Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 – Battle of the Myrna Star System

January 442 of the Monarchy Calendar.

The 12-month year is a remnant of the calendar used during the Earth era.

As humanity expanded into the galaxy, each inhabited planet had a different orbital speed. But the years and months were still used as the standard time for humanity. However, only the days differ due to the rotation of each planet, and some planets have 12 or 40 days in a month.

Therefore, January 1st of the Monarchy calendar was also January 1st for the Coalition of Humanity.

“Happy New Year”

“Happy New Year”

The new year was being celebrated with great fanfare on the Coalition’s head planet, Fynn.

Fireworks were set off on all continents, artificial auroras dominated the night sky with curtains of light, and giant structures around the world were lit up in hundreds of thousands of colors, revealing the text of 3742 AD.

The president of the Coalition government raised a toast in front of a huge crowd, the main streets were bustling even at midnight, and the nagging authorities acquiesced to the late-night commotion only for today.

People full of alcohol in their bodies at the celebration paraded through the streets, screaming with gusto.

“This year, we’re gonna take down the head of those Dietes.”

“Those barbarians should go from colonial rule into chains and slavery.”

Of course, not everyone on the head planet is parading around the city.

For those who were at home, artificial intelligence bodies that can sing a tune and dwelled on the information terminals of the Coalition people were delivering cheerful songs suitable for the New Year.

A military officer belonging to the Communications Command of the Myrna System Army was one of many who listened to the singing.

“Oh, Linnell is so cute. I can’t wait to see what you’re wearing today.”

“Oi, Alan. We can’t have a Captain peeking up an artificial intelligence skirt while on duty. If the command staff has that attitude, the others will slack up.”

“But, Commander, I can see just fine.”

“It’s not what’s up the skirt you need to see, it’s the regular reports.”

The Commander on duty at the Communications Command Center, who was also forced to work the New Year’s shift, took a dig at his subordinate, but the reality is that the entire communications command center is loose.

Alan, who was warned, retorted without a hint of remorse.

“Artificial intelligence is probably a preliminary stage of the spirit crystal of the Monarchy. When they mutate and evolve by some chance, they may become like the spirits in spirit crystals. We have to help them.”

“Help them when you’re off-duty. So how are the regular reports coming along?”

After making an excuse, the Commander asked for the periodic report again.

“It’s fine, sir. The Hercules System Army never miss a regular report. General Dexter is in command of the large force, and he can’t get wiped out without even having time to communicate.”

“That’s true, but….”

The Commander could not help accepting Alan’s statement.

Then an urgent communication came from the outer rim of the star system, and the Commander temporarily suspended his attention to his subordinates.

When Alan opened the line of the Multidimensional Magic Conversion Communication Wave, the ship registration number of the reconnaissance ship is displayed at the bottom of the screen of the Communications Command Center, showing the captain and three officers at the Battle Command Center of the reconnaissance ship.

[This is reconnaissance ship 4-C06-09BH0121, Captain Boltshiek. Emergency!]

“This is Communications Command, Communications Officer Captain Alan Glucook. Captain Boltshiek, explain the situation.”

Boltshiek spoke with a terrifying look in his eyes that almost shot Alan to death.

[Have identified, Fortress Kerviel of the Monarchy of Diete Army!]

Alan’s eyes widened in astonishment, and Boltshiek continued to shout.

[Warped out of the high-dimensional space, a sector of 232.54 million kilometers above our port side. Multidimensional Magic Conversion Observation Wave confirms it is Fortress Kerviel…]

Before he could finish saying everything, the Communications Command Center screen glowed white and the communication was lost.

“…… Hey, Captain Boltshiek. What’s wrong?”

As Alan was confused, the Commander received what Boltshiek wanted to say more clearly than could be conveyed in words.

Without pause, screams poured in from the other operators in the communications command center.

“The Communications Command is receiving a series of urgent transmissions and requests for help from the outer rim of the system.”

“Activate all emergency call systems.”

The Commander, who was the highest-ranking officer in the Communications Command, immediately issued a state of emergency.

“Emergency report to the entire Myrna system. This is Lieutenant Colonel Clement Starnik, Commander on duty at the Myrna System Military Communications Command. The Monarchy’s Fortress Kerviel has appeared on the outer rim of the Myrna system. Please respond immediately.”

By the time the Communications Command raised the alarm in the Myrna system, Fortress Kerviel, which had completed its ultra-long-range warp, had already commenced operations.

The celestial recovery unit, which was the first to be released, will deploy to the outer rim of the system and begin work.

During that time, Fortress Kerviel, which had forced its way through the celestial group, released the 5th Fleet to sweep the rear sector. Immediately after, the fortress reactivated its magic engine and began to accelerate.

At the same time, while probing the entire system for magic engines, four fleets were put on standby for departure.

“We have integrated past images with Multidimensional Magic Conversion Observation Waves, mass waves, and optical observations. Information is also being integrated with the 5th Fleet, which is out of port.”

Along with the Communications Officer’s report, a system map and force distribution were projected onto the main screen of the fortress.

In the huge operations command headquarters of Fortress Kerviel, more than 100 screens and projectors, large and small, display various information, and thousands of officers are checking the information and issuing instructions to the expeditionary forces.

Valfrete, the Commander-in-Chief, sits in the top seat, and overlooking him are the command posts of Vice-Commanders, General Jhering and General Reinelt.

Hart had set up his original fortress command center in a section of the huge Operations Command Headquarters, and was operating the fortress according to Valfrete’s orders.

“Add the search results of Seraphina to the fortress’s search information.”

“Copy that.”

As soon as Hart instructed, the main screen of Fortress Kerviel displayed a series of enemy fleets, fleet divisions, squadrons, and even single ships stationed in the Myrna System Space Port.

Mobile fortresses, including those under construction that were missed by magic observation, were also picked up by optical observation, and the Coalition strength was calculated every time a red light was displayed, eventually settling at 100 to 60.

Valfrete glanced just for a moment at Hart’s Command Center and then declared.

“First target, the military spaceport and garrisoned fleet of the planet Finnegus, and mobile fortresses in satellite orbit. Accelerate the fortress and launch the entire fleet and all Fighter crafts from the rear of the fortress. Destroy them quickly before enemy soldiers from planet Fynn rush to planet Finnegus.”

“Understood. Seraphina, accelerate. Get us at a reasonable speed.”

“Such nerve.”

Seraphina, who was rushed by Hart, smiled and interfered with the magic elements in some way.

Then, Fortress Kerviel flashed blue light like a blue giant star and began to accelerate explosively.

“Fortress ship speed, impossible acceleration. 200 million kilometers per hour. 300 million kilometers… at this rate, the deployed troops will not be able to decelerate and will rush into the enemy planet!”

The head of the Navigation Department looked very pale and complained with a scream.

Upon receiving the report, Valfrete immediately stood up and shouted.

“Stop acceleration now! All fleets, Fighter crafts groups, commence emergency departure from fortress ports. After deployment, re-accelerate the fortress. Defeat the enemy before they start moving.”

As soon as the propulsion device was stopped by Valfrete’s roar, Communications Officers began yelling at each other.

“All the troops, deploy immediately. Fortress acceleration exceeds specified value. We will reach the enemy before all the troops are deployed. Repeat, all the troops, deploy immediately.”

The exterior walls of Fortress Kerviel opened one after another, and millions of Royal army ships flew out at explosive speeds, like a swarm of hundreds of thousands of bats flying out of the cave.

The four fleets, which flew out, turned their bow and headed to the planet Finnegus, deploying the formation in a position that surrounds the top, bottom, left, and right of Fortress Kerviel.

The sector in-between the fortresses and fleets were filled with six million Fighter crafts.

Instead of using a combat-linked system to operate 6 million crafts as they were, the Royal Army General Command established a command station for every 30,000 crafts to supervise them.

Each of the 200 combat craft command stations uses a combat-linked system to move 20,000 Fighter crafts, while the former combat craft pilots work in a command station to check for deficiencies. As a result, the General Headquarters has reduced its command burden and is barely within operational limits.

“Fighter crafts, 1st to 200th command stations, now linked to General Headquarters. Information integration system, up and running”

“Fleet departure complete. The battleships have begun to disembark the port sequentially, but ejection is also possible, so magic engines can be operated.”

The Royal Fleet, which was thrown into the Myrna System, quickly destroyed all Coalition ships in their path as they pushed into the center of the System at lightning speed.

Valfrete gives orders in rapid succession.

“All deployed fleets, launch your fusion rounds. Everything in front is the enemy. I don’t care what you hit. Missiles can be produced in the fortress. Don’t be bothered about the amount left. Fire at the enemy.”

“Sir. To entire fleet, launch missile swarm. Target, everything ahead”

“Lieutenant General Amakawa, fire fortress missile swarm. Break through interceptor missiles launched from enemy defense missile launchers.”

“Copy that. Missile swarm launch. Target, all enemy missile launch facilities in the system Seraphina, aim at the enemy spaceport before missiles block the front.”

The Royal Army in the Star System split into ships and missiles, quickly doubling the total number.

The missile group that precedes the fleet becomes the shield and spear of the fleet and advances against the enemy.

The Mass Wave Agglomeration artillery of Fortress Kerviel passed right next to such a group of missiles.

“Fortress Kerviel, laser irradiation fired. Distance 920 million km… has not diminished. Hit an artificial satellite in Planet Finnegus orbit!?”

“F, Fortress Kerviel’s main gun, hit the enemy military spaceport.”

In the midst of the General Command staff’s astonishment, the fortress’s main cannon penetrated the enemy spaceport in its irradiated state.

Hart’s magic power value is 91,150, but by adding an A-class crystal, it becomes 97,400. The coordinates and orbital speed of the spaceport can also be identified by the magic element reaction of the enemy fleet departing from the spaceport.

Spaceports, which are unable to move on their own, could be hit even over long distances.

In the Coalition spaceport, which suffered an unexpected attack, a warship preparing to leave the port was hit, causing a massive explosion that set off a chain of explosions on other unprotected ships.

The main gun continues to tear through the military spaceport under irradiation, further increasing the explosions.

“Fortress Kerviel main gun is tearing up the enemy space port. Enemy stationed fleet estimated from the magic reaction, about 6 fleets. 6 enemy fleets, annihilated!”

Many of the fleets were unable to leave because they were using the neighboring planet Finnegus as a military spaceport, instead of the mostly inhabited head planet Fynn.

Many of the officers and soldiers returning from the Hercules Star System battle were on vacation, either staying home at midnight for the New Year or taking to the streets for drinks and merrymaking.

The transportation network was paralyzed when the Fynnians learned of the Monarchy’s invasion, and there was too little time to board the fleet from there to the next planet in orbit.

“Seraphina, attack the enemy fortress next. Let’s destroy them all.”

“They’re in the shadow of the planet. Angela, please get the fortress to orbit the planet.”

When Hart asked Seraphina, Seraphina took the liberty of instructing Colette’s spirit to adjust the operation of the Fortress Propulsion Engine.

After the spaceport and its moored fleet were cleared, the Fortress began to switch targets to destroy the 60 mobile fortresses in Finnegus’ satellite orbit.

“Fortress Kerviel main gun is destroying enemy fortresses. Magic engine operation by battleship class detected, but the fortress main gun pierced the armor. Approximately 60 enemy fortresses in geostationary satellite orbit have been successfully destroyed sequentially.”

The Coalition fortresses did not seem to have functioning operators.

The completed magic powered individuals must have been dispatched to the Hercules system with another fortress. Hart imagined. The Coalition was mass-producing magic power holders, and the fortresses they operated were built in the Myrna system.

The Coalition mobile fortress is about 30 kilometers long. To cover a mass of that scale with a shield, 30,000 magic power value would be required.

Not a single one of the Coalition’s mobile fortresses could be shielded, and in fact, when those who lacked the magic power tried to operate the Magic Engine, their locations were grasped and destroyed one after another.

“This fortress has destroyed the enemy fortresses, reversing the orbit around planet Finnegus.”

The 60 Coalition mobile fortresses, which were unprotected in the satellite orbit of the planet Finnegus, were destroyed in an instant after being irradiated by Fortress Kerviel.

In parallel with the fortress’s success, the Monarchy’s missiles also clashed with the Coalition’s missiles, making the star system shine with a huge flash. The Monarchy Fleet and Fighter crafts also shot at Coalition and private ships that flew out of space ports and bases, scattering flashes of explosions through the system.

Those violent explosions were like fireworks celebrating the New Year.

“The Royal Army of the Monarchy of Diete, Commander-in-Chief Valfrete Strani Asteria, informs all troops under his command that a New Year’s salute is in order against the Coalition of Humanity for breaking the 457-year no-engagement period and launching a surprise attack against us. Do not relent. Our salute is what the enemy has asked for.”

The nine billion people living on planet Fynn went from the excitement of the New Year to a state of mass panic.

As the people avalanched into underground shelters around the planet, they watched in amazement on the screens of the shelters as the Coalition troops were destroyed. In the replay video, 60 mobile fortresses were shot through one after another, and people collapsed from their feet one after another.

The planet itself, where they live, is also a target of the Royal Army.

Already in the outer rim of the star system, craft ships, carrier crafts, and light carrier crafts that had left Fortress Kerviel were scouring celestial bodies, with some Fighter crafts and suppression craft in tow.

It was a mandatory course incorporated into the first year of the Royal Military Academy. It is an operation to tow a celestial body that had been pushed outward by the solar wind with a warship and plunge into an inhabited planet.

When plunging a celestial body, its power varies depending on its size, weight, angle of incident, velocity at entry, collision terrain, etc. Any graduate of the Royal Military Academy would know how much power can be generated by such an attack. The Royal Army had a series of celestial bodies necessary for the operation.

And, another strategy was advancing in parallel with the celestial rush operation.

“Your Highness Commander-in-Chief. We have dropped more than 70% of the enemy fleet and 60 mobile fortresses. Permission to leave the remaining enemies to our comrades and rescue allies being held on planet Fynn.”

“Is that why the fortress rushed at full speed… proceed. Lieutenant General Amakawa’s war achievements are more than enough. Do as you please. A promotion and Medals of Honour are not enough for the Lord’s military service. When we return home, we’ll go through the procedure for the promotion, so look forward to it.”

Hart, who was told that he was to be promoted, looked on in astonishment, but quickly recovered his composure and gave his gratitude.

“Thank you. Fortress Kerviel changing course to planet Fynn”

Fortress Kerviel has turned its course towards a planet of 9 billion people.

As Hart prepares for the Planetary Descent operation, Valfrete also issues additional instructions.

“Orders to all fleets and all Fighter crafts. Destroy all targets. From now, Fortress Kerviel will conduct special operations. General Jhering, have one fleet support special operations.”

“Sir. Orders to Lieutenant General Rendano of the 4th Fleet. Support the mission of Fortress Kerviel.”

“Understood. Viscount Amakawa, I look forward to our second great banquet after returning home.”

The Monarchy forces, which have shifted to a rampage battle, will destroy all targets within the system.

Planetary defense satellites, military spaceports, security fleet garrison, defense missile launch facilities, natural resource accumulation sectors, large-scale processing facilities, military ship shipbuilding facilities, munitions production plants… all of them were blown to pieces.

In the meantime, Fortress Kerviel entered the satellite orbit of the planet Fynn, accompanied by the 4th Fleet.

“Reconnaissance satellites, target for extended projection. 135th military camp near Allesmeier district, New Gaia, McCool continent. Launch ground assault, omitting operational targets. Operation to suppress the head planet Fynn, commence”

A huge amount of artifacts was released from Fortress Kerviel.

Millions of missiles, 100,000 military satellites, 200,000 unmanned atmospheric crafts, 600,000 remote combat drones and as many as 10,000 assault landing craft spread out in orbit.

The first millions of missiles and interceptor missiles launched from the planet’s surface filled the atmosphere outside the head planet Fynn with flashes and blasts.

A huge number of military satellites that crashed through the storm began to rain down in a downpour of light on the surface of the head planet Fynn.

On the ground, not only military facilities but also huge structures that were lit up to celebrate the New Year were destroyed one after another, and rubble and dust blew up, creating clouds of sand in the sky.

A huge number of unmanned fighter jets and combat drones crash through sand clouds and fly over the planet, hitting all man-made objects in the atmosphere.

The Monarchy’s forces, which had thoroughly suppressed the enemy’s head, plunged 20,000 assault landing crafts into the atmosphere en masse. The assault landing craft, which burned red in the atmospheric plunge, deployed about 1.94 million military android soldiers and suppression weapons on the ground, while being intercepted and hundreds of ships were damaged.

“Our top priority is to control the entire area as quickly as possible. If any prisoners are taken hostage, kill the enemy with the hostages and move on.”

The Monarchy of Diete will not allow hostages to be used as a bargaining chip for demands in consideration of their lives. This is because if value is given to a hostage, the perpetrator will take hostages in subsequent crimes.

Even if hostages were taken, it was a crime prevention policy in the Monarchy of Diete to capture or kill the perpetrators regardless of the safety of the hostages, and Hart also strictly adhered to the principles of the Monarchy. However, he was willing to help those who could be rescued as much as possible.

“After repression is complete, secure as many of the surviving Royal Prisoners of War in the camp as possible. Sort them later, but if explosives are embedded on them, remove them first. Quickly now.”

Given the objective, the androids, with their suppression weapons in tow, completely ignore all damage and push towards the target like an avalanche.

Heavily armed Royal Army androids and weapons were bombarded with support from satellite orbit, and engaged in fierce ground battle with large Coalition man-made suppression machines equipped with Magic Engine, and Coalition Android soldiers.

Meanwhile, the seven Royal Army fleets and six million Fighter crafts that had devastated the Coalition Forces were destroying every man-made object in the Myrna Star system.

In military shipbuilding facilities and munitions production plants, new ships that were under construction will become cosmic dust along with each construction facility. Then, General Reinelt confirmed to Valfrete.

“Your Highness Commander-in-Chief. The 3rd Fleet reported that it had taken the natural resource accumulation sector. There are many rare minerals that can hardly be mined in the Monarchy’s territory and are imported via the Frodi System, and they are requesting confirmation as to whether or not they should be seized.”

Valfrete judged that the goods must be of such high value that the fleet on maneuvers took the trouble to confirm it.

“Seize them. Consider it interstate trade. In exchange for operational military satellites, packed them into the transport compartments of Fortress Kerviel.”

“Understood. Order the Third Fleet to begin seizure.”

When the Royal army began to show some leeway in seizing resources, 400 craft ships deployed on the outer rim of the star system entered the star system, towing huge celestial bodies.

Celestial size, weight, angle of incident, rate of entry, collision terrain.

The size of the celestial bodies varied, but their weight is generally the same. This is adjusted by the angle of entry and speed of entry, and the weight is generally evenly distributed.

As a Monarchy, they would like to reuse the Myrna System after the war, if possible.

Therefore, the planet itself will not be destroyed, and the entry will be adjusted so as to blow up as many people as possible who have gone underground or under the sea. In this battle, they were able to annihilate the enemy, so they can afford to adjust that much.

“The Celestial Rush Task Force will complete its mission in approximately 24 hours.”

As the fleet and Fighter crafts swept through the Myrna system, and the crafting units towed the celestial bodies, Hart impatiently awaited the outcome of his rescue operation.

On the ground, there is a fierce battle being waged, that is incomparable to when Hart carried out a forced berth and rush operation unto a light cruiser during the Frodi System battle.

Rain of uninterrupted missiles has been launched from the McCool continent, where ground assault forces have descended, and the missiles of Fortress Kerviel were exploding by seconds.

Underneath them, a large Coalition Force gathered in New Gaia, where hundreds of thousands of military satellites, unmanned fighters and combat drones engaged and shot each other down.

Fighter crafts launching from within the planet are carrying out laser attacks against Lieutenant General Rendano’s 4th Fleet, which is holding the planet’s head.

Hundreds of thousands of androids have blown each other away.

Then, 13 hours and 23 minutes after entering the atmosphere, the long-awaited good news finally arrived.

“Report from the Raiding Force, succeeded in controlling all areas. Based on results of biometric verification, confirmed tentative match of 302 non-returnees of the Frodi system, 24,556 non-returnees of the Loki Star System, and 339,749 non-returnees of the Hercules Star System.”

“Good, well done!”

Following Hart’s delight, roars, cheers, and even shouts erupted from the operations command headquarters. The good news was also conveyed to the 4th fleet and other fleets that supported the operation, and cheers and fervor spread throughout the Royal Army.

“Send out additional transport ships from the fortress and rescue the prisoners immediately. After the rescue is complete, all operation units are to withdraw. Discard any units that are difficult to withdraw or recover. Before introducing the celestial body, leave the head planet Fynn and meet up with the Third Fleet to recover resources. Combat craft units will also be accommodated in sequence “

“Yes, sir.”

At the time Hart gave his orders, the force rating in the system was less than 100 to 1.

This battle was an offensive reversal for last year’s Capital planet defense.

The attackers were able to catch them off guard even more than last year by approaching unnoticed from ultra-long distances with Fortress Kerviel and Spirit Crystal.

And the defenders, like the last ones, were absent because the main force was sent to the frontline.

There were 60 defense fortresses, but they should not have been calculated as they had no operators. The result of the foolish judgment was attacks on the planet Fynn and Finnegus in the form of the celestial rush.

Celestial bodies that were adjusted not to destroy the planets were dropped, cracking continental plates to scorch the surface, and smashing the oceans to wash away the continent with a massive tsunami.

The continent’s structures were blown to dust by intense blasts, swept away in the oceans, and the winds of the rock rained down on the whole planet.

Nearly 100 celestial bodies fell on each of the two planets, causing extensive damage to the two planets, and temporarily reducing the planetary environment to uninhabitable levels.

It has been 442 years since the Declaration of Independence. Diete destroyed the Coalition head planet once again.

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