Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – Summoned by the Heroine’s Father

In the Monarchy of Diete, preparations for the war were steadily underway.

16 fleets were organized as the interception force against the enemy’s expedition fleet.

The target of the attack is the Loki system, 110 light-years away, with the aim of launching a preemptive strike ahead of the enemy’s advance and hitting the enemy forces with an unassailable blow.

The Monarchy fleet is basically organized as follows:

Lieutenant General, fleet of 2,000 ships and 500,000 crew members.

Major General, Divisions of 200 ships and 50,000 crew members.

Brigadier General, Squadrons of 40 ships and 10,000 crew members.

※ Combat vessels are incorporated into carrier craft personnel.

In the past, the three types of fleets were used according to the scale of the problem.

However, in this case, the number of fleets required to deal with the issue is insufficient even for the entire army.

The 16 fleets heading for interception were the maximum number that could be sent, based on a compromise between a policy of summoning as many fleets as possible and a policy of sending them in before the enemy is ready.

As the Commander-in-Chief of such an unprecedented fleet, the third prince, General Valfrete Asteria, was chosen.

General Valfrete is a regular military officer who graduated from the Military Academy’s heavy battleship department and advanced from lieutenant, the first rank above the Battleship department, to the highest rank of General to avoid a succession dispute with his brother.

He has the most requirements as the Commander-in-Chief, not only in rank, but also the pedigree of the banner to fight the Coalition of Humanity, the status to have other aristocrats follow him, his position in the military while being a Royal, and tremendous trust from the Sovereign.

No matter whether you are a soldier who cares about rank, an aristocrat who cares about titles, or a royal citizen who cares about history, no one can argue with the appointment of the Commander-in-Chief, General Valfrete Asteria.

He has been promoted to the rank of Colonel General, which can only be given in wartime, and has organized an interception force centered on 16 fleets, preparing to intercept the Human Coalition.

Because the Monarchy’s most important assignment, the Colonel General, has ordered Hart to report in, the teachers of the Military Academy rushed to issue a special permission to go out, told him to go immediately, pushed him out of the Military Academy, packed him into a flying vehicle and sent him on his way.

It took about 30 minutes to fly over the Military airways of the Capital Planet, Diros, in the flying vehicle he was sent in.

As a cadet, Hart, who stepped into the Commander-in-Chief’s office of the Ministry of Defense for the first time, was called by the master of the room not by his rank but by his title.

“Viscount Amakawa, right on time. Splendid. At ease.”

“Excuse me. Your Royal Highness Valfrete.”

Hart, who was called by his title, was somewhat relieved. A conscripted Viscount is supposed to be treated as a Colonel. Since the other party is a Colonel General, he remains an existence above the clouds, but if he had been called by the rank of cadet, his only answer would have been “Sir, Yes sir”.

“Have a seat. I don’t have much time, but what I’m about to discuss worth publicly spending time on.”

“I understand.”

Hart sits down after Valfrete, who had moved to the sofa from the Commander-in-Chief’s seat.

Then the android, who had been waiting by the wall, bowed and walked out, poured coffee, and bowed again and returned to the wall.

“Let’s finish the private affair first. I am Yuna Takamiya’s genetic father. I’ve heard that you wish for Yuna to be the Viscountess of Amakawa and that you have an arrangement to provide genes with the young lady and successor to the Marquis of Carneus, but is that true?”

“It is a fact”

Hart, who was earlier told of the prince’s busy schedule, answered immediately without maneuvering.

“Very well. This is a confidential matter, but I will be going to war as a member of the Royal family, and when the operation succeeds, I will be conferred the Duke peerage as a reward for my achievements. At that time, I will take Yuna’s mother by my side and she will become a Duchess, making Yuna the daughter of a Duke. That’ll keep the Marquise of Carneus from applying pressure. All that’s left is for the Viscount to settle the rest.”

“I understand. I’m grateful, Your Excellency, for your assistance.”

The Duke’s backing, where Yuna can compete with Philine, has been obtained without a doubt.

On the occasion a problem with social status arises, it is according to the flow of the story that Yuna borrows the power of her father. When Yuna asked him to wait a bit, the flag to resolve the identity issue must have been raised.

This would give the Viscount Amakawa family 2 backers.

In other words, in case of trouble, the insurance will be increased to two types, and if the balance between the two families is maintained, high discretionary freedom can be maintained.

However, Valfrete didn’t just lend a hand out of the goodness of his heart.

If Yuna is given the title of the Duke’s daughter, the new duchy will be responsible for her. They decided that there was merit in giving Yuna, a young lady of the Duke house, to the Viscount Amakawa family.

The Viscount Amakawa family has super high magic power, and holds all the shares in spirit crystals. If a connection is kept with the family, it gives a considerable advantage at the formation of a new faction.

However, it is meaningless if Valfrete is killed in action.

Hart kept in mind that this was Hard Mode and that Valfrete had a low chance of surviving until the end of the story.

“Let us move on to the half private and half public matters. I want the Viscount to also participate in the war. That is the duty of the aristocracy.”

Part of the reason why the Monarchy gave Hart the Viscount peerage is precisely the purpose of conscription.

The reason why the third prince called Hart by the Viscount rank earlier is probably because of that meaning.

In the case of Viscount households, it is sufficient to recommend a member from the clan with magic power value of 10,000 or more as a suitable representative for the Viscount family, but since the current Amakawa family has only Hart himself, there is no choice but to have Hart.

It would be possible to avoid the conscription because he was a newly anointed aristocrat and was not well prepared, but his reputation would deteriorate immediately after being conferred his title.

Hart bowed and accepted.

“This is your rank and duties as a Lord.”

“My rank?”

Hart tilted his head. Conscripted persons from Viscount families were treated as “Colonel”, but no official rank will be given.

Hart, who felt uncomfortable, suddenly doubted his eyes when he confirmed the letter of resignation and appointment sent to the information terminal.

By conscription from the battleship department, he is appointed as a Lieutenant, which is the rank at the time of graduation.

Promoted to Captain for his achievements in defeating one cruiser and three destroyers.

Promoted to Major for his achievements in derailing the enemy’s falsification of justifiable cause.

Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel for his achievements in the capture of 128 enemy soldiers, including a Brigadier General.

Promoted to Colonel for his achievements in obtaining information on the enemy invasion and transmitting it at an early stage.

Awarded the Order of Gliese, 7th Class, for outstanding war service in the Battle of the Frodi System.

Appointed as War-time Brigadier General due to lack of Fortress Commander positions.

Brigadier General Amakawa is appointed as Acting Commander of Fortress Kerviel.

“Your Excellency, what is this?”

Hart looked over at Valfrete, stunned.

“In the conscription of aristocracy, one’s official military rank does not rise. It would be better to evaluate their military service as a soldier because they will serve in the Royal Army anyway. They are assessed to have fulfilled their aristocratic duties as they have a track record of service.”

“Thank you for your concern, but…”

Apparently, Hart was not conscripted as a Viscount household, but by the Military Academy.

However, it was not the basis for the commission that concerned him, but the speed at which he would be promoted, which was impossible in peacetime.

It was not at all strange to be appointed as a Lieutenant. There is nothing wrong with becoming a Captain on merit. A promotion to Major for national contribution is also understandable. But beyond that, it was out of Hart’s common sense.

“Were you surprised by the sudden promotion?”

“Yes, sir. Yes, I’m astonished.”

The magic power holder is valuable, and even in peacetime, the promotion speed to captain is quite fast.

At the Military Academy, simulation training is included in the first year, flight training in the second year, and practical training in the third and subsequent years in order to develop immediate fighting ability.

Therefore, at the time of graduation, all cadets will have three years’ experience in ship operation, so they are assigned to the field immediately after being commissioned, and are promoted several times in an average of several years to Captain.

The type of ship they can operate depends on their magic power value, so they can be promoted to Major for a destroyer, Commander for a cruiser, and Colonel for a battleship.

Since Hart had the magic power to operate the mobile fortress, he could be promoted every few years after his appointment, and in the future he could be promoted to Major General, the commander of the mobile fortress. Even so, in peacetime, it would have taken about twenty years.

However, all this common sense was completely overturned.

“In order to operate a fortress, you must be at least a Brigadier General, the Acting Commander. As cadets can understand, to operate without rank could create conflict within the organization.”

“I certainly agree with that.”

Hart showed a tentative understanding for the reason why the third prince had pushed himself so hard.

Fortresses cannot be operated without Royal-grade magic power holders.

Therefore, it is assumed that a member of the Royal family will be commissioned as Fortress Commander with the rank of “Major General” and conscripted senior aristocrats as the Fortress Deputy Commander with the rank of “Brigadier General”. However, ordinary aristocrats conscripted as “Colonel” cannot be expected to operate the Fortress.

It seems Valfrete gave Hart an individual evaluation of his achievements and a medal to raise him to wartime Brigadier General in order to have him operate the Fortress.

Hart was amazed at the rather aggressive technique, but on the surface he understood his purpose and saluted him.

“I respectfully submit to you, sir. As Acting Commander of the Attack Fortress Kerviel, I will take the lead in the interception force and contribute to the victory of the Monarchy.”

“Very well. Let us hope that a new milestone will be added to the Viscount’s illustrious war record. If you perform a new deed of valor, even if you marry a beautiful young lady who is a direct descendant of His Majesty the Sovereign, possesses magic power close to the Royal family and is sought after by many, there will be no one who will be able to object.”

After confirming Hart’s consent, Valfrete operated the terminal to issue the ranks of Colonel and wartime Brigadier General.

With this, Hart can display his rank as a Colonel or a wartime Brigadier General in the ID card of his information terminal or the rank insignia on his collar. In addition, a medal was attached to his chest.

Fortress Kerviel, to which Hart is assigned, is one of the Monarchy’s seven major Fortresses.

There are 4 Mobile Fortresses. Each a 27,000m diameter class that can be operated by a Royal-grade magic power holder.

There are 2 Defense Fortresses. Each a 54,000m class that can be operated by the magic power of two Royal-grade holders.

And one Attack Fortress. A 81,000m class that can be operated by the magic power of three Royal-grade holders.

The mobile fortress is operated as a Royal throne ship, and is used as an interstellar medium for the purpose of intimidating local star systems to deter rebellion. The weapon load and defensive capabilities are overwhelmingly higher than that of battleships. The sight of the huge fortress circling around the star system is overwhelming, and the power of high magic holders can clearly be demonstrated.

In addition to the functions of the mobile fortress, the defensive fortress also functions as a military port, reception of refugees, and planetary improvement. In the event of the destruction of the Capital planet, it can accept a large number of refugees and restore the destroyed planet to a habitable level.

In addition to the functions of the defense fortress, the attack fortress functions as an independent military base with military supplies, shipbuilding, and city construction.

However, both defensive and offensive fortresses have their downsides due to their size.

Since the magic element engines cannot be operated by more than one person, the magic engines are dispersed in the large fortress, dividing the area for magical transformation.

If Hart was to operate it, they would be able to realize the warp that was originally impossible.

“We’ve been working on the construction of a dedicated magical engine ever since the Viscount enrolled in the academy. But I didn’t expect him to put it to use so soon.”

Fortress Kerviel is only 68 times the total length of a destroyer, but the amount of energy conversion reaches 4556 times by simple calculation.

This is because the fusion reaction of the magic converted from the magic engine does not simply multiply.

Therefore, when estimating the amount of energy of each ship, it is calculated by the square of the total length of the ship.

Destroyer 1, Battle cruiser 1, light cruiser 3, cruiser 8.

3rd class battleship 17, 2nd class battleship 35, 1st class battleship 63.

3rd class fortress ship 117, 2nd class fortress ship 201, 1st class fortress ship 306.

Mobile Fortress 506, Defense Fortress 2025, Attack Fortress 4556.

This number is only realized when the magic engine is operated independently.

The attack fortress has only 1518, with three 506s added, even if three Royal-grades ride it. However, with Hart aboard, the amount of energy will be 4556.

Valfrete expects the battle result of operating the fortress with the combat power of 4,556 destroyers. If realized, it will bring tremendous war results, and the carrot hanging at the tip of Hart’s nose will also reach his mouth.

“Just so you know, the Viscount has not graduated from the Military Academy. Your rank and achievements will remain after the war, but the necessary curriculum has not been completed in the latter half of the second year, so understand that recruitment is only during wartime. A Military Academy education is essential to become a General. Once your commission is over, continue your studies “

“I understand.”

“Very well. Check the information terminal for details, and if you have any opinions as an Acting Fortress Commander, communicate them to the repair work units. Regarding the connection between the magic element engine and the spirit crystals, you may ask Dr. Kerman of SS company, with whom you have a close relationship, to help you out. I’ll authorize them in my name.”

That was the end of the message from Valfrete.

The rest of the conversation was about Yuna, mostly about the similarities between Yuna’s mother, Maina, and Yuna’s personality. Since Yuna was raised by her mother, it was only natural that their personalities would be similar. She was pure and gentle, and seemed to be the opposite of the perceptive Valfrete.

Hart thought that Valfrete, who had left the struggle for the succession to the throne to join the military, might have been healed by meeting Maina.

Valfrete seemed to be really busy, so Hart ended the conversation and left before the coffee had cooled.

He was greatly relieved that he wasn’t pursued in the case of Philine, like he was by Colette.

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