Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 – The 6 Families of Tenka

“We must come to a decision.”

600 light-years away from the MacRil star system, in the outer reaches of the galaxy.

Yuen(Euen), heir to the Táng Dynasty(Tan), which governs the star system called Tenka and its neighboring systems, spoke to the leaders of the five families that also ruled stellar systems 250 to 500 light-years away.

The Six Families, including Yuen, are the rulers of the six nations that make up the Tenka Federation with a total population of 100 billion.

697 years ago, in the year 3045 A.D., the great powers of the Eurasian continent emigrated to Fukashiro, a star system 500 light years away from our solar system, with only their own countries.

This was an interstellar migration for the purpose of their own prosperity, and was kept secret from nations of Earth. The great powers continued to migrate their citizens to the newly developed Fukashiro, and established the star system as their own territory.

Fukashiro, 500 light-years away, was a star system with an ideal living environment comparable to that of Diete.

Because Fukashiro was far away from Earth, it continued to develop at the discretion of the local government, and was inevitably reborn as an independent star system with strong autonomy.

By the time of the celestial attack on Earth, 237 years after the immigration, Fukashiro had a population of billions and had become an interstellar nation that was moving into surrounding star systems in search of new places to emigrate.

After forcibly incorporating the “helpless but overbearing misunderstood people” who had evacuated from the Earth’s mainland with only the clothes on their backs into their rule by military force, they called themselves the ‘Tenka Nation’, and after they migrated to multiple star systems, they called themselves the ‘Tenka Federation’.

The Tenka Federation is currently composed mainly of six inhabited star systems.

In order of populationTen-to(Tiān dū), Fukashiro(Chén Chéng), Shinkyō(Xīn Jìn), Ōizumi(Dàquán), Honyō(Běn Yáng), Kyūyama(Jiǔ Shān).

The ruling families are Táng(Tan), Sòng(Son), Gāo(Gao), (Shu), Cáo(Tsao), Lin(Rin).

Each star system was separated by 250 light years at the shortest and 500 light years at the longest, and due to the temperament of the Tenka, they were divided into six nations as a highly independent group.

Each of the six Tenka nations has incorporated the surrounding star systems as resource procurement sites, and while competing and restraining each other, they have continued to prosper for 697 years since their first settlement in Fukashiro.

There was limited interaction with the Coalition of Humanity.

Contact was limited due to the origin of Tenka, but the minimum exchange was maintained in order to obtain various information. There were no civilian trading ships coming and going, but the government’s interstellar trading ships did conduct interstate trade.

The Tenkan people consider themselves a rational people.

Based on that rational way of thinking, the path that Tenka chose was to fish for prosperity as the Monarchy and the Coalition fought each other.

While the Monarchy and the Coalition waged war, they stood on the sidelines, and if it looked like it would be settled, they would intervene and watch the course of events.

However, the interstellar war between the two powers ended with the annexation of the entire Coalition by the Monarchy.

[We need to make a decision, but the problem is the content. The Sòng family opposed the declaration of war against the Monarchy as proposed by the Táng family. We have missed our best opportunity.]

Five screens are currently displayed in Yuen’s communication room.

One of them, a man who is connected by long-distance communications from Fukashiro with a Multidimensional Magic Conversion Communication Wave, firmly expressed his opposition.

The Sòng family ruled Fukashiro, the birthplace of Tenka. Born between the family leader and his first wife, Hào Lán(Haoru) showed his talent and became the successor.

Yuen narrowed his eyes and stared back into the face of his troublesome opponent.

In addition to him, concerns were initially expressed from Shinkyō, who was third in Tenka, and Ōizumi, who was fourth.

The one opposing house and the two that had expressed concern all have main planets in sectors that the Monarchy can attack.

The former Coalition’s MacRil system, which the Monarchy has attacked, is only 250 light-years from Fukashiro. Shinkyō and Ōizumi are also less than 400 light-years away, and the Monarchy can certainly attack them.

The Monarchy of Diete is a nation that routinely launches celestial attacks on enemy inhabited systems. The hesitant houses were all concerned about the possibility of damage to their own territory.

The rear star systems agreed to the first approach, and Shinkyō and Ōizumi also responded to the persuasion, leaving only the Sòng family of Fukashiro.

Not only was Fukashiro close to the MacRil system, but also close to Hercules and the Solar systems, with the shortest range of ​​680 light-years from the Monarchy. It is the first star system that the Tenkans migrated to from the Solar System, so it is no surprise.

“If it is against the current Monarchy, we can definitely win. But in 100 years, it will be a nation of 100 billion people in 12 star systems, with a vast group of Battlecruisers using Spirit Crystals to defend each system. What does the Sòng family think of the threat to our children and grandchildren?”

When asked by the first-ranked Táng family, the second- ranked Sòng family expressed concern with a stern look.

[The point is true. Right now, they have 50 fleets by their standards and tens of millions of Fighter crafts that have completed countermeasures against conventional weaponry… if they are all skilled we can estimate them to be equivalent to 400 fleets. With recruitment, it will increase, but the Tenka Federation can win because Fighter crafts cannot move between stars. However, if the Monarchy abandons them, Fukashiro could face destruction. So I object.]

In the meantime, the entire systems of the Monarchy can surely be annexed. When the words came out, Yuen swallowed the emotion that had crawled up in his throat.

In the war against the Coalition, the Monarchy swiftly razed its four-star systems, with a large army of Fighter crafts using spirit crystals on a giant fortress.

After the fourth system, the MacRil system, was conquered, the Hercules system, which had one billion Coalition people left behind in the dominion of the Monarchy, had no choice but to surrender, but there were those who were unable to accept the surrender and defected.

Information about the Monarchy’s forces and spirit crystals was obtained from former Coalition soldiers who defected to Fukashiro. After that, Tenka determined that it could definitely win.

In response to Yuen’s thoughts and silence, the opposition Hào Lán expressed his own opinion.

[Even if the purpose is to eliminate the threat to Tenka, first of all, we should first establish diplomatic relations, and after Tenka has obtained the technical capabilities of spirit crystals, we should then move at an overwhelmingly advantageous timing. In recent years, it has been loosened, but Tenka’s state mages can double in number with each generation. To begin with, we have no grudge against the Monarchy.]

As Hào Lán pointed out, the Monarchy of Diete was an opponent that Tenka had no particular grudge against.

Earth was destroyed, but by that, Tenka was completely liberated from its home country.

The irreverent refugees from Earth were assembled under Tenka, outside of Tenka, but among them, the high magic holders were incorporated into the bloodline of each family, and the medium magic holders became the foundation of the present state mages.

The Táng family’s Yuen, the ruler of the first-ranked Tenka nation, also has the blood of Russian refugees who had high magic power values, and looks like a Lucian with chestnut hair, white skin and brown eyes, not Asian in appearance.

The mass production method of the state mage is the same as the Coalition of Humanity, which uses the sperm of the magic powered man to produce the child to the magic powered woman. The Coalition gave up on the method after the average magic power dropped to 0.45 times per generation, but Tenka forcibly pushed through.

For example, a child born between a high magic man with magic power value of 22,000 and a medium magic woman with about 3,400, even at 0.45 times, would result in the first child at 3623, the second child at 3508, the third child at 3404, and the fourth child at 3312, without deteriorating the mother’s magic.

If four people are born and the males and females are even, the next generation will have two men who will operate the ship and two women who will give birth to children, doubling the number of Tenka’s ship mages and mothers.

The system, which began 360 years ago with about 2,000 mothers, has increased the number of mothers by 1.8 times in a cycle of about 30 years, and has created more than 1.2 million new mothers in the current generation.

With the same number of men as women being born, Tenka has a total military force of more than 2,000 fleets by the Monarchy standard, with more than 1.2 million magic powered men who can operate ships the size of a Royal cruiser. The versatility of the fleet is not low, as the descendants of those who have fallen from the target value can also pilot fighter crafts.

If that’s not enough, the men of the previous generation can be re-conscripted. Even women who have finished bearing children can operate a destroyer scale ship. Private ships are operated by Tenkan people who are not subject to compulsion, so there is no problem.

The six Tenka nations currently have such tremendous power.

The celestial plunge into Earth by the Diete government, which created the impetus for prosperity, was even gospel for Tenka.

But for Yuen, the lack of resentment was not a reason not to nip the buds of future danger.

“Now we can condemn the Monarchy for killing 20 billion people in their celestial rush and demand that the former Coalition Star Systems and their population be handed over. The next step would be to demand the return of all the Coalition people that the Monarchy had taken to their homeland, and declare war on them at any time. This cause will become useless once we establish diplomatic relations with the Monarchy.”

Hào Lán puts a stop to Yuen, who was talking about the specific way to start the war.

[I understand the situation. I don’t even expect us to be defeated. But there will be sacrifices. And I have great doubts about the spirit crystals. What are spirits in the first place? Where are the limits? We should be wary of anyone who wields weapons we do not understand.]

“In the war against the Coalition, they were evenly matched even with larger ships of the same class. I admit that the number of Fighter crafts is troublesome, but they do not have warp capability and only come out to defend the system. The Coalition was more capable of destroying enemy star systems than the current Monarchy is.”

[That doesn’t exempt Fukashiro from destruction.]

Hào Lán is very cautious about spirit crystals.

Among the asylum seekers from the Hercules system, were Monarchy prisoners of war with spirit crystals who were brought as souvenirs.

The highest grade spirit crystal is said to be exclusively for aristocrats and warships used by the Royal Army. Once connected, it cannot be used by anyone else, but it has been used by the prisoners themselves and most of its performance is known.

By increasing the convergence rate of the conversion magic element, it increases the shield penetration power of lasers, and on the contrary by collecting the conversion magic element and changing the thickness of the shield, it increases the defensive power, improves the movement speed and cruising range in the high-dimensional space, increases search range and improves detection accuracy.

By raising the magic power of the user, even ordinary civilians can operate a magic engine, no energy is required for the operation of spirit crystals, and mass production is possible, so all human beings can have one.

Such technology could not be underestimated.

[It would be fine if we could understand it but couldn’t put it to practical use due to a few technical problems. However, I do not understand the contents at all. Hence I cannot even judge whether I am being overly cautious. If we start the war with such concerns intact, we may regret it. I will put the safety of Fukashiro as my highest priority.]

Yuen appeals that this is an opportunity, and Hào Lán remains as cautious as ever.

The two sides could understand each other’s point of view, but it became clear that it was impossible to come to an alignment, so Yuen made a decision.

“Very well. Then the war will start with the five families in agreement, and the Sòng family who oppose it should not participate. In exchange, there will be no share of the spoils of war to those who don’t fight.”

[………… that is fine. I accept.]

Each of the six families was relieved when they came to terms.

As a result, only the Sòng family of Fukashiro, the closest to the Monarchy, established diplomatic relations with the Monarchy, and the remaining five families decided to start a war.

Hào Lán of the Sòng family, who had to negotiate diplomatic relations ahead of others, started to move immediately after the communication with the five families was cut off.

“Diplomatic relations with the Monarchy, that will make an enemy of the five nations, will surely be established. The Monarchy of 39 billion people, fighting against 79 billion people in five nations, will not want to make an additional 21 billion enemies. It’s better to devote energy towards development rather than conflict.”

Hào Lán’s top priority is to avoid causing damage to Fukashiro.

In order to establish diplomatic relations as soon as possible, he considered adding the return of the royal prisoners of war, who were brought as souvenirs by exiled soldiers from the Coalition, to the conditions for the establishment of diplomatic relations.

Hào Lán also decided to make another move. Marriage diplomacy.

Hào Lán, the Sòng family ruler that governs Fukashiro, has six wives and 15 children. He has only four daughters as a result of having to give birth in order to have an excellent successor, but Xuě Lì(Shari), the second child of his fifth wife, was the perfect daughter for the marriage diplomacy.

Born to a talented and high magic mother who was able to marry the central figure of the Sòng family, which ruled 21 billion people, Xuě Lì is a talented beauty with excellent genes inherited from her mother and the gifted education of the Sòng family.

Last year, at an age when others would begin to attend college, she skipped grades to graduate from the most difficult national university, Fukashiro University.

Her physique is petite, with a small face, droopy eyes, and fair skin. Her hair is a natural pink glaze innocent color, and she wears it long, slightly longer than her shoulders, in random waves that are easy to maintain and give her a natural look.

She usually has a languid atmosphere, which in combination with her age, creates a dangerous sex appeal between a girl and an adult.

She had a fatal flaw: she was a game loving shut-in with a communication disorder.

“I’ve chosen you, Xuě Lì, to be part of a delegation that aims to establish diplomatic relations with the Monarchy of Diete. The purpose is marriage diplomacy. This will connect the Sòng family with new households and expand the roots of the Sòng family. You are to marry a man who will be beneficial for the Sòng family.”

“No, I don’t want to.”

Xuě Lì immediately refused the declaration by her father, Hào Lán, who had barged into her room.

“I mean, what are you saying to a shut-in? I can’t go outside Tenka. I’m gonna die.”

“If you refuse to go outside Tenka, then choose the one that will best be for the Sòng family from among the Six Tenka families. Even if he is a giant perverted demon who has been single for about 100 years and has various issues, as long as he is within Tenka, you will have no complaints, right?”

“Huh? Why the worst of 2 choices? What’s the third and fourth option?”

Hào Lán tells his daughter, who hates the entire matter and wants to buy time, a heartless decision.

“You think because you graduated from college by jumping grades, you can just stay home and play games. That’s why I decided to let you choose your own path. The sooner you sell, the better. The other party is unaware of your notoriety. Do well.”

“Notoriety, in case you’re wondering, I’m more or less socially withdrawn, but I’m also a board member of an organization. Papa arranged it, only my name however.”

“And for over a year, you have only confined yourself. You no longer have the right to refuse. Choose the best candidate out there. You can’t say no. This is your last chance to return to being a true human. I’m going to give you all known information about the Monarchy.”

Looking at Hào Lán’s complexion, Xuě Lì realized that this time her father’s “work and stay indoors” was different from usual.

Xuě Lì’s small mouth gradually twitches.

“Impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible, really impossible. Hey, please papa. Oh, I’m going to marry my papa!”

“If you shamelessly return after being dispatched to the Monarchy, I’ll bind both hands and legs with a rope and throw you into a pervert’s bedroom with your marriage registration.”

“………… you’re joking.”

“My only concern is which pervert’s bedroom to throw you into. The darker the pervert, the more he will be indebted to me, and the better for the Sòng family. With that in mind, decide! Either enter into marriage diplomacy or choose not to and be thrown into a pervert’s bedroom.”

After his notification, Hào Lán turned on his heel and left his daughter’s room.

After the door was slammed shut, Xuě Lì remained frozen, stunned and self-defeated.

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  1. They may have huge numbers of combatants, but I’m pretty sure that they have outdated ship models, since the tenka federation doesn’t have an enemy, and with no one to battle, they spent 600+ years in military stagnation, and as anyone should know, military tech drips down to civilian tech, so they’re probably also undeveloped in that area too compared to the two competing countries. And they also are in isolation, with only an tidbit of military info from fleeing soldiers and prisoners, who probably doesn’t know how the state of the art technology is made, but if they gotten the militarily superior coalitions tech, then the empire is pretty much doomed, and if they got the dukes magic siphon technology, then even more so, since the only reason the empire won is the MC, which is an product of the magic siphon tech, along with the spirit Crystal tech. But even if they have outdated tech, they can still overpower the empire, since the only threat is the mc’s ship, they just have to sent 50 fortress ships and 60 fleets to surround the empires fleet, since the federations ships might be slower.


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