Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – Holding a Handsome Guy in the Jaw

After the forced berth into the wrecked light cruiser, an energy output is then sent from the ship’s own magic element engine to the other ship, which disrupts its energy to prevent escape.

This takes advantage of the characteristic that keeps multiple magic power holders from synchronizing to the magic engine, causing mass conversion with magic power that greatly exceeds the opponent, and forcibly inhibits the operation of the opponent’s magic engine.

This method was introduced in the ported version of “The Galactic Prince”, but it is a rough process with extremely limited implementation status, which can only be performed if there are no other enemy ships around and it is close to the other ship.

In the meantime, 300 android units and a combat drone corps sent internal footage from within the enemy ship.

The boarding party had invaded the interior, where no air leak had occurred, and were in a fierce firefight with enemy androids and drones.

The Anti-Intrusion system is not working because the enemy’s magic engine is inhibited. In the first place, the enemy ship itself was in tatters, and the erosion rate was steadily increasing.

“Entry through the main passage of the enemy ship. Engaged with enemy troops. We have identified the enemy ship as a Coalition of Humanity light cruiser.”

“Send an urgent transmission to friendly fleet via Magic Conversion Wave. [Have secured evidence of unidentified ship being a disguised Coalition light cruiser. This is an operation by the Coalition fleet aimed at the Royal Fleet. There is a risk of enemy reinforcements. Please respond]. That is all.”

“Yes, sir, understood. Transmitting to friendly fleet.”

Real-time footage is being sent to the friendly fleet, but only one ship stands out from the fleet, resulting in a 6-minute time lag in communications.

Immediately, the cadets in charge of communication sent the situation via Multidimensional Magic Conversion Communication Wave.

“The boarding party secured three downed enemy soldiers in need of medical assistance, two wounded enemy soldiers, and five deceased. Team D will transport them to the ship.”

“The priority of transport is the order of survivors of healthy survivors, wounded survivors, high-ranked corpses, and low-corpses in a safe and secure manner.”

“Copy that.”

About 20% of friendly androids and combat drones have already suffered damage.

Certainly, the total length of the light cruiser is twice that of the destroyer, and there are a lot of internal forces, too.

However, despite the destruction of the ship’s hull and defense system, and the large number of fighters and android soldiers on the ship being sucked out of the ship along with the air leak, the response capability was too high.

As the fierce battle continued inside, the artificial spirit Seraphina issued a new warning with a calm voice.

“Alert. 24 ships approaching at sub-light speed from the front and left of the friendly fleet, and in front and above the galactic reference plane. There are 2 class 6 vessels, 6 class 5 vessels, and 16 class 4 vessels. Estimated time of arrival, 35 minutes. 99% chance of enemy reinforcements.”

“Tch. The warp measurement work won’t be done in time.”

Apparently, the hidden enemy fleet rushed in after confirming the explosion of the destroyer.

It seems they determined that there was a preemptive attack by the Monarchy of Diete. thought Hart. Despite the legitimacy of the attack from the Monarchy of Diete, it will be difficult to disengage.

Hyper-navigational warps through high-dimensional space require measuring dark matter in high-dimensional space in advance.

If you jump without calculating the amount of energy generated, the detour route of obstacles, the timing of shield strengthening, etc., they would be swallowed up by the vortex of energy in high-dimensional space and even the elements would be broken down.

However, it is not possible to measure in about an hour, except for Hart’s ship, which is supported by the Artificial Spirit.

But even if they can’t warp, there’s no reason not to inform them of the enemy’s imminent arrival.

“Emergency transmission to friendly fleet via Magic Conversion Wave. [From the front and left and right wings of the fleet, the front and top of the galactic reference plane, confirmed the shadow of two light cruisers, six destroyer-class ships, and 16 escort ship-class vessels with a semi-enclosed net at sub-light speed. Estimated to be an enemy separate fleet].”

As the fierce firefight continued, Hart issued a warning to the enemy ship being berthed.

“Royal Military Destroyer, Captain Hiragi, to the Coalition light cruiser. In 15 minutes, we will release the berth and drop your ship. We have already secured the records of the attack and crew members who will serve as witnesses. We have no reason to hold the ship. Surrender. If not, you will be reduced to space dust. Those who surrender should do so with a white flag or both hands raised.”

When Hart cut off the communication, Philine turned with a suspicious expression.

“Mr. Hart. If they think that surrender will be followed by interrogation and a death penalty, they will not comply.”

“If they speak frankly, they will not be interrogated. But I can’t guarantee their life, so there’s nothing I can do about that.”

“Then, as the Marquis of Carneus, let me call for as much consideration for life as possible. The testimony will be in the best interest of the Monarchy, and perhaps it will be accepted.”

“In that case, the guarantee of life is not an affirmation, but we ask for consideration as much as possible.”

“Yes. I’ll take over the call then.”

After Philine declared her name and again called for their surrender, the enemy soldiers gradually began to surrender.

Eventually, the captain of the enemy ship also sent a message to accept the call for surrender.

However, the content said that the transfer would take time because there were many injured personnel.

Judging that it was to delay for enemy reinforcements to arrive, Hart again replaced Philine as a communicator.

“This is Royal Destroyer, Captain Hiragi. No stalling will be approved. Finish the transfer by time as transmitted.”

“This is Major Alexis Hume, the captain of the ship. As you are aware, the ship has been wrecked, the passageways have been cut off, and there are a number of injured. Many of the crew cannot physically get there. Give me another 20 minutes.”

Hart gasped involuntarily at the man who appeared in the video feed.

Calm and gentle eyes with deep-carved and impressive features.

At first glance, the self-proclaimed Major Hume, who appears to be of Black-haired Italian, is believed to be Brigadier General Marcelino Salinas. He is a heartthrob character on the enemy side added in the ported version, and is one of the operators of the mobile fortress with both genetically engineered high-spec abilities and royal-class magic power value.

As a private citizen, he is very mild-mannered, but he has a strong will to carry out his goals.

As a soldier, he is cold-hearted, willing to sacrifice his allies, and efficiently produces results. This time, as a member of the force that created the pretext for the war, he played an important role in the battle to drive the Aladdin Troupe.

Then, during the invasion of Diros, he operated one of their mobile fortresses and attacked.

After that, he was promoted to Rear Admiral and became a fleet commander, chasing down the heroine as she escaped to other star systems with students of the Magic Academy.

In some routes, he would have the middle boss position.

In the ported version, there is also an ending in which the heroine becomes Salinas’ concubine and has a child. In any case, Salinas, who is currently impersonating Major Hume, is lying.

“We will not respond to any request for a time extension. If you don’t make it, we’ll assume you’re stalling, and leave you behind to drop out. If you don’t want that, use androids to hasten the transfer. However, only humans may board. We will not stand to be sabotaged.”

Hart looked back at him with a serious expression, but he returned an irreverent expression and maintained his ignorance.

Salinas then communicated that he would use androids to rush the transfer.

He was quick to make such a decision.

Hart arranged several rooms to house prisoners of war, had the surrendered enemies disarmed and biometrically registered, and instructed their information terminals be taken and thrown into separate rooms.

142 prisoners of war were captured, about 60% of the number of light cruiser crew members, due to the surrender of the other party.

It would be easy for a 600-meter-long destroyer to carry that many, and if they increase the utilization rate of food plants that were added due to difficulties encountered on the way back from the celestial swarm of Earth, they won’t run out of food.

However, there is a sense of crisis in the situation where the number of enemy soldiers on board is comparable to that of allies.

Moreover, half of the allies are cadets less than recruits, and the rest are non-commissioned officers or below. On the other hand, the other party is an elite unit of regular military personnel engaged in special operations.

As for Brigadier General Salinas, who is the most important person to watch out for, Hart assigned one room at the Captain’s discretion because he was in battle, locked it tightly, and assigned 18 combat androids for exclusive surveillance.

The captured character of the maiden game is basically a cheat.

You never know what they will do to you if you are not careful.

There were three shifts of android soldiers on the watch, six at all times, and any requests from him were to be confirmed by Hart via Android.

In addition, Seraphina’s alter is added to the surveillance after disappearing.

Meanwhile, an unfavorable transmission came in from the instructor.

“Attention, all ships from the flagship. From this point on, the fleet will retreat back to the Republic of Frodi. Reverse course.”

Knowing that detached force was standing behind him, Hart frowned at the bad move.

Unable to explain why he knew, he briefly hesitated and sent the message back to the flagship.

“Dispatch, destroyer No.1 to flagship. The enemy carried out a surprise attack after an encirclement was completed. I suspect that opening only one place in the siege network is a trap that hides a separate unit and lures our troops in. I propose a strategy for all ships to break through the front and then leave the sector.”

After a short pause, a negative message was sent from the light cruiser.

“The reason why only the rear is empty is because that is the space we passed through. Destroyer No. 1, position between the enemy ships on the left-wing and the allied fleet, and support the withdrawal.”

“Yes, sir”

By the time that the order was received, the allied fleet had already reversed course and began its departure to the Republic of Frodi. Therefore, Hart, who was located in the sector automatically instructed, reluctantly conveyed his intention to consent.

It would be extremely difficult for the allied fleet to withdraw from here. Of course, he doesn’t want any sacrifices, but he has to follow the instructions as much as possible on the record.

After 14 minutes and 20 seconds, Salinas had surrendered, and after securing him, Hart had 15 minutes to remove the ship from berth.

While packing them disarmed, they remove the anchor and fixed wires of the ship, return the entryway, and separate from the destroyer.

Immediately distanced from the wrecked light cruiser, he dropped it with artillery fire while deploying shields. There are 13 minutes left until contact with the enemy approaching from the left flank.

“From now on, based on the orders of the flagship, we will inhibit the advance of the enemy fleet. This is a reenactment of the previous attack on the light cruiser and three destroyers. We will catch up with the friendly fleet preceding us, and attack the enemy unilaterally as we position ourselves in front of them.”

With the wreckage of the destroyed light cruiser in its back, Hart’s destroyer glided out of the sector.

Eventually, they engage with the enemy destroyer and escort ship that were chasing, and begin a fireworks display while maintaining a long distance with a low hit rate.

The battle itself is a more secure reproduction of the previous one.

As a result, the ship was intact, but the results of the battle were poor, with only one enemy escort ship defeated and dropped out, and only one destroyer slightly damaged.

However, while pretending to evade the enemy’s bombardment, he was able to gradually avoid the main planet Nephthys and proceed outside the system.

Far beyond such a small artillery battle, the friendly fleet was pushing toward the main planet of the Frodi system, away from the collapsing formation.

However, a new shadow appeared between the friendly fleet and Nephthys.

“Confirmed the shadow of 1 class 6 vessel, 3 class 5 vessels, and 16 class 4 vessels in front of the friendly fleet. It looks like another squadron.”

“I had read the enemy’s strategy, and advised on countermeasures, but an order is an order.”

Philine and the others are impressed, but in reality it is not a prediction, but a precognition from a dream.

After some thought, Hart decided to simultaneously transmit all the information on the battle records via magic communication to each sector of the system, including Nephthys, the main planet of the Republic of Frodi.

“From this point on, we will transmit all battle records through magic communication to all sectors, including the Republic’s main planet. The purpose is to explain the reason for the battle in the Frodi system. And to prove that the main perpetrator of the case is the Coalition. Lastly, to draw the attention of the Combined Fleet to this us.”

“Mr. Hart, isn’t it better to ask the instructor for orders?”

“The instructors are in battle with an evenly matched opponent while defending the transport ships. Moreover, the enemy reinforcements are imminent, so we can’t afford to. And if we release the information, the Coalition will have to turn its response capabilities to the ship that is sending inconvenient information.”

Hart, who managed to persuade Philine, began to stream their battle record.

With this, the Coalition will not be able to claim, “During an inspection, they attacked and tried to run, so we pursued as they headed towards their star system and were forced to shoot them down “, etc.

If evidence is sent to the majority, including civilian urban areas, they will not be able to hide it from the political discretion of the Republic or have events be to the Coalition side’s advantage.

“A total of 10 enemy ships are in pursuit. 1 Light Cruiser, 4 Destroyers, 5 Escort Ships.”

“It’s impossible for us to continue the fight. Contact the flagship. [Dispatch, Destroyer No.1 to, flagship. We are engaged with 10 times the enemy ship. We are not yet surrounded, and can leave the system while drawing enemies away. There is a high possibility that the evidence of set up by the Coalition side can be brought back to the home sector. Request instructions].”

At this point, they are in battle, and if they are stopped, they will be surrounded, so even if the instructor says no, there is no choice but to flee at the captain’s discretion.

Hart considered accepting the instructor’s orders and running away under false pretenses, but fortunately, what came back was approval.

“Destroyer No. 1, you are cleared to leave the sector with the enemy fleet in tow.”

“Yes, sir”

In a brief communication, the instructors sent the casualty count on both sides.

The friendly dropouts were 3 destroyers, 7 escort ships, and 12 transport ships.

The enemy lost 1 light cruiser, 5 destroyers, and 6 escort ships.

However, 1 enemy light cruiser and 3 destroyers are Hart’s battle achievements. It can be seen that they are only increasing their losses without achieving any significant results.

Although there is a limit in the output of the magic element engine, the overwhelming difference in magic power created a difference in both artillery bombardment and shield capability. Therefore, as soon as they were attacked, victory or defeat had already been decided.

Classmates were being dropped out or captured one after another.

“The most important mission of the ship is to bring back information of the surprise attack by the Human Coalition to the home sector. We cannot risk damaging the ship to provide support and failing our mission. Accelerate and leave the current sector.”

The destroyer, named after a small dinosaur, lost its former companions and sped away alone through the midst of space.

For some reason, it held a handsome guy in its jaw.

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