Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – The Villainess’ Scheme

At the military academy, the hierarchical relationship between seniors and juniors is extremely strict.

This is because the curriculum for learning the roles of superiors and subordinates is built into every part of the Military Academy.

One example would be the meals.

The dining hall where the students of the Heavy Battleship department sit has a table for seating 10 people.

There are two 3rd and 4th year students each and three 1st and 2nd year students each.

The first-year students serve as the waiters, and the 2nd year students are assigned as their instructors.

If something goes wrong, the 3rd years will scold the 1st and 2nd year students, while the 4th years supervise the 3rd year students’ attention.

This is a part of the military education, where the orders of superior officers are absolute, and the combination of each table is changed many times, allowing the experience of various superiors, colleagues, and subordinates.

At the military academy, where obedience to superiors cannot be taken for granted, it is difficult to refuse a request from a senior officer, no matter what it is.

Even if it is a unilateral request made in a secluded cadet dormitory with no other eyewitnesses.

2nd Year(Third class) Hiraki. When will your next leave request be?”

“Next month, sir.”

“Then you may join us at that time.”

“Yes, sir”

Hart has no knowledge about the senior students’ summons.

They were seniors he was not usually involved with, and they did not even recognize each other’s faces.

He wanted to lodge a complaint about the fact that he was being asked to use up one of the few leaves granted to cadets arbitrarily.

However, the best way to deal with this situation is to attach the “instructions of the three seniors recorded on the information terminal” to the leave request and report to the military academy that the outing is based on their instructions.

By doing so, the student who was instructed to take leave under such direction will not be given a negative evaluation for conduct or propriety. Or, depending on the instructor, they may receive a positive assessment.

However, ultimately, he had no right to refuse.

Instead, Hart decided to put some extra effort in addition to adding the attached data to the application.

“Seraphina, please.”

When Hart called out, a beautiful blond female spirit with purple eyes emerged from the information terminal.

Her name is Seraphina.

For some reason, it was not the one that supported Yuna in “The Galactic Prince”, but the spirit that the best friend, Colette, had received as part of the happy ending.

Would artificial spirits become the new life forms created by humans?

Even though it is an additional terminal connected to an information terminal, the support power is much higher than that of the existing information terminal, and in addition, it is capable of self-judgment.

The self-judgment is about that of a 14-year-old for the F-class, and it increases by 2 years with each class level. Although the basic specifications do not improve, experience is accumulated, so the longer the device is worn, the smarter the artificial spirit will be.

Hart’s wearing time is short, but Seraphina had high level judgment from the start.

She turned her attention to the entrance where the three seniors had left, and immediately created an alter to follow them.

There was no way they could have imagined that an alter form of an artificial spirit would follow after them.

Relieved and light-hearted after accomplishing their mission, they let slip that they had been ordered by the Marquis of Carneus to bring Hart to Dorothea.

Hart decided to take evidence footage of their unknowingly confession and kept it as an insurance policy.

His opponent is the most powerful person Hart can ask for.

“That’s why Dorothea is conspiring against us. You might have stirred things up a bit.”


From Philine’s mouth, a hoarse groan unbecoming of the daughter of the Marquis family was uttered.

“I’m sure Dorothea will be waiting for me at the place where you took me out. In that spot, the communication function of the information terminal could be cut off.”

Assuming Dorothea is the instigator, she will come out to negotiate directly with Hart. If that fails, will she resort to threats?

The ones who will perform the communication function blockade of the information terminal, naturally they will deal with that.

“My grandfather is currently in the Royal Capital. I’ll report this as soon as possible.”

“And so that they can’t feign ignorance, we need to catch them on scene. I have access to a new type of information terminal in which its communication function can’t be blocked, so I’d like the Marquis family to prepare people who can use it to observe the situation in real time.”

“A new type of information terminal?”

“It’s a terminal extension, to be precise. It is a product sold by a company called Second System, and this video evidence was secured using it. They say evidence is better than argument, so I’ll explain it to you, please try it out.”


The C-class spirit crystals that were secured before they became popular became immediately useful.

“All things considered, I wonder what kind of offer she will present. She could claim, ‘I wanted to meet with brother-in-law so I could ask for a favor’, as for the matter of using seniors from the Military Academy, I wouldn’t expect any punishment.”

“She’s not the kind of girl who says cute things like that.”

“So, what do you think it is?”

“………… Enticing you by presenting better terms than I did. If it doesn’t work, then blackmail. Failing that as well, frame Mr. Hart as the criminal who tried to harm the young lady of a Marquis family, kill him on the spot, and have the match restart.”

In Philine’s position, she would want to avoid Dorothea’s plot at all costs.

Therefore, in order to caution Hart for his personal safety, she purposely gave a warning.

“For this matter, can I assume that Philine will repay me for taking me to the Marquis of Carneus family?”


Philine’s mouth overflowed with a more painful hoarse groan than usual.

“In all honesty, if I am treated too poorly, I may end up agreeing to Dorothea’s terms. I might have to explain to the Marquis that Philine didn’t take responsibility for the terrible things that happened after being forced to cooperate with her.”

“I’ll report Dorothea’s actions to my grandfather.”

“That’s something I could do myself, given the evidence. In the first place, the problem is the poor treatment of the Marquis family, who promised to be equal partners, but completely seized the initiative and tried to adapt everything to their convenience. I am discontent.”

In the event that Dorothea, who is being cornered in the struggle for succession, is willing to abandon a high magic power individual as a genetic donor in order to secure the Marquis, Philine would have no chance of winning unless Hart is her candidate.

Hart, on the other hand, wants asylum, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be from Philine. Since he is a member of the Royal Army, he may be granted protection by the military.

“Then what do you want? I’m getting more and more sullen. Speak up, please.”

“A genuine equal relationship. Milady, take a chance at playing the sweetheart a little.”

“……………… uh, eh!?”

“If not, let’s break it off. I can’t go along with a relationship where I’m only being used unilaterally.”

The engagement annulment event in the maiden game.

He’s not actually engaged to her.

When Hart pressed her on what to do now, Philine was on the verge of fleeing.

But she paused and closed her eyes, perhaps thinking of Dorothea, who was about to plunder her.

Hart hesitated about a second, against Philine, who had suddenly lost all resistance in front of him. However, it is a man’s shame if he does not eat the meal set before him.

In the back of the academy building, a sweet moment of silence passed.

Eventually, Philine, who had grown quiet in Hart’s arms, finally opened her mouth.

“You’ll have to take responsibility for this.”

“It depends on Philine’s treatment of me.”

“I won’t know what you want if you don’t clearly tell me.”

“Let’s take the ‘play’ out of playing my sweetheart.”

“Uh, gah”

Whether it is a hoarse groan or an inherent cry, it’s difficult to judge such a voice.

“Th, that’s fine. But if we’re on equal footing, please match me.”

Philine, who had been quiet, gradually resurrected herself as the heroine’s rival.

Though the heroine, who is most important, was completely out of the loop.

“I’ve been trying to fit Philine. That’s why I’m asking you to match me a little too. It’s going to take a lot of work to educate this young lady.”

Hart silenced Philine once again by using the “Wall Slam with a Serious Look” and “Chin Lift to the Kiss” combination, which are said to be among the top 10 most crucial secrets in the maiden game.

After that, he handed over a number of new information terminals, explained them to her, and asked her to deliver them to the Marquis family, so that he could prepare the trap for Dorothea.

The following month, Hart was brought into a building in a city by his seniors.

Dorothea was waiting there as planned.

“It’s been a long time. Mr. Hiragi. I’d like to have a word with you, so I’m glad you accepted my invitation.”

“Miss Dorothea of the Marquis Carneus. How courteous of you, that is until the communication function of the information terminal is cut off. For the most part, I suppose you would offer better terms than your sister and try to recruit me.”

“Oh, your judgment isn’t bad. I don’t mind quick talkers.”

“Why yes, thank you.”

Hart suspected that the reason Dorothea acted so quickly was because she wanted to make sure that his relationship with Philine did not make much progress.

Haste is not a bad thing, because if you take the opportunity, you’ll have the upper hand.

What was unreasonable to her was that Hart had predicted her actions in advance, was prepared and ready to take action.

“My sister is ‘a character that takes the initiative, imposes her desire on others and constrains them’, I would never do that.”

“As for Miss Philine’s character, it may be undeniable. So how is Miss Dorothea different?”

“Me, I do not come with shackles. You can build a harem to surround yourself with all the women you like, it doesn’t matter if you make use of the Marquis’ fortune, Hiragi. Ostensibly, you may make her a maid working in the annex or villa, and do whatever you want.”

Hart thought of Philine, who was listening through the spirit crystal, and restrained his cry of joy.

“Won’t you feel sorry for your children when their parents are in that sort of relationship?”

“Hiragi’s father was the second son of the Baron family, and Hiragi was his second son.”

“That’s right.”

“You may not know this, but there are very few men of high aristocracy that don’t have mistresses or concubines. For men of high aristocracy, it is a social duty to increase the number of magic power holders. Although women of high aristocracy are more for quality over quantity.”

Hart thought of the conflict between the Diete Monarchy and the Coalition of Humanity, and the need for magic holders, so he understood the need for this as a social issue.

However, he felt a sense of rejection in being admonished by a girl younger than him.

In any case, it seems that Dorothea has no interest in Hurt as a member of the opposite sex.

“My sister can’t accept such matters.”

“Miss Philine may not accept it. I have the impression that she likes romance novels.”

“Yes, it’s quite troublesome.”

“……………… Uh huh.”

The two were hitting it off, but there is also the development where Philine tells the heroine and the character to be captured that as long as they cooperate with a high-magic power crossbreed, she doesn’t mind if he likes Yuna.

But only if she’s very cornered.

However, as Hart doesn’t want to push her too hard and have her become a Yandere (※Dere omitted) like Dorothea, he wants to find a compromise line.

“In any case, Mr. Hiragi, you have no other choice.”

“What does that mean?”

“In an environment where communication is cut off, we are also ready to take you down. It is easy to prepare false charges that make you unworthy as a member of the Marquis family, or even kill you. So you have no choice but to accept the proposal, Mr. Hiragi.”

“……………… false charge that makes me unworthy, what sort of circumstances would that be?”

“That’s right. A cadet who was granted permission for leave assaulted a 12-year-old girl in the city. The procedure is to stun Mr. Hiragi, collect semen samples, and use it on a girl that was prepared in advance. How about that? We have witnesses, and they are ready to subdue you.”

“I see. Then, Your Excellency, I would ask that you intervene in the criminal acts committed by the Carneus family.”

“………… eh?”

When Hart operated the information terminal via spirit crystals, a real-time image of Marquis Carneus was projected.

“……………… Grandfather.”

Drotea, frozen with a smile on her face, was pierced by the stern gaze of her grandfather, the Marquis, and the chilling glare of her father, the Marquis’s son.

Behind them were her mother, the wife of the Marquis’s son, and her sister, Philine, who were silent.

“As the head of the Marquis of Carneus, I shall inform all who court Dorothea. The time for tomfoolery is over. All actions so far have been recorded. Those who continue to intervene in the Military Academy and attempt to entrap cadets with false accusations will be charged with treason against the state. In which case, there can only be the death penalty.”

“As for now, I only had to play along with your antics. Next is a game of tag. At any rate, restrain Dorothea.”

After the Marquis’ grave declaration, all the family members, who were offered a way out by the Marquis’ decree, rushed out and detained Dorothea.

She was not roughly held down, but Dorothea had nowhere to escape.

On the orders of the Marquis’ son, the waiting troops began to move in, and those who were found to have been involved in her antics were ordered not to resist.

“………… how?”

Dorothea muttered to Hart, who was up close.

As for Hart, he did have a single response on hand just in case.

The communication blackout had failed, and Hart was able to send the recorded footage to the Marquis.

Therefore, the Marquis family could not cover up the scandal by keeping quiet, but simply lose the unprecedented high magic power holder at hand, and ended up being stared down by the military for attempting to falsely accuse a cadet.

It would be better to cut Dorothea off than make such a fool of yourself.

Because the favorites are Philine and Hart, and Dorothea is no longer essential.

But Hart did not say such a cold-hearted thing.

The Marquis, who spoke on Hart’s behalf, punished Dorothea for pressuring three cadets into committing crimes and for threatening her sister’s partner.

It will lead to a significant reduction in the authority Dorothea had as the young lady of a Marquis.

She was prohibited from using the family name in any flexible manner, her right to give orders to servants was restricted, the amount of money she could spend was reduced, she was prohibited from interfering with Hart and Philine, and her actions would be monitored by the entire family.

Also, regarding the selection of successors to the Marquis, the condition of waiting for three years was abolished.

It’s a “woe is me” development, but not really that big of a punishment.

Dorothea has magic power value comparable to that of royalty, so she can be an insurance policy in case something happens to Philine. Even if Dorothea herself can’t succeed the Marquis, there’s a way to get her child to inherit the title. Therefore, the Marquis of Carneus did not impose heavy punishment on Dorothea.

However, the fact that Dorothea tried to falsely accuse Hart was recorded, so if Dorothea was to appeal for something in the future, on the contrary, her past actions would be brought up leading to her self-destruction.

“The next time we confirm any unilateral illegal activity, we will take appropriate action. Cadet Hiragi may claim a nuisance fee from the Marquis for Miss Dorothea’s misconduct.”

The nuisance fee is not only a consolation prize but also hush money.

There was no way Hart could be allowed to refuse it, so he received a transfer of 5 billion Rhodes, about 22 years’ worth of his income as a candidate for a super high magic power officer.

Thus, after Dorothea’s failure, the Marquis, who punished his granddaughter, shifted his interest to the spirit crystals that were the decisive factor.

When the household contacted Dr. Kerman, they learned that Hart used the hush money to buy up 500 million Rhodes of 500 shares, which was the entire stock, eliminating the company’s debt and even covering the working capital through additional large-scale capital investments.

“I had high hope all this time, but Dorothea tripped my footing.”

The only way to get involved in the spirit crystals interests is to coerce Hart, who owns all the shares.

However, under Royal law, cadets are prohibited from short-term trading of acquired shares for three years.

When Hart used the hush money to buy all the shares, the Second System stock, which deals in spirit crystals, were sealed for three years.

Three years later, Second Systems, with a capital of 500 million Rhodes, will expand to an intergalactic company that connects its products to a percentage of the information terminals of all the Royal citizens.

If the other party were a mere cadet, it is possible to carefully prepare his demise, and take the stock after transferring them to the hands of his relatives.

However, Hart will become a gene donor with super high magic power for the Marquis of Carneus household. His property will also be inherited by his descendants. In light of this, killing him is out of the question, and he must be protected from other aristocrats.

The Marquis closed his eyes, thought for a moment, and gave a short sigh.

This was the moment of the birth of a new genre called “Serves You Right Old Man”.

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