Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 83

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Chapter 83 – Additional Contract

A whirlwind of enthusiasm was rising in the Royal people, and the euphoria of war engulfed the entire star system.

The magic converted light of the Grand Fleet became a luminous meteor shower and swam through the Diete Star System. They are arrows fired by the Royal people, and at the beginning of the year, they will be shot into the Solar System and will pierce the forces of the Tenka Federation.

Looking up at the night sky from the Capital planet, the Royal people proudly imagined the scene of stars, large and small, they had created, streaming through the universe, shining brightly.

“I bet they will reach the 3 Tenka Star System sometime next year.”

“Care to wager it then? I think next year will be the Former Coalition territories and the year after that, the Tenka Star System.”

The majority of the arrows flowing through the star system are the 10 fleets of the Royal Army and the 15 fleets of the Aristocratic Army that were active in the battle of the MacLir Star System and the battle of the Fukashiro Star System.

They are comparable in number to the entire Royal Army five years ago, and their combat power overwhelms that of five years ago.

Even if you take away one of the fleet movements, the difference is obvious.

If humans used common sense five years ago, the Monarchy fleet, which introduced spirits, moved freely like a school of fish swimming in the ocean.

The spirits have dramatically improved the Monarchy’s military power by becoming a new means of communication, an interlocking system with the surrounding spirit fleet, a prediction and evasion system against enemy attacks, and an auxiliary system that thinks independently and reduces human error.

Not only the offensive power, but also the defensive power has become so strong that if the Royal citizens were told about it five years ago, no one would believe it.

In the four star systems of Diete, Athena, MacLir, and Fukashiro, which are considered to be the front lines of the Monarchy, tens of millions of fighter crafts are flying around the sector after being territorialized.

Within the realm, the strength rating of 3 Israfel crafts matches one Tenka. Therefore, if there were 15 million Israfel crafts, it would be five times more than the total war potential of Tenka at the beginning of the war, which was 1 million vessels.

The Monarchy continues to switch fighter crafts, and eventually, billions of Israfel will fly through the transition gate.

In addition, several celestial bodies recovered from Fukashiro were being modified one after another into new Strategic Satellites.

In the media of the Diete system, there is a broadcast every time a celestial body for a Strategic Satellite is sent from the Fukashiro System.

[According to the announcement by the Monarchy government, from 26:00 to 27:00 today, the fifth Strategic Satellites celestial body will arrive from the transition gate connected to the Fukashiro System. The object will pass through the upper part of the transition gate, so civilian ships will be able to pass through the gate as usual…]

The three transition gates, each open in a sector 300 million kilometers from Diros, are 2,000 kilometers in diameter, with the upper half of the transition gate for the military and aristocracy and the lower half for the private sector.

The celestial bodies used for Strategic Satellites are at least 300 kilometers in diameter, but can pass through only the upper half of the transition gate.

As ships rushed through and the celestial bodies that would become Strategic Satellites arrived one after another, the Royal people were enveloped in the elation of battle and the certainty of victory.

At least one Strategic Satellite, created by modifying celestial bodies, will be placed in each system in which the realm was created. In order for the Spirit King to operate it independently, considering what happens after sending them into the enemy and making them trade off, it may be best to have two or more.

Currently, they can only be placed in four systems, but if Hart creates new realms, Strategic Satellites could also be deployed in new systems.

The Strategic Satellite is a force capable of destroying 30,000 ships of the Tenka fleet within the realm. The greatest threat to Strategic Satellites is that they are unmanned weapons and can operate at their own discretion.

During the Second Battle of the Diete Star System, the invading Tenka fleet tormented the interception forces of the Royal Army with a tactic of disposing of the National Mages and using fusion rounds in a massive manner.

Such suicide attacks by Tenka and the disposable use of ships can now be done by the Royal Army, which has unmanned Strategic Satellites.

An unmanned Strategic Satellite can disregard the damage and charge into the center of the enemy fleet to destroy enemy formations.

The strength rating of one Strategic Satellite is only equivalent to 30,000 Tenka ships, but no matter how many are destroyed, if new Strategic Satellites are introduced one after another, the morale of the enemy side will collapse.

Although it is already impossible in terms of the war situation, if the Tenka Federation occupies the Athena System with 500,000 ships, and the Monarchy only sends Strategic Satellites from the Diete System one after another, Tenka’s defense fleet will be destroyed by the time the 10th Strategic Satellite is thrown into the system.

If it is insufficient, 20 or 30 satellites can be sent.

The names of the mass-produced Strategic Satellites are Fraga 2, Fraga 3, Fraga 4…. by showing that it is a mass production type that can be increased as much as possible, the morale of the enemy will collapse.

The future plan that Hart thought “would be good if it could be realized” was that the realm of the Spirit King and the transition gate would be created in all the star systems of the Monarchy.

“Of the Monarchy’s eight systems, only half have been territorialized. If the remaining four systems are also territorialized, defense and distribution would be perfect. There are three remaining star systems in Tenka, and even if the spirits feast on all of them, we’ll be short by one planet…”

If the Monarchy’s eight star systems are connected by the transition gate, the 8-star system, with the distance barrier gone, can develop simultaneously with none being left behind.

With a large number of people and a large amount of resources, human development will accelerate.

The obstacle to such ideals is the lack of planets to provide for them.

Suppose that you plan to have billions of people live on a habitable planet and have them evacuate in 200 years so spirits can feast.

But if people who know that they need to leave in 200 years and were convinced with a reasonable price, would it be a very normal behavior, and will it accumulate decent miasma?

In the Shinkyō and Kyūyama Systems, which promoted Fleur and Rhea to Spirit Kings, billions of people living on the planets were burned to death in the midst of the battle, with fear and despair.

Even if the same thing can be done in the 3 Tenka Systems during the war, it cannot be done in others, so there are not enough planets for the spirits to feast on.

For the high-ranking spirits to be feasted, Hart had the means to replenish his supply.

『I want Advanced Spirits that can be raised to Spirit Kings and create realms. In addition to the two B-class crystals that Dr. Kerman gave me, I would like to have two more, but I’m sure Mira and Janet, who are under direct contract, can provide them.』

Mira tilted her head curiously at Hart’s request.

『When did I tell you that Mira can prepare the higher level spirits?』

『No, I haven’t heard that. But I thought it wouldn’t be strange for a Spirit King to have several Advanced Spirits under their control. Then I thought it wouldn’t be difficult for the superior Spirit Emperor to prepare a few Advanced Spirits.』

Hart made excuses, but he actually cheated based on the maiden game “The Galactic Prince”. In the game, Yuna’s contracted spirit Janet was able to make B-class crystals. So he is convinced that Janet can do it, and that Mira, also a Spirit Emperor, can do it as well.

Mira affirmed that she could make crystals.

『Mira is a vegetarian, so I aim to produce ideal vegetables. So I store what I’m going to use for my vegetables, and only discharge what can be used for meat to make crystals.』

『Then, the crystal I gave Xuě Lì was from surplus energy, or rather extra energy.』

『Yes, Chloe is a powerful Advanced Spirit from the start because she is packed with energy that was unnecessary for Mira. After that, I accumulated more in the three star systems of Myrna, Thor, and Freyja, so if that’s okay, I can make them…』

Mira’s explanation contained something that would not otherwise be dismissed.

It is a serious problem that Chloe, a dark elf spirit born from the spirit crystal that Mira passed to Xuě Lì when diplomatic relations between the Monarchy and Fukashiro, was an Advanced Spirit, not Intermediate.

Even though Chloe is under the control of Mira and could be concealed from humans, it is quite inappropriate to give a high-level spirit, which was confidential, to a princess of Fukashiro, which was an independent country at that time.

Mira’s actions have several conceivable reasons, such as increasing surveillance of Xuě Lì, who was from another country, in order to protect Hart, her contractor.

Now that Fukashiro has been incorporated into the Monarchy, the Royal people will accept it if Hart gave one to his fiancée, the Duchess Xuě Lì of Son. Hart decided that there would be no problem if he handed it over after the incorporation, dropped Chloe’s case and urged her to continue.

『So, is there any problem with the creation?』

『Yes, there is. What I gained in the three star systems are the feelings of those who were destroyed by the Monarchy. It is not advisable to have a spirit created on that foundation protect the Monarchy. So it’s better to ask Janet of the Diete System to create Advanced Spirits.』

『I see. That’s certainly not good.』

Hart, who received the explanation, abandoned the idea of obtaining spirit crystals from Mira.

『I think it would be better if you ask Janet to prepare four Advanced Spirits. Since you have two crystals on hand, you only need to create two of them.』

Mira’s gaze extended to the spirit crystals in Hart’s pocket.

Hart’s B-class crystals were received from Dr. Kerman, the contractor of the Spirit God, with a limit of 10 for Hart’s family and fiancée.

With such an acquisition route, there was no way advanced spirits without the potential to reach Spirit King would be mixed in. Inspired by the gaze, Mira, prompted by a glance at the spirit crystals that Hart had taken out, explained about the two spirits.

『The flaxen one is Alfrida and the crimson one is Berenice. Alfrida is the all-around type, and Berenice is the offensive type.』

『Then Alfrida for the Apollo System, and Berenice the Artemis System.』

Of the four Monarchy star systems that have not deployed the realm of the Spirit King, the two systems mentioned by Hart are closest to the frontline. Tenka has three star systems, and if two Spirit Kings are born and enemies remain, it makes sense to make both star systems into realms.

However, Hart had other intentions in connecting the transition gates to both star systems.

In the Apollo Star System, Philine and Claudia’s households’ are located. And in the Artemis system, is the Duke of Takrham and Kyūyama immigrants.

The transition gate will be connected to the Marquis of Carneus, which Philine will inherit, making travel easier. At the same time, he will connect the transition gate to the Duke of Takrham, who is planning to do unnecessary things, so that dozens of Strategic Satellites can be thrown at them.

The reason for setting up an attacking Spirit King in the Artemis system in light of this objective.

『First of all, these two star systems. If I can get only one Spirit King, I personally would prefer the Apollo Star System, but…』

After expanding the realm, the Spirit King will be able to purify the miasma and recover the energy in the territory without the intervention of spirit crystals or Hart’s magic power.

Even after the death of the contractor Hart, the Spirit Kings can continue to collect energy for tens of thousands or hundreds of millions of years and use it for self-enhancement as long as humanity exists within their realms.

The magical support and the use of the transition gates in the realm of the Spirit King is also bait for the stable recovery of energy from mankind. It is a coexistence and co-prosperity type that enhances the safety and convenience to allow human beings to settle in the star system.

Thus, the Spirit Kings who continued to accumulate energy will one day become Spirit Emperors.

As the first step in the history of the planets, spun by human beings and spirits, Hart connected the flaxen spirit crystal to his information terminal.

A moment later, Hart’s surroundings transformed into a carefully tended garden.

In the garden, there was a round table with a tablecloth and wooden chairs, and a woman in a pink dress was sitting gracefully with a Watering Can in her hand.

『I am Alfrida, as introduced by Lady Mira.』

The woman, who greeted him with a soft voice, was a half-elf with flaxen hair and sky-blue eyes. On her ears shone earrings with crimson gems.

Knowing that the color of a spirit’s hair was related to their attribute, Hart guessed that Alfrida’s attributes were light and earth.

However, her sky-blue eyes and crimson earrings seem to be related to water and fire. Hart, lost in his conclusion, imagined that she might have multiple attributes at a high level.

“I am Hart Amakawa. I would like you to purify the miasma in a Tenka Star System and, after you are promoted to Spirit King, create a realm in a system of the Monarchy of Diete. It’s a system where my descendants will live. I want you to protect it for as long as possible.”

『I accept, but even after I have established the realm, please come and see me from time to time. If you, as our contractor, are cooperative, we will be able to increase efficiency in many ways. I only need to see you while you are still alive and able to move of your own volition.』

“All right, I promise.”

『The tentative contract has been concluded. When you sign a contract directly with me, please say Purple Pansy.』

Leaving a whisper behind, Alfrida faded into thin air, along with the beautiful garden that was her world.

After watching Alfrida disappear, Hart then picked up the crimson spirit crystal and connected it to his information terminal.

From the connected crimson spirit crystal, a woman with red hair, red eyes, a short coat with a navel and a long skirt, and a bow and arrow like Artemis in the mythology appeared. The ornaments she wore were highly sophisticated and delicate, not unlike those of ancient times.

She didn’t have a fairy-like appearance. However, she had features distinctly different from humans. There was a wolf-like tail that sprouted from the back of her skirt.

Unlike spirits with a very spiritual appearance, she is a rare beast-like creature, and she gave her name without paying attention to Hart’s gaze at her tail.

『My name is Berenice.』

“I am Hart Amakawa.”

Hart quickly returned the introduction, but he was too distracted to string words like he had with Alfrida. Regardless, Berenice answered Hart’s requirements herself.

『If you want to sign a contract directly, just say Red Cattleya.』

After delivering the words of the contract, Berenice turned herself around and disappeared, shaking her red hair.

Hart, who looked on in admiration at the candid spirit, suddenly felt his body relax, and at the same time, he felt that something was missing and sank into the back of the chair.

Thus, Hart used up all the spirit crystals he obtained from Dr. Kerman.

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