Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 60

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Chapter 60 – The Lords’ Conference

The Lords’ Conference was held by the Queen, inviting all senior aristocrats to attend.

They were informed in advance that the content of the meeting is to explain the specific procedures for winning the war.

Most senior aristocrats attended, as interstellar communication was permitted for participation and attendance was considered acceptable for successors in addition to household heads.

The only ones who couldn’t attend were the senior aristocrats, whose head and successor were both killed in the Second Diete Battle, and whose successor has not yet been determined.

The death toll among the aristocracy in the previous battle was extensive. As a result, there were many aristocrats whose households have fallen or been demoted due to the loss of succession qualifications and lack of magic power.

In particular, the aristocracy of the royal capital was severely affected, and most of the aristocratic children who attended the Academy of Magic and the aristocrats who resided in the royal capital were killed in battle. There are several Count households that have disappeared as a result.

Hart, Yuna, and Colette had lost their parents and grandparents, and Hart and Colette also lost their brother. In the case of Philine, her parents, sister, and younger brother who were in the royal capital were killed in the battle.

These effects were so enormous, that Yuna was forced to succeed to the throne, and Colette was automatically made the heir to the Viscount of Listner. Philine has no choice but to inherit the Marquis family, which her father was supposed to inherit, one generation earlier.

Hart’s paternal household, the Baron of Hiragi, had barely survived by one of Hart’s cousins in the main family, otherwise Hart would have been forced to serve as the Baron of Hiragi, in addition to the Marquis of Amakawa and the Duke of Son.

Thus, the aristocratic society is in a dire state, and it is expected that it will take a considerable amount of time to recover.

How do you generate the time required to rebuild it? Each aristocrat had the utmost interest in the Queen’s policy.

At the beginning of the conference, Yuna explained why Prince Bernard and Prince Josslan were also present.

One of the two will be the next Sovereign, and the other will be the next Duke of Strani. Each household is allowed to have a successor, and the two are treated in the same manner. Since the next Sovereign is undecided, both names are eligible to speak as the next Duke of Strani.

Yuna, who gave such an explanation, told both princes.

“Both of you should listen without making any statements for now. This time, after explaining the specific procedure for the Monarchy to win, there will be a notice to get the lords to cooperate. Watch your sister’s methods and use it as a reference when you succeed to the throne or the Dukedom.”

Yuna decided to raise both princes, and have them begin gaining experience that would allow them to become the next Sovereign.

Bernard is a third-year student at the high school of Academy of Magic, but as the Acting Duke of Strani, he was entrusted with the governing of the Duke’s territory, which included the Capital planet. After graduating, the policy is to have him take full control of the Duke’s territory and become a candidate for the Sovereign who can participate in politics.

In April, Josslan will be a first year cadet of the Military Academy at his own request. He will naturally become a candidate for the throne who is well versed in military affairs like the former Sovereign Valfrete and Queen Yuna. Yuna also plans to provide an opportunity for Josslan.

Yuna, who did not want to be Queen, had no intention of obstructing the path to the Throne for the two princes, even if Hart was uneasy about them. While respecting their career paths, both of them will be given the opportunity to become Sovereign, and she took a position to support them as their Sister.

Hart intended to respect Yuna’s will.

Although he is worried about Prince Josslan, who is backed by the Duke of Takrham, an investigation conducted by Valfrete has revealed that Lysine, the young Lady of the Duke of Takrham, who is in love with Josslan, has a decent personality.

The problem is clearly the villainous Duke Takrham.

Lysine’s magic power value was anchored at 36,451 last year, well above the estimated value.

Hart is convinced that this was done using the device owned by the Duke of Takrham. If you wear spirit crystals, you can prevent absorption because the spirit will protect you, but the former Coalition people are not allowed the use of spirit crystals, so if the Duke of Takrham wanted to collect it from them, they could have done so.

Unless the former Coalition people are allowed to use spirit crystals, the Duke of Takrham can continue to raise their descendants to high magic power holders.

The Duke of Takrham’s goal is to gain 1,000 years of prosperity for his household, and it seems that the purpose can be achieved if Josslan becomes the next Sovereign with Lysine as his wife. However, Yuna’s presence could be a cause for concern to the Duke.

A living and abdicated Sovereign usually becomes an Emeritus and maintains their royal family status, so should Yuna abdicate the throne and claim her Grand Duke title, she would not fall into vassal status. Yuna’s children, who have royal status, will also be royalty according to their parents’ status, so the next generation after Josslan could compete for the succession to the throne with Yuna’s children.

As Grand Duke, Yuna plans to take the name Taka Amanohara(High Plain of Heaven).

The name originates from Takamagahara, where the god Amatsu lived in Japanese mythology, and is composed of “taka(high)” from her mother’s parents’ family name, Takamiya, “ama(heaven)” from Hart’s family name, Amakawa, enter, and “hara(field)“, the plain of the province in the sky called the galaxy.

Her name will be Yuna Amakawa Taka Amanohara Asteria, and she will be referred to as “Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess of Taka Amanohara” and “Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess”.

It is inevitable that Yuna will be conferred a Grand Duke and that her child will be royalty, so the Duke of Takrham must be vigilant.

Still, Hart, who has placed much higher priority on Yuna’s psyche, had to decide that if Josslan grew to the point where he could assume the Sovereign, there would be no choice even if the Duke of Takrham was backing him.

Not only the Duke of Takrham, but also the Duke of Langlois were problematic.

Hart is also the Duke of Son who possesses spirit crystals, his prospective second wife is the granddaughter of the Duke of Coesfeld and founder of the String Society, and he will be with Yuna, who will become the Grand Duke, so he can at least suppress Takrham, one of the Duke families.

For now, both princes are serious about becoming Sovereign. Hart hoped that they would grow up to be decent people.

“Then we’ll start the meeting, Commander-in-Chief Amakawa… his title as the Duke of Son takes precedence, but I call him Amakawa. I do not mean to disparage the Duke of Son, I’m on good terms with Miss Xuě Lì, but I intend to also serve as the Marquess of Amakawa after my abdication.”

“As your future spouse, I am especially grateful for your patronage of the Amakawa family.”

Yuna improvised in front of the lords and ladies to show her intentions after her abdication, and Hart, who had foreseen that she would do as much, also improvised a reply.

Perhaps because Yuna had told Bernard and Josslan not to speak beforehand, the lords who were observing Yuna did not reply with any joking remarks.

Having regained her composure, Yuna returned to the matter at hand.

“We’ve gotten off track. Commander-in-Chief, please explain the specific steps we will take to win the war. I allow the disclosure of any military secrets necessary to achieve our goals. And your lordships and successors are strictly prohibited from leaking said military secrets. In such cases, they will face severe punishment.”

After bowing to Yuna, the Queen, Hart began explaining his military’s plans as Commander-in-Chief.

“A week ago, we launched the so-called ‘Dr. Kerman’s souvenir’ in the Diete system. The effect is similar to that of the MacLir System.”

In the first move, a fusion round-class bombshell remark was thrown into the air.

The bombshell remark grandly exploded into a shockwave, trampling the Lords and knocking their successors down on their behinds.

In the MacLir System, Dr. Kerman’s souvenir was widely known to raise a ship’s strength rating by a factor of five, interfere with enemy communications, warp intrusion and withdrawal within a light-day range from the system, and enable unmanned operation of magic engines to defeat the enemy.

The Monarchy dealt a crushing blow to its bitter enemy, the Coalition of Humanity, using Dr. Kerman’s souvenir. It was only two years ago, and no senior aristocrat could have forgotten it.

After the shock had worn off, the Lords were left with many questions. How many souvenirs were left by the doctor? And why hadn’t they been used before?

Yuna, with very little change, indifferently mentioned that they could not implement it before the second Diete Star System Battle.

“I, who lost my parents and grandparents at the same time in the battle, made the Commander-in-Chief explain the reasons. There are some people, like the former Sovereign’s grandson and the former Duke who became national traitors, who would leak military secrets even if they had high status. Therefore, I will not disclose the details of the ‘doctor’s souvenir’ in accordance with His Majesty the Sovereign’s example.”

As with the souvenirs, the senior aristocrats deeply remember how the former Sovereign’s grandson and the former Duke of Langlois leaked classified information to the Human Coalition in order to kill Yuna’s father, Valfrete.

After sealing the question, Yuna reminded the Lords.

“As the Queen, I will do what I need to do for the Commander-in-Chief, whose interests are completely aligned with mine, the future Marquess of Amakawa, to ensure victory for our Monarchy. Commander-in-Chief, please continue.”

Prompted by Yuna, Hart resumed the explanation.

It was about the true value of the Doctor’s Souvenir.

“Certainly. It is possible to create a transition gate between Star Systems that have the doctor’s souvenir. The Diete and MacLir Systems are 550 light-years apart, but as a result of the secret experiments, our fighter crafts were able to travel back and forth between the two systems in a matter of minutes.”

How many of the Lords inwardly requested a halt to the proceedings and said “wait”?

Some may have been stunned and doubted their ears, or thought that Hart and Yuna had lost their minds.

The Lords did not call for a stop because they knew that spirit crystals had the ability to assist in warping, and that the MacLir System’s so-called “Doctor’s Souvenir” also had the effect of causing extraordinary phenomena.

They understood that the transition gate was the “disclosure of state secrets necessary to achieve the goal” that the Queen ordered the Commander-in-Chief.

“The next souvenir will be deployed in the Athena System to share forces with the Diete System. And the transition gate can be maintained in conjunction with an orbiting celestial body in a space 300 million kilometers from the inhabited planet, so it can be used as a refuge in case of enemy invasion.”

Hart added that immediately after the meeting, the magic element engine operator would travel to the Athena System in a three-man high-speed cruiser to trigger a souvenir.

Any of the Lords would have stopped speaking and asked for a detailed explanation of the transition gate if it had been explained by a subordinate in the territory, or if it had not been prefaced as a military secret.

Hart, who disclosed some of the important military secrets, continues to explain, ignoring the interests of senior aristocrats.

“After sharing the forces of both systems and having prepared necessary strength to suppress the system, we rush into the MacLir System via the transition gate and destroy the enemy. After that, we will advance to Fukashiro at high speed and activate a fourth souvenir to destroy the enemy there as well. By the end of this year, we will overtake the five Tenka Nations in terms of population and number of systems held.”

It would be difficult to control the inhabited planets, but once even the transition gates are connected, it is possible to send in as many military satellites and combat units as you want to control the planets.

Although Hart omitted it from his explanation, the Deite system is currently mass-producing military satellites and android soldiers for planetary control. If they destroy the enemies in outer space, destroy the enemies on the ground from the satellite orbit, and then send heavily armed military android soldiers to the ground, they will be able to complete the suppression.

It is not a planet formally inhabited by the Royal citizens, and although the Monarchy ignores hostages to conquer the enemy, it can carry out even more radical suppression operations.

In addition, in order to utilize two large celestial bodies from the outer edge of the Diete System as strategic satellites similar to the moon Fraga, they are also working on installing them with magic element engines.

In the MacLir System, the moon Fraga fought single-handedly and destroyed 15,000 enemy ships, comparable to 23 of the Monarchy’s fleets, in exchange for 10% of the moon’s mass. After that, while unsure, it is possible that it could have achieved more results.

The strategic satellites will be built and put into the orbits of inhabited planets in the MacLir and Fukashiro systems for post-system domination.

The 430-kilometer-diameter strategic satellite Sandalphon will be deployed in the MacLir System.

The 480-kilometer-diameter strategic satellite Metatron is deployed in the Fukashiro System.

By orbiting the new giant strategic satellites on both planets, like the moon visible from Earth, the former Coalition and Fukashiro people will know who their ruler is.

Should the Monarchy ever be seriously offended, a huge celestial object more than 400 kilometers in diameter can be plunged into their planet. This should dissuade any who might be tempted to start an uprising en masse.

When Hart had finished explaining the operation, Yuna supplemented it before the Lords could speak.

There is a limit on the number of souvenirs, so they cannot be placed in every star system.

The star systems to be used were decided in advance in consultation with Hart.

They don’t want to give the enemy forces time to incorporate Fukashiro.

“I shall now issue a royal decree. Each system is to promptly gather 100 million fighter craft pilots. I have no intention of continuing this war for another 479 years, as we did with the former Coalition.”

Yuna, with a scant expression, turned her eyes to the princes.

“I order both Princes to serve aboard Fortress Kerviel. You may both get engaged to women of your choice, and as candidates for the Crown Princess or Duchess, they are to serve together with you to build up military experience. Earn Medals of Honor and be ready to succeed to the throne or the Duke immediately.”

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