Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – The Heroine Explosion

The Military Academy is a four-year program and graduates are treated as University graduates.

The majority of cadets enter the academy after graduating from High School, so even if they graduate from the Military Academy, they will be treated as university graduates.

However, since there are many Middle School students in the Commandant Department, it is possible to skip three years.

It is very questionable how much of an advantage a three-year skip will have in a 300-year lifespan, but it is worthwhile to be perceived as an excellent human resource that has been able to skip three years.

However, the military academy is a most demanding place where enrollment decreases by about 40% at the time of graduation.

As a member of the Diete Military, there are many people who drop out because they are required to learn various liberal arts, military training, various laws, thorough officer education, and some specialized fields.

However, in the Commandant Department, the higher the magic power value, the more compensation based on performance. So those who are honest with their instructors and have high magic power rarely drop out.

Thanks to that, Hart finished the first semester of the year without a hitch, and was able to enter the second semester.

This simulation exercise is a Meteorite Swarm Raid(Meteosquall) operation against the Earth, who treat the Dietes as semi-slaves.

For those whose families have been semi-enslaved, it doesn’t matter that Earth is the origin of humanity.

“Confirm Warp Out”

In outer space, where the stars look far more beautiful than looking up at the night sky, a transport ship appeared.

The observation begins immediately, and the navigation officer reads out the result displayed on the sub-screen one after another.

“Distance to the Sun, 0.0007875 light-years, 7,449.75 million km. Within solar range. About 8 hours to reach Earth. Approximately 1.71 times the distance from Earth to Neptune.”

“Strike Force III in warp out into the surrounding sector. Error is 400 million km. The closest battleship in the vicinity is the A301, 24.1 million km. The closest carrier ship from A301 is B301, 17.1 million km. Light carrier ship is D302, 14.5 million km”

Hyper-navigation warps use magic to perform a short-cut movement through high-dimensional space.

For this, it is essential to measure whether there are no obstacles such as dark matter on the path of high-dimensional space, calculate detours, and confirm in advance to deploy the shield in a timely manner.

Failure to do so will damage the shield that protects the ship in high-dimensional space and swallow it into a high-energy turbulence.

Therefore, it is impossible to perform a warp without measurement, and each ship cannot move to a single location at the same time, avoiding the path calculated based on coordinates and the captain’s magic power.

How to derive the optimum solution and the amount of magic power compared to a boarded ship will result in reducing the error margin and warping out to the target location.

“Well, it’s within the acceptable limits.”

This operation is a reenactment of the Diete War of Independence that broke out in 3482 AD.

At that time, despite launching a surprise attack with all their might, the Earth’s military had four times as many forces.

At present, their presence is known to nearby observation satellites.

Of course, emergency alerts are issued at the speed of light, so in seven hours, the Earth’s military will begin an emergency sortie. If they do not hurry, Earth’s defense capabilities will rapidly increase.

The failure of this operation is the deterioration from a semi-slave state to full slavery.

They must absolutely drop the celestial bodies to Earth and deprive Earth of its ability to control the planet Diete.

Among the battleships to be launched this time, the Commander-class Heavy Battleship and Captain-class Carrier Ships are captained by third year cadets, Major-class Battlecruisers are captained by second year cadets, and Captain-class Raid Ships are captained by first-year Cadets.

The same cadets are also leading the opposing Earth-side vessels, bringing the number of ships in both forces to a total of 7,000.

In addition, cadets from the Non-Commandant department in charge of the defensive fortifications, training school students of Battlecruisers and suppression ships are also participating as ship’s crew, making it an extremely large-scale joint exercise.

Hart, in the role of Captain Hiragi, the captain of the Independent Diet government forces, immediately gave out instructions.

“Assume the ship to be incorporated under the command of A301, we will commence operational action immediately. Search for a towable celestial body in the vicinity. As soon as we find it, we start moving.”

“Copy that. Begin mass observation.”

A celestial body to be dropped to Earth is not simply a matter of size.

In order to hold it on the bottom of the Raid ship and drop it on the Earth while protecting it from the Earth Military’s interception laser with the ship’s shield, it must be large enough to hold.

“Suitable celestial body has been selected. Start moving.”

“Work crew, begin preparation for celestial body installation.”

“Copy that. Work crew deploying the Android corps to begin preparations of celestial body installation for Earth entry.”

“Battleship A301 has forwarded formation orders.”

At the battle command post of the Raid ship where Hart is, orders arrived from the closest battleship.

Knowing that each ship would be misaligned at warp out, it was planned for the formation to be reorganized.

The squadron to which Hart belongs seems to consist of 55 Battlecruisers and 31 Raid ships.

When looking at one of the sub-screens, the Raid ships had most of the ships with their classmates on board.

It is presumed that the classmates who were out of the formation and those who got mixed in from other positions had unstable magic power output and thereby became less coordinated.

The demon instructors decided on supplementary training for them.

“Reply to A301, orders accepted. From now on, this ship will be under the control of A301.”

“Roger. Returning acceptance signal to battleship A115.”

“From the carrier ship B301, launch of mounted Battlecruiser confirmed. Next, from the light carrier D302, launch of space suppression craft squadron confirmed. With two vessels onboard to support all the Raid ships.”

40 Battlecruisers with a total length of 120 meters flew out of the Carrier ship, and 80 large humanoid weapons with a total length of 40 meters flew out from the light carrier ship.

The Battlecruisers transport the suppression ship, and the suppression ships attach the celestial body to the Raid ships.

Hart immediately issued an instruction to accept.

“Begin Preparation to receive the suppressor”

“Copy that, work crews, support operation for space suppression ships.”

“Battlecruisers, approaching our ship.”

“Android Squad, up and running”

At the time of the War of Independence, the military already had a large number of androids in operation.

Although military-grade androids are expensive, unlike humans, they do not need to be trained as recruits, so they can be replenished and the combat strength of each ship can be maintained at a certain level.

For example, androids and drones do all tasks that require accuracy, such as route calculation during warp, energy laser bombardment using magic, and generating shields to protect ships from cosmic radiation and dust.

So what humans do is making decisions and giving orders.

By intervening with the human brain, androids and drones are controlled so that they cannot hi-jack functions or take incorrect actions due to misinterpretation.

Therefore, the ship’s crew is not needed in large numbers.

The military has been cutting back on personnel costs and spending more on high-performance weapons, deployment of military androids and drones, securing magic power holders, and aging stagnation treatment costs.

With a total population of 40 billion, the Monarchy of Diete still has only 40 million military personnel, the rest being androids.

Androids are excellent, and nowadays, they are widely used in civilian households.

They can take on a considerable amount of human burdens, mainly responsible for household chores and material purchases, household income adjustment, child care, and nursing care, etc.

Such civilian androids are treated as an extension of home appliances.

There is no function for them to act as substitutes for human workforce, so you can’t end up NEET.

From an employer’s perspective, it’s better to buy them yourself than through a third party.

It can be said that the maiden game is more severe than the men’s game in that area.

While Hart was having such delusions, his orders were completed, and the task of installing celestial bodies proceeded.

“Incoming Transmission from the fleet flagship. Orders to simultaneously advance and assemble received. All Raid ships, installation operation completed”

“Return order acceptance signal. From this point on, Meteorite Swarm Raid(Meteosquall) operation to Earth will launch. Return Battlecruisers to the mothership.”

“Copy that, commencing Raid operation. The Battlecruisers have withdrawn to the mothership.”

The squadron has begun to move.

The speed is about 70% of the maximum ship speed, and it seems to be waiting for Strike Force III, which is delayed.

The third-year students of the heavy battleship and carrier ship, who are in command, are now relieved because the squadron’s celestial body mounting efforts have not been delayed. This is also a credit to their evaluation.

When Hart turned his attention to the squadron’s deployment, the sub-screen sparsely displayed his classmates’ Raid ships.

Hart’s Raid ship is J301, followed by Yuna with J302, Philine with J303, and Colette with J304 in order of magic power value.

Basically, it is impossible for a highly magical aristocrat who attends the magic academy to come to a military academy without looking for a marriage partner.

Each of them held considerably large celestial bodies, and was pushing toward the Earth.

Then, Hart suddenly had an epiphany, and ordered a slight formation change.

“At 80% ship speed, move the ship about 2 million km backwards from the midpoint between the J302 and the flagship. The goal is to have the Raid ship solidify and reduce the effort of the battlecruiser escorting it.”

“Copy that. Begin the move.”

What Hart came up with is the heroine correction for the maiden game.

It’s the hard mode in which people die in a flurry, but the heroine, Yuna, survives to the end.

In the bad ending, the Kingdom of Diete is destroyed by the Coalition of Humanity, and she is captured for her high magic power and forced give birth to a lot of children, and even if that can be avoided, she is caught by Digitalis and suffers an even worse fate, then the ending CG fades to black.

As for the content, though, he wasn’t sure what to make of it.

What was the intention of the port’s production team for that bad end?

The more Hurt recalls the story, the more he feels sorry for Yuna, the more he feels a sense of companionship, or rather, sympathy, that is, a feeling that the affection point is rapidly rising.

However, just because he feels sorry for her, doesn’t mean he can’t have a say in the placement of other ships.

Changing the formation is a matter that Yuna herself should ultimately judge as the captain or be instructed by a third-year commander.

The act of overriding authority will be recorded and subject to deduction of points.

Hart silently took a look, but instead of Yuna not taking action, her best friend Colette approached Yuna’s ship.

The purpose is to increase safety by concentrating the escort of two ships. Hart, who is impressed at the same time, receives a report from the navigation officer.

“Captain, Raid ship approaching the rear”

“What’s the ship’s register?”

“Raid ship J303. Approaching slightly faster at 81% speed”

Philine’s Raid ship took position behind the Raid ship commanded by Hart.

Seeing his use of Yuna as a wall, she tried to use Hart as a shield.

“Captain Carneus? You’re in a good position.”

Hart thought he had been beaten, but evasive action without justification is subject to point deductions.

The ship was on a course to plunge into the Earth as is, they cannot change its position now.

The expansive, umbrella-like formation gradually narrows around the flagship as if closing the umbrella.

Eventually, when the cone was completed, the Earth came into view on the main monitor.

In the space ahead, they could see the violent movement of artificial lights, which were not stars.

“Earth Ships, confirmed on Uranus orbit ahead. 53 vessels. The Confederate Forces of the Northern Continent. A halt order has been issued to our forces.”

Hart involuntarily clicked his tongue, the response was too quick.

Today, it’s impossible to believe the opposite, but at that time, Earth was full of diverse nations, keeping each other in check and deploying their military in every direction of the solar system.

It is likely that one such force caught sight of them.

“Directional Communication from flagship A301. Orders to raise ship speed to maximum received.”

“Raise ship’s speed to maximum, pay attention to relative distance to other ships. Concentrate shield in front. As long as they have to stop the meteorite, they will certainly fire on us from the other side.”

“Copy that, Deploying shield.”

“Enemy forces have opened fire!”

Suddenly, energy bombardment began, and about five unaware friendly ships exploded.

By now, the crew of the ship that exploded and dropped out would be complaining a lot about the fact that the opposing cadet did not anticipate the situation.

However, the nature of Earth’s military varies from nation to nation.

The Confederate Forces of the Northern Continent are mainly Russian troops. The speed of decisiveness is among the highest in the global nation.

During this period, the Diete government was already fighting the Earth’s forces on planet Diete, and was already certified as an enemy. If they feel something is strange, they could be annihilated immediately.

The attacked friendly battle fleet immediately launched a counterattack.

Energy bombardment is carried out, and two enemy forward ships explode at the same time.

In addition, all Battlecruisers were launched at once from carrier ship B301, and began to surround the enemy fleet from above and below the galactic reference plane.

Enemy artillery was also dispersed to the Battlecruisers, reducing damage to friendly ships.

If the two forces intersect as they are, Diete government forces will head to Earth side, and the Northern Confederate Forces will head outside the solar system.

Despite being in the middle of battle, the Northern Confederate Forces hurriedly reversed the course of their ships and tried to pursue the Diete government forces.

Diete’s attack was concentrated on the flank of the defenseless ship, and the enemy was dealt a blow that outweighed the damage suffered by allies in the preemptive strike.

“Friendly Raid ships and Suppression Ships, participating in support attacks”

“If you stand out, you will be targeted and prevented from dropping the celestial body. However, if attacked, there is no choice. Instruct the escort ships to take part in the attack.”

“Copy that. Each suppression unit given support bombardment.”

The two suppression ships, which remained after the celestial installation operation, participated in the support bombardment.

This act is a delicate one, either the evaluation is raised for giving the support to the friendly forces, or the evaluation falls for interfering with the celestial body drop due to the Raid ships being easily targeted.

However, after the attack has begun, there is no other choice but to participate.

In Hart’s case, the ship’s position is within the friendly forces, so it won’t fall that much.

Rather, it is Yuna and Colette who are on the outside that are targeted.

“Each suppression ship of friendly Raid ships, follow up and begin support bombardment”

“Part of the enemy forces, changed attack target to Raid ships”

“J302, J304, under fire from enemy destroyers.”

Allied Raid ships begin to be bombarded one after another.

Yuna’s ship is desperately defending the celestial body, but a new destroyer is joining the attack and the magic engine output of the Raids ships is becoming saturated.

If the maiden game heroine is a saint, will she be able to use her divine protection to safeguard allies from the demonic onslaught?

Unfortunately, there were no princes or knights to come rushing to her defense, but instead Colette provided support.

To his surprise, Colette discarded the celestial body attached to her ship and began to act as a shield to protect Yuna’s Raid ship.

“Colette, are you insane?”

The heroine’s best friend character, is terrifying.

If Colette were one of the cheat characters instead of a friend framework, she would have greatly raised her stock.

Perhaps they couldn’t see the action or they were concerned about their performance, their allies’ battleships began to support Colette and Yuna.

A spectacular battle between the destroyers began, and further reinforcements arrived at the expense of several ships.

For Hart, who was in the proximity of Yuna and Colette’s ship, he was in an extremely safe position as his allies rushed past him to reach Yuna’s side.

The two forces exchanged fire as they crossed Saturn’s orbit into Jupiter’ orbit.

“New warships ahead, 77 ships. The Security fleet of the People’s Republic of China’s military in Jupiter orbit. Confirmed battleships and Carrier ships. They are deploying to block the course of our forces.”

“Transmission from flagship A301. [Full charge to earth]. That is all.”

This is a true indication of how important the initial formation is.

As long as the maximum ship speed is reached, it is already impossible to change the ship’s alignment.

The destroyers that went to support Yuna and Colette, only moved diagonally at the expense of their predecessors.

The formation of the squadron, which had barely been maintained, was thrown into disarray by the new Earth forces mixing with them.

Yuna and Colette had a fierce engagement, and the Battlecruiser units attacked like vultures and hyenas.

“Allied destroyers, Raid ships, Battlecruisers, dropping one after another”

“J304, propulsion engine down, it dropped out. J302, in retreat.”

“J302, exploded.”

A series of flashes erupted in front of the right flank.

Colette, the heroine’s best friend, is in the bad end, being caught by the Earth forces.

And, the heroine was blown up in space.

Hart shouted in his heart, “Heroine, why are you dying!”, while holding his head.

The Earth ship which destroyed them approaches the ship that was camped inside.

“We’re in orbit around Mars. 13 minutes left to reach Earth.”

“Celestial body drop imminent. Deploy Shields in all directions to avoid impact. Move ship to the left flank. Move away from battlefield.”

“Copy that. Shield Omni-Directional continuous deployment. Making minor changes to deployment.”

“New enemy fleet ahead. 33 vessels. The Mars Security Fleet of the North American Continental Forces. In addition, more than 60 enemy ships advancing towards the fleet from Earth side.”

When you reach this position, your surroundings will be full of enemies.

Their forces have more than quadrupled, and already allies are concentrating only on dropping celestial bodies with the resolution of annihilation.

It is a historical fact that only 10% of Diete government forces were able to return home.

The survival rate of combat participants is extremely low, as some ships withdrew after hearing the results of the battle.

Hart casually entered the Earthbound course using the flagship as a shield.

However, enemy bombardment broke through the energy shield and destroyed part of the celestial body, and the debris scraped off part of the ship.

Emergency alarms sounded throughout the ship, and the bulkheads were lowered one after another.

“Damage to the bottom of the ship. One suppression ship dropped out. The propulsion engine is safe. However, there were multiple fatalities among the crew.”

“Maintain the shield. Is it possible to detach the celestial body?!”

“We have no control from this ship. However, since there is still one suppression ship left, it can be done manually.”

“Instruct the suppressor to detach”

“Copy that. Instructing suppression ship.”

“Captain, Directional Communications from J303”

“Connect communication. And have the android corps rescue the crew as long as it does not hinder ship’s navigation.”

“Roger. Communication engaged. Android corps, initiate rescue operations as soon as possible.”

As the battle command center panicked, Hart received a communication from Philine, who had followed him closely.

“Captain Hiragi, we are ready to receive your crew. When you plunge the celestial body into Earth, we will pick you up as you leave by carrier ship.”

“Captain Carneus, if you do that, you’ll greatly reduce your chances of survival.”

“You’ll only owe me one. As captain, make a decision.”

“………… Okay. In parallel with ship’s entry into Earth, the ship’s crew will attempt to leave by carrier ship. All hands, prepare to disembark. Send the departure course to J303”

“Roger, we’ll wait for you. Communication out.”

Hart, who had cut off communication, immediately gave instructions to the crew.

“The ship will be on auxiliary fuel and manned by an android. Survivors should move to the carrier ship. All injured to be transported by androids. Abandon all but humans and minimal food on board.”

Even the flagship finally exploded as the Hart and others transferred to the small carrier ship.

About 1,000 Diete ships have been deployed, but none of the units have succeeded in attacking the Earth yet, and they were expected to struggle in various places.

However, J301 took advantage of the confusion and was completely on a course for Earth, separated the small carrier ship on which Hart was onboard and fell towards Earth at high speed.

J303 followed, plunging in the celestial body.

Two massive celestial bodies that burned bright red smashed through the tectonic plate shortly after Earth took a direct hit, blowing away the Earth’s atmosphere in one swoop.

“Port to J303 completed. A transfer order has been issued. Emergency withdrawal by warp to commence.”

“All hands, transfer immediately.”

“Copy that. All hands transferring to J303.”

Behind Hart, the Earth was caught in a major eruption.

Historically, this surprise attack reduced the solar system population from 40 billion to 6 billion.

Over the next half century, the drastic changes in the global environment such as when dinosaurs went extinct were reproduced, and more than 4 billion people moved away from the solar system. The environment is now normalizing with atmospheric dust purification plants and solar-reflecting satellites, and Earth’s population has recovered to 6 billion people.

However, the terrain has changed, emerging countries of Earth’s residual population are in a turbulent state.

Thus, the result of this simulation was mission accomplished.

The evaluation of Hart and Philine, who succeeded in delivering the celestial bodies, will be superlative, along with their subsequent successful cooperation in the withdrawal.

The heroine, however, blew up.

As for the heroine’s best friend, an R18 age restricted scenario is inevitable after being captured by the Earth Forces.

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