Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 – Interstellar War

The accusations of state treason against the Sovereign’s grandson and the Duke quickly spread throughout the Monarchy, in part due to the live-broadcast of the victory ceremony.

Every media outlet reported on it daily, spreading public outrage that was incomparable to when the Crown Prince once made his Declaration of Earth’s Conquest.

If left unchecked, it could even trigger the collapse of the aristocracy of the Monarchy of Diete.

The Sovereign, who consulted with Valfrete as he was on military duty in the Coalition Star System, was presented with a severe punishment by his son via Multidimensional Magic Conversion Communication Wave.

Disposition against the Asteria Royal Family

  1. Leandre Asteria to be publicly beheaded for treason.
  2. The former Crown Princess from the Duke of Langlois, as Leandre’s guardian, to be permanently banished after stripping her royal family and all official status.
  3. 90% of the Sovereign’s private property to be confiscated and used for war victims’ compensation and survivor’s pension.
  4. The Sovereign, who issued a national traitor as first in line of succession to the throne, shall be held responsible for the supervision as the head of the family, and abdicate by the end of the year. Inauguration to any public position, including the Retired Sovereign, shall not be recognized.

Disposition against the Duke and Duchess of Langlois

  1. Maxim Langlois was publicly beheaded for treason.
  2. In view of the fact that the one who gave the order was first in line to the throne, the traitors were exposed by the accusations of the successor, and his removal would discourage future whistleblowers, the Duke household will be demoted by three ranks to Viscount.
  3. 80% of the Duke’s property to be confiscated and used for war victims’ compensation and survivor’s pension.
  4. The new Viscount shall serve as the Secretary of the Aristocratic Privilege Reduction Committee, chaired by the new Sovereign.

The beheading will be carried out by Guillotine, and will take place in the square where the victory ceremony was held.

The executioner that will drop the guillotine will be selected from the bereaved family of the Fighter craft pilots who died in the MacRil System.

The reduction of aristocratic privileges ranged from the abolition of non-taxable privileges, the abolition of the right to preferentially purchase shares in highly profitable state-owned enterprises, expansion of discretionary powers of the provincial governments, and the abolition of the Knight class.

Instead of abolishing the tax exemption privileges, the Committee will consider a series of measures such as the burden on the aristocracy by limiting the number of forces in its possession, and reducing tax breaks instead of the conscription system if it continues.

The Sovereign, as the initiator of the reduction of aristocratic privileges, and Stefan, the Viscount of Langlois, serves as a member of the Executive Secretariat, shall fulfill their responsibilities by contributing to the people while bearing their grudge.

The Sovereign, who was briefed on the details of the execution, urged his son to reconsider.

“Leandre is only 19 years old.”

“Therefore, we will hold the former Crown Princess who raised him accountable, stripe her of her status and position, and expel her.”

Valfrete was adamant about the public beheadings of Leandre and former Duke of Langlois and the ousting of the former crown princess.

“Why would you demand such a harsh punishment?”

To the Sovereign, who asked why, Valfrete explained the significance of the executions and expulsion.

“If you loosen the treatment of royalty and the aristocracy, the anger of the people will turn to the royal aristocrats. When you do it correctly, punish criminals regardless of their social status, then the anger of the people is directed at the criminals, knowing that they are properly punished. Father, you do not understand the people’s point of view.”

“The people’s point of view, what are you saying?”

“With the end of the war, the aristocracy, which favors those who fight the Coalition, is no longer a necessity. The time has come for the people to judge whether or not the aristocracy is necessary in the future. If you do anything lukewarm, we will be declared unnecessary.”

Valfrete attended the Military Academy and was appointed to Lieutenant, the first rank for the Commandant Department’s graduates. Most of the people around him were commoners, and he learned their way of thinking while interacting with them.

They do not consider the aristocracy to be superior. It is in their actions, when they sacrifice themselves in order to protect the royal citizens, that aristocrats are recognized as great.

If an enemy attacks, they will act as a shield and protect the people.

While the people are fleeing, they will launch a suicide attack on the enemy to remove the threat.

Only when there is due value can the people recognize the aristocrats as great, even if they are great enough to do what they can’t do.

Therefore, the royal aristocrats that only bring harm are mere exclusion objects for the royal people.

“If I say that the guillotine is going too far?”

“A revolution will occur if the Sovereign protects the traitors. If you cannot execute the enemies of the Monarchy, then Father, you are no longer qualified to be the banner of the Monarchy. If you make a mistake in judgement, then be prepared.”

“………… give me time to think.”

“Your sense of crisis is fatally lacking. If my father protected traitors, I would have no choice but to start a revolution to prevent the collapse of the aristocracy and civil war. If we can’t make a decision right now, best be ready for a revolution soon, but what will it be?”

Here will be the farewell of their current life.

The Sovereign imagined the development ahead, considering what Valfrete just told him.

Currently, Valfrete holds the entire force that conquered the Coalition at hand. If this communication is made public and the Sovereign calls for the traitors to be protected, the entire Monarchy will be on Valfrete’s side.

The Monarchy’s greatest force, Fortress Kerviel, and the Viscount of Amakawa, who is Valfrete’s son-in-law, will surely side with Valfrete. The Royal Army, of which Valfrete serves as Commander-in-Chief, the aristocrats who supported him due to being issued Letters of Commendation, and the people who were angry at Leandre and the former Duke Langlois, will all side with him.

Realizing he had no choice, the Sovereign accepted all the conditions given to him by Valfrete.

After passing his demands, Valfrete had the Sovereign announce the promotions, Medals of Honor, service insignia, and special merits for the expeditionary forces that made the Coalition surrender, along with the punishments of the Royal and Duke families. The purpose of the announcement of the war merits was to divert the public’s attention.

Valfrete went from Colonel General to Fleet Admiral. The honorary position of Supreme Commander was also created on top of the three chief posts, and was given to Valfrete.

Hart, commander of Fortress Kerviel, went from Lieutenant General to General. He was also awarded the Order of Sirius, 3rd Class for his distinguished military service, which was the highest evaluation among aristocrats and Generals.

Princess Yuna Strani Asteria, Marquis Lady Philine Carneus, and Viscount Lady Colette Listner, all of whom were Operation Assistants, were also promoted from Brigadier General to Major General and awarded the Order of Sirius, 3rd Class.

The outrage of the public gradually subsided with the announcement that aristocratic privileges would henceforth be curtailed, along with the guillotine sentence for the former Royal Grandchild and former Duke, permanent expulsion of former Crown Princess, severe punishments of the Royal family and Duke household, and punishment of the Sovereign and Stefan.

Those who have contributed to the end of the war were honestly praised, and when it was announced that Yuna and the other 19-year-old beautiful ladies had earned their ranks and medals of Major General by their genuine achievements, and the public’s gaze was sufficiently diverted.

What awaited Hart and the others upon their return was a graduation letter from the Military Academy.

As Hart suggested, the results were Colette in 2nd, Philine in 3rd, and Yuna in 4th. Yuna’s result was accompanied by the principal’s explanation for her ranking.

“I got 4th position because Hart talked to the principal, right?”

Hart muttered a reproach with a resigned expression when Yuna who said so with a smile.

“Principal, you sold me out.”

This is the second time he had to deal with an incompetent principal, following the Middle School of the Academy of Magic.

However, for Yuna, who has been promoted to Major General, the final ranking of the Military Academy would be a matter of the past.

Essentially, the hurdle to rise from Colonel to General is very high.

One of the materials needed to accelerate toward that hurdle and leap high is the Military Academy ranking, but the hurdle has been crossed as soon as the results were obtained. The results of the Military Academy are now even better, as they have accumulated military decorations that are worth more than the ranking.

After succeeding as a member of society, your school grades may be close to irrelevant.

Hart tried to explain himself in this way, but Yuna returned her recent specialty, a silent smile.

“Well, at any rate, the war is over, but Hart, will you continue with the Royal army?”

To Yuna’s question, Hart considered his future.

Hart volunteered to join the army to escape the threat of the Coalition, but the threat was gone after the war ended. And himself, he is a General.

In the current Royal Army, four positions, the Three Chief Posts and the Commander of the MacRil Star System Forces, are considered Colonel Generals. Jhering, who was promoted after participating in the Expeditionary Force, was appointed Commander and Reinelt was appointed Commander of the MacRil System Forces.

Following that are the Generals, who have been appointed Commanders of the 7 Star Systems and 2 fleets since before the end of the war, the Chief of Staff of the expeditionary force and Commanders of the 5 fleet after the end of the war, and after Hart has been promoted, makes 16 people. Since no more Generals are required, the General quota of the Monarchy Army may be considered closed.

Of all the Colonel Generals and Generals, Hart is the youngest. The difference in age between him and Rendano, the second youngest, is 30 years. Moreover, Hart graduated from the Military Academy at the top of his class, established an unparalleled military service in the war with the Coalition, and was awarded the Order of Sirius, 3rd Class.

Since there will be no promotion due to war in the future, he is certain to be among the three future chiefs unless he retires, no matter what selection criteria.

“For the time being, the title is fine, and I think I’ll keep it going.”

“Yes. I see.”

Upon hearing Hart’s answer, Yuna nodded with a smile in the wind, accepting him as her fiancé.

Hart, who returned to the Capital planet on Fortress Kerviel with Valfrete, was instructed to stay on Diros, with the fortress for a while after the accession of the new Sovereign.

Under the three chiefs, he will be appointed as Deputy Chief of Staff while also serving as the Commander of Fortress Kerviel. He is to learn how to run a military organization while he holds the posts of Deputy Military Secretary, Deputy Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander. Just when he thought he had graduated from the Military Academy, he had to study once again.

Yuna and others, the Major Generals, have also been given new titles, concurrently serving as Operation Assistants for Fortress Kerviel.

Yuna received an unofficial announcement as the Director of the Spirit Crystals Department in the Technical Bureau of the Ministry of Military Affairs.

Philine received an unofficial announcement as the Third Director of Instruction in the Instructional Bureau of the Ministry of Military Affairs.

Colette received an unofficial announcement as Assistant to the Deputy Director, a role that would allow her to assist Hart.

Spirit Crystals are assets in which the Amakawa family has a monopoly on all shares, and his fiancée, Yuna, will be the administrator of Hart’s wallet. Hart thinks.

Philine’s job is to make aristocratic girls of the Magic Academy High School a little better. The Battle of Hercules was so bad that the Royal army realized the need for improvement. And they put a feather in Philine’s cap because of her accomplishments, her status, and her age.

Colette is Hart’s assistant. Colette was saying, “This is how I will pay back my debt “.

In addition, 221 of the 502 cadets taken prisoner in the Frodi system and rescued in the Myrna system, excluding non-commissioned officers, have also made their own choices.

They spent about two years and five months as prisoners of war from August 439 to January 442, when they were in the second year of the Military Academy. If they want to return to the Military Academy, they can do so in September 442, after the second year’s space flight drills.

They would no longer be in the same class as Hart, but their time in captivity would still be counted toward their military record, and they would receive a special consolation pay.

If they return to school, their promotion would be accelerated due to military career after appointment, and will be consistent within ten years. In addition, as living witnesses to the Coalition’s surprise attack operation, they are given a stable, relatively light job as a military spokesman until retirement.

In order to encourage them to stay in the military and play the role of public relations officer, the amount of the consolation money was reduced, but 167 people returned, and the remaining 54 left the military.

“I wondered if there was anything I could do to help those former classmates who were leaving the military.”

“The first thing that comes to mind is the spirit crystal production factory.”

When Hart muttered, Yuna proposed in her new position.

“No, that wouldn’t be possible.”

The phenomenon that Seraphina caused in the Battle of the MacRil Star System was a trial mechanism that activated in the spirit crystal that Dr. Kerman handed to Hart in exchange for the spirit crystal breaking and losing a large amount of spirit crystals.

Since the person who set it up is dead, the details are unknown.

However, the importance of the spirit crystal increased further, and the military’s requisition continued even after the war ended, though the powerful person who pushed it out with a brute force method imposed full responsibility on the doctor.

Former prisoners of war who leave the Military Academy cannot be hired at such an important facility as they may have been brainwashed by the Coalition.

“If you can’t do it in the Kingdom Army, you can arrange something in the Marquis of Amakawa. Hart will also be a Marquis.”

“Really, why am I going to be a Marquis?

“You became a Count for your achievements in the Capital planet Defense, and Marquis for your service on Fortress Kerviel in the annexation of the Coalition.”

As Yuna explained, Hart was to be raised to Marquis.

Valfrete, who will become Sovereign by the end of this year, has revealed the unfair acts of the former Crown Prince faction in order to enhance his legitimacy.

The aim is to strengthen Valfrete’s sovereignty by publicizing that the former Crown Prince, the father of the rebel Leandre, also took problematic actions and made the former Crown Prince faction lose its power.

As part of this, Hart, who was promoted by only one rank in the military despite his tremendous achievement of saving 11 billion people by defending the Capital planet, was promoted for “the former Crown Prince’s unjust humiliation of the son-in-law of the third prince due to the issue of succession to the throne”.

Orders prohibiting participation in battle from General Command in the Battle of Hercules were also made public, and the Crown Prince faction, which is almost nonexistent, was destroyed.

In the new system of the Monarchy, Hart, a Marquis and General, who has become the head of the Valfrete faction, receives constant contact from all over the place.

“Hart. You can refuse any matchmaking interview, since you are too busy serving as both a Marquis and a General. The war is over, so you don’t have to add any more, right?”

“Ah, yes.”

Hart nodded slowly at Yuna’s smiling face.

Thus, humanity’s first interstellar war came to an end.

However, the second interstellar war will come sooner than any of the Royal citizens imagined.

The Tenka Federation was watching the struggle between the Monarchy and the Coalition.

Faced with the defeat of the Coalition, they soon began to make their move.

Their total war potential, which had been forcibly pushed through the magic powered individual mass production method that was once abandoned by the Coalition, was overwhelmingly higher than the sum of all the fighter crafts of the Monarchy.

With their declaration of war, the Monarchy will lose many things in the blink of an eye.

Author’s Note

This concludes the story.

Thank you for staying with us until the end.

I will post it in the future, so please do not miss the next work and beyond.

(November 3, 2020)

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