Maiden Game Hard Mode – Series Data

Series Timeline, Characters & Other Data (as of the end of Chapter 57)

This post is a collection of settings and does not affect the story in any way.

Even if you skip it, there is no problem at all.

★ Series Timeline

2487 A.D. –  Hyper navigational warp that uses magical elements is put to practical use.

2512 A.D. –  The first manned search satellite ship is launched into Alpha Centauri.

2521 A.D. –  The first manned search satellite ship returns from Alpha Centauri.

2629 A.D. –  The first manned exploration fleet launches for the Hercules system.

2754 A.D. –  Settled in the Hercules Star System, 120 light-years away.

2823 A.D. –  Settled in the Diete Star System. 180 light-years away.

2928 A.D. –  Settled in the Frodi Star System. 240 light-years away.

2992 A.D. –  Settled in the Myrna Star System. 270 light-years away.

3045 A.D. –  Settled in the Fukashiro Star System. 500 light-years away.

3167 A.D. –  The Diete government rejects Earth’s excessive demands.

3220 A.D. –  Settled in the MacLir Star System. 370 light-years away.

3226 A.D. –  Diete leaders executed. Relations between Earth and Diete break down.

3263 A.D. –  Humanity’s first interstellar war breaks out between Earth and the Diete government.

3282 A.D. –  The Diete government forces dropped huge meteorites on Earth.

3301 A.D. –  Diete declaration of independence. The year 3301 A.D. is changed to year 1 of the Monarchy.

The Frodi Star System declares neutrality. Two systems are hijacked by the Coalition.

3352 A.D. –  Settled in the Artemis Star System.

3737 A.D. = Year 437 of the Monarchy Calendar

Volume 1

September 437: Chapter 1 – Trying to Tip the Military Police Squad off on the Villainess

[Hart 15 years old, Second Son of a Baron, First-Year Cadet of the Military Academy]

April 438: Chapter 2 – The Heroine of the Maiden Game has Escaped

June 438: Chapter 3 – The Heroine Explosion

January 439: Chapter 4 – The Rival Character Sinks

[Hart 16 years old, Second Son of a Baron, Second-Year Cadet of the Military Academy]

April 439: Chapter 5 – Stock Investment with the Maiden Game’s Knowledge

May 439: Chapter 6 – The Villainess’ Scheme

June 439: Chapter 7 – Death Flags Everywhere

September 439: Chapter 8 – Space Flight Drills

September 439: Chapter 9 – Holding a Handsome Guy in the Jaw

November 439: Chapter 10 – The Birth of a Sparkling Name [Frodi = Viscount]

November 439: Chapter 11 – Catch & Release

November 439: Chapter 12 – Gut Punched by Heroine’s Best Friend

November 439: Chapter 13 – Summoned by the Heroine’s Father [Order of Gliese, 7th class & Wartime Brigadier General]

November 439: Chapter 14 – The Defense Fortress became Wreckage before the War

February 440: Chapter 15 – For Cat Ears

[Hart 17 years old, Third-Year Cadet of the Military Academy, Wartime Brigadier General and Viscount]

April 440: Chapter 16 – Battle of the Loki Star System

April 440: Chapter 17 – Extremely High Level Request (Cat Ear Maid)

September 440: Chapter 18 – Bought an Artificial Floating Island Home [Loki = Order of Eridanus, 6th Class & Brigadier General]

September 440: Chapter 19 – Coalition Forces Destroyed the Home Planet

November 440: Chapter 20 – Earth Invasion [Capital Planet Defense Battle = Order of Capella, 5th Class and Major General]

Volume 2

February 441: Chapter 21 – Solar System Forces

February 441: Chapter 22 – The Educational Video featured a Villainess

March 441: Chapter 23 – Notice of Engagement Offer Annulment

March 441: Chapter 24 – How to Use Power Correctly

March 441: Chapter 25 – The Duty of the Diete Aristocrat

March 441: Chapter 26 – Mr. Black Goat, Writes a Letter

[hart 18 years old, 4th grade, military academy, major general and baron]

April 441: Chapter 27 – Ms. White Goat, Cuts Off the Path of Retreat

June 441: Chapter 28 – Planet of the Dwarves

July 441: Chapter 29 – Hercules Star System Battle

July 441: Chapter 30 – The Crown Prince, Explosion!

August 441: Chapter 31 – Exoneration and Letter of Commendation [Hercules = Order of Procyon, 4th Class & Lieutenant General]

September 441: Chapter 32 – Schemes

October 441: Chapter 33 – Castle in the Sky

November 441: Chapter 34 – The Destination of the Arrows

January 442: Chapter 35 – Battle of the Myrna Star System

February 442: Chapter 36 – The Spirit Fleet

March 442: Chapter 37 – Condemnation

[Hart 19 years old, Fortress Commander, General and Marquis]

June 442: Chapter 38 – Interstellar War [4 Star System Battle = Order of Sirius, 3rd Class and Marquis]

Volume 3

June 442: Chapter 39 – The 6 Families of Tenka

August 442: Chapter 40 – The Salamander Project

September 442: Chapter 41 – Joint Defense Exercise

September 442: Chapter 42 – Hart’s Daily Life

October 442: Chapter 43 – 2 Types of Communications

October 442: Chapter 44 – Second National Mobilization System

February 443: Chapter 45 – MacLir Star System

February 443: Chapter 46 – Mission

February 443: Chapter 47 – Xuě Lì and the Spirits

February 443: Chapter 48 – War of Aggression

March 443: Chapter 49 – Second Battle of the MacLir Star System

March 443: Chapter 50 – Seraphina’s Realm

[Hart 20 years old, Deputy Commander, General and Marquis]

April 443: Chapter 51 – The Battle of the Shinkyō Star System

May 443: Chapter 52 – Battle of the Kyūyama Star System

July 443: Chapter 53 – Nature of the Monarchy of Diete

July 443: Chapter 54 – Invasion of Fukashiro

July 443: Chapter 55 – Scorched Earth Operation

October 443: Chapter 56 – The Second Battle of the Diete Star System [Duke of Son by Political Judgment]

March 444: Chapter 57 – New Queen Yuna [3 Star System Battle = Order of Algol, 2nd class & Colonel General]

[Hart 21 years old, Commander-in-Chief, Colonel General, Duke of Son and Marquis of Amakawa]

  • Yuna, Queen & Duke Lady, Lieutenant General, Order of Algol, 2nd class (Military Register Remains only)
  • Philine, Lady of Marquis, Lieutenant General, Order of Algol, 2nd class (Commander of the Stationed Fleet)
  • Colette, Viscount Lady, Lieutenant General, Order of Algol, 2nd class (Assistant Commander)
  • Claudia, Young Lady of Duke, Lieutenant Colonel, Order of Gliese, 7th class (promoted 3 times in 3 systems)
  • Xuě Lì, Duchess of Son, Brigadier General treatment without rank (unmarried and earned status)

* Hart`s generation has an average life expectancy of 300 years. Young figure for the time being. Elves?

Main Characters (at the end of volume 3)

Hart Amakawa (or Son), born July 7, 422.

Yuna Strani Asteria, born March 6, 423.

Philine Carneus, born June 22, 422.

Colette Listner, born July 14, 422.

Claudia Coesfeld, born October 5, 426.

Xuě Lì Sòng (Correctly Son Shari) born September 9, 422.

Asteria Royal Family

Roderick, the 10th Sovereign, Sovereign as of Volume 1. ■

Adalicia, the 10th Queen, Queen as of Volume 1. ■

Gracian, the Former Crown Prince as of Volume 1. ■

Segrene Former Crown Princess, expelled after being stripped of royal title.

Leandre, former Royal Grandson, National Traitor, Executed. ■

Valfrete, the 11th Sovereign, the father of Yuna. ■

Maina, the Second Queen of the previous Sovereign, the Mother of Yuna. ■

Cassandra, the First Queen of the previous Sovereign, Remain in the Royal Family even after the death of the Sovereign.

Bernard, the First Prince, half-brother of Yuna, Born in 426.

Josslan the Second Prince, half-brother of Yuna, Born in 428.

Mirabell, Royal (highness), half-sister of Yuna, no right of succession.

※ The two princes are not direct descendants of Yuna, but they maintain the right of succession and designation.

Mirabelle is no longer a princess, but she is treated as royalty unless she surrenders herself to vassalage.

Cassandra will remain Royalty unless she remarries outside the Royal Family.


Dr. Joseph Kerman

Digitalis Takrham, Duke Lady.

Brom Takrham, Duke

Lysine Takrham, Duke Young Lady, Second prince’s partner?

Beatrice LeGrand, Baron Young Lady, First prince’s partner?

Stefan Langlois, former Duke Heir, Viscount. ■

Maxim Langlois, former Duke, Traitor, Executed. ■

Marquis Bastian Carneus, Philine’s grandfather.

Marquees Brigitte Carneus, Philine’s grandmother.

Theodor Carneus, Philine’s father. ■

Marleanne Carneus, Philine’s mother. ■

Johanna Carneus, Philine’s sister. ■

Dorothea Carneus, Philine’s sister.

Horst Carneus, Philine’s younger brother. ■

Duke Edzel Coesfeld, Claudia’s grandfather. Silver fox?

Marquis Arthur Zäckingen, Retired Lieutenant General, Former Fleet Commander. Tengu?

Marquis Claudio Ornelas, Father of the legal wife of the former Sovereign Valfrete.

Viscount Dominic Margoire, Nephew of the former Sovereign’s rightful wife. Marriage Diplomacy B.

(Second Son of the Eldest Son of the Marquis of Ornelas (the Older Brother of the former First Queen. Viscount after Marriage Diplomacy)

Viscount Philman Durkheim, Legitimate Son of the Second Brother of the former Sovereign. Marriage Diplomacy C.

(The Legitimate Son of the Second Brother of Valfrete, who descended to the vassalage and received a Viscounty. Heir to the title)

Sūra Sòng (Son Suura) Lady of Marriage Diplomacy B. Survived by Galgaliel placement.

Lín fā Sòng (Son Linfa) Lady of Marriage Diplomacy C. Survived by Galgaliel placement.

Alisa Mauriac, former Count Lady. Active in the Battle of the Hercules Star System.

Roland Mauriac, Duke Heir. Royal-grade Magic Power Holder, married to Alisa.

Dwight Stanley, Prime Minister of the Monarchy.

Elliott Burns, Military Service Librarian. (Never appeared, does exist)

Barrett Dryver, a member of the House of Parliament, middle-aged aristocrat

James Anderson, former Chief of Military Affairs. ■

Javier Ortiz, Former Chief of Staff. ■

Herald Ramirez, Chief of Staff of the former Sovereign. ■

Bratz Bödeger, Former Deputy Commander of the Crown Prince, General. ■

Bamey Lautenbach, former Commander of the Solar System. ■

Aldos Jhering, New Chief of Military Affairs, Colonel General

Grigoa Reinelt, New Chief of Staff, Colonel General

Raphael Alchunian, Commander of the 14th fleet during the Loki System Battle. ■

Brian Wincott, Chief of Staff, retreat advisor during the Battle of Loki System. ■

Adalard Liefmann, the second-year leader of the Heavy Battleship Department. ■

Oscar Rendano, Commander of the Transport Convoy at Hercules, General.

Marcel Bertrand, Hart’s Chief of Staff, two ranks below him and on the verge of a big promotion.

Elias Laurent, Commander at the Military Academy, 1 grade below Hart.

Reynold Garcia, Deputy Commander at the Military Academy, 1 grade below Hart.

Tibalt Faure, Commander of the Magic Academy Corps, 2 grades below Hart.

Alois Khan, ace pilot with unusually high achievements.

Thane Hiragi, Hart’s brother. Count-grade magic power holder. ■

Arnold Hiragi, Baron. Hart’s paternal grandfather. ■

Pascal Melendez, Baron. Hart’s maternal grandfather. ■

Zion Takamiya, Baron. Yuna’s maternal grandfather. ■

Former Coalition

Curtis Dexter, Commander-in-Chief of the Coalition of Humanity. Fleet Admiral at the end. ■

Oscar Hawkins, Dexter’s Chief of Staff. General at the end. ■

Brigadier General Marcelino Salinas, Mobile Fortress Operator, Captured by Hart. ■

Major Alexis Hume. Salinas’ Pseudonym. Identified himself as a light cruiser Captain. ■

Lieutenant Colonel Clement Starnik, forced on duty early in the new year. ■

Captain Alan Glucook. Peeking up Linnell’s skirt. ■

Capt. Rainor Boltshiek. Captain of Reconnaissance Ship. ■

Sarah Figgins, Leader of the Neptune Party, the ruling party of the MacLir System.

Linnell, an artificial intelligence created by the Coalition, Born May 20.

Tenka Federation

Táng (Tan), Yuen (Euen), Ruling Family of Ten-to (Tiān dū) 1st ranked of Tenka.

Sòng (Son), Hào Lán (Haoru), Ruling Family of Fukashiro (Chén Chéng) 2nd ranked of Tenka. ■

Gāo (Gao), Líng Yīng (Rikyou), Ruling Family of Shinkyō (Xīn Jìn) 3rd ranked of Tenka.

Xǔ (Shu), Yúnlán (Un ran), Ruling Family of Ōizumi (Dàquán) 4th ranked of Tenka.

Cáo (Tsao), Yaai (Sei ran), Ruling Family of Honyō (Běn Yáng) 5th ranked of Tenka. ■

Lin (Rin), Liú Hào (Ryuuho), Ruling Family of Kyūyama (Jiǔ Shān) 6th ranked of Tenka.

The six Tenka families have actively adopted the bloodlines of high magic individuals who evacuated from Earth

It does not possess the ethnic appearance of the Earth Age.

Yuen – Chestnut hair, white skin, brown eyes, similar appearance to a Lucian.

Xuě Lì – Pink-greige hair and white skin. Celtic-Irish look.

what ■ behind the character introduction refers to is not specified.

Some decided the probability by placement and action, and branded it by rolling the dice,

It is subject to change for reasons of this edition or book version. (Insurance)

About titles such as Young Lady and Young Lord

Baron Young Lady = only the daughter of a Baron is referred to as such (the Baron’s grandchild is not a Baron Young Lady)

Young Lady of Baron’s Household = can be used for all grandchildren, nieces, sisters, etc. belonging to the Baron family.

Position = Viscount Young Lady > Young Lady of Viscount’s Household = Baron Young Lady > Young Lady of Baron’s Household

Yuna   = Young Lady of Baron Takamiya’s Household (The Baron’s grandchild) is not the daughter of the Baron

= Duke Strani Young Lady (The Duke’s daughter)

Colette = Viscount Listner Young Lady (The Viscount’s daughter)

Philine = Young Lady of Marquis Carneus’ Household (Not the Marquis’ daughter)

Digitalis= Young Lady of Duke Takrham’s Household (Not the Duke’s daughter)

* Yuna at the beginning of volume 1 is a Young Lady of a Baron’s Household. More precisely, the daughter of the Baron’s daughter.

In the kingdom of Diete, you can imagine the following if you call her the “daughter of the Baron’s daughter”:

“Unmarried because my father is less than a Baron and my mother didn’t want to lose her aristocratic status?”

“Unmarried because father is an aristocrat adopted as the son-in-law, and could not marry mother?”

Treatment of ★ abdication

* The Sovereign who abdicated in life usually becomes a superior and retains his royal title.

Under the system, Yuna, who abdicates the Queen and takes the name of Grand Duke, does not descend to the vassalage.

Yuna’s children, who are royalty, also have royal titles according to their parents’ status.

The Grand Dukedom that Yuna is to assume

The family name is Taka Amanohara (Takamagahara).

The name comes from Takamagahara, where Heavenly Gods lived in Japanese mythology.

Taka (high) of Takamiya (takamiya), her mother’s household,

Ama (heaven) of Amakawa (amagawa), Hart’s family name, is added,

It is gathered in Hara (field) of the Duke family with a plain (province) in the sky (galaxy).

Name: Yuna Amakawa Taka Amanohara Asteria

How to call her, “Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess of Taka Amanohara” and “Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess”.

However, Her Majesty prefers “The Marquees of Amakawa”, and it is unclear whether she will be satisfied.

★ Spirits

Advanced Spirits (B-class or higher) = Inhuman Appearances (Fairies, sprites, etc.)

Intermediate Spirits (C-class and D-class) = Appearance of Human Females (Middle and High school Age or Older)

It may also guide the contractor.

Lower spirits (E-class or less) = Appearance of Human Young Girls (E = Elementary School students, F = Little Girls)

Straightforward with little self-consciousness or awareness of malice.

Upper Intermediate Spirit (C-class) = Holds a Possession with some Form.

Lesser Intermediate Spirit (D-class) = There is no power even if they possess something.

Hair Color = Related to Attributes…… Maybe.

Possessions = The Process of Promotion may have an impact… Maybe.

C-class and above will always have something in their possession, but not necessarily in a visible way.

Mira, Spirit King?, The appearance is a girl of about 10 years old or Naiad.

10-year-old ver. possession of a silver fork.

Naiad ver. possession of a silver chain necklace with jewels and a black cover book.

Fleur, Spirit King, Green Hair, Red Eyes, Half elf Ears, Fairy feathers.

Possesses a crimson jeweled headdress and a staff with a giant blue jewel on it.

Rhea, contracted to Hart, Spirit King. Elf Ears, Green Breeze Swirling Around.

Brown stole. Waist porch. Gartering on the right thigh.

Seraphina, Spirit King, Blond Hair, Light Purple Eyes, Half-elf Ears, White Wings.

Blue Two-piece, Lily-like Ornaments on the Chest. White hair Ornament.

In the Maiden Game The Galactic Prince, she was the Contracted Spirit of Colette.

The remaining 3 Spirits possessed by Hart = Alfrida, Sylvie and Berenice.

Janet, Spirit King, in the Second Spirit Crystal Factory.

In The Galactic Prince, she is the contracted spirit of Yuna. Stronger than Seraphina.

Sharon, Advanced Spirit, contracted with Yuna. Nymph with light green hair.

Possession of green jewels.

Eleanor, Advanced Spirit, contracted with Philine. Blonde elf figure.

Possess ornaments with jewels connected to beads.

Angela, Advanced Spirit, contracted with Colette. Half-elf figure with pink hair.

Possess a stylish handbag back.

Cynthia, Advanced Spirit, contracted with Claudia.

Blue-haired, blue-eyed, white-winged nymph in a white two-piece.

Possesses a White Sickle about her length, with a dark blue gem like Neptune on the tip.

Sofia, Intermediate Spirit C-class. contracted with Claudia. Light purple hair and eyes, with white skin.

Large ribbon on hair, white gloves and white boots in crimson clothes.

Possesses a golden white staff with a blue jewel like water planet on the tip and a golden stone butt.

Chloe, Intermediate Spirit? C-class?, manifested by Mira. Contracted with Xuě Lì.

Blond Hair, Red Eyes, Brown Skin, Green Dress, possession of green cane.

The skin color looks like a dark elf, but Hart judges that the ears look human-like and is C-class.

Monique, Intermediate Spirit C-class. contracted with Colonel General Reinelt.

Cherry Red hair, clear red eyes, red beret.

Beige Sweater, Orange Skirt and Shoulder Bag.

Millie, Intermediate Spirit D-class. Contracted with Alois, a fighter craft pilot.

Inanna, Spirit God S-class. Purple hair. Possesses a silvery white lyre with dragon decoration.

Has left the Realm.

★ Magic Power Values

Hart 91150 +A×3 +A +A

Yuna 26,138 +B

Philine 25,733 +B

Collette 22,050 +B

Claudia 28,657 +B +C

Xuě Lì 23,341 +C?

Valflate 28,512. (11th Sovereign)

Gracian 29,016. (Former First Prince)

Bernard 27,788. (First Prince)

Josslan 27,930. (Second Prince)

Mirabelle 21,534. (Royal)

Beatrice 28,152. (Bernard’s Partner? )

Lysine 36,451. (Josslan’s Partner? )

Leandre 30,128. (Former Royal Grandson, Traitor)

Digitalis 17,980. (Lady of a Duke)

Alisa 20,812. (Classmate. Between Collette and Digitalis)

Noelia 19,450. (Classmates Between Collette and Digitalis)

Everina 16,566. (Introduction by the Duke of Coesfeld. Count Young Lady)

Gabriella 18,580. (Ditto. Daughter of a Viscount Young Lady)

Thane 14,676. (Hart’s Brother)

Additional Magic Power by Spirit Crystals (as recognized by the public)

A-class = 6250 (Existence Undisclosed)

B-class = 2560 (Used by Queen Yuna)

C-class = 810 (for Aristocrats, Warship Operators, etc.)

D-class = 160 (for Military Officers and Fighter Craft Pilots)

E-class = 40. (for Knight class and Celebrities?)

F-class = 10 (for General Public)

The E-class is difficult for the general public to obtain because it can operate suppressor crafts.

Only persons with high social credibility and a kind of status can possess them.

Advertised as “the best of the best” to satisfy the celebrities… Maybe.

The magic-siphoning device used by the Duke of Takrham.

Appeared in the first volume of the book version along with the Duke and Digitalis. Omitted in the web version.

Coalition Method of increasing the production of the Magical Individuals

Collect somatic cells near the magic nucleus of High Magic Individual A, culture them, and cultivate them to extract the nucleus.

Collect unfertilized eggs of High Magic Female B, remove the nucleus, and after improvement, is fused with nucleus A.

The fused egg is implanted in Medium Magic Female C and she gives birth.


In the form of repairing the damaged magic of High Magic Individual A by growing it from an egg, the growth of magic power is great.

High Magic Female B can secure a stable supply of magic power by simply harvesting their eggs, without their magic power dropping.

Medium Magic Female C is far more numerous than group B, and can be mass produced rather than having B give birth.


A loss of magical power occurs during somatic cell harvesting, fusion with unfertilized eggs, and growth in utero.

The results are unknown until they are raised, the success rate is low, and even in successful cases, individual differences are large.

The magic nucleus is not formed normally, and the cloned child cannot inherit magic power.

Tenka’s Mage production increase method

The sperm of High Magic Male A is collected, and given birth to by Medium Magic Female C.

A High Magic Male with 22,000 magic power value and a Medium Magic Female with about 3,400 magic power value.

Magical inheritance to children even in the absence of father is 0.45 times,

First child 3623, second child 3508, third child 3404, fourth child 3312.

If you give birth to four people, the next generation will have twice as many National Mages and mothers.

When the fourth person is born, the magic power value of C is 2478 before birth, and 2230 after birth.

If there’s a tenfold difference in magic power between Sperm A and Medium Magic Female C, the magic inheritance will fail.

After that, inseminate Sperm A on someone with 20,000 magic power value, and have them give birth to 6 people, and it triples.

If you inseminate Sperm A you use to 15,000 magic power value and have them give birth to 8 people, it will be quadruple.

Fifth child 3003, Sixth child 2928, Seventh child 2297, Eighth child 2236.

The first child of the New C (3003) and A (22,000) 3489. Second child 3387.

The first child of the New C (2928) and A (22,000) 3463. Second child 3364.

The first child of the New C (2297) and A (22,000) 3250. Second child 3173.

The first child of the New C (2236) and A (22,000) 3230. Second child 3154.

Even the fifth child to the eighth child can increase the number of mothers for the next generation. After two generations, Cruiser Operation possible.

★ Place name, etc.

挿絵(By みてみん)

Diete System (Type G) population 7.2 billion, Royal family, Duke of Strani family

Capital Planet Diros (diameter 1.4x, rotation = 28 hours)

The continent where the Royal Capital is located = Ortegia Continent

Across the Mediterranean Sea – Cynthus Continent

Artemis system, population 6.6 billion, Duke of Takrham

Athena system, population 6 billion, Duke absent (formerly Langlois)

Apollo system, population 5.8 billion, Dukes of Coesfeld

(Marquis of Carneus, Marquis of Zäckingen, Count of Havist)

Podalley System, population 5 billion, Duke of Dauphin.

Machaon System: population 4.6 billion, Dukes of Mauriac

(Marquis of Ornelas)

Hercules system (red dwarf)

Alcaeus (8 times in diameter, gravity 1.5 times) 8x

The main planet has fixed day and night and tidally locked.

Has a giant moon Cades (planetary scale)

Myrna system (Type K)

Head Planet Fynn (meaning white, beautiful)

McCool continent (the prisoners of war were going round and round)

Planet Finnegus (orbiting in the habitable zone)

MacLir System (K Type)

Head Planet Whispa (diameter 1.2x, gravity 1.1x)

Antarctica and Artic poles, Large Ocean and three continents, two inland seas

Moon Fraga (900 kilometers in diameter)

1st planet Fomor, 3rd planet Tula

Fukashiro System (G Type) Head Planet = Lián Shāng (Renshō) (diameter 1.3x)

Planetary rotation = 26 hours, sea level = 2.6x)

Shinkyō System (K Type) Head Planet = Suān (Su-An) (diameter 1.3x)

The rotation is slow, and the day/night cycle is one week

Kyūyama System (red dwarf) Head Planet = Xiàshān (Shi~āchuu)

Tidally locked, fixed day and night.


Ten-to (Tiān dū) (Federation of Tenka)

★Organizations of the Monarchy of Diete (Constitutional Monarchy)

Parliament = 1 seat per 100 million population.

House of Lords (Senate) = Representative of the Aristocracy Side

House of Representatives (National Assembly) = Representative of the People side

Government = 15 provinces in 1 prefecture. Added as needed.

Prime minister’s office

Ministry of Military Affairs, Ministry of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Development, Ministry of Distribution, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology Ministry of Environment

Ministry of Reconstruction (← recently added. Will Eventually Disappear)

Only the Prime Minister`s Office is a higher organization, and the ministries are the same organization with different roles.

The Aristocratic Privilege Reduction Committee is an organization under the direct control of the Sovereign, and the Secretariat is in the Prime Minister’s office.

Ministry of Military Affairs

Military Government Office Departmental Work (general affairs, legal affairs, accounting, planning, development, etc.)

Technology Development Bureau (Director of the Spirit Crystals Department = Yuna < at the start of volume 3>)

Planning Bureau (Director of Salamander Project Division)

Finance Bureau (Director of Accounting and Audit bureau)

The Staff Office Leadership Work (Military Academy Education, Human Resources, Administration, etc.)

An example = a job to makes aristocracy follow orders

Instructional Bureau (Philine = Director of the Third Teaching Department < at the beginning of volume 3>)

Department of Education (Director of Fighter Craft Education. Principal of Military Academy = Head of Department)

Command and Control Office Operational Forces (maintenance, strengthening, operation, etc. of force.)

Command Bureaus (General Headquarters, etc.)

Security Bureau (Military Police Department, etc.)

General Affairs Bureau (Fighter Craft Division, Carrier Craft Division, Fortress Division, Defense Facilities Division, Android Division, etc.)

Colonel General = Three Chief Posts.

General = Deputy Chief, Commander of Star System District Army, etc.

Lieutenant General = Director, Fleet commander, etc.

Major General = Division Head, Squadron Commander, etc.

Brigadier General = Deputy Director, Fortress Commander, Flotilla Commander, etc.

Colonel = Section Chief, Battleship and Carrier Craft Captain, Military Academy Principal, etc.

Lieutenant Colonel = Cruiser and Light Carrier Captain, Military Academy Grade Officer, etc.

Major = Light Cruiser, Destroyer or Gunship Captain, Fighter Craft Commander (100 crafts), etc.

Captain = Auxiliary Captain, Fighter Craft Squadron Leader (25 boats), etc.

Lieutenant = Fighter Craft Platoon Leader (5 crafts), etc.

Second Lieutenant = Military Academy Graduate, Fighter Craft Pilot, etc.

Warrant Officer = Suppressor operator, etc.

★ Fortresses, Ships, etc.

挿絵(By みてみん)

Royal Army constant = Attack Fortress 1, Defense Fortress 2, Mobile Fortress 4.

Fortress various

Attack Fortress Kerviel ○ Operational (Hart as Operator)

Defense Fortress Galgaliel ○ Operational (Diete System Deployment)

Defense Fortress Iblis × Disposed (Partial relocation to Fortress Kerviel)

Mobile Fortress Sariel × Exploded (Valfrete Onboard)

Mobile Fortress Camael × Exploded (Military Operation in the Hercules System Battle)

Mobile Fortress Raguel × Exploded (Former Crown Prince Gracian Onboard)

Mobile Fortress Zophiel ○ Operational (Solar System Deployment)

Mobile Fortress Haniel x Exploded (Newly built → operated by the 10th Sovereign)

Mobile Fortress Ophaniel ○ Operational (Private Property of the Duke of Mauriac)

Shipping Containers (common standards)

Small Container – length 100 width 40 height 50

Medium Container – length 100 width 80 height 50

Large Container – length 500 width 160 height 50

Small = 200,000 cubic meters, transport ship can carry 20 units

Medium = 400,000 cubic meters, transport ship can carry 10 units

Large = 4 million cubic meters, transport ship can transport 1 unit

Monarchy Ships

Fortress Kerviel, Mira A×3, cooperation Force Evaluation 10228

(6588+556+572+712) Dia Force Evaluation 8428

(6588+556+572+421) Collette Force Evaluation 8137

[< a wall that prevents operation with multiple people >]

Attack Fortress when operating alone, Force Evaluation 5625

Defense Fortress when operating alone, Force Evaluation 2025

[< a wall where there are no magic power holders beyond the Royal grade>]

Attack Fortress when operating with 3 people (addition) Force Evaluation 1518

Defense Fortress when operating with 2 people (addition) Force Evaluation 1012

Mobile Fortress, with Royal grade 27,000 Force Evaluation 506

First-class Fortress Ship with Duke grade 21000 Force Evaluation 306

Second-class Fortress Ship with Marquis grade 17000 Force Evaluation 201

Third-class Fortress Ship with Count grade 13000 Force Evaluation 117

First-class Battleship with Baron grade 9500 Force Evaluation 63

Second-class Battleship with Baron grade 7100 Force Evaluation 35

Third-class Battleship 5000m Force Evaluation 17

Cruiser 3300m Force Evaluation 8

New Carrier Craft with 100 Salamander crafts Force Evaluation 8

Old Carrier Craft with 100 Old Type Fighter Crafts Force Evaluation 5

Light Cruiser 2100m Force Evaluation 3

Destroyer 1200m Force Evaluation 1

New Salamander fighter crafts, 1 craft, Force Evaluation 0. 08

Old fighter crafts, conventional fighter craft, 1 craft Force Evaluation 0. 05

※ Because Auxiliary Ships do not fight, they do not count as a force

New fleet of 2,000 ships = Force Evaluation 3843

Old fleet of 2,000 ships = Force Evaluation 3693

(When Aristocracy Participate, Stronger Ship Types are Mixed and Evaluation Increases)

Tenka Vessels

Cruiser class Shiraki (Báichéng) Force Evaluation 6

Destroyer class Ishijou (Shíchéng)Force Evaluation 0. 8

Carrier Craft class Shiroyama (Báishān) (equipped with 150 fighter crafts)

Fighter Craft Yunfu (Yúnfú) Force Evaluation 0. 04

Battleship class Ryūshou (Lóngshèng) not uniform

1 fleet = 1000 ships (980 Cruisers, 20 Carrier Crafts) Force Evaluation 6000

※ Battleships are not National Mages, so they are not included in the Forces of one fleet.

Various terms

Mass Wave Agglomeration Bombardment (Laser)

Magic Conversion Protective Membrane (Shield)

Multidimensional Magical Conversion Observation Waves (Radar)

Multidimensional Magical Conversion Communication Wave (Communication)

Monarchy Military Android Soldiers = Ship personnel × 8 is the standard deployment number

You can’t synchronize the magic power of multiple people in a single magic element engine.

★ Order of Merit

Order of Orion, 1st class (Blue) <O type>

Order of Algol, 2nd class (Blue and White) <B type>

Order of Sirius, 3rd Class (White) <A type>

Order of Procyon, 4th Class (Yellow-White) <C type>

Order of Capella, 5th Class (Yellow) <G type> ※The Sun is G type

Order of Eridanus, 6th Class (Orange) <K type>

Order of Gliese, 7th class (Red) <M type>

* if you exceed the first prize, will you establish a Double Star or Triple star medal?

Does an O-type main sequence star have a companion M-type dwarf star next to it?

The 8th award = Order of the Double Star Gliese, 1st class

The 9th award = Order of the Double Star Eridanus, 1st class

The 15th award = Order of Triple Star Gliese, 1st Class

★ Losses

The Monarchy of Diete

Fleet of Approximately 28,000 ships (14 fleets, 7 million personnel)

Approximately 82 million Fighter Crafts (Capital Planet and Fortress Kerviel)

Approximately 90 million soldiers (not only ship crew during battle)

Deaths of Capital Planet: Approximately 3.75 billion.

Fallen Critical Systems, 6 systems (all of the former Coalition Systems)

Deprived population about 11 billion (including Non-Coalition Member States. Dwarves not included)

Notable Deaths at the Capital planet – The Sovereign, 2 Chiefs, General appointed to Capital Planet and 90% of aristocrats who participated in the Defense Battle.

Other Monarchy Changes – The royal capital relocated. The first factory of spirit crystals permanently gone.

5 Nations of the Tenka Federation

Approximately 760,000 warships destroyed (Total force before conscription = 1 million ships)

Two Star System Deaths: Approximately 21.25 billion

Destroyed Star Systems = 5 Star System (2 Tenka Systems, 3 Former Coalition Systems)

Coalition of Humanity (reference)

Civilian deaths, Approximately 20 billion.

Survivors in member countries: about 8 billion people (including 1 billion who were taken away)

After the destruction, the resident System was occupied by Tenka.

★ Remarks

This work is a combination of the following two works that I posted on Syosetu.

Dandelion Man Adrift in Another World” (2014/04/04~) Science Fiction

The Villainess: A Thousand and One Nights” (2015/06/26 -) Otome game

There was a question derived from the impression column, so I’d like to clarify it.