Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 – Ms. White Goat, Cuts Off the Path of Retreat

A wave of intense energy emitted by a huge battleship was disrupting the vortex of magic flowing through the Diete system.

Next to the huge immigrant ship Future Arrow, which once carried 1 billion people to the new world, three 13,000-meter-class third-class fortress ships, which are comparable to it, crossed powerfully while operating a huge magic engine.

A fortress ship that can only be operated by high magic power holders of the Count-class or higher, and its gigantic body is specialized for combat power.

From behind the hull, which has enormous destructive power, two even larger 17,000-meter-class second-class fortress ships and one 21,000-meter-class first-class fortress ship appeared one after another.

And from behind the first-class fortress ship, a huge 27,000-meter-class mobile fortress that can envelop the huge immigrant ship Future Arrow, emerged silently, shining white with the light of the magic conversion.

Around the giant ship, there is a line of large battleships operated by Baron-class and Viscount-class magic power holders, which are not found in ordinary fleets. They were accompanied by 2000 warships such as battleships, carrier crafts, and cruisers.

After majestically orbiting the moon of the Capital planet, Diros, the group headed into space about 300,000 kilometers away from the planet and created a 12th wall of light next to the army that had already formed 11 walls of light.

Then, they lined up their artillery in unison toward the faraway Coalition territory.

“Your Excellency General Bödeger. The Duke of Mauriac’s army and the mobile fortress Ophaniel have arrived. The fortress operator is Lord Laurent, the Duke of Mauriac.”

After receiving the report, General Bödeger, the coordinator of the gathering fleet, questioned his second-in-command.

“Lord Laurent was the next Duke?”

“Yes. In the Battle of Capital planet, his fiancée was killed by the Coalition. Reinforcements from the Duke of Mauriac include 2000 ships per fleet with a high ratio of battleships, six fortress ships of the senior aristocratic family, and 1 Royal-class mobile fortress that Laurent himself decreed to operate.”

“I see.”

Bödeger muttered briefly with wrinkles between his eyebrows, and then went silent.

In order to compensate for the lack of strength on the front lines, The Crown Prince Gracian ordered the 89 senior aristocrats to provide reinforcements on behalf of Sovereign to fight on the front lines.

The 70 Count households each have a fleet of 200 ships.

The 14 Marquis households each have 3 fleets with 600 ships.

The 5 Duke households each have 6 fleets with 1,200 ships.

One fleet must gather 200 Baron-class Magic Power Holders and 2,500 Knight-class Magic Power Holders.

The 1,410 general aristocrats were instructed to cooperate with senior aristocrats, who gathered warships and personnel from the faction’s aristocrats and territorial forces to form a reinforcement fleet.

According to the instructions of the Crown Prince, seven fleets were scheduled to gather.

When the lid was lifted, murderous aristocrats sent 12 fleets with a high battleship ratio, a large number of fortified ships that had not been requested to gather, and even mobile fortresses.

The average strength of a fleet of aristocratic troops is 20% more than that of a royal fleet.

After a few moments of gazing at the thick wall of light, Bödeger eventually addressed his second-in-command.

“It’s as if we’re looking at the War of Independence 478 years ago. Lord Laurent is a Brigadier General in the aristocratic conscripts, but he is to be treated with the same courtesy as a Fleet Commander.”

“Understood, sir.”

When the Lieutenant straightened his posture, Bödeger gave the order.

“Issue the launch order.”

“Ha! From the General Command, order all the forces of the assembled fleet. [Fire the Arrows of Fury at our enemies].”

As soon as General Bödeger’s orders were given, the 12 thick walls of light transformed into 12 giant arrows of light, released one after another toward the Coalition territories.

The advance of the Royal Aristocratic Army is also relayed throughout the Monarchy’s territories.

The 12 arrows of light, which were made by the aristocrats, are part of a great expedition by the next Sovereign of the Monarchy of Diete, Prince Gracian, and will be thrust into the entire body of the Coalition of Humanity.

It has been 441 years since the Monarchy of Diete declared its independence.

The Monarchy fires a new Arrow of Fury following the War of Independence against the Coalition of Humanity, which still misunderstood the Monarchy of Diete as colonial rebels and launched an attack. And defeating the hated Coalition, Diete wins independence, freedom and peace.

This is a holy war for the Royal people and it must be known throughout the Monarchy. And if the battle is won, the issue of succession to the throne will also be settled, and the Monarchy can move forward to a brighter future. That is what Bödeger believes.

Some of the expeditionary forces, though, have commanders with different ideas than Bödeger.

[Fortress Kerviel, keep clear of the fleet, and launch.]

“Roger. Fortress Kerviel, departing.”

The commander of Fortress Kerviel, who had been instructed to keep a low profile in order to promote the political propaganda of Royal Prince’s activities, began operating the fortress, keeping it away from the arrows of light.

And, after finishing his role in the launch ceremony, Hart exhaled a heavy sigh.

To Hart’s right, Yuna, whose eyes were completely glazed, was only physically present. Sitting in such an atmosphere.

“It’s good to be away from the Capital planet.”

Yuna, who had heard the words of Colette, nodded and returned to her state of stupor.

Hart, holding his head, tried to replay a recorded video, looking for a way out of the problem that was troubling them both.

“It’s no use.”

Colette advised, but Hart, who couldn’t give up, operated the terminal so that only he could hear it, and started playing the video.

The video showed the center of the Royal Capital.

It was the parliamentary hall of the Monarchy’s House of Representatives (Senate), which had once been blown up by the Coalition force, but had been restored to its full dignity.

In the chamber, Senator Dryver, a bearded, middle-aged aristocrat, stood up and began to make a speech at the top of his voice.

[It has been half a year since the Capital defense battle. Four months after the defense, Prime Minister Stanley declared that all the homes of the surviving Royal citizens destroyed in the battle, including special structures, had all been rebuilt or replaced.]

Dryver paused and looked around the assembly.

Then, after taking a deep breath, he declares in a loud voice that roars throughout the assembly hall.

[However, the residence of Viscount Amakawa, who broke through 16 enemy fleets and mobile fortresses from the side in the defense battle of the Capital planet, single-handedly destroying more than 7 fleets and enemy mobile fortresses, saving 11 billion lives and the Capital planet itself, has yet to be restored, no replacement has been prepared, and it appears he currently resides on a temporary refugee ship floating in the Mediterranean at his own expense.]

Immediately after Dryver’s statement, a three-dimensional image of a small ship floating among a large group of artificial floating islands was projected in the parliamentary hall of the Monarchy’s House of Representatives.

In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, amidst a picturesque view of a beautiful row of ultra-luxury residential floating islands close to 2 square kilometers, one small boat with a total length of only 200 meters was floating.

The legislators were stunned by the tragic scene of a second-hand camper van, which is one tenth of the size of the surrounding area, popping up in a row of condominiums.

[This small boat is the current Residence of the Viscount of Amakawa. The original residence was the same as the surrounding floating islands. Currently, it is a temporary refugee ship about 200 meters long, slightly larger than a combat ship, with no room for a person to host a single visitor, and not even the space needed to park the guest’s flying vehicle.]

Dryver clenched his fist and slammed the podium.

[So I will ask the Prime Minister. Has the government not been issued a damage assessment for the residence of The Viscount of Amakawa? Please access the government’s data here and voice search the words “damage assessment”, “Mediterranean”, “Hart Amakawa” and report your findings.]

Stanley wrinkled between his eyebrows at the demand, distorted his mouth, and remained silent for about 10 seconds.

With the attention of 400 members of the House of Representatives and billions of Royal citizens watching the broadcasts, he eventually checked the government’s record out loud.

[……We have confirmed the damage assessment.]

When Stanley responds, Dryver nods powerfully and speaks loudly again.

[The Viscount of Amakawa’s residence, which the Prime Minister found in a search and records have it as damaged, should have been rebuilt, replaced, or compensated for in some manner. So, is it registered as such?]

With wrinkles between his eyebrows, Stanley spoke his words with an agonizing expression.

[………… it is not.]

The resounding roar erupted from the members of congress who were present at the House of Representatives.

Looking up at the temporary refugee ship floating unreliably in the Mediterranean Sea, some legislators shouted, “How terrible”, “Why hasn’t it been restored?”, “It’s been left for six months”, “The reconstruction budget should be surplus”.

Then, Dryver who stood on the podium questioned Stanley again while pointing to the small ship.

[The Prime Minister declared that all the homes of the surviving Royal citizens destroyed in the battle, including special structures, had been rebuilt or replaced. Such was the declaration. Then, is Viscount Amakawa not included in the Royal citizens? Or was he killed in battle? Or is the Stanley administration a group that cannot even subtract the number of restored homes from the homes that issued a damage assessment and calculate the difference?]

After a quick glare at Stanley, Dryver began to talk about the root of the problem to the attending legislators and the Royal citizens listening to the broadcast.

[The Prime Minister may think that it is merely a house. However, Viscount Amakawa’s magic power is the highest recorded in the history of the Monarchy, and even if his partner were a Count-class magic powered individual with an average inheritance rate, their child could become a Royal-class fortress operator. The Viscount lives on a refugee ship. So, he clearly explained the situation, and has already had to turn down numerous offers from Royal-class, Marquis-class, and Count-class candidates!]

Next to the three-dimensional image of the floating evacuation ship, the 90-kilometer-long Fortress Kerviel and Hart’s magic power value of more than 90,000 that operates it are displayed. The safety standard shows a figure of 91,000 or more.

Next, the magic power values ​​of the children born to the Royal-class, Marquis-class, and Count-class candidates were shown.

  • The Magic Power Value of a child born between the Viscount of Amakawa and the Royal-class candidate
    • 1st Child,         0.9 times = 39,818      2 times = 88,486
    • 2nd Child,        0.9 times = 37,884      2 times = 84,187
    • 3rd Child,         0.9 times = 36,143      2 times = 80,318
    • 4th Child,         0.9 times = 34,576      2 times = 76,836
  • The Magic Power Value of a child born between the Viscount of Amakawa and the Marquis-class candidate.
    • 1st Child,         0.9 times = 29,714      2 times = 66,033.
    • 2nd Child,        0.9 times = 28,586      2 times = 63,524.
    • 3rd Child,         0.9 times = 27,570      2 times = 61,267.
    • 4th Child,         0.9 times = 26,655      2 times = 59,235.
  • The Magic Power Value of a child born between the Viscount of Amakawa and the Count-class candidate
    • 1st Child,         0.9 times = 28,491      2 times = 63,314.
    • 2nd Child,        0.9 times = 27,485      2 times = 61,078.
    • 3rd Child,         0.9 times = 26,579.     2 times = 59,065.
    • 4th Child,         0.9 times = 25,764      2 times = 57,253.

Dryver reminded the legislators and billions of Royal citizens staring at the numbers.

[This is based on the assumption that the magic power of Viscount Amakawa is the lowest expected value of 91,000, and then uses actual magic power values that have personally been entrusted to us by the three women who have actually been informed by Viscount Amakawa that the home is still destroyed.]

As Stanley was appalled by the shocking remark, Dryver followed up.

[The Prime Minister has caused the loss more than 10 future high magic powered people, as I can only submit to evidence now. Each of these lost high magic powers could save hundreds of millions to over a billion lives in a single battle. And they could save the Monarchy in the next battle, and in the next generation as well. Moreover, more than 20 aristocratic households considered approaching Viscount Amakawa but gave up on contacting him due to the damage to the residence.]

In the quiet of the chamber, Dryver scolded Stanley as if hurling abuse.

[This will surely reduce the number of large mobile fortress operators to be born in the future in the Monarchy, depriving the Monarchy of such possible descendants, creating opportunities for the Coalition of Humanity to kill billions of Royal citizens, even creating the danger of being colonized again by the Coalition, and that is what Prime Minister Stanley and the current administration are doing!]

Your presence threatens the existence of the Monarchy of Diete. Stanley, the Prime Minister accused of such, frantically uttered an apology as he shivered with a blood-drawn face.

[………… we believe there was some sort of oversight. We will immediately apologize to Viscount Amakawa and make arrangements for the restoration. We will work with the Ministry of Reconstruction to investigate the cause of the oversight, and thoroughly ensure that it does not happen again.]

Dryver slightly lowered his voice and pressed the pale-faced Stanley.

[I would like to confirm the oversight that the Prime Minister has been mentioning. Shortly after the Capital defense battle, Viscount Amakawa was scrambled to rescue the victims of the battle, and then headed to the Solar System to recover supplies for reconstruction. And when he returned home, he found that the Prime Minister had declared the reconstruction complete while the Viscount’s residence was still destroyed. With regard to the oversight, was the Viscount in any way at fault?]

It is widely known by the royal citizens that Fortress Kerviel was devoted to the rescue and reconstruction of evacuees after the Capital planet battle, and that it had gone to the Solar System to recover the resources consumed in the reconstruction. Because, the return from the Solar System and its achievements have been widely reported throughout the country.

Stanley, who was reminded of the point, answered Dryver.

[………… the Viscount was never at fault.]

If you make mention of faults, you will be asked whose it is. Even if the words are slurred, it will be pursued.

Dryver who nodded to Stanley who replied that there was none, and pronounced.

[Then, due to the government’s blunder, the Viscount’s residence will be rebuilt even better, with compensation for being the only individual left out of the restoration efforts and publicly humiliated. If you do not rebuild better and enable him receive more concubines, mistresses, or gene donation offers, we may not be able to recover the at least 10 people lost. If the government does not conclude the matter in the reconstruction of the Viscount’s residence, I will submit a motion to impeach and prosecute the present administration for breach of trust against the Monarchy.]

Dryver called out majestically in a powerful voice, looking over at the members of the House of Representatives in parliament.

[Members in attendance. As I have just said, if the Stanley administration, despite its explanations in the House of Representatives, did not compensate for damages, failed to restore Viscount Amakawa’s home, and reduced the future super high magic powered individuals of the Monarchy more than it should be, would this not constitute a breach of duty to the Monarchy? For those who would believe that such is truly a breach against the Monarchy, please stand for reference.]

When Dryver called for it, 400 members of the House of Representatives stood up in unison in groups of hundreds. And the seated members who saw the situation around them also hurriedly rose from their seats.

Eventually, about 90% of the members present in the assembly stood up, and Senator Dryver thanked them.

[I would like to express my gratitude to the members of congress for their ability to transcend factions and make sound decisions for the sake of the Monarchy. I ask that you be seated.]

Dryver looked back at the blue-faced Stanley after seeing the seated legislators.

[Do you understand, Your Excellency? In this case, I would like your endeavor in the recovery of more than 10 people who have been lost by doing an outstanding job that will become a symbol of the reconstruction effort. Look back at my explanation as to why it is necessary for the Monarchy. That concludes my questions.]

Hart finished the playback as the scene shows Dryver proudly returning to his parliamentary seat.

And again, he exhales a deep sigh.

His home was destroyed in the battle, so no one could be welcomed. It was Hart himself who refused. In addition, he cannot take more fiancées as he goes to the battlefield. He felt like he said that.

In response, the beautiful silver-haired saintly young lady smiled mischievously like a fox and said, “Please rest assured. For aristocratic women in the Monarchy, it is natural to support the lords who go to battle. Also, arrangements for the mansion have been made, so please be patient.”.

Hart tilted his head, but the result was as could be seen.

“The String Society”, a group of volunteer women from royalty and senior aristocracy. If you make an enemy of these women, even the Prime Minister may be sentenced imprisonment in an impeachment trial through House of Representatives, which elects all members from among the royal family and senior aristocrats who hold territories.

“Give it up.”

Hart, who was exhausted after Colette’s admonition, was slowly dragged through space by the reinforcement fleet that was pushing forward in high spirits.

While the Monarchy was in an uproar over the restoration of the Viscount’s residence, the Hercules System, 120 light-years from the Solar System, provided detailed information about the reinforcement fleet.

“The Crown Prince is a burden. We don’t need to go to the trouble of getting rid of him.”

Lieutenant General Hawkins, who serves as the Chief of Staff of the Hercules Armed Forces, advised his superior, the Commander-in-Chief, Colonel General Dexter.

Ever since the Monarchy’s Crown Prince Gracian conquered Earth, information on the Monarchy has been leaked to the Coalition.

To illustrate the movements of the Royal Army, they would compare chess players that are foolish and only know how to advance their pieces in a straightforward manner.

The movements of such an opponent were obvious, without even thinking about it. Hawkins, the Chief of Staff, thought about the significance of such an existence since anyone could easily read his thoughts. And he suggested that it would be better for the Coalition if the Crown Prince was not killed.

Dexter, however, dismissed the suggestion.

“It’s true that he’s a liability. But if we don’t exploit the enemy’s weaknesses, we may not be able to defend the Hercules system from a major offensive. We are the General Command of the Hercules Sector Army.”

Hawkins, though inwardly disappointed, accepted Dexter’s will and nodded.

Since the beginning of the war, 25 fleets and 10 mobile fortresses of the Coalition of Humanity’s Forces have been lost.

In return, public support from the people of the Coalition member states has increased as a result of political propaganda within the Coalition that the suicide attack on the Monarchy’s Capital planet has had a certain effect, and the retaliation for the targeted attack on Earth has been realized after 458 years.

However, there is no longer as much leeway as there was at the beginning of the war.

The force difference of the Coalition and the Monarchy were calculated as being “14 to 10” in terms of the total number of the Magic Power Holders, and the Coalition had an advantage in preparing for war in advance.

However, when the war actually broke out, the Solar System was taken in exchange for the attack on the Monarchy’s Capital planet, so it was a back and forth situation.

If they hadn’t stumbled at the start of the Frodi System, the Fenrir fleet would have made a direct assault on the Monarchy, and by now they might have conquered a majority of the Monarchy’s territory and began moving to sweep off the remnants.

Reality doesn’t always go the way you want it to. Hawkins looked back and considered what would happen after the Crown Prince was killed.

“If the first prince is killed, the Sovereign’s grandson will move up as the next heir. The struggle for the throne with the Commander-in-Chief Strani, who was demoted from the 3rd Prince to a vassal, should continue to fan the flames via the Republic of Frodi.”

Dexter agrees with Hawkins.

“Should we remind the homeland to let the conflict continue even if the actors change?”

“That would be best. I think they’ll do it without us having to tell them.”

With the royal system, if the person with the least right to succeed the throne is superior, the country will be divided, and if a fool ascends to the throne, it will easily fall apart. The Coalition took a cold look at the state system of the Monarchy and was eager to support its collapse.

With the Third Prince, Valfrete and The Crown Prince, Gracian, there is a hierarchical relationship between the elder brother and the younger brother that makes it impossible to give the final push. However, with the Grandchild of Sovereign, Leandre and the Third Prince, Valfrete, the relationship is that of nephew and uncle, which is worse than that of Prince Gracian.

Dexter, hoping for a turnaround, ordered him to explore the weaknesses of the monarchy.

“Arrange for Leandre and Valfrete to fight each other after the Crown Prince’s death.”

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