Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 71

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Chapter 71 – Third Battle of the MacLir Star System

In November of the previous year, the Tenka Federation had conquered the MacLir System.

Many celestial bodies were plunged into the moon Fraga, the last stronghold in the MacLir System, and Fraga was crushed in exchange for the sacrifice of 60,000 ships.

During the celestial rush, Fraga left satellite orbit automatically to avoid damaging the planet Whispa. As a result, the celestial bodies that were launched in the operation and the fragments of the destroyed Fraga were kept from falling on the planet.

Because the mysterious output abnormality phenomenon disappeared at the time Fraga was destroyed, Tenka issued a hypothesis based on their desire that the source of the abnormal output phenomenon of the Magic Element Engines might have been Fraga.

The 60,000 Tenka ships it took to destroy Fraga are equivalent to 93 of the Monarchy’s fleets.

Still, the upper echelons of the five Tenka Nations accepted the painful damage, falsely believing that they had “killed the magical individuals of the Monarchy worth the damage and taken the inhabited star system”.

After conquering the star system, Tenka immigrated tens of millions of military personnel and their family members to the system.

The purpose of Tenka is to mass-produce military grade weapons in large quantities using the natural resources of the third planet, Tula, for mass deployment in war against the Monarchy and, in the future, the Republic of Frodi.

A defense fleet of 20,000 ships, equivalent to 31 Monarchy fleets, is deployed in the MacLir System. It was a force that could defend itself as long as Fortress Kerviel did not attack, and the defense fleet gathered technology in the former Coalition territory, utilized resources, and sent weapons to the front while protecting tens of millions of Tenkans.

Hart, who learned about Tenka’s actions directly from Seraphina through a miniscule transition gate, was disappointed that there were so few enemies.

“If they had deployed about 500,000 ships, we would have redone the overrun play of the Athena System.”

In this battle, the Royal Army mobilized more forces than in the Athena Star System Battle.

Strategic Satellite Sandalphon, 1 unit.

Although it is about half the size of the moon Fraga, it has far more magic element engines and weapons than the Fraga because it was built in the Diete system, and the strength rating is equivalent to an enemy fleet of 30,000 ships, even if estimated modestly. This alone outweighs the enemy’s defense capabilities.

Regular army, 10 fleets.

Due to the effect of the star system, their range is longer than the enemy’s and their shields are stronger, so they can unilaterally attack from outside the enemy’s range. With the fleet alone, the force evaluation against the enemy is 100:62.

Large Fighter Craft Israfel, 4 million crafts.

The pilots, who will be deployed for the first time, were selected in order of skill. With more than twice the fighting power and combined with the star system effect, it has a strength rating of 4, which is comparable to the Tenka Cruiser’s 6. The force of 4 million crafts is equivalent to 2.66 million enemy ships in the realm of the Spirit King.

Aristocratic Forces, equivalent to 15 fleets.

The aristocrats decided that due to the great victory in the Athena system, the invasion force of Tenka no longer exceeded the defense force of each system. And when they heard about the planned invasion at the Lords’ Conference, they voluntarily gathered to participate in the star system recapture battle as aristocrats.

Fortress Kerviel and Ramiel, the Royal flagship operated by Yuna, will also be deployed.

After the battle, Hart will leave the time-consuming ground domination to other officers and head to the Fukashiro System to create a new transition gate. In Hart’s absence, only the Queen could oversee such an overly huge army, so she divided the ships.

The two princes and their fiancées have not been placed on Fortress Kerviel because they have earned Medals of Honor.

Josslan and Lysine, who wished to join the army, were entrusted with two mobile fortresses. The act of the Prince and Queen Candidate going to the battlefield in a mobile fortress at the behest of the Queen is of great significance to the Monarchy of Diete.

To Bernard and Beatrice, Yuna gave a task that was no less important than Josslan and the others. She recruited all the students of the Academy of Magic under the command of Bernard and gave them the task of passing parts of the connected spaceport through the transfer gate.

Moreover, the presence of the war correspondents is admitted in this battle. Many reporters were also on board the battleships of each fleet.

“Why did you include reporters? Once you do, they’ll want to be war correspondents in subsequent battles.”

Regarding the newly added war correspondent, Philine, who is the highest ranking Operating Assistant of Fortress Kerviel, took the initiative to ask Hart.

It was a question from Philine, so Hart honestly explained his intentions.

“If we broadcast the operation to conquer the two new star systems in the media, the Royal citizens will recognize them as Monarchy territories. It is important to have the support of the Royal citizens.”

MacLir and Fukashiro are the closest from the five Tenka nations and the Hercules System.

In the future, when attacking an enemy system except the Solar System, they will pass through either system. Therefore, both systems will also serve as a bulwark against the various star systems of the Monarchy.

If they are aware of this, the Royal citizens will be convinced of the defense of both systems and will actively cooperate.

“And when the Monarchy develops both systems, it will be easier if we obtain the understanding of the Royal citizens beforehand. This will be convenient for future lords.”

“Until I was a cadet, I used to have more of an opening, like when I was hooked up by Claudia.”

Three years ago, Hart declined, saying “I live on an evacuation ship”. Hart had a sour expression when he thought of a castle in the sky having been built with Claudia’s money.

“I’ve never been defeated by Philine, though.”

“Shall I put on cat ears?”

Fantasizing about Philine with cat ears, Hart began to expand his imagination to clothing that suited the cat ears, losing the thought resources to use for rebuttals.

Why do cat ears and a maid outfit go so well… and so on, various theories on the topic had been pondered since 1700 years ago.

“When you wear cat ears, it may be good to end each sentence with ‘nya’.”

“Erm……… nyan

As the Commander-in-Chief and Fleet Commander headed towards the day after tomorrow, only Fortress Kerviel, where the legitimate military personnel set their course, headed for the deep blue, swirling transition gate that glowed blue in the Diete system.

In the last Athena Battle, 7.43 million Salamander pilots were killed in action.

In order to reduce the war casualties as much as possible, this time Hart has deployed a trump card, the strategic satellite Sandalphon.

The unmanned satellite, Sandalphon, plunged into the transition gate at a high speed of 200 million kilometers per hour and quietly disappeared without rippling the magic elements.

Following that, Hart’s Fortress Kerviel also touches the transition gate and is swallowed into the higher dimensional space.

At the moment of passage, there was a delay as if time had stopped only around Hart, and Janet, the one who made the Diete system a realm, appeared.

『What’s the password?』

『From Purple Lisianthus to White Lily.』

Transition gates through the spirit world can optionally allow the selection of multiple exits from a single entrance, or open to multiple gates beforehand.

Hart saw Janet disappear and the MacLir System appeared in order, as he thought about opening two gates connecting Diete and Athena at the same time to intimidate the former Coalition people after conquering the MacLir System.

In front of Fortress Kerviel, Sandalphon charged at high speed towards the planet Whispa.

From the rear, 10 regular army fleets, 15 fleet-equivalent aristocratic fleets, and 4 million Israfel crafts spout out one after another, like bubbles blowing out from the swirling transition gate.

Suddenly appearing inside the MacLir System, the large fleet began to charge at the planet Whispa, as each vessel activated its magic engine at the maximum, stretching out millions of sparkling trails across the sector.

On the other hand, the enemy fleet 20,000 ships were stationed in the satellite orbit of the planet, with each fleet floating in a simple spaceport. The distance to the enemy is 300 million kilometers, and the magical power of Hart and Claudia has already caught the enemy within range.

『Seraphina, that satellite is a gift. If it breaks, I will make it as many times as I want, so use it as you like.』

When Hart sent his thoughts to Seraphina, who was connected by magic, she began to direct a large number of laser cannons at the enemy fleet, making the large number of magic element engines attached to the 430-kilometer Sandalphon glow white one after another.

Hart then issued an order to the fortress.

“This fortress will move to the zenith of the galactic reference plane so that the line of fire does not overlap with the friendly forces. Aim at enemy spaceports where the magic engine’s reaction is gathering, and crush all the idiots who are slow to start. Philine is on defense and propulsion, and Claudia and Xuě Lì are on offense.”

After Hart declared that he would move above the galactic reference plane, Seraphina’s Sandalphon began to move below it.

From behind the two giant man-made objects that split up and down, the large fleet that followed clung to them as if they were fighting for the lead.

The Monarchy fleets, whose formation was hardly disrupted due to the guidance of the spirits, rushed forward in an orderly manner, building a wall of light.

In the surrounding sector, a number of Fortress Ships, each with hundreds of vessels in tow, are advancing to increase the size and thickness of the walls of light created by the regular army.

Reinforcing the wall of light are the 4 million Israfels, large fighter crafts with a huge body comparable to that of an auxiliary ship. The huge wall of light began to flow towards the planet as a turbid stream.

In front of a large number of reporters, it might be more politically effective to give the aristocratic fleet and the new large fighter crafts an opportunity to play an active role, but it is against Hart’s style to increase unnecessary sacrifices for that purpose.

In the Frodi system, Hart has combat experience as the Captain of a destroyer.

Knowing the personnel required to operate just one destroyer, the time and effort to train them, the construction, maintenance, and operating costs, and with the common sense of a former second son of a Baron Household, Hart had no intention to lose them in vain.

“To Fortress Kerviel, drop as many enemies as possible to reduce damage to our allies. Once Sandalphon deviates from the line of sight of Fortress Kerviel, commence attack immediately.”

Just a few tens of seconds later, Claudia fired at a timing which might have been too early.

A huge pillar of light stretched out, and before the result could be seen, three huge pillars of light also extended forward, shining through the sector, from the three cannon ports where Hart’s magic was divided into three.

The four cannon ports did not wait for the hit, but changed their targets one after another, shining light on the spaceports of the Tenka Invasion Force in the satellite orbit around the planet Whispa.

As soon as the enemy entered range with even Xuě Lì’s magic power, a fifth light was added, and Hart’s magic divisions increased to 4 or 5 as they headed towards the enemy.

At the same time, Sandalphon and Fortress Kerviel launched a huge missile swarm that adjusted the input line of fire and auto-tracking settings to avoid hitting the planet Whispa.

On the other hand, the Tenka side launched their fleet from the spaceports one after another and began a missile attack as they pointed their cannons at Sandalphon and Fortress Kerviel.

The transition gate was not used at the Athena System, so this is the first time that Tenka has witnessed it. Nevertheless, it was presumed that it was an abnormal situation when the transition gate opened in the star system, and that some of the fleets sensed danger and were preparing to launch.

The moment Hart’s light pillar reached the Tenka spaceport and Chief of Staff Bertrand issued a landing report, the entire MacLir System was filled with white light.

The spaceports, which were in satellite orbit around the planet, continue to explode one after another. The Tenka fleet, emerging from the light of these explosions, began a counterattack by artillery and started to illuminate the sector with light.

“Battle with the enemy fleet has begun…”

The moment Bertrand reported, something like a thin mist broke out in the MacLir System, drowning out the light of the MacLir star.

The entire MacLir System was covered with a faint light like before a dim dawn. On the outside of the star system, the scenery was distorted as if looking into the lake.

“What the hell is that?”

In the midst of a mysterious world that is impossible from human common sense, one large planet emerged as if looking down on the diminutive human race.

It was right after the planet appeared that the magic engines on the Tenka side rapidly reduced its ability to convert magic elements.

At the confused Bertrand, Hart issued an order.

“Don’t panic. This is the realm of the spirit who has contracted with me. All phenomena are under the control of my spirit. Carry on fighting.”

“…… Sir, [All forces, continue fighting as is. All phenomena are under the control of His Excellency the Fleet Commander.]”

The fleets of both armies were already closing in on each other.

The war correspondents witnessed a chain of fusion-induced explosions that burst like fireworks in front of them.

In outer space above and below the flash, the strategic satellite Sandalphon and the Attack Fortress Kerviel were engaged in a fierce firefight with the enemy’s large fleet.

The Tenka Fleet was barraging fusion missiles toward the transition gate, as they hurled a barrage of light at the two giant man-made objects attacking from above and below.

“Your Excellency, the enemy is deploying back towards the planet Whispa. Our army’s attack power is too high, breaking through the enemy and causing damage to the planet.”

“Order all ships to avoid putting the planet in the line of fire. To large fighter craft Israfels, order to engage the enemy fleet in melee combat(dogfight). Warships are to serve as the Israfels’ shield and send the Israfels into the bosom of the enemy.”

The missiles are equipped with artificial intelligence, which changes the course toward the enemy.

However, the energy from the explosions is blowing through the sector, and the missiles are swept away, unable to fly precisely.

Wary of accidental fire on the planet, Hart chose safety and began to aim at enemies without the planet in the line of sight, keeping a distance between Fortress Kerviel and the enemy vanguard fleet.

Seraphina’s Sandalphon also synchronizes with Hart, and the subsequent large fleet approached the enemy while the two man-made objects pressured the enemy fleet from above and below.

With fusion round countermeasures in place, the Israfels jumped out from the rear of the regular fleet, which served as a shield, and ran through the storm of fusion rounds, avalanching into the dense enemy fleet.

“All Israfel crafts have entered melee with the enemy fleet.”

At the moment Bertrand reported, part of Israfel had already dived into the explosion of fusion missiles.

While intense flashes make optical observation impossible, it is the Multidimensional Magic Conversion Observation Waves that are used to observe enemy position information and attack. Furthermore, in conjunction with the information integration system, the position of all objects in the sector that the crafts cannot observe is determined and avoided.

Just after the Israfel crafts made a sudden turn in the light, the huge black body of the half-destroyed Tenka cruiser was thrown back and forth right next to the crafts.

From the surroundings, spears of light were thrown at the black hull, tearing it apart from all directions and creating a new flash.

In the midst of the explosions, the hordes of Israfel began melee engagement, a change from the Salamanders’ battle where they had devoured the enemy in large numbers, and began to cite the results in a new way of fighting with one or several crafts to destroy enemy ships.

Lieutenant Colonel Alois Khan, one of the pilots of such a fighter craft, who had always been promoted by winning the Medal of Honor in previous battles, defeated four enemy ships in a blink of an eye with the Israfel, which had a much higher performance than Salamander.

“4th enemy cruiser destroyed single-handedly. The 0285-073 battalion under your command has also reached 100 ships. Lieutenant Colonel Alois has defeated six times his strength rating. The entire battalion has destroyed 1.5 times as many enemy ships.”

Receiving the battle report from an Android passenger, Alois realized that he had risen to the limit of his rank as a fighter craft pilot, as the android did not state any promotion expectations.

With a volume eight times that of the Salamander and a magic engine as strong as that of an auxiliary ship, the Israfel had one Lieutenant as a pilot, a Captain as platoon leader of five crafts, a Major as company leader of 25 crafts, and a Lieutenant Colonel as battalion leader of 100 crafts.

The Israfel is currently not designed to be mounted on a carrier craft, but even if it can be redesigned and 100 crafts can be mounted, the pilot of the fighter craft that should follow the carrier craft captain cannot surpass the rank of said carrier craft captain.

In the first place, Alois is a Lieutenant Colonel, but he has not even received a military education. In peacetime, such a promotion would not have been possible.

Alois realizes that it is not due to the ability of Alois, the battalion leader who has not learned how to command, that the battalion has cited such battle results without causing damage as a group, but due to his contracted spirit Millie.

(My spirit is… funny…)

According to what Alois heard from other Israfel pilots, the spirits possessed for a limited time of 20 years seem to have a uniform figure, mostly wearing purple dresses with light blue hair.

On the other hand, the spirit that Alois received and which Millie suggested and entrusted him with, had brown-hair in a twin-tail, and was small, fair-skinned, cheerful spirit, which was clearly not a mass-produced unit.

『You may call me Jessica. Oh, as this is a limited contract, I didn’t have to tell you. Basically, Millie is in charge, and Jessica will only assist.』

In this battle, Jessica has helped Alois and the battalion as declared.

『It is better to advance several battalions under the sector without rushing in from the center and fight with the support of Sandalphon. If you want to ride the flow of magic elements in this world, you should leave the maneuvering of the fighter crafts to the spirits.』

The result of following the smiling Jessica was the current situation of the Alois battalion.

A huge number of ships from both armies rush through the sector in all directions, intermingling millions of artillery and missiles in the explosions.

As the energy winds of the explosions raged, the ships of both armies changed positions at every moment, making it impossible for even machines and androids to predict the position of the enemy or allies and their attacks.

In such a fierce battle zone, Sandalphon fired a supportive bombardment as if to protect Alois, and as a result, Alois and others were able to sew in-between enemy fleets.

Alois’ Israfel is taking a seemingly unreasonable orbit due to the magic engine that Jessica operates, yet destroying as many as four Tenka ships unscathed. The battalion also achieved great results.

『Yes, well done. But please tell your subordinates to be careful not to be over reliant on the power of the spirits. As a matter of fact, Jessica was doing a lot of things. If other people tried the same thing alone, they’ll die instead.』

Jessica is obviously weird. Compared to other spirits of the same rank, she may be one step higher in power. Although suspicious, Alois managed to survive a fiercely beleaguered battle where missiles and ships were exploding.

『Millie, how’s the overall status of the battle?』

『Due to the magic element reaction on the enemy, less than 100 ships remain. Even if we go elsewhere now, we won’t make it in time. We beat a lot, so I think it’s fine.』

『That’s true. What’s the damage on our side?』

『Not much at all, I think we lost 3,000 crafts.』

『………… we dropped as many as 20,000 enemy ships, with only about five cruisers worth of casualty?』

Alois couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

The force evaluation between the 4 million Israfel crafts and 20,000 Tenka ships is more than 100:1. As a result of beating one person with 100 people, the Tenka fleet was swallowed up by the muddy stream of the Royal Army and disappeared in an instant.

The battle for the scant prey pressured by being sandwiched up and down by the Strategic Satellite Sandalphon and Fortress Kerviel was fierce, and the troops that were delayed could not even engage.

It merely showed the former Coalition and Tenka peoples in the MacLir System the spectacle of 25 fleets and 4 million auxiliary ship-class large fighter crafts swallowing their enemies with a flood of light.

Wondering if it was okay for things to be this easy, Alois accepted the end of the sector battle when he saw a screen showing the rear sector.

“Her Majesty’s main force has arrived.”

The sector battles carried out by the Alois and his comrades were nothing more than a scuffle.

From behind the sector where the enemy ships were wiped out, the Queen’s Throne Ship Ramiel, which shines white, and the planetary suppression unit that followed the Queen were approaching.

With a group of 500,000 military satellites comparable to the large Israfel.

Millions of combat drones and millions of unmanned aerial fighters. An army of heavily armed androids numbering in the hundreds of millions, and a group of assault landing craft used by androids to land on planets. 20 million humanoid suppression machines with a total length of 40 meters equipped with magic engines.

And, 30 million Salamander crafts carrying medium-sized containers with them push through outer space at high speed.

Furthermore, from the transition gate, the connected fleet spaceport and the dedicated spaceport of the large fighter craft Israfel, operated by the students of the Magic Academy under the command of Prince Bernard, overflowed from the transition gate at a furious pace, like a flood that swept away the system.


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