Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 92

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Chapter 92 – Root of Heaven

The return of Fortress Kerviel was greeted with a storm of jubilation.

Hart and his subordinates destroyed Ōizumi and Honyō, reducing the Tenka Federation from the remaining three nations to only one. They even attacked Ten-to, the last nation, and fired a large number of missiles at Tenka ships and facilities in the star system.

From the earliest news of the destruction of the Frodi Star System and the appearance of the Daemons, to the attack on Honyō by Fortress Kerviel, it all took only three months. The reaction that was shown by the instantaneous reversal of the critical situation was tremendous, and the Monarchy welcomed the heroes with the entire nation and its people.

The continent that greeted the night of the Capital planet Diros, extinguished its lights all at once, setting off a massive amount of fireworks to create a giant guiding light that greeted Fortress Kerviel.

Looking up at the sparkling night sky, the sight of Fortress Kerviel and the lights of the ships mixing in with the brightly blooming fireworks burned into their eyes.

[Everyone in each star system, can you see it? On the continent of Cynthus here on the planet Diros, the light of Fortress Kerviel could be seen with the naked eye. The many people gathered at their observation decks are cheering for the ever-increasing light of the fleet.]

The news program on the return of Fortress Kerviel was broadcasted not only to the Diete System, but also to the other Monarchy Star Systems using Multidimensional Magic Conversion Communication Waves.

In fact, the battle results that Hart and the others achieved were enormous, as great as the reaction of the Royal people.

The inhabited star systems of the three belligerent Tenka Nations have been reduced from three to one. Due to Hart’s counter-invasion and destruction, Tenka’s national power and military potential have been halved.

Moreover, on the battlefield, they did not use the realm of the Spirit King, but won with wisdom and human ingenuity.

The Royal people, upset by the appearance of Daemons and the destruction of the Republic, wanted a way to dispel their anxiety. And to the Royal people, the great victory, brought about at such exquisite timing, dispelled their anxiety and intoxicated them with sweetness.

If the former Sovereign Valfrete, who had swiftly attacked and destroyed the Coalition of Humanity, were still alive, what would he have said to his son-in-law Hart, who had achieved similar success?

The current Queen, Yuna, spoke on behalf of her late father and sent a message to all mankind.

[The deadly arrow that my father, former Sovereign Valfrete, proclaimed in his final moments, has pierced through Ōizumi and Honyō just as he had foretold. Whoever aims to harm the Monarchy, learn from history. We are a group that will surely retaliate against those who have harmed us.]

The daughter whose parents were killed has avenged them.

Yuna’s fulfillment of her father’s will and her declaration embodied the state of the Monarchy of Diete, and in keeping with the national character of the Royal people, they were enthused by it.

In addition, Yuna took the initiative to accelerate the enthusiasm of the people.

She offered the media a scene of a soldier returning from the battlefield and his love greeting him, by embracing and kissing each other at the spaceport.

A picturesque scene like from a movie, even if it was simply the soldier returning to his lover.

But how effective would it be if the two embracing each other were a tragic queen who ascended the throne at the age of 20 after her father’s death, and a national hero who continues to fight a powerful enemy for his fiancée?

What Yuna requested of Hart was a scene in which Hart, who returned to the spaceport of the Capital planet Diros, and Yuna, who met him, hugged each other and kissed each other. She also wanted it done numerous times from different angles in order to provide it to the media who gathered at the spaceport for filming.

“Is that necessary?”

[It’s the law of the universe, so naturally it’s necessary, right?]

To the Queen, who told him a completely unknown theory with a smile on her face, the Commander-in-Chief nodded silently.

The kissing scene between the two, which was reported uncut by various media outlets in response to the Queen’s wartime edict, turned the heads of the Royal people when they saw the footage, and blew away the anxiety of the Daemons that had spread throughout the Monarchy in a grand manner.

The childhood friend couple of a young Queen, who confronts her misfortune, and a Hero, who remains undefeated, are immensely popular with the people.

The media, after a careful and extremely favorable once-over to avoid offending the public, made various reports about the war.

[The war with the Tenka Federation still has the Ten-to Nation. If we can capture Fù Chūn, the head planet of Ten-to, Tenka will not be able to maintain its power and the war will end.]

Chantal, a university professor who was called in as a commentator by the broadcaster, spoke, and the male news anchor who was listening to the broadcast questioned the matter of greatest concern to the Royal people.

[The Hercules System have allied themselves with the Tenka Federation and declared war on the Monarchy. Moreover, the Herculeans had Daemon crystals. What are your thoughts on that?]

If only the Herculeans, who did not have sufficient magic power and hence could not use the magic element engine, had entered the war, the Royal people would not have taken a stand against them.

The Magic Element Engine is the core technology of mankind operating in space.

Without it, interstellar technology would have regressed more than 1,200 years, with completely different ranges, defenses, and speeds from each other. The battle would be as one-sided as a battle between forces that launch missiles from fighter jets and those who wield swords on the ground.

However, if the Monarchy and Tenka have fighter jets, then it is the Spirit crystals and the Daemon crystals that allow anyone to fly the fighter jets. The alliance between Tenka and Hercules stripped the Monarchy of its advantage.

When asked about it, Professor Chantal said with a somewhat stern expression.

[The Herculeans, who did not have interstellar navigation technology, will need one generation to master Tenka’s technology and two generations to develop their own. If we can capture Ten-to before then, even if the Spirit crystal and the Daemon crystal balance each side, our superiority will continue due to the difference in performance of the warships.]

[Then it’s all right. The Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Army is Fleet Admiral Amakawa.]

The anchor cheerfully came to his conclusion, and the other cast members of the program came to grips with it one after another.

Hart, who was watching a news program onboard Fortress Kerviel as he oversaw the change of ships and crew, retorted to the images on the screen.

“That logic doesn’t make sense.”

His words were filled with various conflicting thoughts.

Between Ten-to and Hercules, which are connected by the Transition Gate, there must have been an exchange of fighter crafts and Daemon crystals. The technology has already been exchanged, making it impossible even for Fleet Admiral Amakawa to capture it.

That’s why Hart attacked Ōizumi and Honyō before that could happen.

“Sorry for the misfortune.”

Philine sympathized with the media’s irresponsible commentary on Hart.

The number of Tenka star systems has gone from three to one, giving the impression that two-thirds of the star system is down, but the difficulty of capturing the remaining one star system is on another level.

If this were mountaineering, they would be aiming for the unexplored summit and were able to reach around the sixth station smoothly, but beyond that, a steep snow covered slope awaits. If you don’t want to die, you have to start by building trails and mountain lodges.

The question is how to make the trail.

“Will Israfels be equipped with search and interstellar navigation capabilities, and will pilots also be trained in the training center for a short period of time?”

Claudia, who was sitting next to Philine, dared to utter an unrealistic idea.

If your strength reduces to one-fifth in enemy territory, you can deploy five times as many fighter crafts… this way of thinking cannot be realized unless the total population of the Monarchy is more than five times that of the enemy.

The enemy side that would be attacked would mobilize every viable fighter craft pilot, even if they are children.

In addition, the enemy’s fighter crafts do not require interstellar navigation, are easily mass-produced, and require minimal piloting skills.

In order to outnumber enemies holed-up within a realm, 20 times the total population is required.

And on this new battlefield, where battles of violence in numbers have become rampant, cloned humans, which have never been mass-produced because they cause abnormalities in the inheritance of magical power, will become a factor, and a battle to annihilate fighter crafts may unfold, using all the resources that can be scraped together by both sides.

“Hah~, it is a very troubling situation.”

If the situation is in such a terrible state, the war should just end.

However, it is difficult for the dominant side to offer concessions, and it is difficult for the inferior side to be heard. And if the two sides were to balance each other to the point of stalemate, the emotional arguments of those who have suffered casualties among their own people will be added to the mix, and the situation would become untenable.

Hart had subjugated Ōizumi and Honyō, but future prospects were uncertain.

[And in other news. In the Artemis system, rescue vessels carrying refugees from the Isis Star System of the Republic are arriving. Together with refugees from the Horus Star System arriving in July, the number of refugees from the Republic is expected to reach 8 billion.]

In line with the female broadcaster’s new report, the screen showed the planet Ceryneia of the Artemis Star System.

The Artemis System has a G-type main sequence star similar to the Solar System and the Diete System.

The planet Ceryneia in the habitable zone is a planet nearly similar to Earth.

It has about three times the mass of the Earth, 1.5 times the radius, and 1.33 times the gravity.

It has an orbital period of 385 days, a rotation period of 22 hours, a surface temperature of 23 degrees Celsius, and is protected by a thick atmosphere.

Ceryneia has two moons, the closer one is Selene with a diameter of 1200 kilometers and the farther one is Luna with a diameter of 5400 kilometers.

The average temperature on the planet is close to Okinawa in Japan, where Hart’s roots are located. It is slightly hotter than other inhabitable planets, with more annual precipitation and frequent hurricanes.

About 6.6 billion Royal citizens live on the cool north-south side of the planet, and in recent years, about 1.5 billion Kyūyama people have migrated to the equatorial side, which is hot and difficult to live in.

A planet with a radius 1.5 times that of Earth has a surface area of 2.3 times.

Compared to the Solar System, with up to 40 billion people, the Artemis Star System, whose planetary living space is 2.3 times larger, could afford to settle 6.6 billion Royal citizens and 1.5 billion Kyūyama people.

The Duke of Takrham lobbied the Monarchy Government to take the following interim measures against refugees from the Republic of Frodi:

[We will not provide free assistance or indefinite land leases. We will lease vacant land with restrictions for the time being, but after a few years we will charge rent for the land. They can either perform wage labor on the planet, cultivate the rented land and grow designated crops, or earn a living in some way.]

Since it is a star system of the Monarchy, jurisdiction is on the Monarchy’s side. The citizens of the Republic are in the position of temporary housing, in which they are only allowed to enter the country temporarily.

In a Monarchy, which has been at war with the Coalition for so long, there is a strict screening process when applying for nationality, which can only be obtained by marrying a Royal citizen and having a child.

The government of the Republic made various requests to the Monarchy government, such as free aid, under the banner of humanity. However, the Monarchy has not forgotten that the Republic has always remained neutral, and has been solemnly responding in accordance with the conventional system, without giving special consideration to friendly nations.

Still, it is better than the Martians of the Solar System. The support given is minimal because the Solar System was an “enemy of the Monarchy”.

[President Laurent of the Republic expressed his gratitude for the rescue efforts of the Monarchy and has issued a statement expressing his hopes for help in rebuilding the Republic.]

After the female broadcaster read the news, a male anchor asked the professor.

[8 billion people have been evacuated from the Republic of Frodi, but what is going to happen with regard to the rebuilding of the Republic?]

[As a practical matter, I must say that it will be quite difficult.]

When asked, Chantal gave a cold look.

[Why is that?]

[The Tenka Federation was destroying the Republic planets without considering repurposing them. Restoring the habitable environments will require investments equal to or greater than that of the immigration to a new system.]

[Certainly, the damage was terrible.]

As Chantal points out, Tenka launched a relentless attack on each star system of the Republic of Frodi.

The objects used were as large and dense as the objects used by the Monarchy, but their speed and angle of incidence were greater than those of the Monarchy. The number of celestial bodies that plunged in was also greater, and as a result of the same place being hit, there were areas that were cracked to the depth that reached the mantle transition layer.

The Royal Army requires celestial inrush simulation exercises at the Military Academy. However, Tenka has not fought a single war since its founding, and does not have the same training as the Monarchy.

The difference has caused staggering damage to the Republic’s star systems.

[The Monarchy is at war, and must build as many warships as possible. To spend the Monarchy’s vast resources and productive capability to rebuild the Republic, which will not contribute to the victory of the war, is suicidal under the current circumstances.]

[Yes, I suppose so.]

[In the first place, there is no reason to support the Republic, which was neutral to the war between the Monarchy and Tenka, using the blood tax of the Royal Citizens. If the volunteers offer to support the Republic through fundraising activities, I personally would not be opposed to it.]

To Chantal, who denied the aid grant, Hart gave a high evaluation, which was different from the previous one.

With the money and resources to rebuild the system, how many times can Israfel and its pilots be increased? More forces would mean fewer sacrifices and fewer deaths of the Royal people.

The taxes they pay should be used for their own good.

Alternatively, they should calculate the cost-effectiveness, explain the difference from using it directly to their own citizens, and then obtain consent for the non-purpose use of the tax money. Without any of these, incompetent people who donate the collected tax money to other countries without permission should not be allowed in the Monarchy.

If the Republic promises to return the funds with interest in the future, it will not be free aid, but rather investment of the government’s assets. If the request was made with a feasible repayment plan, Hart had no intention of speaking out.

[What of Her Highness Princess Mirabel? As a close friend of Daisy, the daughter of the Republic Ambassador, would she be okay with this?]

Hart recalled Yuna’s struggles in re-educating the two princes.

First Prince Bernard, has graduated from the High School of the Academy of Magic and entered the Athena system as Acting Duke of Strani. The prince, who has a generous support from the Diete system due to the existence of the Transition Gate, was successfully holding together the former Duchy of Langlois.

Second Prince Josslan is a sophomore at a Military Academy with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and the Order of Merit, having served in three battles. After graduating from the Military Academy and holding the rank of Major General, most Royal Citizens would be convinced by Josslan’s ascension.

At present, Yuna has painstakingly reeducated the princes, and both of them seemed capable of serving as competently as the 10th Sovereign, who was Yuna’s grandfather.

When Mirabel is added to that, Yuna’s burden increases.

Mirabel is his future sister-in-law, and no Hart is no stranger to the situation. Hart couldn’t help but hope she wouldn’t make an emotional call for the free aid.

Shouldn’t the Royal Family be raised to the point where any of them can inherit the throne from the beginning? Just as Hart was thinking about this, a military emergency call came in.

[Emergency situation. First class emergency report from the Apollo Star System Division. Three high-speed battleships of the Tenka Federation have been discovered in the near sector of the Apollo Star System. Confirmed, Advanced Daemon. Rapidly advancing into the star system. Interception outside the star system will not be in time.]

“This is Fleet Admiral Amakawa. Connect me with the Commander of the Apollo Star System Forces.”

Hart, who immediately interrupted the communication, instantly assumed the worst-case scenario.

It was possible that Tenka would abandon the idea of creating the realm of the Daemon King in Ōizumi and Honyō, and instead create a realm in the resident star system of the Monarchy of Diete.

Hart destroyed Ōizumi and Honyō in order to make both star systems uninhabitable before they were turned into realms by the Daemon King. As for what Tenka would do with the extra Daemon King after that, Hart hadn’t imagined that it would be deployed to the Monarchy.

If the realm of the Daemon King is created in the star system of the Monarchy, reinforcements using the Transition Gate will be sent from Hercules and Ten-to. A desperate future was all Hart could think of.

Hart thought about his own response, without any restrictions.

As the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Army and the Monarchy’s only Fleet Admiral, Hart has substantial decision-making power over the war. In other words, it is equivalent to taking full responsibility for the war.

The Apollo System is home to Philine and Claudia, home to 5.8 billion people, including not only to the Marquis of Carneus, but also to the Duke of Coesfeld and Marquis of Zäckingen.

When those people are threatened by war, the person responsible for the Monarchy’s response is undoubtedly Hart.

『Mira, if they expand the Daemon King’s realm, can you take it away, assuming we use up all the energy from the crystals that the Spirit God left?』

Hart asked his Contracted Spirits, who were hiding their rank from the Royal people, if they could deal with the situation if he threw all the biggest trump cards he had.

Letting Mira, the Spirit Emperor, create a realm was never in Hart’s plan. He thought that the only time he would consume Mira, who could help his descendants’ magic inheritance skyrocket, would be when there was danger to his own life, or anything in line with that. And now is not the time.

Mira replied that she could.

『If the Spirit Emperor uses the energy crystals entrusted by the Spirit God, they can easily take it even if the opponent is a peculiar Daemon King. If it is a Monarchy planet, the energy of the inhabitants seems to be easy to use, and Mira can connect the realm to the Apollo Star System.』

『Just to be sure, is it possible for Alfrida? 』

『In the same rank, it is difficult to add energy. You can with a peculiar Spirit King, but you don’t have any, including Alfrida.』

Hart let out a sigh and accepted the loss of the Spirit Emperor.

『Then I’d like to ask Mira. Give me the word of the direct contract.』

『It’s Aeonium.』

Suddenly, Hart realized that he had been in a relationship where he could learn the word to contract directly with Mira.

Hart nodded to shake off his regrets, and then called out to Janet, the Spirit Emperor who connected a realm to the Diete System.

『Janet, I need to jump near the Apollo system. Seraphina once gave me a shortcut from the MacLir system to the Shinkyō System. Janet the Spirit Emperor would be able to afford it. Mira’s shielding should be stronger than it was then.』

『It’s fine, but my energy is not infinite either. I have consumed the miasma that increased in the Second Diete Star System Battle to a certain extent, so the production burden of spirit crystals in the future will be reduced. Also, from now on, there will be no more Advanced Spirits.』

『Okay, I’ll let you know when I’m ready.』

With the consent of the spirits, Hart immediately operated the transmitter at hand and sent an emergency communication throughout the Diete system.

[The Commander-in-Chief, Fleet Admiral Amakawa, issuing a Class 2 Battle Alert to the entire Diete System. Fortress Kerviel, launch emergency sortie in five hours. To all fleet personnel and fighter craft pilots on the Capital planet, report to the fortress via planet-based Salamanders. Abandon the Salamanders. This is top priority. Hurry up.]

Shortly after Hart’s order, the warning sounds and warning lights of Fortress Kerviel began to buzz with a lively noise. At about the same time, an emergency alert spread throughout the star system.

Media broadcasts on the fortress screens also showed a bright red ticker announcing the issuance of a Class 2 Battle Alert. The cast were stunned by surprise, and soon the projection screen switched to the news anchor and an emergency program began.

As the entire Diete System began to scurry about, the main screen of the Fortress Command Center switched to reveal an elderly military officer.

[This is General Bratz Griete, Commander of the Apollo Star System Forces.]

“This is Fleet Admiral Amakawa, the Commander-in-Chief.”

After responding to Griete’s salute, Hart reaffirmed the report from the Apollo system and immediately issued his orders.

“We presume that the enemy’s objective is to deploy the Daemon King’s realm in the Apollo System. All forces in the Apollo system are ordered to deploy Class 1 Battle Alert. All fighter crafts are to halt the enemy advance. From the Diete system, Fortress Kerviel will arrive as reinforcement to overwrite the realm.”


“Conscript all the aristocrats for wartime and evacuate the entire star system with their ships. The person in charge is the Duke of Coesfeld. His assistants are Marquis Carneus and Marquis Zäckingen. Mobilize the entire aristocracy to help evacuate as many of the royal subjects as possible.”


“Fortress Kerviel will use the power of the Spirit King to perform an ultra-long-range warp. The date and time of arrival will far exceed common sense. Do your best until I arrive. We are both low on time. That is all.”

[I’ll do my best.]

After a quick salute was exchanged, the communication was cut off.

Hart switched the screen in the fortress command to show the crew’s occupancy rate.

The Command Center was sending out orders to various people, including the pilots of Capital Planet Defense Force, who were not the original pilots, and were trying to gather the numbers anyway.

Philine and Claudia also cut off warships that could not be assembled in time and drew from the surrounding Monarchy fleets to increase the number of ships.

After Hart reiterated that the scheduled time would not change from five hours, he again issued the order to the entire Monarchy.

[The Commander-in-Chief, Fleet Admiral Amakawa, orders all forces in the Diete System. From now on, we will move to the Apollo System and connect the transition gates. All forces, stand ready before the transition gate. As soon as the gates are connected, rush in the entire army and destroy the enemy forces that invaded through the Daemon King’s Transition Gate. Intraplanetary warfare is also possible. Prepare for every possible battle.]

The moment Hart gave the order, the Royal people understood why the battle preparation was announced.

The media footage of the breaking news switched to the sky looking up from the stars.

The sky above the continent of Cynthus, which had been covered by a thick sea of clouds, was rapidly cleared by a weather change device. In the clear blue sky in the blink of an eye, hundreds of thousands of salamanders rushed up like arrows that had been fired.

In the far reaches of space, Fortress Kerviel, ignoring safety standards, makes a rapid approach to the Capital Planet and pulls the Salamander into the fortress.

Around them, a large number of small ships that had turned into meteor showers were flowing in one after another.

[A Class II Battle Alert is currently being issued throughout the Diete System. Royal warships are operating throughout the system. All civilian vessels must evacuate from their designated routes immediately in accordance with the automatic control system. Once again. At this very moment…]

Five hours have passed since then.

Fortress Kerviel, which had created a vortex of light, was swallowed up by a high-dimensional space from a space where it would otherwise be impossible to warp, while the entire area shone with intense green light as the Royal people watched with bated breath.


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