as a maiden game, Philine probably made the wrong choice.

But now that she was willing to compromise, Hart was also willing to compromise.

“I have appeared several times at the Carneus gatherings. So if you demonstrate your cooperation with me, you’ll be able to compete politically.”

“Yuna is a Legal wife. It’s not balanced.”

Hart was impressed by the appearance of Philine, who looked up at him, as a rival character who competed with the heroine.

“Then, after graduating from the Military Academy, will Philine live with me?

“Uh e~!?”

Philine raised her voice at the unexpected.

Hart, on the other hand, thought he had made a rather serious proposal that wasn’t so bad.

Magic inheritance from parent to child is 0.9 times higher than the Coalition at the time, which was mass-producing magic power holders by artificial insemination. Philine will be with the child, but the rate of magical inheritance will be higher if Halt is also with her.

Philine must succeed to the Marquis, but since her grandfather is the current head and her father is the next head, there is a 100-year grace period before succession. In order to increase the magic inheritance rate of descendants, the Marquis family will not object to cohabitation.

Yuna is engaged while aware of Hart’s relationship with Philine, and she isn’t opposed to Philine. Of course they will compete with each other.

“It’s what we call living together. And it’s sweet.”


Vermilion came into contact with the white Scandinavian skin.

“Usually, it’s common to have separate houses.”

Philine spoke of the general theory, but it was not a very negative tone.

“If you were to be away from home for three days at a time, wouldn’t it be lonely for those three days? It is the tradition of the Viscount Amakawa family to try to live together.”

The Amakawa family is a venerable aristocratic household founded seven months ago.

The family head is a cadet, who usually lives in the dormitory of the Military Academy, and has not appeared in the social world at all because he was recently sent to war.

Therefore, the prestige and traditions of the Viscount Amakawa family are all that he claims to have at the moment.

“Please don’t open up so brazenly. Anyway, I don’t understand anymore!”

“Anyway, look at some of the candidate houses. Philine’s taste is fine.”

“There’s no way we can’t take Yuna’s preferences into account, so we’ll all talk about it together. I’ll need some time from you.”

As a result of forced pushing, the confused Philine agreed.

“I’ll leave it to you. Oh, and…”

Hart nodded afterwards, but then paused and pretended to think.

“What is it?”

Hart speaks cautiously to Philine, who asks suspiciously.

“Don’t get mad when I say it.”

“If you’re honest, I’ll consider that.”

“Okay. Let’s see…… sometimes, it’s really just from time to time, so I really wish you could go along with my hobby and tastes, and I’ll love Philine more.”

“Please say it.”

Despite being skeptical of Hart’s appearance, Philine urged him to continue.

“It’s about fashion at home. I’d like you to use one of the so-called headbands, only when I ask you to.”

“Hah. A headband? I don’t mind that much.”

In a somewhat listless reply, Hart added casually, enduring a hearty laugh.

“I’m glad. And I’d like clothes that look good with a headband.”

“What kind of clothes?”

“The clothes are like those worn by servants working in the Marquis family, they look great with a headband. Nothing too outlandish or revealing.”

“I don’t know why you’re asking for something like that, but I don’t mind as long as it’s not too weird.”

“The clothes that the Marquis’s family’s staff wear shouldn’t be weird. Then I’ll arrange them!”

Hart, who passed the extremely high level request, declared with high tension that Philine lightly pulled away. The Cat Ear Maid figure of the silver haired young lady was already flickering in his mind.

While tilting her head to Hart’s behavior, Philine, who was distracted by the mansion, shelved her doubts and began operating the terminal to ask her parents for a list of potential mansions.

Even if he consulted with Yuna, if she would listen to his wishes, he had various desires he would like to pass on to Philine.

Eventually, Yuna and Colette, who returned to the classroom, saw a man who had left for a fantasy world filled with lust and a woman who also left for the fantasy world filled with flowers.

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