Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 – Notice of Engagement Offer Annulment

March 441 of the Monarchy history.

After returning from Earth, Hart reported to the Military Academy.

Currently, Hart and the others are third-year cadets at the Military Academy, and will be in the fourth grade the following month.

In the Military Academy’s cafeteria, 1st years are assigned as waiters, 2nd years as instructors, 3rd years to scold any errors, and the 4th years supervise the 3rd year cadets’ attention. Since it is part of the education provided to experience various superior and subordinate interactions, any supervisory role can be played as long as the role is clear.

As a 4th year cadet, Hart was wondering what supervisory role he would try, when he received an unexpected call from the principal of the Military Academy.

3rd year cadet(Second Class) Amakawa, good work on the transport mission. By the way, you four are no longer required to come to the academy.”

Hart was stunned, but had to accept the words that followed.

“The lectures sent by Military Academy instructors to the fortress are unprecedented and extravagant education in which excellent instructors teach a small group of four people like private tutors with the help of on-site officers. You can’t get a better education than this at a Military Academy.”


Hart agreed, and the principal nodded very strongly.

“All the military work that the Royal Army has given you during your time in school is reflected in your performance. The Monarchy’s Ministry of Military Affairs’ postwar assessment of the Battle of the Diete Star System has concluded that without Fortress Kerviel, the Capital planet, Diros, would have been destroyed. You four saved 11 billion lives. Your grades have been determined as first, second, third, and fourth, and your graduation in one year has been confirmed. Congratulations on your graduation.”

According to a post-war evaluation, the principal stated that without Hart, there would have been no survivors, and the Capital planet itself would have suffered damage that would render it uninhabitable. It was also concluded that without Yuna, Philine and Collette, there would have been hundreds of millions more dead for each missing person.

If one point is added for each life saved in practice, Hart has 11 billion points and the other three have hundreds of millions of points. It may be natural to have a monopoly of the top four seats and that everyone will be certain to graduate.

“…… Thank you, sir.”

Hart, who was congratulated for graduating from the Academy by the principal a year before graduation, was stunned and expressed his gratitude.

Currently, Hart and the others were undergoing a command staff course for Generals. If they hadn’t taken this course, they might have graduated from the Military Academy by skipping a grade.

Hearing Hart’s brief acknowledgment, the principal nodded again.

“It is certain that you are at the head of the class, but I’m at a loss for the second and subsequent seats. Strani and Carneus, who dropped hundreds of enemy ships with secondary armament, saved hundreds of millions of people each. Listner, who assisted in the fortress maneuvering with the propulsion engine, also did a great job of breaking through the entire enemy force. What should I do? With the rank of Major General, what are your thoughts on this?”

The principal asked something he would never ask a cadet.

Hart was at a loss for words but replied, reconsidering that he was at the head in the command staff course.

“Miss Listner has a broad perspective, so I was relieved to entrust her with the fortress propulsion system. She is not only a decent operator of the Magic Element Engine, but can also take charge of both the Command and Staff positions at a high level. In our year, the number of students has dropped significantly, but if she is the 2nd seat, it will not be said that the quality of the next seat has fallen compared to that of the previous year.”

Colette’s family, the Viscount of Listner, is a clan that moves at the will of the Royal family.

In that special environment, she has a wide field of view that is incomparable to ordinary people, and can play her role in a stable manner in various situations. Hart entrusted her with the assistance of propulsion engines and shields because he trusts that Colette would be able to handle it.

The principal, who heard Hart’s explanation, nodded briefly.

“Well, then what do you think of cadets Strani and Carneus for the next seats?”

When asked about the two, Hart couldn’t answer immediately and thought.

Yuna is not good at combat in pure child mode, and in the space flight drill, she shed tears at the death of her fellow cadets. In dark mode, Yuna can shoot down enemies and dismiss the sacrifices of allies as necessary, but she doesn’t have any other outstanding talent.

As a fortress operation assistant, she is capable, but she can’t be a fleet commander. That’s Hart’s view of Yuna. The Chief of Staff would have a hard time with Yuna as a fleet commander, although she might be good at it if he actually tried.

Philine is capable as a commander of a fleet. Hart thinks. She is studying as the future Marquis of Carneus, and is also learning territorial management and the operation of the province army. Due to her unique position and Military Academy education, she acquired the ability to be a fleet commander.

At least it’s better than Lieutenant General Alchunian, commander of the 14th Fleet, who pulled Hart’s leg during the Battle of Loki. Hart would welcome it if she was to replace the commander of the 14th Fleet. Of course, he would like to have a fortress operation assistant at hand.

“Miss Carneus will have the ability to serve as fleet commander in a few years. It will be 100 years at the earliest to succeed to the Marquis. As long as we are at war with the Coalition, I think it’s best to grant the 3rd seat for easy retrieval. Miss Strani is one of His Majesty the Sovereign’s granddaughters, but if you don’t take that into consideration, I think 4th seat is fine.”

The principal silently stared at Hart’s face and nodded for a while.

“I can use it as a reference. Thank you for your help. Please tell the other three to collect their belongings from the dormitory. Even if you are unable to attend the graduation ceremony due to your duties, you will receive your diplomas electronically. But please come and pick up your bow and arrow memento at the earliest convenience.”

“Understood, sir.”

Thus, the 4th year cadet’s enjoyment of supervising the younger students in the cafeteria was cut short.

Hart contacted the other three, and while receiving the attention of his juniors, quietly collected his personal belongings from the dormitory of the Military Academy and completed the baggage delivery procedure.

After clearing the dormitory, Hart, along with the other three, disguised themselves and went out into the city with the android soldiers guarding them, who were dressed as citizens.

Diros, the Capital planet, had been recovering beautifully less than six months after being half-destroyed.

In the reconstruction, the Monarchy seems to have used all the urban construction facilities that were scheduled to be deployed to the sixth star system for the reconstruction of the Capital planet.

The urban construction facilities are like the old generation of 3D printers, but on a larger scale and with higher performance.

When an individual wants to build a house, they can enter the size of the land, type of building material, number of floors, number of rooms, and other items on the terminal, and the building model that meets the conditions and price will be displayed.

If the model is approved, the contract is concluded, and the desired house is automatically constructed in the urban building facilities, it is put on the distribution network, and it is built at the destination in a few days.

Furniture and electrical appliances necessary for the house can also be arranged at the urban construction facilities.

The largest of the buildings is a total length of 500 meters, a total width of 160 meters, and a total height of less than 50 meters and can fit in a large container. Large public facilities can also be built by connecting large containers of a size that can be carried vertically and horizontally.

Because the Monarchy had building data in the Capital Planet, the survivors were quickly rebuilding their homes by investing a large amount of urban construction facilities and resources.

All of the Capital planet’s buildings have been rebuilt free of charge, and the cost has been covered by the national treasury.

The restoration of lifelines was also carried out in a blink of an eye.

The Monarchy has built several huge reservoirs and water purifiers deep underground in the city.

The reservoirs are located below sea level, and the seawater of the Capital planet, Diros, is pulled into the reservoir, pumped from there to the water purification tank, converted to freshwater, pumped to the surface, and supplied to the royal citizens.

Since the underground reservoir and the water purification layer were dispersed, several were safe, and they were able to quickly restore the water to the rebuilt houses.

When it came to power restoration, it was easier than water restoration.

The Monarchy generates solar power in space and then delivers it to the ground using a microwave power transmission system. The energy that reaches the ground is sent to the unconnected power battery in each home, and each home uses electricity.

Power generation satellites can be deployed in any number of locations, ground-based receiving devices can be easily installed, and disconnected power batteries are automatically attached with the construction of a house. Even if it is destroyed, it can be restored in a few days.

As for the reconstruction of the Capital planet, a declaration had already been declared finished for the homes of the royal citizens.

In fact, Hart’s home remains damaged, but it was built by the Marquis of Carneus, so it was not listed in the national building database. Hart thought that he had been left behind because he had been on a two-month expedition after being busy with reconstruction work.

Since he still retains the right to use the sea area, he temporarily floated a purchased passenger ship and used it as his home.

As the main home of the Viscount family, it was not appropriate at all. On the contrary, it is a pitiful level as the home of a knight who can operate an interstellar ship and earn a reasonable amount of money.

However, Hart finds it useful because he can avoid visitors under the pretext of restoring his home. If he doesn’t make a blunt refusal, he’ll end his day just by responding to various applications, such as wanting to meet the hero and thank him, or to meet an unmarried Viscount.

“Reconstruction has progressed a lot.”

After entering a restaurant in a brand new hotel, Urashima Taro was deeply moved while ordering a stylish lunch in a well-furnished space.

As Yuna and Philine, sitting next to Hart at the round table, subtly kept each other in check, Collette, who entered the order without any concern for Hart, corrected his remarks.

“I’d say it’s almost finished, rather than progressed. The cost of rebuilding the survivors’ homes was completed at no cost. Furniture, appliances, and mobile vehicles were specially attached as complementary.”

“That’s amazing. People who were thinking of rebuilding their houses are going to make a profit.”

The government has been very generous. Hart was surprised.

The reason for the quick reconstruction is that the Monarchy paid for most of the reconstruction costs.

The urban construction facilities are state-owned facilities, and most of the resources consumed have been recovered from Earth. Some resources could not be recovered, but they were procured from other star systems by allocating various resources and goods obtained from Earth to financial resources. Therefore, the expenditure from the national treasury has been surprisingly low.

“There are some people who have made a lot of losses because the equipment and inventory of the facilities and the androids for labour are not subsidized.”

As Colette pointed out, while the buildings and vehicles have been restored, the contents of the corporate buildings have not.

The government doesn’t know what kind of equipment they had, how many years were there, how many androids were present, and so on. There was no way to interview each of the 11 billion people individually, so the lines were drawn as they were being rebuilt.

“The government rushed things because the solar system invaders damaged the Capital planet and wanted to make up for the mistake that allowed it.”

“Maybe so. The government ruling parties supported His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, so they were pushing hard to invade the solar system, but now the wind has changed and they seem impatient.”

In Hart’s imagination, Philine, who was by his left, uttered a word of agreement.

If the house remains broken, dissatisfaction and anger will be turned to the cause. If the government had not been able to recover quickly, public dissatisfaction might have been even higher.

Now that the city has been restored, people’s daily lives are generally returning to normal.

“By the way, it’s graduation time at the Academy of Magic, do you know how everyone is doing?”

Hart turned his gaze to Colette, who seemed to be the most informed.

“That’s right. The Academy of Magic, other schools, delegates and apprentices. Some of the engaged girls are doing their bridal training. However, there are no reunions for middle school students alone, so there won’t be many opportunities to meet. I wonder if it will be a small reunion of close friends.”

Hart, who was told that there was no middle school reunion, agreed that it was inevitable.

Since there is an escalator system from the Middle school to the High school of the Magic Academy, and the classmate of the Middle school basically doubles as the classmate of the High school, there is no point in planning a reunion for the middle school alone.

Hart is also unlikely to be called to a small reunion of good friends.

Because in the middle school, where aristocratic children attend, Hart was the second son of a quasi-aristocrat. Therefore, Hart was of lower rank to the aristocratic children around him, and was not a close friend. Yuna was the only one in the class who didn’t care about Hart’s status at all.

And even at the Military Academy, the Heavy Battleship department cannot be held with only four cadets.

Even if the range was expanded to include the Commandant department, the number of 3300 classmates has been reduced to 74, and the rank difference between Hart and other cadets was too large, so even if the reunion was held, it would be worse than a dinner party between the 4th and 1st years of the academy.

“I may never be invited to a reunion for the rest of my life.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

Hart, who was thrown words of affirmation by Collette, dropped his shoulders.

“You’re with me, Hart, so we can have a reunion anytime.”

“Oh, yes.”

Hart, who had recovered from Yuna’s consolation, was overcome by the fact that the reunion would not take place.

With Yuna, Philine, and Colette, it’s like holding a small reunion of the middle school of the Magic Academy and a small reunion of the Heavy Battleship department of the Military Academy.

When Hurt had changed his mind about the reunion, Colette returned to the subject.

“As for career paths, not all hands are smooth sailing. It seems that everyone participated in the Capital planet defense battle, but some failed and had their engagement offer canceled.”

“What kind of failure led to the engagement offer being canceled?”

The Academy of Magic is not a military school. Hart thought it was natural for the students there to fail after being recruited by the military.

“I’m sure you remember Alisa. Alisa, the young lady of Count Harvist.”

Hart remembered the name Colette mentioned.

A member of a senior aristocratic family, the grandchild of the Count, she is a blond girl with blue eyes, white skin, and a mild personality with slightly drooping eyes. Her magic power value is between Colette and Digitalis, a Marquis class close to the Duke class. She was also an excellent student, and her name was always in the single digit range on the rankings.

“Alisa, who was the secretary of the Student Council in the 1st year of the Academy of Magic, and in 2nd year became Vice President, and was also informally appointed as the fiancée of His Highness, the Sovereign’s grandson.”

“Heh. That’s amazing.”

At the high school of the Academy of Magic, which gathers aristocratic children and excellent magic powered individuals from all over the Monarchy, she had been a secretary from the 1st year and became a Vice President in the 2nd year, so it is clear that she is highly capable. The Monarchy also judged her to be an ideal person because she was the grandchild of a Count, had a good personality, and it was enough to become the fiancée of the Sovereign’s grandson.

“But in the Battle of Diete, because she was a candidate for the royal princess, she was demoted to the safe rear, under the direction of the guards whom the royal family arranged, and it spread and caused antipathy among the people.”

“That’s why the engagement was canceled.”

When Hart heard Colette’s story, he realized it was hopeless.

National law stipulates that if you are officially engaged, you will be exempt from participating in combat in accordance with the requirements of the system established for the purpose of securing the next generation of high magic powered individuals. However, a mere informal candidate does not meet that requirement.

The royal citizens have been granting aristocratic privileges to the 1,500 royal aristocratic households for the first 440 years since the founding of the country, in order to protect themselves. And all 1,500 families have obligations in exchange for their aristocratic privileges.

If the star system is attacked, members of the aristocratic family who have completed compulsory education up to middle school will be obliged to serve.

If they flee from their duty to serve, their contract with the royal citizens will be defaulted and the aristocratic privileges granted by the contract will be terminated. It is impossible for Alisa, who fled before the enemy, to become a crown princess who is a member of the royal family, and Alisa’s descendants will not be recognized by the royal Citizens as heirs to the throne.

“She wasn’t the only aristocrat who turned and fled the battle, but all of them were listed and, in principle, stripped of their aristocratic status. The National Assembly has passed a resolution, the House of Lords has approved it, and the Monarchy’s Parliament has decided to enforce it.”

“Have Alisa’s family been stripped of their aristocratic status?”

“No. The fact that she followed the instructions of the guards arranged by the royal family was interpreted as ‘following instructions from the top’, and it was thus avoided. However, the resentment of the people is so great that they had to cancel the engagement. She may find it difficult to marry an ordinary aristocrat because the other aristocrats are also avoiding her.”

The severe measures Collette described conveyed to Hart the magnitude of the Royal Citizen’s anger.

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