Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – The Heroine of the Maiden Game has Escaped

Year 438 of Diete History.

After changing careers six months ago, Hart successfully enrolled at the Military Academy.

The Military Academy is a four-year system with a recruitment capacity of 40,000 students. Most students enroll after graduating from high school.

However, about 5-10% of the students belonging to the Commandant’s Department are exceptions.

The Royal Army has allowed middle school graduates to skip the three-year course in order to secure a large number of individuals whose magical power is anchored at a reference value of 4 or higher.

The Heavy Battleship department with a reference value of 7 has a recruitment capacity of 300 people. In the future, they will be captains of battleships or cruisers.

The Carrier Ship department with a reference value of 6 has a recruitment capacity of 300 people. In the future, they will be captains of regular or light aircraft carriers.

The Battlecruiser department with a reference value of 5 has a recruitment capacity of 2,400 people. In the future, they will be captains of destroyers or gunships.

The Auxiliary Ship department with a reference value of 4 has a recruitment capacity of 1,000 people. In the future, they will be captains of escort ships, reconnaissance ships, transport ships, craft ships, etc.

Among these, the departments with a reference value criterion of 5 or higher can also serve as field officer’s education.

In the first place, without magical power, the ship’s magical engine, which uses the inexhaustible dark energy in the universe, that is magical element, cannot be operated

Hyper-navigational warps, which are the one and only means of interstellar travel, the Mass Wave Agglomeration(Energy Laser) bombardment, the Protective Membrane(Shield) that protects ships from cosmic radiation and dust and the Multidimensional Magic Convers(Radar) cannot be generated without magic.

The current Monarchy of Diete has expanded its territory to six star systems.

At present, magic power cannot be artificially generated, and it is not possible to synchronize the magic power of multiple people with the magic element engine, so there was a public-private sector conflict for individuals with high magic power values.

Then, the Diete Monarchy’s Army is buying up young prospects.

The advantage of the Military Academy is that from the time they were students, they were treated as cadets, so there was no tuition or living expenses, and they received a monthly allowance of 100,000 + magic power x 200.

With 800 magical powers, a sum of 260,000 Rhodes will be provided for 100,000 + 160,000 per month, so there are quite a few children who come in for that.

Thanks to that, the applicant-to-acceptance ratio of the Military Academy, even for the Commandant Department, is not low at all.

However, when Hart, who had about 90,000 magic power value, volunteered, the Royal Army’s examiners were in a frenzy.

If Hart joins the army, the Royal Army will be able to move the First-class Fortified ships or even the Mobile Fortress itself between the stars.

Thanks to that, “Try to do a few push-ups” and “Take off your clothes and show how healthy you are” that are common in the military did not occur at all, or rather he received a free pass.

It should be noted that, very rarely at the Military Academy do four classmates from middle school meet each other.

“How come Takamiya and Listner are in the Heavy Battleship department of the Military Academy?”

Hart cast a question mark on Yuna Takamiya, the heroine of the maiden game ‘The Galactic Prince’, and her best friend Colette Listner.

The heroine was to enter the highschool of the Academy of Magic, where she would interact with various other parties such as His Royal Highness the Sovereigns Grandson, the sons of the Prime Minister and the Secretary of Magic, the son of the distinguished Proprietor of a Huge Business Conglomerate, the great magic power value holder who emerged from a marquis family, and the Academy teachers and so on…. that was the schedule.

And, the best friend is a supporting role of the heroine.

“Why can’t I be there?”

“No, it’s not that you couldn’t.”

If you come to the military academy with a male rate of 99%, there is no doubt that you will be in a reverse harem state.

But here, there are no Royal grandchildren, no rich sons, no gloomy magic power holders, no hateful villainesses and their cronies. 99% of the surroundings are muscles.

Wouldn’t you find the demand for such a Maiden Game to be questionable?

“Takamiya is the daughter of a Baron. And Listner is the daughter of the Viscount, so the Military Academy wouldn’t suit you.”

“My brother will succeed the family estate, so too bad for you.”

Usually, those whose family can earn a place within the quota of 100 students per grade in the Middle School of the Magic Academy do not flow into the harsh and strict Military Academy.

Of course, aristocrats are obligated to operate the magic engine of military ships during wartime. But as long as you meet that, you don’t have to be a part of the Military.

In addition, those who have high magic value in middle school would also aim to be within the 300 students per grade quota of the first year expansion in the High School division of the Magic Academy. If you do so, you may become the spouse of an aristocrat, and even if you do not, you will be able to make good connections and secure a future.

Therefore, only Baronets who could not enter the Academy of Magic come to the Military Academy.

This year’s examiners must have been baffled by the regurgitation of four students from the Academy of Magic.

”Is it because of Digitalis?”

What Hart came up with was not knowledge of the maiden game, but Digitalis, the daughter of the Duke of Takrham, who had been raging since the magic power anchoring took place.

Magic power value greatly influences one’s future life.

After all, the magic power of the parent is adapted and partly passed on to the child.

Moreover, at the time of childbirth, the mother gives 10% of her magic power to the child, so they cannot give birth to many children in hopes of drawing a win someday.

Therefore, each aristocrat wants a spouse to have a higher magic power value in order to maintain their peerage.

In other words, the reason why life is affected by magic power is that the marriage partner changes depending on the magic power.

The villainess, Digitalis, would have had a huge figure of 97,980 magic power value if she had been able to acquire the magic that Hart had pilfered.

However, her result was a magic power value of 17,980, which was just enough to serve as a Marquis. Also, each person’s magic value is announced as a ranking.

With this, it is impossible to marry into the royal family, and it is not possible to become the legal wife of a duke family, who is on equal footing with her parents’ house.

In addition, the Marquis family, which is similar to the Duke family, will almost certainly avoid it because it is not worth the disadvantage of having a concubine and making insurance if the wife is a daughter of a Duke with delicate magic power.

In other words, Digitalis’s marriage partner would have to come from a Count family or lesser.

Thanks to that, The Digitalis had it rough in the latter half of the third year of middle school.

On the other hand, the magic power value of the heroine, Yuna, is 26,138, almost in the same range as the royal family.

After all, in her case, while her mother is merely from a Baron Household, her unidentified father, who will be revealed sooner or later, is the third prince.

The magic power value of the heroine’s best friend, Colette, is 22,050, near the Duke’s standard.

Depending on how the story unfolds, Yuna marries her cousin, the Sovereign’s grandson, and Colette marries his confidant, a Duke’s son.

Both of them far exceeded the magic power value of Digitalis with the legitimate results.

There were other girls who outperformed Digitalis, but in any case, Yuna who ranks first among the girls, and Colette, who ranks third, were the new targets of bullying.

Thinking about it, the harassment of Digitalis began in the latter half of the third year.

“Mr. Hart, you’re too straightforward.”

“Unfortunately, Hart seems unable to express himself like an aristocrat. Your guess is as good as mine, though.”

“I’m convinced.”

Hart himself, who surpassed the Sovereign’s grandson, had declared that he would proceed to the military academy after graduating from middle school, so he escaped from Digitalis venting her anger on him.

In the past, the Diete government recognized a loose system of aristocracy aimed at protecting magical powers of those who achieved independence at great cost from the Earthlings who once ruled them, and who have promised to oppose them in the future.

Anyone who unjustly harms those who volunteer to fight the Coalition of Humanity, who claim to be the heirs to the Earth, will be convicted as an enemy hostile, no matter if they’re the daughter of a Duke.

The heroine and her best friend, who saw how Hart dealt with the situation, chose the military academy as a safe zone.

That was a moment when the story of the maiden game completely collapsed.

By the way, Yuna changed her brown hair from long straight hair to bob haircut when she entered the military academy.

Although the military academy gives some consideration to the children of the aristocracy, the heroine, who is only ‘Daughter of a baron’s daughter’ is treated almost as a quasi-aristocrat, so even her hairstyle has collapsed.

However, Colette, whose parent is a viscount, is the daughter of a Viscount, and with that privilege maintains her long hair mixed with gold and green.

Here is the ultimate betrayal by the best friend character.

“I wonder if the high school is coming into a dark age by now with the Digitalis Rampage and The Sovereign’s Grandchild being disappointed by the lack of consort candidates in his school grade.”

“Oh, there were a couple of girls with high magic power between me and her.”

“Aren’t they the new targets of her bullying?”

“I wonder if that person will ever be condemned.”

Hart swallowed his words, “You’re supposed to do your best to condemn her.”

Of the two potential targets for Digitalis’ new attack, one has a masculine personality, and if harassed, it will be a decisive head-to-head battle involving teachers making the right decision.

The other is a Count’s granddaughter, whose older brother will be the student council president of the high school, so if she attacks carelessly, evidence will be gathered, and eventually she will receive a major counterattack in front of all the Magic Academy students.

Depending on the story route, they are both strong-minded girls who side with the heroine. Of course, it is unfavorable to go against the Duke’s family, so it will be a struggle for a while.

Incidentally, there is another reason for the struggle.

“The daughter of Marquis Carneus, who was able to suppress Digitalis, also came here.”

Depending on the story route, Philine Carneus becomes the heroine’s rival.

She is the granddaughter of the Marquis Carneus, a senior aristocrat, but in addition she has special circumstances.

“You can call me Leene, if you want, Hiragi.”

“I’m the second son of a ‘Baron’s second son’ and ‘the Eldest Daughter of the Baron’, and I’m barely of aristocratic descent, but almost certainly in a position to fall into a quasi-aristocrat.”

“If so, it’ll be fine if you become the spouse of a Marquis.”

Perhaps because of the precognitive dream, the feeling of affinity and the likability to the heroine were high.

The rival character’s rivalry event was progressing, leaving the heroine behind.

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