Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 – War of Aggression

January 3742 A.D.

In Shinkyō, located in the center of the Six nations of Tenka, a great fleet of four nations had begun to gather since the beginning of the year.

Since the first settlement of Fukashiro in 3045 A.D., the Tenka Federation has continued to develop strongly so that weeds spread on the ground.

The Six Tenka Star Systems all had wonderful planets… such a declaration cannot be made.

Based on the habitability of Earth. Fukashiro was the only one that surpassed overall, with Ten-to being comparable, and the rest of the star systems were inferior to Earth.

The Tenka Nation, which first settled on Fukashiro, was forced to immigrate to Shinkyō and Kyūyama simultaneously out of necessity due to the growing population in the star system.

Both systems were less habitable than Fukashiro, and in addition to those who had immigrants to both systems, many people, including additions from Fukashiro, moved to the next three systems.

Currently, Tenka has a total population of 100 billion. 30.3 billion in Ten-to, 21 billion in Fukashiro, 14.7 billion in Shinkyō, 12.5 billion in Ōizumi, 11.2 billion in Honyō, and 10.3 billion in Kyūyama.

With the exception of Fukashiro, the population of the five-star system has increased to near the limits of the planetary environment, and the survival environment has been maintained through birth control in the form of imposing fines.

In order to advance to the next planet, they would be forced to spend a huge amount of money. Moreover, since Tenka is independent on a system-by-system basis, there is no way for those who gain independence to receive any sort of return. The current situation is generally not bad for the ruling class, as the irregular population provides a cheap labor force.

Under these circumstances, even if Yuen thought about advancing into a star system, the people around him were uncooperative and it was difficult for him to move forward.

But now, a large number of modified star systems that can be inhabited immediately have emerged. If it is the acquisition of a star system of another country, it will be promoted with various reasons such as eliminating future threats or increasing Tenka’s power.

If the 6 star systems of the former Coalition could be acquired, Tenka’s population would reach 200 billion people. If the original 6 star systems of the Monarchy could be acquired, they’ll reach 300 billion people.

If Tenka’s star system increases to a dozen, even if they are dragging each other down, they will not be prevented from expanding into new star systems.

Yuen couldn’t see beyond that, but Tenka’s sphere of existence will increase from a radius of 1000 light-years centered on the current Solar System to over 1 trillion people when it expands to 2000 light-years.

It will only be a matter of time before the Tenkans expand to the entire Milky Way galaxy, all 100,000 light-years.

How many people will the total Tenkan population end up being if they advanced to the entire Milky Way galaxy? The galaxy itself has a habitable zone, and if it is too close to the center of the galaxy or too far outside, it may be unsuitable for human habitation. Even so, Yuen imagines that there will be about 30 trillion people.

Beyond that, expansion into another galaxy.

In the universe, there are clusters of galaxies in which thousands of galaxies are densely packed within tens of millions of light-years, and super clusters formed by gathering tens of thousands of galaxies gathered in a network within hundreds of millions of light-years, and there are at least several trillions of galaxies in the entire universe.

Moreover, in the present age when the existence of higher dimensions is known, there is more than one region of the universe in which humanity can advance into.

By expanding into another galaxy, the encounter with an advanced intelligent life other than humanity will be inevitable. Whether humanity wins, comes to terms, or loses at that time is down to how human beings developed by the time they encounter advanced intelligent life.

For Yuen, who is looking far into the future, he is convinced that defeating the Monarchy of Diete in this war will lead to a leap forward for humanity as a unified force.

For Yuen, the Monarchy of Diete is a constant source of caution.

The Royal Diete nation, which rose to the top by reducing other ethnic groups through the celestial raids, are making extremely efficient choices as far as their own development and prosperity are concerned. If they were close to each other, they would have been very reassured.

And he was disappointed with the Sòng family and Hào Lán in Fukashiro.

Why can’t he think about the future of Tenka as a whole while governing Fukashiro, the birthplace of Tenka? If they allow Diete, which has obtained the Spirit Crystals, to leap forward, the future of humanity’s leap forward under Tenka will be lost.

Working together is a pipe dream. Inevitably, there will be conflicts in any era. And, Yuen thinks that it is quite likely that Diete, which currently has twice as many star systems, will not be able to stay under Tenka’s control.

Now is the only opportunity to hold Diete for the sake of their descendants. They only have to win outright. Even if they don’t, they have to weaken Diete’s power by taking their star systems or reducing their population.

After all, war is inevitable. Yuen concludes.

“After such a long story, I still believe war is essential for Tenka.”

Líng Yīng(Rikyou), the head of the Gāo Family, the ruling dynasty of Shinkyō, squinted at Yuen’s speech and nodded with a grim expression.

“We have agreed, and so we will not hold you accountable, Yuen. We have concerns about the damage caused by the war, but even so, we couldn’t choose to take the path Fukashiro did.”

Details of the Sòng family’s return of prisoners of war and marriage diplomacy is known by the operatives in Fukashiro, who have paid off figures in the central government.

If the five nations win, Fukashiro can rejoin the victors. If Diete wins, only Fukashiro can stay safe. And if the two powers draw even, Fukashiro will be in a leading position against all of mankind, including intermediate trade and mediators.

However, Líng Yīng believes that it is a path that only Fukashiro could have taken.

Shinkyō, 3rd ranked system in Tenka, is a star system with a harsh living environment, and could not afford to keep waiting.

Shinkyō, a K-type main-sequence star, has a habitable planet called Suān(Su-An) in its habitable zone, which is about 1.3 times the size and gravity of Earth.

Because of its slow rotation, the day-night cycle takes as long as a week on Earth, making it mid-summer during the day and mid-winter at night. Due to the rotation, the Coriolis Effect was scarce, and clouds form mostly when the temperature changes dramatically as day and night change, and the interior of the continent is often wasteland because of the lack of precipitation.

Although the air density has been improved and greening has been achieved by human hands, the rotation speed cannot be adjusted.

Despite his attachment to his hometown of Shinkyō, Líng Yīng is willing to take the lead in immigration for most of Shinkyō if he can obtain a suitable planet from the Coalition or the Monarchy.

Agreeing with this idea was Liú Hào(Ryuuho) of the Lin family, who ruled Tenka’s sixth-ranked system, Kyūyama.

“Our Kyūyama is even poorer than Líng Yīng’s Shinkyō. We need a new star system.”

Xiàshān(Shi~āchuu), a habitable planet within the habitable zone of the red dwarf star , is almost identical to Shinkyō’s planet Suān(Su-An) , but due to its proximity to the star, tidal locking occurs, and day and night are completely fixed.

As a result, the planet is exposed to a lot of sunlight, and the amount of water on the planet is decreasing. In addition, the planet’s magnetic field is weak due to its lack of rotation, and its atmosphere and water continue to disappear due to the influence of the stellar winds. Since the Coriolis Effect does not occur, there is no cloud formation and no rain.

Currently, ice is transported from within the system and dropped into the regions of perpetual day and perpetual night on Xiàshān(Shi~āchuu) to maintain the environment. Without human settlement, the planet’s water would have eventually run dry.

Liú Hào resented his ancestors for migrating, saying, “Why would you settle on such a planet?”. And now he thinks they must have been deceived by Fukashiro at the time, when the population of the star system was reaching its limit.

His feelings about the simultaneous emigration from Kyūyama are stronger than those of Líng Yīng in Shinkyō.

To both of them, Yuen made a promise.

“Both your nations will be assigned the MacLir System and Solar System, which are immediately habitable. Thor, Myrna, and Freyja need about 100 years of environmental adjustment after suffering the celestial raid. The Hercules System is unusable because it is inhabited by the Herculeans.”

Ten-to, Ōizumi, and Honyō, where immigrations took place after Shinkyō and Kyūyama, were easier to live in compared to both systems, and their situation is not so urgent. However, the only drastic solution is migration.

Based on the situation in each country, Shinkyō and Kyūyama will acquire the two star systems that can immediately be inhabited, and the three star systems that have been rushed with the celestial bodies will be specifically allocated, with the Myrna system going to 1st ranked Ten-to, the Thor System to the 4th ranked Ōizumi, and the Freyja system to the 5th ranked Honyō. And the Hercules System will be considered to be under the joint administration of Tenka.

Myrna, Thor, and Freyja are all expected to recover their habitats simply by adjusting the environment. In addition, trade with the Republic of Frodi can be expected, and can eventually become a bridgehead to acquire the three Star Systems of the Republic of Frodi.

After leveling all of the old Coalition territories, they will invade the Monarchy.

Since there are six inhabited star systems in the Monarchy territory, Shinkyō and Kyūyama, who were assigned good systems first, will forgo priority, and Ten-to, Ōizumi, and Honyō will choose three Star Systems. The specific allocation depends on their contributions to the war, but it is believed that adjustments are possible because there are six Star Systems to be allocated to the five nations.

Yaai(Sei ran) , who attended from Cáo Family, the fifth ranked in Tenka, asked Yuen about the allocation of the acquired star system.

“We have agreed on the allocation. What’s more, I heard that Yúnlán(Un ran) (Shu) from Ōizumi is going to Freyja, Thor and Myrna as a separate force.”

“Ah, Tenka’s total strength is overwhelming, but if too much time is wasted, the Monarchy will also increase its strength through conscription. The Xǔ family will join us in Hercules and the Solar System after suppressing the three Star Systems that deviates from the direct path. After that, there’s also the option of proceeding to multiple star systems in the Monarchy simultaneously.”

When Yuen explained while showing the star system chart, Yaai, who understood the need for separate force, nodded his head in agreement.

If they don’t crush the enemies in the vicinity without fail, they could face invasion into their star systems as a counter. In that sense as well, it is necessary to hold down the Freyja System.

More importantly, Tenka has enough strength to do so.

Of the 1.2 million national mages in Tenka, 1,000 fleets of 1 million people, excluding Fukashiro, is a mobilizable force of the five nations. Three-quarters of them, 750 fleets, are deployed for offense, and the remaining 250 fleets are deployed for the defense of the five Star Systems.

The main force is the 600 fleets from four nations heading for the MacLir system. The separate 150 fleets led by Xǔ Jie are invading from the Freyja system.

According to the warships and data brought in by the exiles of the former Coalition, the force difference between the Monarchy cruiser and the Tenka cruiser class is 8 to 6, and the fighter craft is 0.05 to 0.04.

However, a single fleet of 1,000 ships would have a strength rating of 6,000, overwhelmingly surpassing the Monarchy’s 3,693. Even if the 400 fleets have a force rating of 1.47 million, which Hào Lán of Fukashiro puts as the worst estimate, Tenka’s 1000 fleet has a force rating of 6 million.

Moreover, the Monarchy had been at war with the Coalition until last March, which greatly reduced the number of magic power holders who could move the fleet. The magical individuals of the former Coalition, who have been incorporated under their control, would not be sent to the front lines for fear of betrayal and sabotage.

Now, when the Monarchy is weakening, Yaai understands that Tenka can’t be defeated with either the main force, which is overwhelmingly numerous, or the separate force attacking a star system where Fortress Kerviel would not be present.

The distribution is a concern, but with regard to the former Coalition territories, there is no need to worry about it because the star systems to be distributed have been decided beforehand.

The distribution of Monarchy territories will take contributions into account, but at this point it is unclear which one will most benefit, the four nation forces that will go straight and collide with the main force, or the Xǔ family, who are unlikely to detour and fight in the battle.

“Our invasion of the MacLir system will take place in March after the Sòng family and Monarchy have entered into diplomatic relations in February. Even if our paths have diverged, they are also Tenkan. They may have one last consideration. After that, the war starts according to the ultimatum, and the former Coalition territories will be taken first. Next, we’re invading the Monarchy.”

The reason for the five nations of Tenka in starting the war is to condemn the human genocide by the Monarchy of Diete and to overthrow the Monarchy.

More than 30 billion people, the majority of humanity, died in the celestial raid of Earth 461 years ago, and more than 20 billion died during the war against the Coalition a year ago. They have enough cause to keep up appearances.

In terms of attacks carried out by modern people, the Coalition launched a celestial and fusion attack on the Monarchy’s Capital planet, Diros, two years ago, and the Monarchy’s attack on the Myrna System happened a year ago, so the Coalition was first.

However, the war between Diete and Earth was still ongoing, so it is interpreted that it was the Dietes who carried out the celestial raid attack first.

The Coalition’s counterattack and the death of a billion people were the bare minimum in a war between interstellar nations. The actual situation was simply ignored, but the future interpretations of the history can be changed to suit later generations.

“The acquisition of the former Coalition territory is the first stage. If we see the extent of the damage is too great, we can interpret it as having fulfilled the purpose of liberating the Coalition, and a temporary truce may be allowed. If we have an overwhelming advantage, there’s no need to suspend. Moving on, do any of the three families have any questions?”

“The Gāo family has no objection. Let’s go to war on that policy.”

“The Cáo family also has no objection. Let’s bring prosperity to Tenka with our hands.”

“The Lin family has no objection. Let’s work for the sake of our descendants.”

With their final agreement, 750 fleets from five Tenka countries began their invasion of the Monarchy.

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