Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 67

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Chapter 67 – To The Next Generation

The Queen and Commander-in-Chief Amakawa’s dispute with the two Marquises caused a great deal of controversy, as the two Marquises were demoted to the Counts, and the story was made public.

“At the Lords’ Conference, two Marquises insulted Commander Amakawa, who was serving in the military, for ‘not fulfilling the duties of the aristocracy’, an act of hostility that unjustly undermines the trust of the Royal Army, and at the same time proposed forced gene provision, like the Coalition and Tenka, contrary to the constitution of the Monarchy.”

All the footage from the two people’s remarks was released, and the Royal Citizens were informed of the exact reason for the descent.

The cause of the conflict is indisputable because the footage has been released to the public. The Royal Citizens were roused about whether or not the two deserved only a “one-rank descent’.

Was undermining Commander Amakawa, who defeated 250,000 ships at Fortress Kerviel and killed 21.2 billion Tenka people, and hindering his activities worthy of a peerage?

The majority concluded that they deserved the drop in peerage.

“Now that we are at war, interfering with Her Majesty and the Commander-in-Chief is an act of enmity in of itself.”

“Have the Marquises earned any achievement to criticize Commander Amakawa?”

Of course, the person who asks the question out loud knows the answer.

If there were two Commander-in-Chief Amakawas, they would have been able to flawlessly defend the Capital planet Diros in the first Battle of Diete, and during the second Battle of Diete, they would have invaded the enemy and defended the home country simultaneously. The Marquis families did not contribute as much as the second Commander Amakawa.

More precisely, the contribution to the state by the two households, which have fallen to Count, was only to send out forces in the Hercules System Battle, just like other aristocrats. The results are almost the same as if the two Marquises were under the direct control of the Monarchy.

Moreover, in the present age of the Salamanders, even if they were active on a battleship, it would have only a minor impact.

Compared to the contributions made by the Commander-in-Chief, it was determined that neither of the two was entitled to declare the fulfillment of their obligations, which were significantly inferior, but rather that they had only fulfilled their minimum obligations.

The Marquises, who lacked contributions, made unjust demands to Yuna, the unfortunate Queen whose marriage was delayed and was forced on the throne, for the genes of her fiancé Hart to be handed over. And Hart, the hero of the nation, took on the quarrel to defend his fiancée Yuna.

With such a composition, it became impossible to pass a resolution to dismiss the Queen at least in the National Assembly’s Council because the Royal Citizens sided with the Queen, both logically and emotionally.

In addition, on the matter of Hart managing and operating spirit crystals, the Doctor’s Souvenir, transition gates, etc., the Royal Citizens repeatedly uttered “I knew it” in various parts of their networks.

It’s unclear whether they really knew, but if Hart was the one who carried it out, it would explain how the Doctor’s Souvenir was conveniently used in the MacLir System, the Diete System and the Athena System after the death of the doctor was certified.

Rather, the majority of the Royal Citizens were relieved by the fact that the Queen and Commander-in-Chief were able to manage the phenomenon of the transition gate and used their power to counter Tenka.

Furthermore, even if the Marquises formed a faction, people’s confidence in the Queen, who clearly expressed her intention and refused unreasonable demands, only increased.

The loss of cooperation between the two Marquises was within the margin of error for the Queen and Commander-in-Chief who operated with Salamanders. The effects of the conflict were considered to be negligible.

Of course, some of the Royal Citizens have been greatly influenced by the conflict.

At the High School of the Academy of Magic in Diros, the Young Lady of the Count of Jerome Household, which had been dropped from Marquis to Count, received a visit from her fiancé and it attracted attention from the surroundings.

“Lady Therese Jerome, I’m breaking off our engagement.”

The fiancé’s first words were something most students could understand.

Leon, heir of the Marquis of Sharett, announced the annulment of his engagement.

The territory of the Marquis of Sharett is in the Athena system, which has a transition gate connected to the Diete system. The Marquis of Sharett, a territorial aristocrat, is responsible for the movement of refugees in the event of a Tenka attack.

If the bloodline of the Count of Jerome, who were physically prohibited from passing through the transition gate, was taken in, it would prevent the Marquis of Sharett from fulfilling their aristocratic duties.

“Therese, you’re not at fault. I’ll testify that you are a wonderful person who is too good for me. I was really happy to have a cute, witty, and faithful fiancée like you. I wanted us to get married and walk together immediately after graduating from High School.”

Prince Bernard was present as Leon gave his explanation, but he and his fiancée Beatrice could only watch the discussion.

For a moment, just after Beatrice smiled, Leon explained the reason for breaking off the engagement.

“If you can no longer use the spirits, your descendants will not be able to meet their aristocratic obligations. Our family, which benefits from aristocratic privileges, must fulfill its duty to the Royal Citizens. We have no choice but to annul our engagement.”

If the descendants cannot contract with the spirits, that alone will be a fatal blow as aristocrats. Without the spirits, the speed of the ship would be halved and it would not be possible to keep up with modern fleet operations. The ship’s combat capabilities will also decline, and each house would not be able to make a contribution worthy of their magical power.

The students, who were watching the situation from afar, began to talk about whether there was an escape route for the distressed pair.

“Wouldn’t it be all right to change Ms. Therese from a legal wife to a concubine?”

“Every descendant of Lady Therese won’t be able to use spirit crystals. They can’t even go through the transfer gate, so they’ll be denied access to even board a ship.”

As the surroundings gave up and quieted down, Leon, who was silent, made a hair-flicking gesture and then said to Therese.

“………… I’m not breaking off the engagement, after all. I will remain your fiancé even if I must give up my right to inherit the title!”


Leon withdrew his previous statement and made the declaration, and the spectators were taken aback.

“I personally participated in the Second Diete Battle and fulfilled my duty to serve. I returned the benefits I personally received to the Monarchy. Besides, I myself can use spirit crystals. Let’s move a large transport ship to a remote star system and live together. I will marry you.”

“Master Leon!”

Therese, whose engagement had been broken, was so overcome with emotion she burst into tears.

When the students witnessed an extremely rare comeback, they were moved and applauded all at once. Beatrice, who was watching the situation, looked at the two and muttered.

“Oh, how lovely.”

Such a phenomenon is basically impossible.

When her engagement with Stephan, heir to the Duke of Langlois, was annulled by the Royal Grandson Leandre, Stephan did not resist.

Beatrice, who was twice sold, and whose honor was tarnished when her second partner became a traitor, was sold by her father a third time to Bernard, leaving her with nothing but the title of the lousy fiancée of the First Prince with Royal-grade magic power.

Imagining a difficult future, Beatrice still gave them an enviable glance.

If the people in question are happy, she will be happy for them.

Unfortunately, the two who were dropped to Count could not feel happy about their situation.

Recognizing his plight, Count Draghi made an appeal.

[We had lobbied for the gene donation at the behest of Lord Takrham. During wartime, such an altercation would be detrimental to the national interest, so I would like the House of Lords to vote for a resolution against the demotion and a resolution against the actions of the Commander-in-Chief.]

The Duke of Takrham, who received interstellar communications from the Diete system, smiled with a sarcastic look on one side of his mouth, with a vibrant expression that seemed unlike a man who has passed two-thirds of his 150-year lifespan.

“Do you intend to split the Monarchy between the aristocracy and the military and plunge it into civil war? At a time when we are at war with Tenka? Such a bold idea.”

At the Lords’ Conference, Hart threatened to impose the same restrictions on the aristocrats who would join(group) with the Count Households.

From Takrham’s point of view, no matter how many aristocrats voted, Hart might seriously impose restrictions on all of them.

Thinking that he could win the war without the aristocracy, Takrham regarded the possibility of it happening to be quite high.

The Royal Citizens, who have obtained spirit crystals that can enable even non-magical people to operate magic engines, can defend the system without relying on the power of the aristocracy. Even if the aristocrats order them not to cooperate, the citizens will protect the system where they and their families live.

The majority of the Royal Citizens, who know the history of Yuna and Hart’s quarrel with the two Counts, will side with the Queen, eventually attack the enemy star system and make it impossible to launch an invasion force, hence the Monarchy will be protected by the hands of the Royal Citizens.

Then, the aristocrats who were uncooperative in the war will prove unnecessary, and the aristocratic system will be abolished.

How many aristocrats are willing to join the two families knowing all that?

Takrham has determined that the battle between the Queen and Commander-in-Chief camp, and the Counts’ camp has already been won or lost.

[We were told publicly…]

As Count Jerome appealed, it was Takrham who suggested that the gene donation proposal be put together.

“I certainly recommended it, but not against the Queen and the Commander-in-Chief with a Duke’s rank, to the point it would escalate into a civil war, despite the fact we are at war with another country. In light of the plight of the aristocracy in general, would you be so unsavory to ask if they would consider supporting us?”

[Aren’t they getting a little carried away, even though they were the daughter of a Baron and the second son of the Baron family until a few years ago?]

In Draghi’s case, Takrham thought that the pride of the two people had pulled them down.

Certainly, Hart and Yuna were the second son of a Baron Household and the daughter of a Baron until a few years ago.

The pride of the heads of prestigious Marquis Families might not have permitted them to bow their heads towards such people.

Indeed, whether it is a domestic power struggle or when firing artillery in the war with the Coalition, when fighting the enemy, the one with higher title and magic power is stronger. It is reasonable, then, that with magic power value that exceeded 90,000, they lost against Amakawa, the Queen’s fiancé and a Duke.

In the current battle, it makes no sense to say that they were weak in the past.

“The contribution they made to the current status of Monarchy might be higher. The Marquis and others should yield on this occasion, as your manner of speaking had unintentionally caused a misunderstanding. How about an apology? Please ask the Marquis of Ornelas, His Majesty the former Sovereign’s father-in-law, or the Duke of Coesfeld, the grandfather of the Duke of Son’s second wife, for mediation. Cut your losses this once.”

Takrham, who imposed the cleanup on others, mocked himself after cutting off communication.

“It’s not going so well.”

Acquire the Hart genes and use the Coalition magic individuals under the Duke of Takrham to mass-produce high magic powered children, then pilfer magic power from the children who do not have royal nationality and are not protected by spirits, and add it to the children of Josslan and Lysine.

The proposal was to distribute genes for such a future, but the result was a failure.

Risk management is a top priority in any conspiracy. That is Takrham’s theory.

Although it failed with Digitalis, he used the device recovered from the Academy of Magic to take the magic power of the former Coalition people, and added it to Lysine, bringing her one step closer to becoming the future Queen.

He wanted a second step, but as a result of being cautious and letting the two Marquises bear the brunt, this failure would not damage the Takrham family.

Two easy-to-use Marquises have fallen to the two difficult-to-use Counts, so it’s just a matter of cutting their losses.

The harvest of this time would be the knowledge of what Hart and the spirits can do.

Takrham thinks there is no need to be impatient. At this point, he is in a very advantageous position to take away magical powers. He dived into a deep sea of thought as to what he should do next from among the countless moves that he could make.

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  1. Thanks for chap
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