Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 – Mr. Black Goat, Writes a Letter

Hart’s home is a passenger ship floating in the waters where he has rights to.

It has a total length of 200 meters and can navigate within the star system, but is incomparable to the luxurious 2 square kilometers of artificial floating islands.

From the standpoint of a quasi-aristocratic position, there would have been no particular problem. Because quasi-aristocratic are not given any aristocratic privileges and no one has any reason to complain.

However, for the aristocrats, it was excessively unreasonable.

Since the 120-meter-class combat ship cannot navigate interstellar space, the 200-meter-class ship is an interstellar spacecraft slightly larger than a combat ship that a knight can operate. For aristocrats, it’s the level of a doghouse, and looking at Hart now, it feels like watching a minor living in a cardboard house in the park.

If an aristocrat who receives tax-free privileges and preferential purchase of shares of a state-owned enterprise with a high profit margin uses a 200-meter class passenger ship as their home, the royal people will be skeptical of how the blood tax is being spent.

Even if they live on such a ship, it will only be assumed that the home is destroyed in the war, and they will not be contacted or visited because of the inconvenience. If anything, it is not possible to visit them in good conscience.

The day after he came home from the Apollo social gathering, Hart, who had explained the situation to Yuna by communication, was scolded by Yuna when she boarded the passenger ship.

“Please don’t add to it.”


After Hart replied briefly, the passenger ship was enveloped in silence.

It was Philine who took him to the social gathering, but it was Hart himself who actually made the decision to attend, so the participation itself is at his own responsibility. Although Philine is the lady of a Marquis, she has directly expressed her bitterness to the Duke, hence fulfilling her responsibilities.

It’s just that both their assumptions about Coesfeld’s intentions were naive compared to reality.

Hart sank deeper into his chair and let out a light sigh.

“So, Hart, what were the girls you were introduced to like?”

Hart broke out in a cold sweat when Yuna, in pure child mode, asked with a smile.

In addition to Hart and Yuna, Philine was also invited to the passenger ship as a party to the incident.

The main blame is on Hart, but Philine was also overpowered by the pressure that Euna generated.

“I don’t want to hide anything from you, but access to personal data is limited to the aristocrats who are considering it. Is it okay for others besides me to look at information about the Duke of Coesfeld?”

When Hart confirmed this, Philine expressed her opinion fearfully.

“Yuna is Hart’s fiancée, but she belongs to the Duke of Strani now. You can’t view the magic values of the personal data.”

As Philine explained, Yuna smiled.


Hart breaks in between Philine, who is under pressure, and Yuna, who smiles.

“Even if you don’t look at the personal data, I can explain their name and family background.”

Yuna smiled silently to Hart, who is desperately trying to patch things up.

“Philine, is it okay to show a three-dimensional image?”

“Y, yes. Personal data that can only be accessed and browsed by the Monarchy government is no good, but if it is a private three-dimensional image sent for reference, I think it’s okay for a prospective wife to see it. I think they are people I’m familiar with, and I’m only now seeing it, so I’d say it’s no problem.”

In the end, Hart and Philine lost to the pressure Yuna generated, and decided to check the persons of the sent data.

If it is a preposterous prospect, like the young lady of the Duke of Takhram, Digitalis, she would escape the forefront with a warp beyond the speed of light, but no such woman would be added to the mix. Hart thinks.

The Duke of Coesfeld sent the data on three young ladies to start with.

The first is Claudia, young lady of the Duke of Coesfeld family.

Her father is the Duke’s son and the next head of household, and her mother is his legal wife.

Of four children, Claudia is second born in the order of eldest son, eldest daughter, second daughter, and second son.

Magic is estimated to be Royal-class for the eldest son and Claudia, and Duke-class for the second daughter and second son.

She is a third-year student at the middle school of the Magic Academy, and her estimated magic power value is around 28,650.

The second is Evelina, young lady of the Count of Ordolene.

The daughter of Count Ordolene and his wife, her maternal grandfather is the Duke of Coesfeld.

Of four children, Evelina is second born in the order of eldest son, eldest daughter, second daughter, and third daughter.

Magic is estimated to be Marquis-class for the eldest son, Count-class for the eldest daughter and the second daughter, and Viscount-class for the third daughter.

Since April, her magic power value has been 16,566 at the high school of the Magic Academy.

The third is Gabriella, young lady of the Viscount of Allerede.

Her father is of the Duke of Coesfeld’s household, and her mother was the lady of a Viscount and a mistress of the Duke.

The Viscount Lady has two children, and Gabriella is the older sister.

Magic is estimated to be Marquis-class for the elder sister and the Count-class for the younger sister.

She is a first-year high school student at The Magic Academy, and her magic power value is 18,580.

After Hart names the three candidates, Yuna would turn a smile on Philine for an explanation. Then, with a troubled expression on her face, Philine gives her impressions of the women that Hart mentioned.

“I know Claudia, the young lady of the Duke of Coesfeld, and Evelina, the young lady of the Count of Ordolene. I know Viscount Allerede, but I don’t remember ever meeting Gabriella. As long as personal data is being sent, there is no doubt about the source.”

Was the unknown daughter of an unmarried Viscount Lady meant to become a mistress? Hart was convinced, and decided to ask in order from Claudia.

However, Hart had a general idea of ​​Coesfeld’s intentions based on Claudia’s magic power value.

Claudia is presumed to be a Royal-class Magic Power Holder.

If her magic is anchored as it is, she can become the fiancée of the Sovereign’s grandchild who does not have a candidate after canceling the engagement offer with Alisa, the Count family young lady who was the classmate of Hart and others. Since the child to be born would be male, if the magic power inheritance ratio is 0.95 times or more, the child can become next in line to the throne after the Sovereign’s grandson.

Clearly, it is not power she seeks but an offspring with high magic power, and by approaching Hart the possibility of being the future Queen Dowager is firmly planted.

When a child with Hart is born, even if the inherited magic power is 0.9 times, the magic power value will be close to 40,000, and it will be possible to operate a fortress that is twice as large as the Coalition Forces’. If it is 1.25 times more, it will be possible to operate a 54,000-meter-class defense fortress. Even Hart’s brother had an inheritance rate of 1.8 times.

Collette once explained the aristocratic ties of obligation to Hart.

That marriage between aristocrats is a mutual cooperation, a lady with high magic power is offered, and the difference is passed on.

When receiving the Royal-class Claudia, the Amakawa family may be descendants of Claudia or other descendants, but in the future someone among them will have to marry a lady of similar magic power into the Duke of Coesfeld’s House.

The Duke of Coesfeld arranged for Hart a high magic power young lady to fulfill his wishes and at the same time seek the stability of the Duke’s family. Hart imagined Duke of Coesfeld’s thoughts.

“What can you tell me about Claudia? Oh, this is her stereoscopic image.”

In the three-dimensional image projected by Hart, a girl with silver-white hair, an adorable feature and blue eyes sparkling with curiosity, emerged. She gave a small wave, laughing mischievously like a little fox.

A large sky-blue ribbon was attached to the left side of her hair, and around her neck was a sky blue choker and a small ribbon. She was dressed in a white and sky blue dress, so Hart wondered if she liked sky blue.

“Hmm, pretty girl.”

Yuna gave her first impression with a smile.

Hart takes a slight damage to his stomach and glances at Philine.

“In addition to her personality, I also have to talk about other special circumstances.”

Philine began to talk about Claudia with a preface.

“Personality wise, if you compare it to Hart’s favorite classical Japanese literature, it’s that of ‘a princess who actively supports the hero when she’s reincarnated in another world’.”

Hart, whose formal marriage interview candidate’s character is likened to classical literature from 1,700 years ago, gazed unblinkingly at the image of Claudia.

“If she had been among our classmates, I think she would have stopped all of Digitalis’ actions and helped everyone cheerfully.”

“In short, she’s a bright and decent girl.”

After listening to Philine’s explanation, Hart had a general understanding of Claudia’s character.

If the Lady of the Duke, who has tremendous power, moves by virtue of her good nature, it is bound to be a little reassuring. If it were a Maiden Game, the heroine would not get in a pinch and the story wouldn’t have peaks and valleys, so she is a character that ends the story before it even begins.

She would come in handy in the quest to defeat the mighty Demon King, though.

“She has a relationship with the children of most senior aristocrats. She is a legitimate duchess who’s educated as future Queen or Duchess candidate. She’s also a very popular member of a special association called ‘The String Society’.”

“”The String Society?””

Hart and Yuna simultaneously reacted to the unfamiliar words Philine had uttered.

“A women’s association where volunteers from royalty and senior aristocrats gather… is it a mutual aid association? On the bow that is the Monarchy, if the Lords are the arrows, we are the strings. It is a gathering of such people. After the turmoil of our Marquis family succession was concluded and I returned from the Loki Star System battle, I finally earned a recommendation to join.”

“I didn’t know there was such an association.”

The emergence of secret organizations behind the scenes of the Monarchy made Hart keenly aware of the vastness of the world.

“The String Society works on a different basis than the factions created by the Lords. Women are strong when they stand in solidarity. And Claudia is among those who can make The String Society work.”

When he heard a startling story, Hart unconsciously shivered. And Yuna’s smile seemed to be frozen in place as well.

At this point, Hart revised his view on why Coesfeld sent Claudia’s data.

If he only wanted a high magic powered child, he didn’t need to offer Claudia, one of the powerful trump cards of the Duke of Coesfeld.

The reason Claudia offered is because Hart, who is an emerging Viscount, is also in a tug-of-war between the Duke of Strani and the Marquis de Carneus, so they sent out a person who is able and willing to seriously support him.

The earnestness of the Duke, who puts in so much effort, was conveyed to Hart.

“The first option already exceeds the processing power of my brain.”

“Hart, if this girl comes, I’m going to lose.”

Yuna, the daughter of a Duke, who is also the granddaughter of the Sovereign, was intimidated by Claudia’s high specs and filled with timid words.

Hart extended his right hand and gently held the left hand of Yuna, who was twitching with a smile on her face. This is a mental stabilization method that Hart uses on Yuna ever since the space flight drill.

Then, when Yuna’s hand was held, relaxed from her shoulder and sighed a little.

Hart extended his left hand, wondering if it was unfair, and held Philine’s right hand. Then Philine, with an embarrassed smile, held Hart’s left hand back.

“The other ladies are not as troublesome as Claudia.”

The standard is too high. Hart, who retorted inwardly, urged Philine to explain by the glance, without feeling quite at ease.

“Ms. Evelina was Vice President of the Middle School student council. She also received advice from Alisa, who formerly had an engagement offer with His Highness the Sovereigns Grandson and was Vice President of the High School student council, and it was mentioned in the public relations magazine. Because of that, her position is not very good right now.”

“Is that right?

Hart tilted his head at the idea that Evelina’s position would be compromised simply because she had received advice from Alisa, the Vice President of the High School student council.

Although it was an order from the escorts, it is unavoidable that Alisa, who fled before the enemy from the Coalition forces that attacked the capital planet, is now in a bad position.

‘If you hadn’t run away, my child wouldn’t be dead. Why do you think we’ve been supporting the aristocracy for 440 years?”

Such curses were spat out by the citizens, as the escorts ushered her to run away. Even if she tried to explain herself, there is no reason they would be convinced.

However, Evelina has nothing to do with fleeing in the face of the enemy.

‘How bad is her position?’

To Hart’s question, Philine showed signs of hesitation.

“It’s not as if those who received guidance from the ones who fled are safe. In that way, it is deplorable that aristocrats everywhere continue to be so harshly scrutinized by the people. Evelina, she could at least be the wife of a Baron who desperately needs magic power…. that’s her situation.”

By Philine’s explanation, Hart recognized that Evelina was being used as a reason for a rough inquisition, and was treated as a dud that could go off when a problem occurred. In Evelina’s position, due to her subtle magic power, it is no longer possible for her to be a senior aristocrat’s formal wife.

There is only one easy way for Evelina to completely dispel the doubts on her and to be praised as a model aristocratic lady. That is to come under Hart, a hero since the beginning of the war and also a super high magic powered individual.

If she supports Hart, who saved 11 billion people in the defense of the Capital planet, by fully assisting in his career, no one will complain. On the contrary, they may treat anyone who complains as an enemy and beat them thoroughly. If a child with high magic power is born, they will raise their hands and sing three cheers.

It makes sense for Count and Countess Ordolene to agree to the terms that she becomes the Viscount’s concubine.

“No, you can’t.”

Yuna stabbed a nail and Hart stopped projecting the stereoscopic image. The appearance of the aristocratic young lady, who has been selected for hundreds of years, is beautiful enough that everyone can become a character in the maiden game. Evelina was no exception.

Hart gave a general overview of Gabriela, who Philine didn’t know.

“Maybe, I think the Duke of Coesfeld introduced three different patterns, a second wife candidate, a concubine, and a mistress. Evelina is in a position to be taken as the concubine, and Gabriella’s mother is an unmarried mistress herself.”

The Duke, who didn’t know what Hart was looking for, must have produced all the possible patterns.

After the explanation, Yuna smiled and told Hart the conclusion.

“Hart. With this small floating boat, you can’t welcome an aristocratic lady related to a Duke family, can you?”

Afterwards, Hart silently wrote a letter to the effect that no one would be accepted.

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