Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 86

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Chapter 86 – Destruction of The Frodi Star System

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The migration to the Frodi System, humanity’s third interstellar migration, took place in 2928 AD.

It was 105 years after the Diete System immigration and was a major undertaking by the European Republic states with careful preparation.

“Fróði is another name for Freyr, the god in Norse mythology. Fróði is considered to be the most beautiful of the gods, the god of fertility with beautiful eyebrows. The prosperous and peaceful period when Fróði ruled Scandinavia is also called Fróði’s peace.”

True to its name, the Republic of Frodi enjoyed a time of prosperity and peace.

The Republic of Frodi, which remained neutral in the conflict between the Coalition of Humanity and the Diete System, independently emigrated and has now expanded its reach to three star systems.

The second star system was named Isis in the hope that the new star system and its inhabitants would be prosperous. The goddess Isis appears in Egyptian mythology as the mother of the earth and is also the god of abundance.

The third star system was named the Horus System. Horus is the God of the Sky, which has the eyes of the sun and the moon, and is also the son of Isis, the god of abundance, who was confused in later times.

Peace, abundance and prosperity. The Republic of Frodi, which has these as its national principles, has maintained its neutrality in war and has developed as a third force of humanity.

Although the Republic of Frodi has enjoyed peace and prosperity, they have not neglected self-defense. Shortly before the Monarchy and the Coalition resumed their war, the Monarchy, the Coalition, and the Republic had a 10:14:4 force ratio.

The population of the Republic was about 16 billion, 40% of the Monarchy ‘s total population of 40 billion. In other words, the Republic had a force commensurate with its population, and it could not be said to have neglected self-defense.

On the contrary, it is thought that the Republic, which is not inferior to the Monarchy that has increased the number of magical powers by giving preferential treatment, has made efforts to prepare its forces as much as the Monarchy.

The Republican Army had a total of 12 regular fleets, four deployed in each star system.

The Republic, in its foreign policy, also made efforts not to get caught up in the war.

The general policy is to side with the Coalition if the Monarchy pushed too hard, and with the Monarchy if the Coalition pushed too hard.

The Monarchy didn’t want to make the Coalition and the Republic enemies at the same time.

The Coalition also didn’t want to turn the Republic against them and fight 14:14.

The Republic’s “Two-Faced Opportunistic Diplomacy” was effective before the resumption of the Monarchy and the Coalition.

The conventional foreign policy became incomprehensible after the Monarchy strengthened its military power by combining spirit crystals and fighter crafts, and Tenka also began to fight using National Mages.

One Republic Army fleet has a strength rating of 3693.

As a Tenka cruiser has a strength rating of 6, this is equivalent to 615 ships. In other words, the four Republic fleets deployed in each of its star systems will only be equivalent to 2,460 Tenka ships.

At the outbreak of war with the Monarchy, the strength of the five Tenka Nations had a combined war potential of 1 million ships. The opposing Monarchy also countered with a combination of spirit crystals and fighter crafts.

“It’s not enough. At a whim, we could easily be destroyed.”

The Republic, which possessed only 0.7% of Tenka’s military power, paled when it compared its own forces with those of its neighbors.

Alarmed, the Republic repeatedly demanded the export of spirit crystals from the Monarchy.

But the Monarchy’s reaction to the Frodi Republic, which insisted on staying neutral in the war with Tenka, let alone in its indifference to fight with the Coalition, was cold. The Monarchy had no intention of exporting spirit crystals to forces that were not its allies.

Therefore, when the invasion of Tenka arrived, the Republic had no way to counter it.

“Tenka Federation forces are advancing rapidly into our system, with a fleet of 74,000 ships “

“The difference in strength with our army is about 30 times. By our calculations, it is impossible to respond with military force.”

President of the Republic, Emeric Laulan, whose mental capacity was saturated by the unstoppable reports from the Defense Headquarters, was dumbfounded.


If it were between the Monarchy and Tenka, no matter how many fleets shot at each other in any star system, it would be a simple matter of “because they are at war”. However, the invasion of the Neutral Republic has no justifiable cause.

However, if Tenka annexed the Republic, they would have no one else to complain to, as they are at war with the Monarchy.

Were they plotting to acquire the resources and strongholds necessary to invade the Monarchy? Or was their intention to eliminate the Republic, which supported part of the economy through trade?

In either case, the decision to trample on an easily defeated Republic must have been reached.

“That’s why I told the Monarchy to export the spirit crystals to us. If Frodi is occupied, the Monarchy would be in trouble!”

Emeric shelved the Republic’s foreign policy of neutrality and denounced the Monarchy.

Having thus dissipated some of his enormous frustration, he declared a state of emergency in the star system, ordered the military to take defensive action, and questioned the armed forces that had intruded into the system.

“This is Emeric Laulan, President of the Republic of Frodi. I would like to speak to the person in charge of the Tenka Federation army. I ask you about the purpose of your visit to our system.”

What kind of cause will we bring up for this invasion?

Appearing in response to Emeric’s communication were Yúnlán, known as the leader of Ōizumi, a Nation of Tenka, and a Herculean.

[This is our first meeting. I am Ishidor Azarova, the representative of the people of the Hercules System.]

“…… Huh?”

Ishidor, who looked at Emeric’s bewildered appearance unconcernedly, began to speak calmly in a high-pitched voice, like a child before the voice changed, while swinging his well-groomed beard.

[We, the people of Hercules, have long been confined to the planet Alcaeus in the Hercules Star System by the Coalition of Humanity, the Monarchy of Diete, and the Republic of Frodi, which supported its economic activities through trade with them.]

What Ishidor narrated was the cause of the declaration of war.

The Hercules System, under the control of the Coalition of Humanity, has been exploited for its resources, and banned from interstellar travel, a history of humanity recognized by all but the defunct Coalition.

Regarding the matter of the Monarchy’s containment after the war, from the Monarchy’s point of view it is only natural that Hercules, which was part of the Coalition, should be neutralized. On the other hand, from Hercules’ point of view, it is just a change of rulers, and the fact of containment is no different.

During the war between the Coalition and the Monarchy, the Republic was responsible for the transit trade between the two powers and economically supported some of the Coalition’s activities. In hundreds of years of history, there were plenty of Republic products that have reached the Hercules system.

The government of the Republic, when it first began trading, could not have imagined that these products would be used as the basis for a declaration of war by Tenka.

Ishidor ostentatiously connects the two words.

[The purpose of all living things is to survive and procreate. During the war, we were forced onto the planet Alcaeus and were placed in a position where we could be destroyed at any moment by celestial attacks. Therefore, in order to survive as living things, in order for our descendants to prosper, we must eliminate the three forces that threaten us.]

What emanated from under his well-groomed beard, frighteningly, was a valid cause for a declaration of war.

Regardless of the reasons that humans may come up with after the fact, it is a natural course of action for a living organism to eliminate its opponents if it and its offspring will be killed if they are not eliminated. Even if they are forced to be killed without a say, those who are to be killed have no reason to obey.

Ishidor proudly proclaimed the justifiable reason for his belief.

[We, the people of Hercules, in alliance with the Federation of Tenka, declare war on the three forces that threaten our existence. The Coalition of Humanity, the Monarchy of Diete, and the Republic of Frodi. Victory or defeat, survival of the fittest. This is a survival race in which one or the other race will survive. That is all.]

The grandeur, pretension, and ferocity of Ishidor’s cause made Emeric’s face pale.

If the declaration is properly implemented, it will result in the destruction of their people.

Emeric, who took it as a matter of common sense that this was a cause, and that Tenka had prepared it in order to subdue the Republic, sought to see if a breach could be made in his argument.

“There seems to be a misunderstanding. It is the Coalition and the Monarchy that have banned interstellar travel in the Hercules System. We, the Republic, have never prevented the Hercules people from interstellar travel in the past, and we are not a threat to the Hercules people. Therefore, we see no reason for conflict.”

Hearing the claim, Ishidor shook his head invariably.

[Who sold the Coalition and the Monarchy the supplies used to contain us? This is complicit to increasing the pressure from 100 to 101. Moreover, you have done so voluntarily for the benefit of your country. You can’t expect to get away with it on the tip of your tongue at this point in time.]

“Then attack the Monarchy first”. Emeric swallowed the curses that rose to his throat, and began to think rapidly about how to respond.

Clearly, they cannot respond with their military. Scraping together a million civilian ships would only be target practice for the artillery fire of the invading grand fleet. In the first place, the people of the Republic have not been educated for war like the Royal Citizens.

(Either fight one battle and surrender, or surrender without a fight)

Emeric thought that after the Monarchy that had won the war with Tenka, they would liberate the Republic.

The Monarchy is overwhelmingly dominant at present.

Of the five Tenka Nations, Shinkyō and Kyūyama were destroyed, and MacLir and Fukashiro were regained. 3 billion people were killed in the Battle of the Diete Star System, but in the Battle of Athena, which was even more massive, the Monarchy destroyed more than 350,000 Tenka ships without civilian casualties.

The Tenka side has not been able to cope with all the mysterious phenomena such as the Transition gate and realms that began after the coronation of Queen Yuna.

Therefore, Emeric, who believed that the Monarchy would eventually win, could not help but imagine the condemnation that would be hurled from both nations after the war if the Republic accepted the invasion of Tenka without resistance because it could not win.

“I would like to hold an urgent cabinet meeting to discuss surrender. Please halt your advance and wait 48 hours.”

After going through the formalities, they will come to the conclusion that it is unavoidable, and make an agonizing decision. With more time to evacuate, the majority of the Republic’s citizens could leave the planet. The invasion forces are also seen as humane minded.

Emeric’s vision of the future, drawn on the basis of wishful thinking that the people of the Republic would be convinced and accepted by the invasion forces, was mercilessly torn down by Ishidor.

[Hmm. I refuse.]

“I beg your pardon?”

After a blunt but unmistakable answer, Ishidor added a few words as he looked at Emeric in disgust.

[We have declared war and said that this is a struggle for the survival of our race. The struggle has begun and there is no reason to stop it. Rather, it must not be stopped. Dropping celestial bodies on all the planets of the Republic of Frodi and annihilating you is already a definite matter.]

“…… ridiculous, what do you gain by destroying the planet? You’re not going to get anything!”

Emeric, after doubting his own hearing and the sanity of the other party, appealed to his own common sense.

Creating a habitable planet for humans requires enormous effort and considerable time.

Even if the people of Hercules want to settle their long-standing grudges, it is Tenka that actually mobilizes the army, and Tenka is seeking habitable planets. It would be insane to destroy a Republic planet that is in front of them, which they can get in its entirety, without getting it.

Emeric turned his desperate gaze to Tenka’s Yúnlán, who appeared on the screen with Ishidor, in search of an intermediary, to help him.

But to Emeric’s disbelief, Yúnlán remained silent and unspoken, seemingly accepting Ishidor’s policies without hesitation.

[The conclusion was reached. You will perish here.]

After saying goodbye, Ishidor cut off the communication without hearing Emeric’s reply.

The staff of the President’s Office, who had been watching the communications, changed their facial expression and began to send instructions to various places immediately after the communication was cut off.

The head planet Nephthys is home to seven billion people.

And there is only 40 to 50 hours to spare before the Tenka Fleet, which has appeared on the outer rim of the system, reaches the head planet Nephthys.

The Tenka fleet will invade from one direction, and they can escape by fleeing in the opposite direction.

But the Republic doesn’t have 5 million salamanders on each planet with medium-sized containers that can hold 4,000 people like the Monarchy does. Nor do they have Duke-grade magical individuals stationed in every star system with huge immigrant ships on standby, ready to launch at any time.

In order to transport 7 billion people, they would need 175,000 large containers that could accommodate 40,000 people and an interstellar ship large enough to transport them.

The magical individuals capable of doing so, and the interstellar ship itself were owned by the Republic, but they were on interstellar voyage for trade and absent from the head planet Nephthys. In just 40 hours, the Republic had no way of evacuating 7 billion people.

[The President’s Office, Vice President Stuart Jibla with an announcement to the entire people of the Republic. The Tenka Federation force has invaded. The enemy army has more than 70,000 ships. Advancing from the outer edge of the Frodi star system to the planet Nephthys. The shortest time till they reach is 40 hours. The other side has declared that they will drop celestial bodies on the inhabited planet.]

The Vice-President, who judged that every second counted, issued an order to evacuate from the planet on behalf of Emeric, who was still stunned and unable to recover from the disaster.

[We issue an evacuation order to all the people. All citizens, except the Army of the Republic, must immediately evacuate the planet by any means necessary. The government authorizes all citizens to take any and all actions necessary for emergency evacuation. The ships within the Star System may also be used. Just get off the planet.]

Do whatever it takes, just run away. With such an unprecedented order, the Frodi Star System fell into the height of chaos at an accelerated rate, as if rolling down a steep slope.

Most ships had no provisions of water or food for the unexpected number of people on board.

The crew of the interstellar ships refused to take aboard the masses who came in droves with nothing, in order to give priority to their own families.

Conflicts ensued between the interstellar ships, which were trying to take off with only their own families on board, and the people, who were trying to escape.

Adding to the confusion was the dropping of civilian ships in its path by the Tenka invasion forces.

For the Tenka side, there was no reason to spare the trading ships that traveled between the Republic and the Monarchy.

When information about the destroying civilian ships was transmitted to the people of the Republic through the media in the star system, the people whose lives were in danger fell into a state of panic, causing further catastrophes.

There was no end to the number of people on the planet clinging to interstellar vessels or firing on those that had failed to board. The police force, which would otherwise crack down on the situation and maintain public order, was too busy trying to save their own lives and those of their families.

In the 43 hours before the Tenka invasion army reached the Head Nephthys, a hellscape was mass-produced there. And after multiple celestial bodies were thrown from the Tenka ships, real hell covered Nephthys.

Screams like the Maharaurava(The Hell of Great Wailing) roared, a scorching heat like the Great Inferno stroked, and a harsh world like the Avici Hell(Most Painful of the Eight Hell) covered the planet.

Those who left the planet witnessed the glow of light filling the magnified projected screen, the scorching heat radiation that spread around the celestial drop point, and the shockwave blowing away the atmosphere and man-made objects.

After the migration of 2928 AD., all of the head Nephthys, which had taken 817 years to build, was engulfed in hell along with the billions left behind.

The Tenka fleet, which had plunged the people of the Republic into the abyss, left for the Isis Star System, burning down every Republic ship within range.

The situation was immediately delivered to the Monarchy via embassy staff of the Monarchy stationed in the Frodi Star System and private ships that were visiting the system on trade.

The spirits of the Monarchy who witnessed the tragedy also reported that the reaction of the Deamons had been confirmed within the Tenka fleet, and that vast miasma flowed from the destroyed head planet towards the Tenka ships.

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