Maiden Game Hard Mode – Revision Notes

Vol 1 & 2 Report on Revisions [Also Will Be Published as a Book]

I am very happy to announce that this work will be published as a book.

Thank you very much for your evaluation points <(_ _)>

Without everyone’s efforts, we wouldn’t have gotten this published.

* Even though this is a Sci-Fi (universe) genre, it was ranked 1st place overall for the day.

This work was once considered completed, but I will continue it.

Since there is a sense of incongruity, the revision has been put on the web version as well.

The draft summary is as follows.

  • 【Additional Drafts, Corrections, Alteration】

–        In writing more, added mentions of the Tenka Federation.

–        Minor correction to section of the Dorothea coercion, the Marquis clearly abandoned and changed to cast aside

–        Addition of Spirits (Increased Seraphina interactions. Philine’s Spirit made an appearance + Additional Conversation)

  • 【Combat-related】

–        Basically rewrote everything. Changes in conscription, Strength Evaluation, strategy, results, postwar fallout.

–        In comparison with 1 billion migrant ships, it expresses non-standards such as fortress ships and mobile fortresses.

–        Due to the de-standardization of mobile fortresses, Hart’s descendants are more eagerly awaited.

  •   【Heroine Relations】

–        Corrected the personality and behavior of Yuna, Philine, and Colette.

–        Abolished marriage end with Yuna and Colette as the Concubine.

–        Abolished Yuna and Philine’s retirement hopes and realizations.

–        Added some chapters

–        Claudia completely Revised + Aggressiveness Up (Saint + Mischievous fox child)

  • 【Political Situation】

–        The Crown Prince and the Solar System Invasion Army are unable to return home unless they achieve results.

–        Valfrete in a situation where he cannot intervene without splitting the country.

–        Revised Sovereign’s Grandson as raised to be the future Sovereign, and not knowing another way of life.

–        Alisa’s Survival + Great Reversal Route, Abandoned Royal Grandchild is further cornered.

–        Increased the influence of the String Society. The Ministry of Reconstruction in danger of Dismissal → Prime Minister in danger of Imprisonment.

It was around the end of January 2021 that I heard the news through Syosetu management.

Then things started to move, so please give it some more time.

Probably after summer at this stage.

Once again, I look forward to working with you in the future.


3 thoughts on “Maiden Game Hard Mode – Revision Notes

  1. The tenka federation shouldn’t be too strong, since they were isolated and they weren’t stressed to develop military technologies, since should be driving outdated ships against the coalition or the empire. And I feel bad for the coalition, since the initial attack on earth halved their population and shattered the coalition, so they should be living in fear and hatred since then, peace was never an option.


  2. So, we at least confirmed that Colette is a heroine and is meant to become one of Hart’s concubine. That is goo to know. 😂😂😂

    Plus, I did enjoy the funny moments caused by Claudia and her string society. 🤣🤣🤣🤣


  3. Oh…. Would be nice if u could keep the chaps of yuna marriage end and their retirement end so that we could read it as a ‘what if’ story.

    Can u explain what exactly destandardization of fortress is and why hart is even in more demand bcuz of that?

    Also prime minister it should be impeachment not imprisonment right?


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