Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 82

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Chapter 82 – The Fukashiro Star System

After issuing a general policy for the MacLir System, Hart moved to the Fukashiro System and issued similar instructions, and reported the results of the inspection of the Fukashiro System to Yuna.

The details are being examined by the ministries and agencies in question, but for the time being, all that is needed is a summary.

The reporter who accompanied him was Xuě Lì, who had become so familiar with Hart and the others that she was able to converse normally with Yuna as long as Hurt and the others were there and she was able to see them through the screen.

In Xuě Lì’s brain, Yuna is probably replaced by a vegetable… that is the secret of the Duke of Son family, which Hart never speaks of.

“The Fukashiro System, settled in 3045 AD, is the sixth immigrant system in all humanity. The system is unique in that it has more intra-stellar matter than any other star system.”

The Fukashiro Star System, as described by Xuě Lì, became independent of its parent Suzerain State in 3333 AD due to the Diete government’s war with Earth. 410 years later, in 3743 AD, Hào Lán was invaded by the Five Tenka Nations, and announced its subordination to the Monarchy. In September of the following year, it was incorporated into the Monarchy, which has continued to this day.

Its star is a G-type main sequence star, with five rocky planets, three gas planets, four giant ice planets, and a number of quasi-planets and satellites that surpass the Solar System.

[Is the amount of dust and interstellar gas left after the birth of Fukashiro more than that of similar G-type main sequence stars like the Solar System and the Diete System?]

Xuě Lì nodded lightly to Yuna’s confirmation.

“Yes, the density of interstellar molecular clouds was relatively dense, and they were not able to gather into a star, resulting in their current state. The gas giant planet of Fukashiro is about the size of several colliding Jupiters in the Solar System. Because of its size and the abundant natural resources in the system, Tenka was able to develop.”

The sun, one of the G-type main sequence stars, occupies 99.86% of the mass of the entire Solar System. And if it was an F-type main sequence star that is one level higher in the spectrum classification, the mass of the star would be 1 to 1.4 times that of the sun.

With the mass of the Fukashiro System, the star would have been F-type.

However, at the time of its birth, the star failed to collect enough material in the current system to become an F-type star, so it became a G-type star.

“Thanks to this, we have a great selection of affordable celestial bodies on which to build strategic satellites.”

Hart expressed his impressions from the position of the Commander-in-Chief, but the amount of material in the Fukashiro Star System is unusually large. The mass of celestial bodies floating in the outer edge of the Fukashiro System is about 100,000 times the mass of Earth, and so much exists that it cannot be used up by the current human population.

As a military man, he’s for this grateful, but if people in the business world knew, they would be horrified by the amount of resources in the Fukashiro System, which is an order of magnitude greater than that of the MacLir System.

The Fukashiro System has three rocky planets in the habitatable zone.

The fourth planet, in order from Fukashiro’s star, is Renshō(Lián Shāng), which has become the head star.

The third planet, Kawachi(Héchí), and the fifth, Tamae(Yù Qián), are also within the habitable zone using modern human technology, and are undergoing terraforming on a scale of several hundred years.

Compared to Earth, the diameter of each planet is 1.2 times for Héchí, 1.3 times for Lián Shāng, and 1.5 times for Yù Qián.

The third planet, the Héchí, has had half of the planet, which was close to Mars, transformed into an ocean, improving its atmosphere to human habitable levels, and is now home to 560 million people.

The fourth planet, Lián Shāng, is orbited by a 5,000-kilometer-diameter satellite called Ho-mon(Bǎo mén), which is a terra-formed, huge resort.

The fifth planet, Yù Qián, has its global freezing terraformed and has been transformed to resemble Russia in the era of Earth, and it is now home to 440 million people.

[Three habitable planets, such a luxurious system.]

It is understandable that only Fukashiro was not complicit in the war of aggression, or conversely, that it was invaded by the other five Tenka Nations, as it is such a rich system.

About the two planets, Xuě Lì supplemented.

“Don’t get me wrong, they are not natural, just within the habitat zone that can be maintained with modern technology, but are still terraforming so not many people can live there. We have to keep making adjustments.”

Xuě Lì majored in Planetary Circulation System at her University’s Faculty of Environmental Studies and then served on the Board of Directors of the Planetary Environment Building Organization. Although being a board member was mostly just a title, she learned what was necessary for the future of Fukashiro.

As humans continue to develop their technology, the habitable zone in other system systems will expand, and the number of habitable planets will increase.

Yuna, taking into account the circumstances of the Fukashiro System, reconsidered the future direction of the Monarchy from the Queen’s point of view.

[Rather than increasing the number of habitable star systems, would it be better to increase the number of places where people can live in existing star systems?]

In the past, the Monarchy of Diete has been dispersing inhabited planets as a national policy in anticipation of the destruction of inhabited planets by the Coalition.

However, the former Coalition has perished, and the war with Tenka is coming to an end.

Given the rapid development of domestic logistics through transition gates, it may be better to increase the inhabited areas in existing star systems than to advance into many frontier systems that require months of round-trip travel.

Currently, the Monarchy has eight inhabited planets.

Half of them have spirit realms spread over them, and the rest are untouched.

Hart could create a fifth realm with the contracted Mira, but he didn’t want to give up the Spirit Emperor Mira because if he had a capable spirit at hand, it would help him pass on his magical powers to his children.

“Even if the Monarchy immigrated to another system, I can’t increase the realms. The limit is to crush three inhabited planets of the three Tenka Nations and increase three Spirit Kings. If used for the Apollo and Artemis Systems, the rest would either be Podalley or Machaon. Although leaving just one would cause offense.”

Both the Podalley and Machaon Systems are about the same distance from the Capital planet and Tenka, and are equally populated, making them difficult to prioritize for territorialization.

[A situation where only one of the Monarchy’s eight star systems cannot be connected to the transition gate would be a problem for the Queen’s standing. But we don’t have the leeway, I understand.]

It is physically possible but politically unfavorable to connect the transition gate to all but one of the eight star systems without giving a clear reason that the Royal citizens can accept.

If Hart reopens the gate, he can push it through, but it would provoke resentment from the aristocracy and the Royal people who were unable to connect the transition gate. Hart’s spirit crystals are his private property, and it would be resentful for him not to use them.

“But I don’t want to connect the transition gate to only one side without any reason.”

[Yes, so be it.]

Hart thought that Yuna was returning to the soft tone of the past because the Monarchy had won an overwhelmingly victory, but seemed to be very aware of her role as Queen.

As if to affirm Hart’s perception, Yuna also commented on Fukashiro’s territory.

[So, there are two Count territories in the Fukashiro system, but aren’t they too big?]

It was more for Xuě Lì, who was with Hart.

The population of the Fukashiro system is 20 billion Royal people of Fukashiro and 2.2 billion former Shinkyō residents.

The Duke of Son will govern 19 billion Royal people of the Fukashiro, excluding a total of 1 billion ruled by the two Counts, and will be responsible for the management of the former Shinkyō people.

The 2.2 billion former Shinkyō people who owe war reparations will be forced to mine resources from the Fukashiro System or engage in the reconstruction of the two planets without giving them royal nationality. Sūra and Lín fā will decide the nature of the work, taking into account the dissatisfaction of the Fukashiro people.

The two Counts have a larger population than the regular Count family, but for a new territory, it was allowed to take care of a larger ruling population than it should in light of various circumstances that make it difficult to govern.

Therefore, it does not matter if the ruling population of both Counts is more than twice as large.

Regarding the territories, the Duke of Son of Hart would be assigned to Lián Shāng, the Count of Margoire, married to Sūra, to Yù Qián the 5th planet, and the Count of Durkheim, married to Lín fā, to Héchí the 3rd planet.

Although the two counts are of equal rank, Sūra, the sociable one and the leader of the situation, chose Yù Qián, which is 1.5 times larger than Earth and has high future potential. And the subordinate Lín fā received Héchí, which is now 1.2 times larger than Earth, and is superior in population and habitability.

Xuě Lì thought that although there are many natural resources, it would not be a problem in Fukashiro.

“Sure, the territory may be large, but the two planets are not very comfortable, and the natural resources are not much in the grand scheme of things for Fukashiro as a whole. Also the income will be used for planetary remodeling. Isn’t that a problem for the Monarchy?”

The two planets are not easy to live on, as they are not fully adapted to the speed of their rotation and the difference in temperature.

And the vast natural resources in the Fukashiro System, like other systems, are managed by the system aristocracy and the provincial government, and ultimately the opinion of the main ruler, Duke Son, is what will prevail, so it was impossible for the two Count families to do as they pleased.

Xuě Lì nodded her head, wondering if this was not a problem for the Monarchy, since the resources possessed by about two planets are an error and will be the source for the new territory to get on track as a new territory, and the surplus will be spent on terraforming.

Hart, who approves the policy as Xuě Lì described, supplemented.

[As a different ethnic group, it is easier for Fukashiro people to throw it all at the Sòng family’s Sūra and Lín fā, since only the Sòng family can currently rule them. How about explaining that if the population of the two planets increases, the portion not worth the title would be placed under the direct control of the royal family?]

Fukashiro is a system that has voluntarily requested to be incorporated into the Monarchy, and since almost all of the inhabitants are also Tenka people, it is difficult to rule unless the leader is from the Sòng family.

Yuna reluctantly showed understanding to such Hart’s words.

[Then the next Sovereign will have to be the one to make the arrangements, since I’m the one who took back Fukashiro by force. As the next Sovereign, there might be some animosity.]

“That might be a good idea. I’m sorry, but the first thing you need to do is to make it known that the number of seats is limited. The people of Fukashiro, who have just been intimidated by tens of millions of fighter crafts and suppressors, will not go against Yuna if she says so.”

Regarding the seats requested by Hart, in the Monarchy, the Senate, the House of Lords, and the National Assembly, the House of Representatives, are granted one seat for every 100 million population. The exception of such a system is the new territories.

The Duke of Son and the Duke of Taka Amanohara hold the same 12 seats as other Dukes, regardless of the population. The two new Counts will also be limited to only two seats, the same as the other Count families.

Furthermore, the former Coalition people of the MacLir System, who will not receive Royal Citizenship for now, will not be given a seat in Parliament either.

This was Hart’s own proposal, which he forced Yuna to accept.

Hart is concerned about future independence and division of the nation.

As long as the former Queen Yuna and the National Hero Hart are the heads of the state, there is no need to worry about how powerful they may be. If Yuna and Hart have ambitions, they just have to not cede the throne, and if they fight the next Sovereign even after the succession to the throne, Yuna and Hart will win, so the next Sovereign will not be tempted to take the risk.

However, after the next generation, if someone who is not the Sovereign has too much power, there is a risk that the country will be divided.

A nation is the largest herd that can be formed by humankind.

By forming a herd, you can share resources and deal with common enemies, which improves activity efficiency compared to hostility and neutrality. Not only humans, but animals and fish as well, form larger herds and the whole has a better chance of survival.

Hart believes that it is undesirable to divide that large herd, create conflicts, and reduce the likelihood that offspring will survive.

Reducing the number of seats is part of the consideration to keep the seats and voices of the two Dukes on the same level as the others so as not to divide the country.

After a few hundred years, the Monarchy would advance into other systems, and the importance of the MacLir and Fukashiro Systems from the perspective of the entire nation would decrease. By that time, the new star systems will have acclimated to the Monarchy, and the Monarchy will continue into the future without breaking.

Yuna, in her capacity as Queen, did not object to the idea of restraining the power of her subjects. Her concern was about the equality of rights held by the people and each star system.

[If we have the same number of seats as the other Dukes, there will be a huge disparity in the number of votes, won’t there?]

The 19 billion people of the Duke of Son are the Royal Fukashiro people of and part of the Royal Citizenry.

Wouldn’t it be unfair that they, the same Royal people, can only hold 1.2 billion seats and voice?

Hart had his own answer to the problem.

“Based on the individual circumstances immediately after the transfer, we will conduct the politics of both systems in a compromise between the Monarchy and the local system. Meaning, in exchange for reducing their voice in the Monarchy parliament, their local political system and culture would be respected.”

In light of the fact that it is just after the incorporation, the Monarchy laws will not be imposed completely, and in exchange for respecting their systems and culture, their right to dictate the Monarchy law would be reduced.

Yuna decided that Hart’s proposal was a realistic one and agreed to curb the seats.

The Queen, the leader of the nation, does not make every adjustment to the details.

The government is in charge of these matters, and the text of the bill is prepared based on the Queen’s proposal, which is then deliberated in the assembly parliament.

The government, which believes the Queen should give top priority to dealing of the war, does not bother with internal affairs, but undertakes administrative work after receiving instructions from the Queen.

Nobody would object to the bill, as none other than the Duke of Son and the Duke of Taka Amanohara insist on restraining the power of their households.

The policy presented by Hart and the others would also apply to the Count of Lynn of Kyūyama on the side of the Duke of Takrham.

The Count of Lynn family has two seats in The House of Lords, and cannot hold a seat in the National Assembly at this time.

Hart explained to the new Count, who is leaving the Fukashiro System, the intention of the system he proposed and enforced.

“Count Lynn, the reason for curbing the power of the emerging aristocracy is to prevent future revolts. The suppression of authority is similar for the Duke of Son and the Duke of Taka Amanohara. Convince the people of Kyūyama and devise a way to incorporate it successfully.”

Accept this… instead, it is Hart’s position to convince and to tell him to devise it, and it is Liú Hào’s position, as a Count of the Monarchy, to respond.

Liú Hào, of course, will not say no.

He understands that it is the greatest concession from the Monarchy that Liú Hào, despite the condition of being with Digitalis, was given territory in the Artemis System, making him join the ranks of senior aristocrats, and gained direct control over half of the Kyūyama people and indirect control over the other half.

The people of Kyūyama had earned a lot of grudges from the Fukashiro people. Even if the Monarchy does not charge them with anything, it would be difficult for them to live in the same land.

In addition, as a Count family, two seats were also obtained in the House of Lords. With the seats, he can join the Duke of Takrham faction and do much more with the power of that faction.

Lysine, the sister of Digitalis, who would become Liú Hào’s wife, is the fiancée of the second prince Josslan, who is a candidate for the next Sovereign. Liú Hào thinks that it is not a bad position to be in. by explaining the superficial facts, it was not difficult to convince the Kyūyama people.

[I understand. The Artemis system seems to be a planetary environment on par with the Earth, and I, one of the Kyūyama people, have the right to rule. And I have already learned my lesson from dealing with spirits.]

Hart smiled bitterly as Liú Hào jokingly raised his hands.

“I often play Tenka-made strategy games with Xuě Lì, but none of them have spirit crystals. In the future, it would be good to add spirits to the game and instill that the Royal Army is dangerous. But the enemies of the Monarchy that can be played in the game may disappear in a few years.”

However, the enemies that cannot be included in the game exist secretly within the Monarchy.

A large fleet centered on the fortress ship of the Duke of Takrham, the ringleader of the fleet, was attached to each planet of the Fukashiro system and continued to carry the Kyūyama people.

Just one of the Duke’s extra-large Immigrant Ship can carry a billion people to a new system. The Dukes of Takrham alone was about to emigrate 1.545 billion Kyūyama people.

[I heard that Duke Son and my wife-to-be, Digitalis, were classmates in middle school. I hope you and my wife will take good care of each other from now on.]

“…… ah, it’s my pleasure.”

Suddenly disturbed, Hart focused all his nerves on not expressing it, and barely squeezed out a mediocre response.

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