Maiden Game Hard Mode – LN Vol 2 Extra Story

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Light Novel Volume 2 Extra Story – Choices

June 442 of the monarchy calendar.

Only three months have passed since the end of the 479-year interstellar war between the monarchy and the Coalition.

In a frenzied state of enthusiasm, the whole Monarchy was melting with excitement, and with the return of the expeditionary forces led by Valfrete, and men and women of all ages of all over the Monarchy erupted again.

“The arrow shot over 479 years ago has returned after destroying the enemy!”

“Hurray to the Monarchy of Diete, long live the new Sovereign!”

Next month, Valfrete, who led the Monarchy to victory, will ascend to the throne. It is also widely known that the First Princess, the eldest daughter of the new Sovereign Valfrete, Yuna, and the new Marquis of Amakawa, who was the actual driving force behind the destruction of the Coalition, are engaged. The royal people were pleased that the nation they formed was correctly rewarding those who had rendered service to it.

And the aristocrats were also moved to see their heroes become the new Sovereign and the new Marquis. Earlier, two people, the grandchild of the former Sovereign and the former Duke, have committed treason, but if the rewards for heroes are new status, it will not be the end of the aristocratic system.

As for the direction of the Monarchy, the Senate and the National Assembly believed, ‘let’s leave it to the new Sovereign Valfrete, who destroyed the Coalition. Even if there are some differences in perceptions, it is a reward for the new Sovereign for his achievement’, and the will of the nation toward a new era was unified.

With the talented new Sovereign Valfrete and the power of the nation being redirected from war to development, the Monarchy will have a golden age of leaps and bounds. In the streets, bright news was circulating in the media and songs about the bright future were selling like hot cakes.

At a time when there was renewed enthusiasm that engulfed the whole Monarchy, a young man with a rank of General set foot in a world of confusion, isolated from the excitement.

The scene of the confusion is in front of the Deputy Commander’s Office of the Ministry of Military Affairs Command Office.

In front of the office, which should only be accessible to relevant personnel, there is an old-fashioned cardboard box that was probably made on purpose, and in front of the box is a sticker that says “Please pick me up”.

And in the cardboard, a red-haired girl, who seemed to have not yet entered middle school, sat with chipmunk ears attached to her head.

Hart guessed the girl to be over 10 years old. She wore a pink dress adorned with ruffles and ribbons, with a headdress on her head.

“Hello, young lady. I am Hart, the Marquis of Amakawa. Could you tell me your name?”

Placed in front of the room of the Deputy Commander of the Ministry of Military Affairs Command Office, which was a mass of military secrets, Hart guessed, judging from the girl’s appearance, that the young lady is from an aristocratic family and had come for a matchmaking purpose.

When Hart gave his name, the red-haired girl stood up from the cardboard box and bowed to lightly pluck the hem of her skirt.

“My name is Willow, the eldest daughter of Count Cartlett. My father gave me my admission permit from our new Sovereign Valfrete for my entry into the office.”

Presented with a permit, Hart closed his eyes while holding his forehead with his right hand.

The flow of trying to have Hart, with magic power value of over 90,000, produce descendants did not settle at all even after the destruction of the Coalition, and it surged into Hart’s body.

The new Sovereign, Valfrete, already has the Monarchy’s greatest power. However, it seems that he owes some debts to the Machaon system, to which the Marquis of Ornelas, the family of his wife, belongs, for their cooperation in preparing a fleet of immigrant ships for the new system.

Hart guessed that Valfrete had received a modest request, mixed in with about 90% jest, to send a girl old enough not to be married for five years or so to meet with Hart.

Of course, the adults who sent her would think that if Hart liked this young lady, she would be a candidate for a future concubine. Hart, like an aristocrat, tried to keep his composure and cope with the situation.

“Thank you very much. I will now call on Viscount Lady Listner to be your hostess. Since you came all this way, it would be nice if we could go and have a cup of tea. By the way, who told you to wear those ears?”

“I heard from my father that this is a hobby of the Marquis’. I have dog ears and rabbit ears, do you want to see them?”

Hart’s brow slightly twitched at the unexpected reputational damage.

In order to avoid any misunderstandings about having touched her, Hart summoned Colette, a female aristocrat and best friend of the First Princess, to be present, and while receiving a cold stare from Colette, he politely interceded for the Count Young Lady Willow, in order to save face for Valfrete and the Count.

Since returning to the Capital planet, Hart has been subjected to various actions.

The issue hasn’t been forced so far, probably because of the fact that he is engaged to the daughter of the new Sovereign, Valfrete, but the action itself is unlikely to stop.

When Hart consulted with Claudia, who is well versed in the affairs of the aristocracy, about moving the Castle in the Sky, which used to be the Viscount’s residence, into the territorial waters of the new Marquis territory, he discussed the current situation with Yuna.

And Claudia confronted them with a cruel reality.

[‘I’m too busy, so I can’t’… I think that excuse can only postpone the situation for a few years, but later we will not be able to escape any more. And if you don’t put a stop to the construction of the Castle in the Sky, there will be no end to it.]

When Yuna’s own excuse was rejected outright, a question mark appeared on her face.

“The war is over, isn’t it? We don’t need High Magic Individuals, do we?”

The first half of what Yuna said was true, but the second half was just her wish.

Claudia, who had just entered the Military Academy in April, smiled ruefully over the communication screen at Her Royal Highness Princess Yuna, who was four years older and held the rank of Major General.

“We don’t need High Magic Individuals, do we?”

Yuna’s tone, when she asked again, was receding from prayer for confirmation to a request to do so.

[The reason for Master Hart’s refusal was because his residence was still broken. Since the castle was built at the nation’s expense after discussions at the House of Parliament, the three of us whose magic power values were cited could not be refused. Even less if the end of the war is added as a reason……..]

Claudia offered a compromise and then admonished Yuna, who was at a loss.

Yuna, who had requested the refusal on the grounds that it was impossible to accept anyone while the residence was a small ship floating in the sea, sent a glance to Hart in search of rescue.

However, unfortunately, Hart’s small boat, the former Viscount Amakawa’s residence, has been disposed of, and the Castle in the Sky, which was the new Viscount’s residence, is virtually under Claudia’s control.

In the first place, Hart, as the head of the Amakawa family, refused the approach from the Duke of Coesfeld with a clear reason. Now that the Duke of Coesfeld has solved the problem, he couldn’t claim that the reasons given were withdrawn.

Yuna can rely on her father, Valfrete, but this is a matter of the Marquis of Amakawa and the Duke of Coesfeld, not the Royal Family. The Amakawa family would owe the new Sovereign if they use his power and influence to bend the principles.

Yuna, who is aware that she will be the first wife of Marquis Amakawa, cannot suddenly bring a disadvantage to the Amakawa family as the legal wife.

Of course, Claudia, the second wife, will not cause any disadvantage to the Amakawa family. Claudia’s appreciation for Hart, who destroyed the Coalition, is tremendous and can be overwhelming. From her point of view, she has judged that only the other two people whose magic power values were specifically mentioned at the House of Parliament cannot be refused. Understanding that Claudia had reason, Hart replied as the head of the Amakawa family.

“Common sense tells me I’d better accept it.”

Yuna puffed out her cheeks and protested, but Hart grasped her left hand with his right, and placed the right hand on Yuna’s thigh with the intention of “I’ll entrust you with one right hand, please be a little patient”.

Yuna grabs Hart’s right hand with both hands and begins to vent her dissatisfaction by hitting it against her thigh. So Yuna calmed down, and Hart checked with Claudia.

“Was it Miss Evelina, Young Lady of Count Ordolene, and Gabriella, Young Lady of Viscount Allerede Household? It’s been more than a year, but haven’t they changed their mind?”

When they were introduced to Hart, Evelina was in a bad position because she was close with Alisa, the daughter of Count Harvist, who allegedly fled in the Defense Battle of the Capital Planet, albeit under the instruction of her escorts.

However, during the Battle of the Hercules in July 441, Alisa made great achievements in saving a large number of the forces of the Royal Army and the Aristocratic Fleets by making a charge with her own battleship and the fleet of the Count family to break through the siege net of the Coalition Forces.

Alisa, receiving full support and testimony from the Duke of Mauriac, whose successor was rescued, and many other aristocrats who were aided, completely restored her honor, partly due to her acquisition of a Medal of Honor.

As a result of the fact that Leandre became a national traitor and that various problems with the former Crown Prince Gracian and the Crown Princess came to light, Alisa was not only free from any problems but rather has reversed her reputation as a model of aristocratic women.

For this reason, Evelina, who had been devalued for being friendly with Alisa, had completely reversed her position as if the stigmatized villainous lady had regained her honor. Her father, Count Ordolene, would not even consider making Evelina a Viscount’s concubine.

However, Hart has also risen to Marquis. It is quite possible that Count Ordolene will send his daughter Evelina to the Amakawa family as a concubine, as he initially suggested.

Hart imagined what choice the Duke of Coesfeld, the Count of Ordolene and Evelina would make, but Claudia replied with a rueful smile at Hart, just as she had directed at Yuna earlier.

[Do you think Evelina could get another fiancé after all that pomp and circumstance at the House of Parliament?]

Hearing Claudia’s explanation, Hart had to agree that she was absolutely right.

Although the three specific names were not mentioned in parliament, but it is well known to the aristocracy that Hart was taken by Philine to participate in the future arrow social gathering, that he had met the Duke of Coesfeld there, and that Mr. Dryver worked under the Duke of Coesfeld.

It is easy for even average citizens to predict that Claudia’s cousin, Evelina, was cited as a Count-grade magic power holder at the time Claudia was chosen as the second wife.

There is no way other aristocrats can break up the project for the birth of the high magic power holders that moved 90% of the members of the House of Representatives.

“Miss Evelina, I understand, was vice-president in the Middle School Student Council, so she must be excellent.”

[She was put in a disadvantageous position for a while, but she kept her status as a potential partner of Master Hart, so she seems to have made an effort. Now she is the Student Council President of the high school, and has a wide range of connections from middle school to graduates. I think she can be of service to the Marquis of Amakawa.]

“Very well. I’ll ask for a schedule adjustment.”

Realizing defeat, Hart decided to accept Evelina. And the confirmation moved on to the next candidate, Gabriella.

Gabriella, the Young Lady of the Viscount of Allerede, is the daughter of the mistress of the Duke of Coesfeld.

There are quite a few situations where an aristocratic lady is unmarried.

It is a result of combining ‘I cannot increase the number of wives endlessly without causing a house turmoil’, and ‘a high magic individual is essential to maintain the title, and I want to draw the hit in the magic succession’.

In the case of males, they become independent and become quasi-aristocrats, like Hart’s father, and become the magic engine operators of battleships. On the other hand, women often choose to be aristocratic concubines and mistresses in order to maintain the aristocratic life supported by the royal citizens.

As the number of next generation magic power holders increases, the defense of the country will increase, so a position like Gabriella’s mother’s is recognized by society as necessary. As for how much they understand, it is so publicly recognized that it was discussed in the House of Parliament and a Castle in the Sky was built at national expense.

“Is Gabriella considered in the same position as her mother?”  

[Yes. If anyone takes her as a wife or concubine, there will be problems with succession. And when the child becomes a Marquis or Marquess, it becomes difficult to balance them by class when they are married. It’s easy to raise your child’s position later as a formal wife, but you can’t lower it.”]

Hart thought of Yuna’s parents who raised her to the Duke’s daughter in order to counter the Marquis Lady Philine.

If Yuna’s parents had been married from the beginning and the high magic powered Yuna was the first wife’s child, there would have been a battle of succession with the child of the second wife, a Lady of the Marquis of Ornelas, for the Duke of Strani.

And if you’re a Duke’s daughter, you can’t marry someone half-heartedly. If the magic is high, she will be a wife of a senior aristocrat, and even if the magic is low, the concubine of a senior aristocrat or the legal wife of a general aristocrat is within reasonable range. If Yuna had been a royal or duke lady from the beginning, she would have had little choice for marriage partners.

Yuna’s parents made her the Duke’s daughter because there was a clear partner named Hart, and it was confirmed that there would be no house turmoil even if she was a Duke’s daughter, and it was a necessary upgrade to oppose Philine.

Gabriella’s case is the same as Yuna’s.

[Gabriella, isn’t looking to cause any internal strife. She said that she wants a daughter because a child between her, a Marquis-grade magic individual and Hart, a hero with high magic power could make a good wife of a senior aristocrat. She’s hopeful for about two.]

Shortly after Claudia explained, Hart’s face grimaced due to the pain in his right hand.

“If Gabriella herself wants to, I’ll accept it according to what she said at the time. But just to be sure, if she’s not willing, tell her she’s free because the war is over. After going to university, she may be able to find someone she likes, and it would be up to her. Is that okay?”

The excuse that Hart himself is not actively seeking her was made to Yuna, who was squeezing his right hand. At the same time, he tells Claudia of the Duke of Coesfeld, that the Amakawas will keep their promises.

Claudia, who heard Hart’s argument, remanded the paper, though barely giving a passing grade.

[I’ll forward your thoughts, but do you know that Gabriella’s aunt’s husband is Senator Dryver?]

Hart and Yuna, who had a fusion round placed right in front of them, had their thoughts blown away in an instant.

What passed through Hart’s mind was an Assembly at the House of Parliament.

Senator Dryver takes the stage proudly and begins to address the entire Monarchy through the assembly hall, hitting the podium of the assembly hall with a powerful thump.

[Does Prime Minister Stanley not understand how much value the descendants of the high magic power holders who were the decisive forces of the destruction of the Coalition have? In the future, the High Magic Powered Individuals will continue to play a variety of roles in many fields, including systemic immigration, large-scale transportation, and national defense. Is there any other use for such a cost effective budget? Do you understand what the government needs to do, Prime Minister?]

Prime Minister Stanley, who was pointed out by Senator Dryver, could say, “Now that it’s a Marquis’ residence, we will expand it and increase the number of World Heritage Sites.”, while dripping cold sweat.

The Castle in the Sky would be expanded from the size of a battleship to a fortified ship, and about three pyramids would now be built there. The garden might be lined with a row of Moai statues.

Compared to the life where if you look out the window of your house, you can see the Sphinx sitting there as guard dogs, Gabriella living alone in a villa is probably nothing. Just think of the niece of Senator Dryver, who built the Castle in the Sky, as the keeper of the castle.

“Please tell Gabriella that she is always welcome.”

There was no attack from Yuna against Hart’s right hand as he resubmitted his answer sheet with major revisions.

Perhaps even in Yuna’s brain, an absurd scene comparable to Hart’s imaginings was spreading. It likely occurred to her, too, that by not accepting Gabriella, the sight of new concubines and mistresses being sent one after another from the Monarchy would be bloomed by Senator Dryver.

Hart, who had also given up on Gabriella, reminded Claudia.

“As for the Castle in the Sky, please end it with the acceptance of Evelina and Gabriella. I have only refused the consultation of the Duke of Coesfeld pertaining to three people with the evacuation ship as an explanation. The new reason is that we’ve exceeded the number of people we can accept.”

[I understand. The first generation of the Amakawa family is biased towards the Royal family and the Duke of Coesfeld, but Master Hart is in a really busy position, so I will adjust things accordingly. I will contact you again regarding the schedule with Evelina.]

After the communication video of Claudia, who bowed, disappeared, Hart’s right hand continued to be attacked by the grumpy Yuna.

As a result of Hart’s willingness to meet, the Duke of Coesfeld seemed to have moved the Monarchy government, and the Castle in the Sky was promptly relocated to the new Marquis of Amakawa territory.

A magic element engine and a propulsion engine were installed to the Castle in the Sky, and a Count-grade magic power holder was called to fly it 100-kilometer offshore of the territorial waters of the new Marquis territory.

The citizens of the new Marquis must have been astonished by the sudden appearance of the Castle in the Sky off the coast. Hart, as the second son of a Baron Household, must have looked up at the sky in dismay.

And then using the relocated castle, Hart and Evelina were to meet.

“Oh, how extravagant.”

When looking up at the sky on his back at sea, cotton candy like cumulonimbus clouds flowed in a thin light blue Canvas.

If you look from the Marquis of Amakawa towards the Ortegia continent where the Royal Capital is located, you will find the Marquis Villa… also known as The Castle in the Sky, which has turned into one of the tourist attractions in the Marquis of Amakawa, is reflected in the field of view.

On top of the floating island that looks like Mont-Saint-Michel, there is a mansion that looks like the Palace of Versailles and its gardens, with waterways running through the island like the City of Water, Venice.

It’s 100 square kilometers in size and is still built under its own weight in order to blend in with the artificial floating islands in ​​the Mediterranean Sea. Hart’s connected vision turned away from the castle in the sky and looked up at the sky of Diros again.

[Is something wrong, Mr. Hart?]

The hearing of Hart, who is lying in an enclosure, received the chirp-like little bird voice of Evelina, who is connected to him online.

“No, no problem. I’m on my way.”

When the enclosure that read the electrical signal emitted by Hart sent a signal to the swimming robot drifting in the Mediterranean Sea, Hart’s consciousness slowly began to sink into the sea.

The underwater view through the robot was like a sky surrounded by a pale blue color. In the sky-like world where water exists, a black cloud called fish shadows were flowing.

In addition to artificially released krill, there are a large number of blue fish such as herring, mackerel, saury, and pompano etc, as well as larger fish such as yellowtail and tuna, and the odd species of sturgeon.

Cetaceans are also swimming in the water. As he passed through the fish swimming freely, he could see destroyed artifacts on the seabed.

In Diros’ Mediterranean Sea, artifacts blown away in the Defense of the Capital planet and the remnants of the swept floating islands have sunk. Some of the destroyed structures were home to fish and helped their prosperity.

When Hart landed in a world of ruins where people had disappeared, he found Evelina in a white dress, faintly illuminated by the light shining from the sea.

On the actual seabed stands a robot for underwater swimming operated by Evelina, and in Hart’s vision, he could see Evelina’s image as she came to meet him online. Evelina was gracefully dancing and playing with the fishes around her.

Evelina caught sight of Hart, then held the hem of her dress and slightly lowered her head.

[It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Evelina, Count Young Lady of Ordolene.]

Evelina was a woman with a warm, gentle atmosphere.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Hart, the Marquis of Amakawa.”

Hart, who was swallowed up by Evelina’s gentle expression and atmosphere, returned her greeting after taking a deep breath. Then, Evelina gently reaches out and invites Hart to dance, as if it were a ballroom.

“I’m not much of a dancer, being an upstart.”

[How about the waltz we learned in middle school?]

Taking Evelina’s outstretched hand, Hart put his hand around her waist, and while holding hands, stepped on the ocean floor and began to dance with the fishes.

The drawn hands and the moving bodies performed a natural spin turn and then entered the Turning Lock with steps 1 & 2, 3.

In contrast to Hart’s dance counting at Weave from Promenade Position, Evelina kept her posture straight with a natural smile on her face, taut to the tips of her fingers and feet, and matched Hart’s movements with her light footwork.

As they repeated turns, pivots, steps, and movements, they floated softly on the seabed over and over again, slowly turning as they sank in the sea.

In contrast to the struggling Hart, Evelina danced gracefully on the seabed, lightly adjusting her stance with a smile on her face.

When the movement slowed down and eventually subsided, Hart asked Evelina.

“Miss Evelina, I would like to ask, but are you dissatisfied with being the concubine of the man who was the second son of the Baron household. If you are, you may decline the offer as I exercised it.”

To Hart, who had confirmed the intention of the person in question just in case, Evelina answered from the bottom of her heart with a curious expression, tilting her head.

[The Monarchy aristocracy is a class system designed to protect the Monarchy from the Coalition. Mr. Hart, along with His Majesty the new Sovereign, has defended the Monarchy and destroyed the Coalition, so he is more deserving of aristocracy than any other.]

“I suppose?”

Evelina, who said that Hart was most worthy of the aristocrats, continued to say more.

[And so, I have no objection. Um… do you know how competitive you are, Mr. Hart?]

“No. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of offers for matchmaking, and I’m having trouble with them.”

Evelina pointed out to Hurt, and he took into account his own competition.

He is a 1-year Marquis, a Royal Army General, a hero who fulfilled the long-cherished wish since the founding of the country, the leading aristocrat of the new royal faction, the manager of spirit crystals, holder of the highest magic power value in the Monarchy, whose child is also confirmed to have high magic power.

It is time to review the aristocratic system due to the end of the war but there is no consensus that Valfrete and Hart, who destroyed the Coalition, are unnecessary, and even after the aristocratic system disappears, Hart will be left with tremendous honor and a huge fortune as the owner of all the shares of a company that monopolizes the production of spirit crystals.

What a horrible cheat person there is in the world…  and…  Hart was dumbfounded.

“All right, then we’re officially engaged now. I am lucky to be paired with such a lovely lady.”

Recalling that it was more luxurious than looking up at the sky from the Mediterranean, Hart projected a stereoscopic image in front of the slightly embarrassed Evelina. Deep in the forest, was a pale blue crystal of the spirit, clear and pure as the headwaters.

To the bewildered Evelina, Hart explained the footage.

It is a special spirit crystal that is superior to the ones for the aristocracy. It can be used in conjunction with her current spirit, and is only given to his fiancées.

“Today is just a face-to-face meeting, but next time we will meet formally. I want to give it to you as a secret gift. Will you accept it?”

 [Yes, I will.]

The enclosure where Evelina was lying read her expression, and red ink appeared on her cheeks.

“I’m looking forward to our next encounter.”

[Yes, I’m looking forward to it as well.]

As the face-to-face meeting ended, the seabed reflected in Hart’s field of vision dimmed.


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