Series Timeline, Characters & Other Data (as of the end of Chapter 76)

This post is a summary of the four-volume and does not affect the story in any way.

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(*The Web Version and the Book Version are different.)

★ Series Timeline

2487 A.D. –  Hyper navigational warp that uses magical elements is put to practical use.

2512 A.D. –  The first manned search satellite ship is launched into Alpha Centauri.

2521 A.D. –  The first manned search satellite ship returns from Alpha Centauri.

2629 A.D. –  The first manned exploration fleet launches for the Hercules system.

2754 A.D. –  Settled in the Hercules Star System, 120 light-years away.

2823 A.D. –  Settled in the Diete Star System. 180 light-years away.

2928 A.D. –  Settled in the Frodi Star System. 240 light-years away.

2992 A.D. –  Settled in the Myrna Star System. 270 light-years away.

3045 A.D. –  Settled in the Fukashiro Star System. 500 light-years away.

3167 A.D. –  The Diete government rejects Earth’s excessive demands.

3220 A.D. –  Settled in the MacLir Star System. 370 light-years away.

3226 A.D. –  Diete leaders executed. Relations between Earth and Diete break down.

3263 A.D. –  Humanity’s first interstellar war breaks out between Earth and the Diete government.

3282 A.D. –  The Diete government forces dropped huge meteorites on Earth.

3301 A.D. –  Diete declaration of independence. The year 3301 A.D. is changed to year 1 of the Monarchy.

The Frodi Star System declares neutrality. Two Star Systems are hijacked by the Coalition.

3352 A.D. –  Settled in the Artemis Star System.

3737 A.D. = Year 437 of the Monarchy Calendar

Volume 1

September 437: Chapter 1 – Trying to Tip the Military Police Squad off on the Villainess

[Hart 15 years old, Second Son of a Baron, First-Year Cadet of the Military Academy]

April 438: Chapter 2 – The Heroine of the Maiden Game has Escaped

June 438: Chapter 3 – The Heroine Explosion

January 439: Chapter 4 – The Rival Character Sinks

[Hart 16 years old, Second Son of a Baron, Second-Year Cadet of the Military Academy]

April 439: Chapter 5 – Stock Investment with the Maiden Game’s Knowledge

May 439: Chapter 6 – The Villainess’ Scheme

June 439: Chapter 7 – Death Flags Everywhere

September 439: Chapter 8 – Space Flight Drills

September 439: Chapter 9 – Holding a Handsome Guy in the Jaw

November 439: Chapter 10 – The Birth of a Sparkling Name [Frodi = Viscount]

November 439: Chapter 11 – Catch & Release

November 439: Chapter 12 – Gut Punched by Heroine’s Best Friend

November 439: Chapter 13 – Summoned by the Heroine’s Father [Order of Gliese, 7th class & Wartime Brigadier General]

November 439: Chapter 14 – The Defense Fortress became Wreckage before the War

February 440: Chapter 15 – For Cat Ears

[Hart 17 years old, Third-Year Cadet of the Military Academy, Wartime Brigadier General and Viscount]

April 440: Chapter 16 – Battle of the Loki Star System

April 440: Chapter 17 – Extremely High Level Request (Cat Ear Maid)

September 440: Chapter 18 – Bought an Artificial Floating Island Home [Loki = Order of Eridanus, 6th Class & Brigadier General]

September 440: Chapter 19 – Coalition Forces Destroyed the Home Planet

November 440: Chapter 20 – Earth Invasion [Capital Planet Defense Battle = Order of Capella, 5th Class and Major General]

Volume 2

February 441: Chapter 21 – Solar System Forces

February 441: Chapter 22 – The Educational Video featured a Villainess

March 441: Chapter 23 – Notice of Engagement Offer Annulment

March 441: Chapter 24 – How to Use Power Correctly

March 441: Chapter 25 – The Duty of the Diete Aristocrat

March 441: Chapter 26 – Mr. Black Goat, Writes a Letter

[hart 18 years old, 4th grade, military academy, major general and baron]

April 441: Chapter 27 – Ms. White Goat, Cuts Off the Path of Retreat

June 441: Chapter 28 – Planet of the Dwarves

July 441: Chapter 29 – Hercules Star System Battle

July 441: Chapter 30 – The Crown Prince, Explosion!

August 441: Chapter 31 – Exoneration and Letter of Commendation [Hercules = Order of Procyon, 4th Class & Lieutenant General]

September 441: Chapter 32 – Schemes

October 441: Chapter 33 – Castle in the Sky

November 441: Chapter 34 – The Destination of the Arrows

January 442: Chapter 35 – Battle of the Myrna Star System

February 442: Chapter 36 – The Spirit Fleet

March 442: Chapter 37 – Condemnation

[Hart 19 years old, Fortress Commander, General and Marquis]

June 442: Chapter 38 – Interstellar War [4 Star System Battle = Order of Sirius, 3rd Class and Marquis]

Volume 3

June 442: Chapter 39 – The 6 Families of Tenka

August 442: Chapter 40 – The Salamander Project

September 442: Chapter 41 – Joint Defense Exercise

September 442: Chapter 42 – Hart’s Daily Life

October 442: Chapter 43 – 2 Types of Communications

October 442: Chapter 44 – Second National Mobilization System

February 443: Chapter 45 – MacLir Star System

February 443: Chapter 46 – Mission

February 443: Chapter 47 – Xuě Lì and the Spirits

February 443: Chapter 48 – War of Aggression

March 443: Chapter 49 – Second Battle of the MacLir Star System

March 443: Chapter 50 – Seraphina’s Realm

[Hart 20 years old, Deputy Commander, General and Marquis]

April 443: Chapter 51 – The Battle of the Shinkyō Star System

May 443: Chapter 52 – Battle of the Kyūyama Star System

July 443: Chapter 53 – Nature of the Monarchy of Diete

July 443: Chapter 54 – Invasion of Fukashiro

July 443: Chapter 55 – Scorched Earth Operation

October 443: Chapter 56 – The Second Battle of the Diete Star System [Duke of Son by Political Judgment]

March 444: Chapter 57 – New Queen Yuna [3 Star System Battle = Order of Algol, 2nd class & Colonel General]

[Hart 21 years old, Commander-in-Chief, Colonel General, Duke of Son and Marquis of Amakawa]

Volume 4

January 444: Chapter 58 – Re-Invasion Plan

March 444: Chapter 59 – Star System Defense

March 444: Chapter 60 – The Lords’ Conference

March 444: Chapter 61 – The Two Princes

April 444: Chapter 62 – Mentor

April 444: Chapter 63 – Duke of Son Family

April 444: Chapter 64 – The Queen and The Countess

April 444: Chapter 65 – Transition Gate

May 444: Chapter 66 – The Administrator

June 444: Chapter 67 – To The Next Generation

June 444: Chapter 68 – The Israfel Project

July 444: Chapter 69 – Battle of the Athena Star System [Order of 1st class & Fleet Admiral]

[Hart 22-year-old, Commander-in-Chief, Fleet Admiral, Duke of Son & Marquis of Amakawa]

July 444: Chapter 70 – Three Sòng Houses

August 444: Chapter 71 – Third Battle of the MacLir Star System

September 444: Chapter 72 – Planet Whispa Recapture Operation

September 444: Chapter 73 – Battle of the Fukashiro Star System [Medal of Honor (8)]

October 444: Chapter 74 – Acquisition of Fukashiro

October 444: Chapter 75 – Results of the 7 Month Reign

October 444: Chapter 76 – Daemon

  • Yuna, Queen & Duke Lady, General, Order of 2nd class
  • Philine, Lady of Marquis, General, Order of 1st class (Commander of the Stationed Fleet)
  • Colette, Countess, General, Order of 2nd class (Deputy Commander-in-Chief)
  • Claudia, Lady of Duke, Major General Order of 4th Class (Operating Assistant)
  • Xuě Lì, Duchess of Son, Brigadier General treatment without rank, Order of 6th Class (Athena + Fukashiro)

※ Yuna only has the Official General rank because it is useful for giving instructions to the army.

Philine’s medal is similar to Hart’s Double Star Gliese (8)

In fact, Xuě Lì is also unmarried because Yuna is not yet married to Hart due to the unplanned coronation.

Since it is easier to understand than as his fiancée, they call themselves husband or wife for Tenka.

Main Characters (at the end of volume 4)

Hart Amakawa (or Son), the main character of this work.

Yuna Strani Asteria, the heroine of the Maiden Game?

Philine Carneus, a rival character in the Maiden Game?

Colette Listner, best friend character in the Maiden Game?

Claudia Coesfeld, a proactive support princess during her otherworldly reincarnation?

Xuě Lì Sòng (Correctly Son Shari), Game-loving incommunicable shut-in?

Asteria Royal Family

Roderick, the 10th Sovereign, Sovereign as of Volume 1. ■

Adalicia, the 10th Queen, Queen as of Volume 1. ■

Gracian, the Former Crown Prince as of Volume 1. ■

Segrene Former Crown Princess, expelled after being stripped of royal title.

Leandre, former Royal Grandson, National Traitor, Executed. ■

Astrid, Former Royalty, Leandre’s half-sister. Returned home.

Cecilia, Former Royalty, Leandre’s half-sister. Returned home.

Valfrete, the 11th Sovereign, the father of Yuna. ■

Maina, the Second Queen of the previous Sovereign, the Mother of Yuna. ■

Cassandra, the First Queen of the previous Sovereign, Remain in the Royal Family even after the death of the Sovereign.

Bernard, the First Prince, half-brother of Yuna, Born in 426.

Josslan the Second Prince, half-brother of Yuna, Born in 428.

Mirabell, Royal (highness), half-sister of Yuna. Born in 430.


Dr. Joseph Kerman

Digitalis Takrham, Duke Lady.

Brom Takrham, Duke.

Lysine Takrham, Duke Young Lady, Second prince’s partner?

Beatrice LeGrand, Baron Young Lady, First prince’s partner?

Stefan Langlois, former Duke Heir, Viscount. ■

Maxim Langlois, former Duke, Traitor, Executed. ■

Marquis Bastian Carneus, Philine’s grandfather.

Marquees Brigitte Carneus, Philine’s grandmother.

Theodor Carneus, Philine’s father. ■

Marleanne Carneus, Philine’s mother. ■

Johanna Carneus, Philine’s sister. ■

Dorothea Carneus, Philine’s sister.

Horst Carneus, Philine’s younger brother. ■

Duke Edzel Coesfeld, Claudia’s grandfather. Silver fox?

Marquis Arthur Zäckingen, Retired Lieutenant General, Former Fleet Commander. Tengu?

Marquis Claudio Ornelas, Father of the legal wife of the former Sovereign Valfrete.

Count Dominic Margoire, Nephew of the former Sovereign’s rightful wife. Obedience.

Sūra Sòng (Son Suura). Countess, Blonde gray eyes. Russian.

Count Philman Durkheim, Legitimate Son of the Second Brother of the former Sovereign.

Lín fā Sòng (Son Linfa), Countess, Black hair blue eyes. British.

Count Bert Draghi. Demanding Hart’s genes. ■

Count Matthias Jerome. Demanding Hart’s genes. ■

Leon Sharett, Son of Marquis. Athena aristocracy.

Therese Jerome, Count Young Lady, Leon’s fiancée.

Liú Hào Lynn (Lin Liú Hào), Count Conferment arranged. Ruler of the Kyūyama people.

Alisa Mauriac, former Count Lady. Active in the Battle of the Hercules Star System.

Roland Mauriac, Duke Heir. Royal-grade Magic Power Holder, married to Alisa.

Dwight Stanley, Prime Minister of the Monarchy.

Elliott Burns, Military Service Librarian. (Never appeared, Posted for the time being)

Barrett Dryver, a member of the House of Parliament. (Rolls 2 consecutive 6s in Dice)

James Anderson, former Chief of Military Affairs. ■

Javier Ortiz, Former Chief of Staff. ■

Herald Ramirez, Chief of Staff of the former Sovereign. ■

Bratz Bödeger, Former Deputy Commander of the Crown Prince, General. ■

Bamey Lautenbach, former Commander of the Solar System. ■

Aldos Jhering, Chief of Military Affairs, Colonel General

Grigoa Reinelt, Chief of Staff, Colonel General

Raphael Alchunian, Commander of the 14th fleet during the Loki System Battle. ■

Brian Wincott, Chief of Staff, retreat advisor during the Battle of Loki System. ■

Adalard Liefmann, the second-year leader of the Heavy Battleship Department. ■

Oscar Rendano, Commander of the MacLir System Army. General.

Marcel Bertrand, Hart’s Chief of Staff. (Youngest general except Hart and the Others)

Elias Laurent, Top student at the Military Academy, 1 grade below Hart.

Reynold Garcia, Runner-up at the Military Academy, 1 grade below Hart.

Tibalt Faure, Top student at the Military Academy, 2 grades below Hart.

Brigadier General Alois Khan. Deputy Director of the Fighter Craft Division.

Thane Hiragi, Hart’s brother. Count-grade magic power holder. ■

Arnold Hiragi, Baron. Hart’s paternal grandfather. ■

Pascal Melendez, Baron. Hart’s maternal grandfather. ■

Zion Takamiya, Baron. Yuna’s maternal grandfather. ■

Book Version

Amelia Stanhope, Viscount Young Lady.

Belinda Percy, Baron Young Lady.

Charlotte Astor, Baron Young Lady.

Jack Lauser, Viscount Young Lord.

Florian Girard. Count Young Lord

Former Coalition

Curtis Dexter, Commander-in-Chief of the Coalition of Humanity. Fleet Admiral at the end. ■

Oscar Hawkins, Dexter’s Chief of Staff. General at the end. ■

Brigadier General Marcelino Salinas, Mobile Fortress Operator, Captured by Hart. ■

Major Alexis Hume. Salinas’ Pseudonym. Identified himself as a light cruiser Captain. ■

Lieutenant Colonel Clement Starnik, forced on duty early in the new year. ■

Captain Alan Glucook. Peeking up Linnell’s skirt. ■

Capt. Rainor Boltshiek. Captain of Reconnaissance Ship. ■

Sarah Figgins, President of the MacLir System. Recently, come unbound.

Linnell, an artificial intelligence created by the Coalition.

Tenka Federation

Táng (Tan), Yuen (Euen), Ruling Family of Ten-to (Tiān dū) 1st ranked of Tenka.

Sòng (Son), Hào Lán (Haoru), Ruling Family of Fukashiro (Chén Chéng) 2nd ranked of Tenka. ■

Gāo (Gao), Líng Yīng (Rikyou), Ruling Family of Shinkyō (Xīn Jìn) 3rd ranked of Tenka. ■.

Xǔ (Shu), Yúnlán (Un ran), Ruling Family of Ōizumi (Dàquán) 4th ranked of Tenka.

Cáo (Tsao), Yaai (Sei ran), Ruling Family of Honyō (Běn Yáng) 5th ranked of Tenka. ■

Lin (Rin), Liú Hào (Ryuuho), Ruling Family of Kyūyama (Jiǔ Shān) 6th ranked of Tenka.


Ishidor Azarova, Dwarf Leader

★ Spirits

Mira, Spirit Emperor. The appearance is a girl of about 10 years old or Naiad.

Fleur, Spirit King, Green Hair, Red Eyes, Half elf Ears, Fairy feathers.

Rhea, Spirit King. Elf Ears, Green Breeze Swirling Around.

Seraphina, Spirit King, Blond Hair, Light Purple Eyes, Half-elf Ears, White Wings.

Janet, Spirit Emperor, Blue and White mixed hair, Sky Blue Eyes, Half elf appearance.

The remaining three in Hart possessions = Alfrida, Sylvie and Berenice.

Sharon, Advanced Spirit, contracted with Yuna. Nymph with light green hair.

Eleanor, Advanced Spirit, contracted with Philine. Blonde elf figure.

Angela, Advanced Spirit, contracted with Colette. Half-elf figure with pink hair.

Cynthia, Advanced Spirit, contracted with Claudia. Blue-haired, blue-eyed, white-winged nymph in a white two-piece.

Sofia, Intermediate Spirit C-class. contracted with Claudia. Light purple hair and eyes, with white skin.

Chloe, Intermediate Spirit? C-class? manifested by Mira. Contracted with Xuě Lì.

Monique, Intermediate Spirit C-class. contracted with Colonel General Reinelt.

Millie, Intermediate Spirit D-class. Contracted with Alois, a fighter craft pilot.

Jessica, Intermediate Spirit? C-class? Limited contract with Alois. Introduced by Millie.

Inanna, Spirit God S-class. Purple hair. Possesses a silvery white lyre with dragon decoration.


Zirke, Deamon Emperor, contract with Ishidor, the leader of the Dwarves.

★ Monarchy Territorial Star Systems

Diete (Territorialization), 7.2 Billion, Asteria Royal Family

Artemis, 6.6 Billion, Duke of Takrham.

Athena (Territorialization), 6 Billion, Duke of Strani

Apollo 5.8 Billion, Duke of Coesfeld

Podalley, 5 Billion, Duke of Dauphin.

Machaon 4.6 Billion, Duke of Mauriac

MacLir (Territorialization), 5 Billion, Duke of Taka Amanohara (planned)

Fukashiro (Territorialization), 23.7 Billion, Duke of Son

* The 1.5 billion people of Kyūyama counted in Fukashiro will immigrate to the Artemis System in the future.

・ Royal Pecking Order, the following is the order in which the Duke Families of Diete were founded.

1st Coesfeld, 2nd Takrham, 3rd Dauphin,

4th Mauriac, 5th Strani, 6th Son.

* Langlois was previously ranked 2nd.

The Duke of Taka Amanohara, Yuna herself is Grand Duke and ranked higher than a Duke.

From the next generation after Yuna, they will be a Duke, and ranked 7th.

If the title is the same, they are the same rank.

“It is a household that has been entrusted with and responsible for a star system long before our own.”

With that in mind, it feels like giving up one seat at a court event.

★ Satellites, etc.

Moon Fraga × Exploded

Diameter 900 km

Battle results: 60,000 ships (inside the Realm) Strength Rating: 72,000 (outside the Realm)

※ reference, Fortress Kerviel = Strength Rating 8000 (about 9 times)

Strategic Satellite Sandalphon ○ Operational (MacLir System)

Diameter 430 km

Estimated Strength Rating 36,000 (Half of Fraga)

Strategy Satellite Metatron ○ Operational (Fukashiro System)

Diameter 480 km

Estimated Strength Rating 36,000

Attack Fortress Kerviel ○ Operational (Operated by Hart)

Defense Fortress Galgaliel ○ Operational (Diete System Deployment)

Mobile Fortress Ramiel ○ Operational (Queen Yuna’s Throne Ship)

Mobile Fortress Zophiel ○ Operational (Operated by the Royal Army)

Mobile Fortress Ophaniel ○ Operational (Private Property of the Duke of Mauriac)

Defense Fortress Iblis × Disposed (Partial relocation to Fortress Kerviel)

Mobile Fortress Sariel × Exploded (Valfrete Onboard)

Mobile Fortress Raguel × Exploded (Former Crown Prince Gracian Onboard)

Mobile Fortress Camael × Exploded (Military Operation in the Hercules System Battle)

Mobile Fortress Haniel × Exploded (Newly built → operated by the 10th Sovereign)

Bonus (Meaning of Names)

Sandalphon: A giant whose head can reach the heavens if it stands up, a twin to Metatron

Metatron: Also a giant. Has greater magical power than the four archangels. Twin.

Kerviel: Means Flame: “having four faces,” and therefore four magical engines.

Galgaliel: Means to govern stellar motion = to protect the Diete

Ramiel: Means to Guide human souls to the heavenly realm = Yuna guides the people of the Monarchy

Zophiel: Means Secret Agent = Surveillance Officer

Ophaniel: Means to control the movement of the moon = Satellite (auxiliary).

Iblis: Exiled from Heaven = Dismantled.

Sariel: Means Chair of the Judge = Valfrete’s action

Raguel: Recognized as the Fallen Angel = the end of the Crown Prince who boarded the ship.

Camael: Means Strength (War) = Operated by the military

Haniel: Also means Netzach (Victory) = the glory of God

・ is there any meaning or not in the name of a person or a spirit?

Mira = dear, cute (10-year-old Ver, Origin = Slavic word)

= Mysterious star (Naiad Ver, Origin = Latin word)

Fleur = Flower (Fleur France)

Rhea = Carrying good tidings (Lea Germany)

Seraphina = Angel praising God, Strong intuition, Cheerful (Serafina Italy)

Janet = God is benevolent (Janet UK)

Alfreda = Wise Counsel (Alfreda Germany)

Sylvie = Of the forest (Slyvie France)

Berenice = Guide to Victory (Berenice France)

Sharon = Forest (Hebrew)

= Special place (overgrown vegetation in desert-rich regions) Israel

Eleanor = Light, Mercy

Angela = Messenger of God

Cynthia = English reading of another name of the Moon Goddess Artemis (Hunter)

Sofia = Wisdom, Intelligence, Knowledge, Wit. (Excellent support personnel)

Chloe = Young Green Sprout (served by Mira)

Zirke = That which blocks light (Silke Germany)

Bonus Extra

Digitalis = Digitalis genus of Plantain family (scientific name: Digitalis)

Whole Plants is Poisonous. Handle with care.

★Changes in Power Structure from the start to the end of Volume 4



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