Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 – Mission

Warping out of a high-dimensional space is similar to a scene that narrows the field of view from 100 million light-years to one light-second.

When the field of view is narrowed from 10 billion light-years, there are a huge number of light spots of countless galaxies at first, and while flowing through the river full of light, it overtakes countless galaxies one after another.

It is a high-dimensional space that is visible to the human eye, but completely incomprehensible.

As you continue along the stream, the Milky Way Galaxy, as a point of light, can be seen among the many galaxies that are disappearing into the distance and those that are newly coming into view.

A small circular exit appears at 1 million light-years, spreads widely at 100,000 light-years, and is swallowed by the light of hundreds of billions of stars at 10,000 light-years. That is the moment when the exit of the first stage in the high-dimensional space is breached.

The moment you exit the first stage, your entire field of vision is swallowed by the light.

Eventually, the surroundings become dark, and at less than 1000 light-years, the nostalgic darkness of outer space and the surrounding star system that quietly illuminated it become visible.

This is a space called the middle dimension, which is a little lower than the high-dimensional space.

By the time it reaches 100 light-years, you will overtake several stellar-like objects of light, and enter a world that humans can recognize in the field of view at 10 light-years.

The exit of the second stage is at less than one light-year.

After entering a world that could be called the gap between the middle dimension and the normal dimension in which human beings exist, it advances while overtaking the dazzling masses of magic elements which are probably a real stars, and eventually as the field of view becomes smaller, warp out to normal outer space known to humankind.

All of the light that exists in the high and medium dimensions is galaxies and stars, and if you touch them, your ship will be easily obliterated. In addition, it is difficult to find the destination exit in the vastness of high-dimensional space. Therefore, dwarf humanity is still unable to warp a disproportionate long distance.

“Warped out. MacLir star confirmed “

Upon receiving the captain’s report, Hào Lán, the leader of the Song family, spotted the dazzling MacLir star, at the edge of the outer rim of the star system.

He had seen the MacLir system many times, if only in visual materials. But until a year ago, he never imagined that he would actually visit.

During the time when Earth’s shackles were still in place against Tenka, the MacLir Star System, which was settled by Earth’s side, was a moderately excellent star system for humans.

When earth-derived organisms ingest the indigenous flora and fauna of another planet, they are often altered. In order to avoid conflict with the Earth side, and because of the risk involved, Tenka did not touch the system, but the MacLireans adapted strongly to the environment.

If the five nations acquire the MacLir system, the MacLireans will join the Tenka outsiders, where the human rights of Tenka do not apply. The distribution would be divided equally among the five nations, so who would manage the star system itself? Hào Lán thought of Yuen, who was at the forefront of the invasion, and returned to himself and gave instructions to the captain.

“Send word of our arrival to the Monarchy of Diete, then search for magic reaction in the system. Keep track of the Monarchy’s force deployment. Make optical observations within the system as well.”

“Understood, sir.”

Shortly after ordering the instructions, communication was established with the Diete Monarchy forces in the Hào Lán system, and they were informed that the ceremony to establish diplomatic relations would be held on the moon Fraga of the second planet, Whispa. Permission to enter the system was issued, and Hào Lán’s fleet proceeded into the MacLir system.

As the fleet advances into the system, the amount of magic conversion lights on the main screen increases.

A huge flood of light, which seemed to be battleships, was flowing through the star system as the Milky Way. Among them, a huge light that seems to be Fortress Kerviel shines, and Hào Lán’s crew aims at that light.

The fighter crafts observed by the time they reached the moon Fraga were very different from the data of the former Coalition asylum seekers, but that was within expectations. The Fukashiro side was rather relieved that the country they are establishing diplomatic relations with was one that was capable of taking decent countermeasures against the weaknesses of its army.

Eventually, Hào Lán and his delegation arrived at the moon Fraga, and were contacted.

The moon Fraga, which will be the venue for the ceremony, is a natural celestial body with a 900-kilometer diameter, an inner core of rock, a lower mantle of liquid water, and an upper mantle of ice, and a surface of clay minerals. Gravity is 0.03G, and it is a sphere because it has gravity. It was converted and used by the MacLireans as a large trading port to collect resources from inside and outside the planet.

Inside the Fraga moon, which had the role of a large trading port, a splendid ceremony hall was also built by the hands of the MacLireans.

MacLireans have roots in Australia and New Zealand on Earth. MacLir also contains the culture of the British, who had settled in both countries, and the venue for the ceremony is rich in European culture.

The selected ceremony venue is an extremely luxurious space with a rich natural environment where beautiful gardening derived from England that is pleasing to the eyes. Most of the plants were from Earth, but the black lawn is a new species created by mankind by crossing the genes of the native plants of MacLir with the grasses of Earth.

From glittering chandeliers to ornate candelabras for interior decoration, there is no shortage of eye-pleasing decorations at the ceremony venue.

Unfortunately, however, the orchestra and diva were not human, but androids.

Currently, the surface of the moon Fraga is undergoing a major renovation into a military fortress with 300 construction ships of the Star System Army and 200 craft ships of Fortress Kerviel.

The interior has also been significantly expanded, with fusion ammunition manufacturing plants, vast fusion ammunition deployed, unmanned weaponry and combat drones buried in all areas, and millions of military android soldiers.

In addition, despite the unmanned fighting force, a large number of Magic Element Engines, Mass Wave Agglomeration Cannons, Protective Membrane Generators, and Propulsion Engines were somehow installed to the moon Fraga for some reason under the orders of General Amakawa.

In any case, the Monarchy of Diete has completely locked the MacLireans out of the moon Fraga and plans to make it one of the fierce battlefields after the ceremony. Therefore, although there were many beautiful flowers of all colors, not one of the flowers was a woman in a dress.

Still, there were a few flowers that wore military uniforms. The representative, Yuna, the first princess of the Monarchy of Diete, signed the documents for the establishment of diplomatic relations, and Hào Lán, the representative of Fukashiro, also signed the documents, and the diplomatic relations between the two countries were established.

“We are pleased to announce the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Monarchy and Fukashiro. We share the same birthplace and our ancestors have interacted. If so, there is no reason why we cannot interact. After 800 years, we are glad to join hands again.”

The Monarchy’s representative, The First Princess Yuna, made a declaration as she welcomed the establishment of diplomatic relations. Then, Hào Lán, the Fukashiro representative, also made a declaration of welcome.

“We have blood ties to our ancestors, distant, but not unknown. I am convinced that there are better options besides choosing the worst of each other. I, as representative of Fukashiro, welcome the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Monarchy as an opportunity to increase each other’s options.”

The signing ceremony and declaration by the representatives, as well as the friendly handshake between the representatives, established diplomatic relations between the Monarchy and Fukashiro. With this, the Monarchy, which is preparing to wage war with five nations, would not have to face an additional enemy, a nation with a population of 21 billion, which is larger than the Republic of Frodi.

Even though it was her first official duty as a member of the royal family, the first princess, who had been given such a serious role, was deeply relieved that she had fulfilled her mission brilliantly, and the people in attendance on the Monarchy side who were watching with tension were deeply relieved.

The tense atmosphere of the ceremony hall began to unravel, and the commemoration party, which was held after a short break, proceeded in a much more relaxed atmosphere than the previous one.

Of course, the party is not just a dinner either.

Although it was not written in the documents signed by the two countries, it was stipulated in prior negotiations that marriage diplomacy will also be carried out. For insurance purposes, three members were selected from each country.

From the Monarchy side, there are three granddaughters of the former Sovereign and nieces of the current Sovereign.

From the Fukashiro side, there are three granddaughters of the current head of the ruling family. One of them is also the daughter of Hào Lán, the heir to the dynasty.

All of them are expected to marry influential people. On the Monarchy side, the final candidates were the Sovereign’s son-in-law, Marquis Hart, the son of the Marquis of Ornelas, the family of the Sovereign’s wife, and the son of the Sovereign’s brother, a former second prince. In Fukashiro, three grandchildren of the head of the Sòng family, including Hào Lán’s son, have been selected.

After Princess Yuna left, Hart was introduced to his partner, Xuě Lì.

Xuě Lì, who appeared under the light of a chandelier, shone as if she was a work of art herself. Her beautifully tied pink greige hair gives off a lustrous color while the tips flow smoothly.

Her beautiful white skin, moisturized like a baby’s, shines against her purple dress, sewn with delicate decorations.

The outfit brought out her feminine curves, but the silver bracelet-shaped information terminal with a slightly childish design and a large ribbon tying her tied-up hair accentuated the remaining girliness of the young maiden.

Before leaving, Valfrete said, “If she is too ugly, you may decline”, but Hart had no choice but to raise the white flag as he could not refuse.

“I am Xuě Lì(Shari) of the Sòng(Son)  family.”

Hart gracefully bowed back to her natural bow, which was like a flower in bloom.

“I’m Hart Amakawa, a Marquis of the Monarchy of Diete.”

Hào Lán, who was watching the two of them with a stern look, called out to Hart.

“Marquis Amakawa, my daughter Xuě Lì, I brought her up as a sheltered lady and she is not used to people. I sincerely apologize for the inadequacy of her education, but she just can’t express her emotions properly, and doesn’t really dislike you. I hope you understand.”

“Y, yes. Certainly!”

Hart, to whom she didn’t seem unfamiliar at all, was baffled, but he agreed for the time being by activating the basic possession skill “Read the Mood” of people with Japanese roots.

Hào Lán then lowered his eyes slightly and turned his gaze to several lounges set up for individual talks.

“If her father were present, you wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation as I thought. I have to look after other things as well, so I’ll leave the rest to the Marquis. Xuě Lì, follow the Marquis of Amakawa.”

“U, um, Father.”

Xuě Lì’s mouth twitched as she struggled to look her father in the eye and plead something with her gaze.

After carefully observing her expression, Hào Lán turned to Hart and added words.

“In the meantime, Marquis Amakawa, regarding this marriage, is it safe to say that the Marquis will welcome Xuě Lì?”

“Yes, in my home country, my lord, His Majesty the Sovereign, has also given royal orders to welcome his subjects. I also wanted to meet and hoped for a lady as lovely as Miss Xuě Lì. As my fiancée is the First Princess, I am truly sorry that I cannot welcome her as my first wife.”

There was no point in complaining about the decision now, it would only be a bad move.

Hart affirmed Hào Lán’s confirmation, while smoothly laying out honeyed words.

And Hào Lán has already consented to the contents explained by Hart in the prior negotiation. With the explanation directly from Hart’s mouth, he nodded with a serious expression.

“If the Marquis of the Monarchy were to take a daughter from another country as his lawful wife, instead of the first princess to whom he was previously betrothed, it would damage the friendship between the two countries. The purpose of marriage diplomacy is to build friendly relations between the two countries. If you treat her well, it will lead to a long and fruitful friendship between us. Once again, please take good care of my daughter.”

“I understand. Please rest assured that I will never be crude.”

After taking the pledge from Hart, Hào Lán nodded back, then resolutely gazed at his daughter, who stood frozen still, threw a glance towards the lounge as if instructing her to go there, and turned on his heel.

Hart, who was watching the situation, also felt uncomfortable.

Initially, Hart made a complete first impression of Xuě Lì based on her appearance and misinterpreted words like “sheltered lady, unfamiliar with people” as mere modesty.

But after making the look of a puppy abandoned at Hào Lán, Xuě Lì turned to Hart with a cramped smile instead of a lovely smile.

What Halt associated with her expression was the state of mind of a person who “made a fatal irreparable blunder and sincerely does not know what to do, but is asking what to do with a ray of hope”.

At the first meeting, no detailed explanation was given, so there is no way to answer such a question even if asked.

Hart, who had re-activated his basic possession skills, first urged her towards the lounge for the time being.

“Let’s go to the lounge for now. We’ll have a drink, and people won’t be glancing at us.”

“Um… I’m about to vomit…”

“Huh? No, wait, wait, it’ll be a diplomatic disaster. We need to get into the common room now.”

“Uh, ugh”

“Don’t, I’m serious, just be patient.”

Without a side glance, Hart pulled Xuě Lì into the lounge.

Bringing a girl you’ve just met into a room, you never know what might be said about you later, but it’s far better than rumors that the marriage diplomacy partner was so disgusting she vomited.

Thanks to Hart’s quick decision, Xuě Lì was spared the humiliation of vomiting at the party venue to commemorate the establishment of diplomatic relations.


Hart repeatedly protested to the faraway Sovereign, saying, “How did it come to this?” towards his marriage diplomacy partner, who moaned in the corner of the lounge.

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