Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – The Defense Fortress became Wreckage before the War

It has been three and a half months since the Monarchy’s Capital Planet, Diros, received news of the resumption of war with the Coalition.

In order to defeat the enemy forces gathering in the Loki system, the Royal army dispatched 16 fleets of 32,000 ships, two mobile fortresses, and one attack fortress from the Diete system.

In response to the enemy’s Operation Fenrir, the Monarchy army called itself the Vidar fleet.

Víðarr is the son of Odin, the God of Norse mythology, who stomped on Fenrir’s lower jaw, grabbed his upper jaw and tore it to death.

The Vidar fleet, bearing the divine name, has two mobile fortresses in the center and 16 fleets around it forming a double octagonal disk-shaped wall.

It is a battle formation that responds by confronting the enemy face to face, and depending on the enemy formation and the battle situation, can expand or contract the circle, stretch it into an ellipse to attack from both sides, or advance the outer circumference of the circle and semi-enclose the enemy.

The orderly formation was beautiful, creating a harmonious fleet movement throughout.

At the edge of the formation, only one attack fortress ran alongside the fleet formation.

The name of the fortress is Kerviel.

The name comes from ‘Cherubiel Yahweh’ , the head of the second class of Cherubim in Pseudo-Dionysius’ “Nine Classes of Angels”.

According to “Enoch Chapter 3”, The Cherubim Kerubiel was a gigantic being whose body was filled with flaming coals, and when he opened his mouth, he exhaled blazing flames.

He also carries the Dazzling Shekhinah Bow that is much brighter than the sun, and Book of Genesis it is said that God placed a Cherubim with a burning sword to protect the Garden of Eden.

According to mythology, Fortress Kerviel contains tremendous energy inside its artificial body, and once it is shot, it unleashes a dazzling light that burns down the target.

The name speaks for itself.

The renovated Fortress Kerviel was enlarged to 90,000 meters in length, making it the largest man-made object in the vicinity, and it had the highest fighting power to match its size.

“Unfortunately, we couldn’t upgrade the fortress’s main engines in time. If you and the spirit crystal are combined, you can generate an output equal to 6,588 destroyers, but the Magic Engine was not built for that. I’ll have it ready by the time you come back.”

Dr. Kerman, who declared this, cooperated with the military’s engineering team to make various modifications before the attack.

Since the magic engine could not be operated by more than one person, he plan was to use a large magic engine for Hart to operate the attack fortress alone. He adjusted it so that Hart could use it while simultaneously using other secondary engines.

Since the original attack fortress had three magic engines, there were multiple lines for the transmission of magic elements. From one of the two defense fortresses on the Capital Planet, he removed the magic engine and its accompanying armament, and added it to Fortress Kerviel.

What was removed from the defense fortress was the magic engine, a dedicated Mass Wave Agglomeration Cannon for the main gun, a large-scale Magic Conversion Protective Membrane generator, a propulsion engine dedicated to the fortress, and a wide range of Multidimensional Magic Conversion Observation Waves. In addition, the crew was transferred, including battle crafts, suppression craft, androids, and a large number of fusion ammunition.

The perimeter of the fortress was heavily armored with multiple liquid metal layers such as sodium metal, lonsdaleite, potassium, boron nitride, cermet, and eutectic alloy to match with Hart’s surplus magic power, and was converted into armor that could withstand enemy fusion bullets. As a result, the fortress was greatly enhanced with the combat power that was insufficient as a star system deployment type at the beginning of construction, and reborn as an interstellar mobile combat fortress.

As a result, Fortress Kerviel took on a metallic figure of a curled up hedgehog covered in multiple layers of liquid metal. In exchange, one of the defense fortresses, Fortress Iblis, turned into a remnant of a hedgehog with its needles and fur ripped out and flesh hollowed out.

In other words, one of the defense fortresses had been reduced to wreckage before the battle.

After receiving the report, Colonel General Valfrete must have been astonished. However, he did not express any surprise, and promoted Yuna, Philine, and Colette to the rank of Major, which is appropriate for the operator of the combat magic engine, using the same method as Hart, and sent them to the command center of Fortress Kerviel as operational personnel of the additional magic engines.

Hart believed that Yuna was sent in to add pressure as the future Duke’s daughter. Collette would be in a supporting role, and if Philine alone was left out, things would get off to a bad start at a later date.

Since all four members of the Heavy Battleship Department are present, this expedition was treated as a practical training session, and instructors are also onboard to give lessons.

The magic power of Yuna and Philine, when combined with the powers of the advanced spirits, were of Royal-class and Colette was Duke-class, so the fortress’s strength evaluation greatly exceeded the initial assumption.

The combat energy of Fortress Kerviel, which allocated two royal-class cadets assigned to secondary armaments, and Colette to the propulsion engines, is estimated to reach 5,568 destroyers at 4556+506+506.

The Vidar fleet, with such an extremely unique force, was advancing toward the Loki system.

“Communication from the Reconnaissance fleet. 40 light-years to the Loki system. No hostiles detected in the surrounding sector.”

A communications officer reported to the operations command center in the center of the fortress, which has a multi-leveled atrium.

The sub-monitor provides a complete picture of the Vidar fleet. 16 large light points divided into numerous small lights with each warp, but quickly gathered into a large light as if they were being sucked together. Hart was repeatedly fascinated by the orderly gathering of the lights.

“The fleet operation is so beautiful that it is incomparable to cadets. The warp has little error, yet the relative distance from the flagship doesn’t change at all.”

“They’re all experienced veterans. It may also be an auxiliary effect of intermediate spirits.”

On the left side of the Commander’s seat where Hart was sitting, Philine, the Operational Assistant, was forcibly seated next to him. On the contrary, she spoke aggressively, occasionally entwining her right hand with Hart’s left hand.

In fact, even if his left hand rested on her thigh, or by chance his elbow touched her chest, Philine was not offended at all. It seems that the drug Yuna, her rival, had the same effect on Philine as in the game.

In this case, if only the two were alone, there is a possibility of asking to wear cat ears or a maid outfit. The 17-year-old Hart was fantasizing. Paw gloves would be impossible, though.

Yuna also secured Hart’s right-hand side against Philine.

The right side had the same arrangement as in the Space Flight drill, and Hart was clutching Yuna’s right hand, which was trembling at that time. Originally, Yuna did not have a pushy personality, but she insisted that this was her seat and didn’t take a step back from Philine. If Philine wore cat ears, Yuna is likely to put them on herself without asking.

The innocence of the past has returned, but at a moment’s notice, the dark side of Yuna appears and she changes into her dark mode. In that state, Yuna might even say, “Fine”, and put on a collar.

And Colette took a step back from the group and said, “Look. What are we going to do?” to Hart with only a glance

In any case, Hart’s current feeling is that he wants the operation command center to keep a low profile. Hart had been hoping for Philine to be more aggressive, but since the two of them were competing with each other and wouldn’t stop, he was forced to play a restraining role.

They are currently on the march, and Hart firmly vowed, “When this battle is over, we will have a romantic comedy.”

“Hey, Hart. The Pleiades star cluster is shining blue in starboard direction. I wonder if what we can see from here is the light from when the Monarchy of Diete declared its independence.”

“439 light-years away? The escapees from Earth never settled in that area. There are those who succeeded in migrating to Betelgeuse, 625 light-years from Earth.”

There are many nations that have fled to other star systems after their celestial swarms were dropped.

In terms of population, an estimated 8 billion people have moved out of the solar system, and most moved to Hercules and Fynn, on the other side of the Diet government, but there were quite a few nations that headed to other systems.

The technology in 3282 A.D. was lower than that of modern times, and with the celestial swarm dropped on their home planet, most of the challengers who headed for the unknown star system seem to have failed.

However, in the 290 years since humans settled in the fifth star system, the Myrna system, in 2992 AD, several countries have moved to other star systems.

There are many planets in the Milky Way Galaxy that could be inhabited by humans.

To estimate the number of habitable planets, it is easy to use the Drake equation.

The Drake equation was used by American radio astronomer Frank Drake in 1961 to explain how many sentient intelligent life forms exist in the galaxy.


N= Number of sentient civilizations

R= Number of stars born in the Milky Way in a year

fp= percentage of stars with planets

ne= number of habitable planets

fl= the rate at which life actually occurs

fi= the rate at which life evolves into intelligent life

fc= Percentage with highly advanced civilization

L= The number of years that civilization continues to emit radio waves

Drake insisted that if a reasonable value was applied in each, “N” will be greater than or equal to 1, so a careful search of the galaxy would surely find another civilization.

It has been confirmed that there are at least 400 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Of these stars, more than 40 billion (10%) are “fp” stars, which have terrestrial planets and Super Earths.

Of the 40 billion stars, 5% are planets orbiting within the habitable zone, where water can exist in liquid form. One percent of them are Earth-sized. In other words, there are 400 million Earth-sized planets in the Milky Way that orbit stars at a distance where water is in liquid form.

The next condition necessary for life to exist is water.

There is a large amount of hydrogen in the universe, and the main-sequence stars, such as the sun, use hydrogen to cause nuclear fusion. Oxygen is also naturally generated by stellar nuclear fusion and explosions. When hydrogen and oxygen meet, water molecules are created and bound to rocks in outer space.

For example, after a planet is formed in a habitable zone, if an ice celestial body is drawn from the outer reaches of the star system and collides with the planet, the planet can gain water. And Earth-sized planets in the Habitable Zone can keep water within the gravitational field if they have a moderate atmosphere.

The number of planets “ne”, on which life can exist, was about 1/40 of the observable planets. In other words, there are an estimated 10 million primordial life-generating planets “fl” in the Milky Way Galaxy.

However, no matter how many primordial life-generating planets exist, not all of them are suitable environments for human life.

Atmospheric composition, atmospheric pressure, the presence of a magnetosphere, radiation levels, average temperatures, and various other conditions are omitted, and the number of planets that human beings can live on is reduced to about 1/1,000.

In conclusion, in the Milky Way galaxy, there was an average of one planet every 10 light-years that could be inhabited by humans if modified.

However, planetary remodeling takes an enormous amount of time and effort to maintain the environment.

For this reason, human beings have been migrating to planets where they are likely to live with little or no improvement from the beginning.

“It was a country on the Eurasian continent that went to Betelgeuse, right?”

“Yes. They seem to be separate from the Coalition of Humanity, and they are acting independently.”

As he pondered further into the 439 light-years, Hart’s left hand began to be strongly tampered with.

Apparently, the silver-haired Marquis daughter is silently protesting with a sober face not to talk only with the brown-haired young lady. Then, from the right side, the left hand reached out from the future Duke’s daughter, and was placed on Hart’s right hand.

Hart thought of the faces of the Marquis of Carneus and Colonel General Valfrate, and suppressed his reaction.

As if to sweep away the actions of these three, the alert of the battle command center began to sound.

“Emergency communication from the preceding reconnaissance fleet. Discovered a large fleet of the Human Coalition. Enemy Course, the Diete Star System”

The personnel in the command center all turned their attention to the sub-monitors, which displayed the enemy fleet observed by the reconnaissance fleet.

Number of Enemy Fleet: Estimated 25,000 to 30,000 vessels

6-7 Mobile Fortresses

Convinced that the invasion plan was revealed, the Coalition forces had already begun advancing into the Diete system, earlier than from the history of Hart’s knowledge.

The correlation between this and the fact that the Acting Commander of the attack fortress raised a death flag by saying “When this battle is over, we will have a romantic comedy” is a phenomenon that cannot be clarified by science yet.

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