Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 80

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Chapter 80 – Grand Duchy of Taka Amanohara

During the invasion of the Solar System, the Monarchy did not deploy a realm into the star system, and the transition gate was not connected. This is because only a limited number of star systems can be territorialized, and the importance of the Solar System is low.

As a result, there were no plans to deploy large-scale fighter crafts, and the tens of millions of fighter craft and suppressor pilots operating within the four systems already connected to the transition gate were available, along with the hull and airframes.

Therefore, they were put into the development of the acquired star system.

“We will send troops into MacLir and Fukashiro for resource mining and heavy industry. The tens of millions of available fighter craft and suppressor pilots will devote themselves to development and transportation missions.”

Tula, the third planet in the MacLir system, is a huge resource mining planet.

Under the law of universal gravitation, gravity is proportional to the mass of the celestial body and inversely proportional to the square of its radius.

The mass of the Tula is 2.5 times that of Earth and the radius is 0.9 times that of Earth, the gravity is 2.5 ÷ 0.9 ÷ 0.9, which is 3.08 times greater.

It is smaller than the Earth but has greater mass because the Earth’s core is a metal mainly composed of iron and nickel, while Tula is a heavier metal. As a result, Tula became a resource planet of high value to mankind.

Factors that hinder the mining of planets are its high gravity and average temperature of -40 degrees Celsius. Therefore, mining has been conducted only sporadically, and resources have not been fully utilized.

Under the grand cause of ‘incorporating the new star system into the rule of the Monarchy’, Hart, with the full support of the government, invested tens of millions of fighter crafts and suppressors of the Royal Army to push development forward at once.

A large number of city building, military construction, and android production facilities were sent from each star system using the transition gate. And, unmanned mining facilities were mass-produced on Tula, and development began with explosive momentum.

“The planet Tula was requisitioned by the Royal Army. All local laws and vested interests are to be disregarded. Develop it as thoroughly as physically possible.”

To have the military, to which blood money is poured, develop a planet, it is necessary to have a good cause.

As a reason for investing troops into the MacLir and Fukashiro Systems, Hart added that it was not only to incorporate the new system into the Monarchy’s rule and economic sphere, but also to improve the skill of the pilots by engaging in work with fighter crafts and suppressors.

The proceedings ignored various vested interests because the main rulers of both systems were Grand Duchess Taka Amanohara and Duke Son, and the political and military heads of the Monarchy were Yuna and Hart himself, who gave the order and had full authority.

In just one year in power, Yuna and Hart have connected realms and transition gates to four systems, won three battles, recaptured the two star systems, and completely overturned their inferiority in the war.

The current regime of Yuna and Hart, which has produced results, has received overwhelming instructions from the royal people. This is why they were able to forcefully push things forward with their strong authority.

In fact, Hart has been quite reckless.

“The mineral resources obtained in the MacLir System can meet the demands of the entire Monarchy. If we can channel them at about 30% of the fair price, it will accelerate the Monarchy’s production activities.”

As a result of the vast resources of the planetary scale being put on the market at an unprecedentedly low price of 30% of the fair price, all production activities in the Monarchy began to accelerate explosively.

The large volume of products produced will surely enrich the lives of the Royal Citizens.

Although this had a reasonably large impact in the short time that followed, with the stock market in turmoil, repeated volatility in futures trading, and the bankruptcy and takeover of major companies, the Monarchy as a whole was expected to see a significant increase in national strength.

Some economists have expressed the view that the current situation is more than a simple increase in national power.

“In the four systems connected by the transition gate, the synergistic effects of the resource revolution and the transportation revolution, similar to the time when the chain of the agricultural revolution and the industrial revolution of Earth age were triggered, will occur. The economic development that will occur in the future will be called the Transition Gate Revolution.”

There are already countless economists who point out that the situation caused by maximizing the use of the transition gate and national power is not just the beginning of economic growth, but also the trigger for the increase of the human economic level.

Behind such economic development, some people raised their unscrupulous voices.

“Dumping, dumping…”

The one complaining to Hart was Sarah Figgins, the current President of the MacLir System and the person set to hold a key position in the province government of the Grand Duke of Taka Amanohara.

Sarah, in her dual capacity as the current president and a key figure in the territorial government, was willing to spare the resources in the system that would be siphoned off.

“Isn’t 30% of the fair price crazy? If it’s 60%, the profit is doubled. Tula’s minerals don’t decompose, and they’re used as building materials, so there’s no shortage of demand!”

Sarah’s assertion was not wrong, but Hart reiterated, tilting his head.

“The Monarchy government and military have deployed tens of millions of fighter crafts and suppressors, building resource mining plants, and distributing them at the transition gate, which shortens a one-way trip from two months to a few hours. They don’t roll that into the selling price, which makes it cheaper, but can the MacLir System do it on its own?”


The number of magical individuals is limited, and there are individual differences in magic power values. Without spirit crystals, it would be impossible to launch tens of millions of fighter crafts and suppressors on a large scale.

The same is true for transportation. Without the transition gate, the only way to transport the goods would be by transport ship over a one-way route that would take two months.

Sarah, who was easily defeated, kept silent and was pouting, and Linnell, an artificial intelligence standing next to Sarah in her android body, joined the disgruntled persuasion.

“A large number of urban construction facilities, military construction facilities, android construction facilities, tens of millions of people equipped with military grade spirit crystals, a realm that strengthens magic element engines, transition gates that can jump hundreds of light years in an instant. If you think of it as paying a fee for the services, it might be very cheap.”

Every time Linnell cited the benefits, Sarah, who had been showing a bulging expression, gradually began to think that they might be getting something out of it, and smiled.

Looking at Sarah, who has a simple mental structure and seems to be a naive MacLirean, Hart wondered if Sarah, who was being persuaded by the artificial intelligence they had created, was really okay as an executive of Yuna’s territory.

The MacLir System has a history of being left behind by civilization and starting over from farming and ranching, with no development at all due to the outbreak of the war between Earth and Diete at the time of settlement.

In essence, the MacLireans are countryside hicks who were left behind by the development of human civilization.

It became a member of the Coalition in 3523 AD, 219 years before the Coalition was defeated by the Monarchy. Even after joining, large-scale development was not possible, and it was lagging behind other star systems in various fields.

Linnell was created using the basic technology of artificial intelligence conceived by the Coalition member states of the other star system. Linnell, the daughter of the MacLir, has already surpassed her creator and is moving in accordance with the will of the Monarchy.

Hart did not expect Sarah to be easily persuaded, but instead offered her material to persuade the local government on her own.

“Incidentally, the Duchy of Taka Amanohara in the MacLir System is going to be dispossessed of everything the Monarchy has built, from mining plants, to resource processing and production plants, to sales channels. That’s part of the severance package to Her Majesty the Queen. With this, we can expect a semi-permanent trade surplus.”

“Please say that sooner!”

“The Duke of Taka Amanohara is the house that will be inherited by the descendants of Her Majesty and myself. There are matters I can’t explain to you, but remember that I would never do anything against my own children. You understand, don’t you?”

“Ah, that’s right!”

Hart is the Commander-in-Chief who commands the entire Monarchy, and can cut down the few for the sake of the whole, or impose an unequal burden.

In contrast to Sarah, who simply believed without thinking about what would have been understood if he had thought about it a little, Hart deepened his understanding of the MacLireans as a “simple and easy-to-handle people”.

“Well, that’s good. The MacLir System will be economically developed, and in the future you will be granted royal citizenship. The Duchy will then have a large territorial income and council seats according to their population. Your lives will be enriched and everyone happy. Persuade the MacLireans that way.”

“I understand, then it’ll be easy to convince them. Until last year, the occupying forces of the Monarchy did not explain anything to us, so the people became suspicious and the presidential office had a hard time suppressing them …”

As he watched Sarah traveling through a delusional field of flowers, Hart held back a sigh.

As Sarah pointed out, the former Coalition people of the MacLir System were subject to a neutralization policy during the former Sovereign’s reign. They had forbidden marriage between magical individuals, attempted to diminish their interstellar navigation abilities and incapacitate them from rebelling against the Monarchy.

The reason the plan was changed was because of the war with the Tenka Federation.

In the Second Battle of Diete, Tenka killed three billion royal people. As a result, the anger of the people was directed towards Tenka, and the allergic reaction to the already destroyed former Coalition has lessened.

And the MacLir Star System has already been neutralized, as every person with magic power value of 100 or more was taken to the Monarchy in response to the invasion of Tenka. The system is connected to a transition gate, and in a situation where tens of millions of fighter crafts fly around, there is no way to revolt.

In the present situation, the MacLireans are no longer the target of threat to the Royal people, and are no longer foes to be taken seriously.

The fact that the system was declared the territory of Queen Yuna after her abdication meant that the treatment of the former Coalition people in the MacLir System will change from the neutralization policy of the previous sovereign to the absorption and amalgamation of Queen Yuna.

“After that, we need to reform the history education that the Coalition has been conducting to suit their own needs. Let them learn from Diete’s perspective on the colonial rule over Diete, the outbreak of war triggered by the execution of the Diete government leader, and the Battle of the Frodi Star System launched by the Coalition. If they do not receive the same education as Diete, the hatred will not end.”

Sarah, who had been in a good mood until a while ago, was again silenced by her bad mood.

Sarah is also of the generation that has received education from the Coalition, and was instilled with history from the perspective of the Coalition. Even if they were the perpetrators, it is not easy to accept.

From the opposite perspective, Hart, after losing to the Coalition, would have been told, “What Earth was doing to Diete was trading, not colonial rule. It was an outburst due to a one-sided misunderstanding on the part of Diete”, and he was told to “Educate them like that”, he would be displeased.

However, it is impossible to give royal nationality without such education.

“In the first place, I myself was the party that was attacked in the Battle of the Frodi System. I have evidence and witnesses to the former Coalition’s attempted fabrication. The Monarchy orders that the facts be educated. This is enforced by the Monarchy in order to prevent another war. I’m not asking for your opinion.”

“………… I understand.”

Sarah was a woman of few words and revealed her dissatisfaction, but she did not refuse.

Evidence of the Coalition’s surprise attack and the fabrication of the cause that took place in the Republic of Frodi was revealed at the end of the war. As long as the Neutral Republic of Frodi recognized it and the former Coalition rulers accepted it, Sarah had no choice but to admit it as well.

Given the fact that it was fabricated in this way, it may be difficult to accept it from a psychological point of view, but it cannot be said that the Coalition is an organization that does not commit such fabrication. If the Coalition had won, they could have pushed it through, but they lost.

The history of mankind is written by the victors. Sarah did not express her inner dissatisfaction, and reluctantly accepted Hart’s request.

After having made the local government of the MacLir system accept various demands, Hart left the administrative details to the government of the Monarchy.

From the beginning, he could have thrown everything to the government, but if Hart, the Commander-in-Chief with high authority and fiancé of Grand Duke Taka Amanohara, moves directly, everything will proceed at the fastest possible speed without anyone interfering. Hart, who wanted the project to move quickly, decided to move directly.

In the MacLir System, Hart can play the hateful role of being strict, and Yuna plays the role of being considerate and caring, and the balance can be adjusted while watching the situation.

In Fukashiro, Xuě Lì’s cousins, Sūra and Lín fā, can play the hateful roles, so Hart does not need to.

Hart’s capacity is limited in this area, and it is out of reach of Philine or Colette’s territory. He was so busy that he was thinking of leaving the royal capital, the Marquis of Amakawa, to Claudia.

Since the Marquis Carneus has a long history and the current head is still active, it is likely that Philine will be able to manage his domain. On the other hand, Colette, who had been conferred the Count rank, should be in a daunting situation, but Hart, who promised to donate his genes, was not in a position to help.

Hart felt sorry for Colette, who must be struggling with the Deputy Commander-in-Chief post and territorial management, but hopes that she will solve the problems on her own.

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