Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 72

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Chapter 72 – Planet Whispa Recapture Operation

Even in the modern era of 3744 A.D., when technology has evolved compared to the days when humanity lived on a single planet, ground warfare was still like being caught in a quagmire.

In the current MacLir System, tens of millions of Tenka people are mixed in with the 5 billion former Coalition people who were enemies until a few years ago.

The former Coalition has a large number of civilian androids capable of combat.

The immigrated Tenka people also mass-produced enough ground weapons and military android soldiers to control each system of the Monarchy.

The planetary suppression forces brought in by the Monarchy overwhelmingly outnumber both the Tenkan and MacLir forces in the MacLir system. Nevertheless, it was assumed that it would take considerable time and effort to conquer the Tenka Army so as not to kill too many former Coalition people who were uncooperative with the Monarchy.

In order to take advantage of the surprise effect, Hart, who needed to create the next realm in the Fukashiro star system as soon as possible, made two requests to Seraphina, the ruler of the system.

『Bring Sandalphon in orbit around the planet Whispa and restore the planet Whispa’s rotation. Also, use the magic element that is imbued in the body to determine the MacLireans who will listen to some extent, the other former Coalition people who will be hostile, and the Tenka people who will definitely be enemies, and communicate this information to the spirits of the Monarchy’s soldiers.』

『I understand. I’ll place markers on all the humans in this system, so the spirits can identify them.』

『That helps. I’ll leave it to you.』

With Seraphina’s cooperation, Hart delegated the command of the planetary control operation to other commanders to move to the Fukashiro System.

The commander of the operation was General Rendano, who was appointed Commander of the MacLir System Forces. He complained greatly about the difficulty of his mission of conquering the planet.

“Even if humans can be distinguished, we can’t tell the military android soldiers of the former Coalition from those of Tenka. And what if the former Coalition android soldiers and civilian androids are programmed to attack when they encounter the Royal people?”

There were conditions in the planetary control operation that Rendano was entrusted with.

It said, “It doesn’t matter how long it takes for the suppression, but in order to commence the capture of the Fukashiro system via the transition gate in two weeks, half of the planetary forces must be available for the next battle”.

In a separate communication with his former colleague Hart, Rendano asked him how he really felt.

“The MacLir System will be Her Majesty’s territory after abdication. How far can I take the attack?”

Hart’s response to that was clear.

[The life of a single royal national is greater than the lives of five billion enemy people. These are your orders in the name of Hart Amakawa, Fleet Admiral of the Royal Army. You may kill all hostiles who try to kill the Royal Citizens. Attack until they lose the will or ability to resist. I’ll take all responsibility.]

Rendano appreciated the Commander-in-Chief’s statement that he would be responsible for everything, but he also pondered the mental burden on his subordinates to carry out the orders.

“Treat all the officers and soldiers under my command to an even better drink.”

During the Hercules and Myrna Star System Battles, Rendano had forced Hart to buy drinks for his reckless behavior.

Therefore, he requested a third banquet, but currently, the officers and men led by Rendano, including Salamander and the Suppression craft pilots, has reached 60 million. Inwardly, Rendano thought that the message would not get across, but Hart calmly responded.

[About 100,00 Rhodes per person comes to a total of about 6 trillion Rhodes. With the Marquis of Amakawa territory also serving as the Royal Capital, and the budget of the Marquis is abundant. The liquor fee will be deposited in the Military Administration and will be transferred to all of you with your next paycheck. Then, System Army Commander Rendano, I’m counting on you.]

Rendano, who had completely underestimated the Marquis of Amakawa’s purse, was involuntarily dazzled by Hart’s reply, but said nothing aloud.

After the communication was cut off, Rendano, who was given command, deployed 10 fleets under the command of the Commander-in-Chief and a number of troops carried by 30 million Salamanders in the system.

For the first move, 500,000 military satellites surrounded the planet Whispa along with the fleets.

As the fleet routed the missile swarm launched from the planet’s surface, 500,000 Salamanders connected to the military satellites entered the planet’s orbit at combat speed and deployed the military satellites with exquisite deceleration.

A screen in Rendano’s General Command Center shows the surface of the planet to be attacked.

Illustration (By Miomi min)

The second planet, Whispa, is 1.2 times larger than Earth and has 1.1 times the gravity.

It is an ideal habitable planet with water and atmosphere suitable for humanity and an average temperature of about 10 degrees Celsius on the surface of the planet, in almost the same formation process as Earth.

Within the planet, there are the South Pole and the North Pole in the ocean, three continents, and two inland seas, and the atmospheric composition is sufficient, making it a wonderful planet that could be inhabited without the need for extensive terraforming.

Many areas are close to London in the UK or Hokkaido in Japan. The hot areas are like Paris in France and Honshu in Japan, and the cold areas like Russia.

And the planet is home to 5 billion hostile inhabitants.

After confirming that the military satellites were encircling the satellite orbit, Rendano began the battle before the deployment of all the units was completed.

[Attention, all forces. The MacLir System is an enemy nation that declared its independence as a protectorate of Tenka. His Excellency has declared, ‘You may kill all hostiles who try to kill the Royal Citizens’. I concur. Destroy all enemy forces and the facilities that support them thoroughly.]

Rendano, who gave the order, further added.

[Once the job is done, the Fleet Admiral will treat all 60 million officers and soldiers serving in the army with 100,000 Rhodes worth of alcohol per person. Let’s get this over with and move on to the next banquet hall. Shoot with gusto. Spare no ammunition. All forces, commence bombardment! Fire, fire, fire!]

Shortly after Rendano’s order, incandescent rays and missiles poured down from the Monarchy forces in satellite orbit toward the planet like a cascade.

The numerous waterfalls pouring down from the sky crushed the large number of missiles launched from the surface, and as they were, pierced the facilities and troops on the ground, scattering shock waves and debris around while hollowing out the ground.

The special effects of the system prevented the planetary magic element engines from operating normally. Their magic shielding was dysfunctional, and their ability to counter the attack of the Royal Army was greatly reduced.

Some facilities created neutralizing force fields to resist, but when the fleet surrounding the planet bombarded them with a concentrated attack of main cannons and missiles, they were inevitably crushed.

“Reporting, Sir. From the enemy’s weapons arsenal, a large number of android soldiers are moving in a dispersed manner through the cities. They are moving at high speeds using atmospheric assault landing crafts designed for planetary suppression.”

“You may cause damage to the city. Use artillery of the battleships to crush enemy soldiers. Inform the aristocratic fleet, they are free to shoot at enemies on the planet. Don’t let them escape!”

The 500,000 military satellites, which change their attack targets by the minute, destroyed hundreds of thousands of various man-made objects in minutes.

A missile cloud trails over the entire planet, and the bombardment that penetrates the cloud pierces the surface. Countless flashes shimmered on the surface of the planet, and the dust that rolled up obscured the brilliance.

In addition, massive nuclear explosions occurred in the sky, scattering powerful electromagnetic waves on the surface of the planet, indiscriminately destroying the electronic equipment on the ground in a wide range.

For military facilities that had taken measures against electromagnetic waves, even electromagnetic pulse cannons were directly deployed from the military satellites, destroying their equipment one after another.

The targets of the Royal Army’s attacks ranged from military facilities and munitions factories to communication facilities and energy supply facilities shared with the private sector, private ports, production factories, material depots, etc.

On the ground, the communication network was disrupted, energy supply was cut off, and the waterfall of light, which fell across the planet, caused great turmoil.

“The enemy’s energy supply network is gradually being cut off. However, the enemy is using underground emergency batteries to counter.”

The side that controls the sky has an advantage in gravitational warfare. And in modern times, it has an even greater effect in that it can cut the energy supply from the star.

In the Solar System, the birthplace of humanity, only 1/2.2 billionth of the total energy emitted by the Sun reached Earth. So the modern energy acquisition method developed with advanced technology is a condensation system installed near the star, which is a natural fusion power generation device, that sends the energy obtained from the star to the planet.

In other words, if the energy transfer circuit is cut off by suppressing the satellite orbit, the energy that can be used on the planetary side can be suppressed to a minimum.

Against the Monarchy forces that took most of their energy, the planet Whispa countered it with emergency equipment. Rendano, on the other hand, also ordered the destruction of emergency batteries, which had only a small capacity.

“Destroy as many emergency batteries as possible.”

“General, Sir. The enemy’s energy supply network is connected to all the energy supply plants on the ground. If we destroy all of them, energy will not be able to reach civilian water purification facilities and hospitals.”

Energy is essential not only for combat, but for all civilian life, maintenance of urban functions, and production activities. If energy is lost, electricity and water will be shut down, food production plants and transportation systems will not be operational, and even building security cannot be deactivated.

Rendano, confirmed by the Command Center’s staff, replied with a displeased expression.

“Then you say that we should leave energy for the enemy? Besides, it is the civilians on the enemy side who are supporting the activities of the enemy forces. Do you want to see the Third Diete System Battle? Don’t worry, break everything. Even if they return to the Stone Age, no Royal citizen will be bothered!”

The Tenka and MacLir defense forces on the planet continued their desperate resistance in the face of Rendano’s thorough eradication of all resistance on the planet’s surface, making full use of their own communication networks and energy supply systems.

“Have confirmed a missile launch base on the seabed of the planet Whispa. Attacking the seabed from outer space will be difficult.”

Rendano was inwardly surprised that they had prepared such a thing.

There are many surface-to-air missiles that attack air targets from the ground and surface-to-space missiles that attack enemies in outer space, but facilities that attack from the seabed are rare. This is because even if launched from the seabed, the missiles will not be able to gain enough speed and will be shot down by the enemy in satellite orbit.

However, even from outer space, attacks do not reach the facilities under the sea. Battleships and crafts are not designed for underwater warfare.

It is possible to order underwater battle-specification suppressors to attack, but if you capture an underwater facility in an underwater battle, the suppressors will suffer some damage.

“What a wasteful facility they have set up. Is it a check against the former Coalition by Tenka?”

The attack from the bizarre facility, which he had never imagined, made Rendano look grim until Sandalphon orbiting the planet Whispa began to move.

“General,Sir. From Strategic Satellite Sandalphon, a notice to the General headquarters. [The missile launch facility on the seabed will be destroyed with an attack by Sandalphon]. Fleet Admiral Amakawa has issued prior permission for Sandalphon operations.”

“If so, let them do as they please.”

With permission from Lenderno, a heat-resistant coated tungsten with a diameter of 1 kilometer was ejected and super-accelerated from the 430-kilometer-long giant of the Strategic Satellite Sandalphon.

The massive tungsten mass that soared into the sector accelerated to 100,000 kilometers per hour and plunged into the ocean at an incident angle of 70 degrees.

The MacLir government forces and the Tenka ground forces did not have the ability to stop falling celestial bodies.

The underwater facility where the tungsten was driven was crushed in an instant, and a crater of 20 kilometers in diameter and 7 kilometers in depth was born in the sea area.

The surrounding waters were ravaged by a series of thermal emissions, massive earthquakes, and huge tsunamis. In addition, the rolled up rock and seawater poured in, causing secondary damage.

Sandalphon, which dropped the celestial body, orbited the planet Whispa at a distance as close as one-tenth the distance between Earth and its moon, illuminating the night sky with a white light as large as the moon seen from the ground, while spreading fear on the ground.

“Strategic Satellite Sandalphon has destroyed the surrounding waters, including enemy facilities. All enemy reaction, completely disappeared”

“………… So you’re saying doing that much is okay? That’s fine. Order all forces to carry out thorough ground assaults. The enemy’s civilization has not yet returned to the stone age!”

After sweeping military facilities and large weapons on the ground, the 500,000 military satellites began to crush military vehicles, small weapons, and military android soldiers on the ground one after another.

Arrows of light fall, instantly setting off a chain of small explosions on all continents of the planet.

Most of the resistance and active energy of the planet Whispa had already been lost.

In the midst of all this, a communication was sent from the MacLir System government via the communication network, of which about 40% was left intact on the MacLir System side.

“General, Sir. Communication from Sarah Figgins, President of the MacLir System government.”

“Put it through.”

While impressed that the communication capability was well maintained while the Royal Army thoroughly interfered, Rendano connected the communication.

Then, on the front screen of the Royal Army Headquarters, the President of the Star System, who is still in her 20s, appeared with an angry expression.

“This is General Oscar Rendano, Commander of the MacLir Star System Forces. What can I do for you?”

Asked in a calm manner, Sarah took a deep breath and then cried out.

[I don’t want anything. Stop your attack at once. The MacLir System has no power to oppose the Monarchy. You know that, because you ruled us until 10 months ago!]

To Sarah desperately soliciting, Rendano tilted his head and replied to her in a questioning manner.

“I saw footage of the MacLir System declaring its independence. The Monarchy and Tenka are at war, and the MacLir System, which became a part of Tenka’s camp, is now an enemy nation. The number of weapons has also increased compared to before. Those are weapons that can kill the Royal people. Who are you going to use them against? We have the right to bring an enemy civilization back to the Stone Age for the sake of our own security.”

[WE・SU・REN・DER! Since the Monarchy side withdrew in the second Battle of the MacLir Star System, we had no choice but to submit to Tenka, who took all effective control. The Monarchy, who abandoned us, is partly at fault for our being dominated by Tenka. The only conclusion is our surrender, so, JUST・STOP・AL・REA・DY!]

The declaration of surrender from the other side was somewhat disheartening to Rendano, who had assumed that it would be the kind of muddy ground battle that the former Crown Prince Gracian had been engaged in on Earth.

The reason for the overwhelming victory so far was thought to be the existence of the transition gate.

To carry a single military satellite, one transport ship is required, and even if the transport ships of all 10 fleets are used, only 10,000 satellites can be brought in. There are many other supplies that need to be transported, so the limit that can be carried by 10 fleets would be about 300 units.

In addition, the Royal Army brought in 20 million suppression crafts, millions of combat drones, atmospheric fighters, billions of heavily armed android soldiers and assault landing crafts, along with 30 million Salamanders for transport.

Without the Transition Gate, the idea of transporting the Strategic Satellite Sandalphon, the large-scale atmospheric fighter port, the fleet spaceport, and the dedicated spaceport of the large fighter craft Israfel to another star system would not have been born.

The presence of a dedicated spaceport of the large fighter crafts allows the Royal Army to constantly deploy 4 million Israfels in combat formation into the system in 4 shifts every 6 hours.

Even if Tenka sends a million warships, it would be impossible to bring down the current MacLir System.

It’s not surprising that Hart, who doesn’t want even a single friendly destroyer damaged, left the ongoing battle in the system to Rendano and headed for the next battlefield.

(If I were in the position of being attacked, I would conduct guerrilla warfare to buy time for the Royal people of other star systems.)

Rendano, who remembered that the people to whom he had surrendered were not the Deite royal people, who would gladly sacrifice their lives to take a shot at the enemy, but the MacLireans who was always left behind and drew the poor lottery, declared indifferently through all the communication networks that the Royal Army had seized.

[General Oscar Rendano, Commander of the Star System Forces, to all humans in the system. Sarah Figgins, President of the MacLir System, has surrendered. The remaining Tenka people should choose to express their intention to surrender via their terminal or die in vain with their stubbornness. To the Royal Army, kill all enemies who do not surrender. That is all.]

Rendano sent in millions of atmospheric fighters and drone units on standby to make his remarks a reality. Next, 100 million units of heavily armed android soldiers and a group of assault landing crafts carrying them were also sent in.

However, the 20 million suppressors did not rush into the planet. They anticipate that the planet Whispa can be subdued with unmanned weapons only, and did not want to cause casualties by sending in manned forces.

With the introduction of new troops, the hostile responses across the planets displayed in Rendano’s command center quickly disappeared. Some of them were erased by the attack of the Royal Army, and others by surrender, but in any case, the victory of the Monarchy was imminent.

It was easier than expected. Rendano had such an impression, but the angry demands from Sarah, who surrendered, overshadowed his impression.

[Since we have surrendered, I beg that you send energy immediately. Looting has occurred in urban areas because of the collapse of transportation and distribution, the shutdown of water purification facilities and food production plants, and the shutdown of lifelines. Please do not attack armed security forces else security cannot be maintained. Rather, send the Royal Army to stop the looting. Also, please send rescue squads to areas attacked from orbit. The coastal areas have been hit by a tsunami, so please send troops there as well.]

He wondered why they were being asked to do so much by someone they had just been fighting with, even though they were still in the middle of a battle with the Tenka army. Despite such dissatisfaction, Rendano was moved by Sarah’s spirit and responded reluctantly.

“The resumption of energy supply will come after the surrender or annihilation of Tenka Forces. Other requests will be met.”

Shortly after he thought that the rescue teams had been arranged, he was exposed to the barrage of requests from the war correspondents, “We want androids for local coverage to accompany the army”.

★ Postscript

Four Heavenly Kings R: “Guaaaah, they ran out of stock before the release date!”

General Bookstore King: “Looks like the Four Heavenly Kings R has been hit…”

Anime Store King: “Fufufu…… he was the fastest of the Four Heavenly Kings…”

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General Bookstore King: “What’s wrong with you, Mail Order King A”

Mail Order King A: ” Philine’s ○○○○ appears in the first volume “

Anime Store King: “What? ‘Nyan’ wasn’t just a suggestion!”

※ For details, please check the first volume. Thank you for defeating Four Heavenly Kings R.

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