Maiden Game Hard Mode – LN Vol 1 Extra Story

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Light Novel Volume 1 Extra Story – The Villainess and the Three Young Ladies Who Deviated from the Noble Path

September 437 of the Monarchy Calendar.

In the Middle School of the Royal Academy of Magic, the ranking after the magic power anchoring was announced according to customary practice.

The purpose of announcing the magical power ranking is to incite the competitive spirit of each aristocratic family to increase their magical power and their engagements.

It is to have them consider their engagement partners.

The 1,500 royal aristocratic families are descendants of the high magic power holders who fought with a small number of interstellar ships entrusted to them by the Diete group during the War of Independence. Since Diete became independent, the fate of the families has been to increase their magical power by taking in the blood of other high magic powered people for more than 400 years, with the support of the nation and the people.

The magic power ranking of the Middle School of the Magic Academy, which gathers the children of the royal aristocrats and passes only the top 100 students in terms of magic power values, is almost the same as the top ranking of the Monarchy for that year.

This year, the magic value that is touted as the highest in the Monarchy, is led by the Grandson of Sovereign, Leandre, who has a magical value of more than 30,000. It was a big hit year with several high magic people who would go on to serve as the heads of Duke Households, attracting a high level of interest from each aristocratic family.

But the result betrayed everyone’s expectations.

Academy of Magic, Middle School, 3rd year, 1st semester
Magical Power Anchoring Results
1st Place: Hart Hiragi, Baron Hiragi Household
2nd Place: Leandre Asteria, Royal House of Asteria
3rd Place: Yuna Takamiya, Baron Takamiya Household
4th Place: Stefan Langlois, Duke Langlois Household
5th Place: Philine Carneus, Marquis Carneus Household
6th Place: Colette Listner, Viscount Listener Household
7th Place: Alisa Harvist, Count Harvist Household
8th Place: Noelia Mardones, Baron Mardones Household
9th Place: Florian Girard, Count of Girard Household
10th Place: Digitalis Takrham, Duke Takrham Household

Among the students who were elated or disappointed with the results, there was a blonde haired girl with blue-eye and a baby face, wearing a white jacket with pink trim, a white cloak, white gloves on her hands, white stockings and white boots on her feet, a white ribbon in her hair, a white choker around her neck, and a barely pale pink skirt.

Her name is Digitalis Takrham. As the Young Lady of the Duke Household, she turned her attention to the ranking many times and eventually tilted her head and muttered.

“What is this?”

The results put her in tenth place, and of course, Digitalis could understand that fact. It is also understandable that her magic value was fixed at 17,980, which was slightly above the Marquis-class magic power value of 17,280.

“Oh, I see, I understand, but I cannot agree to this.”

Digitalis patted her hands lightly against her long gloves and convinced herself to not stand for the status quo.

The Duke family, headed by Digitalis’ grandfather Brom Takrham, misrepresented the items donated to the school the previous year, and “a device that absorbs 10% of the magic of all students and adds them to their daughter” was smuggled in.

It was an Earth-era relic owned by the Duke family. It turned out that the relic had the effect of absorbing magical power, and the Duke himself had the idea to smuggle in the device with donated items. Collect the absorbed magic power in the magic stone, and use it by refluxing the absorbed magic power.

The seniors one year ahead of Digitalis, who anchored their magic in Year 436 of the Monarchy Calendar, had their magic power sucked up by the device, making the average anchored magic power drop by an average of 10% and they fell into chaos.

Using the magic stone that had absorbed an average of 800 to 900 magic power value from 100 seniors, Digitalis’ magic power value can increase by about 80,000 to 90,000. Digitalis’ total magic should be about 100,000, the greatest magical individual in the history of the Monarchy was supposed to be born.

But the result was a huge failure. The magic power value of Digitalis was the same as the estimated value, and she barely settled in the form of Marquis-class magic power. Women lose their magic by 10% each time they give birth, so after having one child, she will be a Count-class magic power holder, and if she gives birth to three, she becomes Viscount-class.

“Now now now, this is terrible.”

She considered her magic power value too egregious for a Young Lady of a Duke Household. If this was the result of the Duke Lady of another family, she would have thought it funny, but being her own results, she did not find it amusing.

In a dignified manner, Digitalis reported her disastrous magic power value to her grandfather.

Upon receiving the report, her grandfather, the Duke of Takrham, waited for Digitalis in the residence of Capital planet so that they would move immediately when the good news arrived.

The Duke is an old man who has lived more than two-thirds of his 150-year lifespan, but he has a wide, sturdy(masculine) physique with wide shoulders, and his all-back, in-your-face hairdo exudes an ageless vitality.

He has a sarcastic smile with one side of his mouth lifted up, and when he comes up with various imperturbable schemes, he accepts them without hesitation, regardless of whether he succeeds or fails.

The Duke laughed at the bad news that his granddaughter brought home.

“I understand the results”

Yes, grandfather

“Didn’t I experiment with 100 mighty magic individuals? I wonder if the magic stones or the device failed. Even if there is no problem with the equipment, there is a possibility that it was not compatible with Digitalis.”

The Duke judged that the difference between the experimental results in his territory and the results of this time was the cause of the failure. At the same time, he chided himself for being too greedy this time. The evidence has been destroyed and there is no danger of discovery. If it is repeated many times, it would seem suspicious and they could be exposed, so he calmly decided to back out this time.

“You know, grandfather. The first-place Hiragi, is from the branch of a Baron family. When I saw his result surpassing His Highness Leandre, I thought perhaps the magic of the device had flowed to Hiragi.”

The Duke also imagined his granddaughter’s point, but concluded that it was impossible.

“A middle school student without any knowledge can’t do that. The device must be unlocked with a master code and the relic used correctly to gain magic power. Well, it would make more sense that his magic power inheritance was doubled.”

It is a phenomenon that occurs in 1/20 million, in which the inheritance of magic from parents is more than doubled. Of the Monarchy’s 40 billion people, 800 had inherited more than double their magic power, the Duke thought, which might have occurred in the offshoots of the aristocrats.

“His brother is also a Count-class magic individual. In rare cases, there are couples whose children’s magic power values are unevenly greater. It is said to be due to magical compatibility, but there is no way to confirm this. If this phenomenon can be elucidated and expressed in the magic of children, those who have elucidated it will be granted senior aristocratic peerage, even from among the common people.”

“I wonder if Hiragi’s magic really has nothing to do with the device.”


The Duke’s interest, asserted with conviction, had already turned to his next plot.

Although it failed with Digitalis, the relic and magic stones have been recovered. There is a risk of continuing at the Academy of Magic, but it will not be revealed if they deal with the Duchy’s quasi-aristocracy or lower.

Risk management is a top priority in conspiracy. That was the Duke’s theory.

“So, grandfather, what happens to me?”

“There is nothing to be done. The plan to marry the Sovereign’s grandson is abandoned. I can prepare the position of the wife of the head of a Viscount family for you, but a Count would be difficult. As the candidate for the wife of the Sovereign’s grandson, there will be five high magic power holders who surpassed Digitalis. If I was the head of a Count family, I would select from among them. And the other party does not have to be limited to this year.”

The Duke returned a dry smile with a sarcastic expression at his granddaughter, whose cheeks were gradually twitching.

Senior aristocrats are lords with provinces of hundreds of millions of people.

And, magic power value is indispensable for remaining a lord, and there is nothing they want in exchange it for it.

For senior aristocrats with territories, Digitalis, who barely had enough magical power value to reach the Marquis class, was fixed at the value of a Young Lady of that level.

Digitalis had her own pride as a Duke Lady.

The five Dukes originated from former royalty, each of which has been conferred as a Duke in the past on behalf of an immigrant fleet and for their achievements in bringing immigrants to each new system. The family are direct descendants of those who have contributed to the stability and development of the system for many years.

The Viscount family, on the other hand, are households that have no provinces and can only operate warships. This is what Digitalis thinks.

As the Young Lady of the Duke, it is her wish to marry into the royal family and gain prosperity.

It is also acceptable to marry into other Dukes and make each other’s star systems prosperous

Marriage to a Marquis, who is not the main ruler of the star system, or a Count, who may be promoted to a Marquis, was inwardly dissatisfactory.

And when it goes down to a Viscount family, it becomes impossible for Digitalis to accept.

“It’s too suspicious, isn’t it?”

Resentment over an unacceptable future continued to smolder undigested until the beginning of the second semester of the third year of middle school.

Eventually, the second semester of the third year of middle school began.

The magic power anchoring, the largest event in the middle school, has ended, and the remaining half year is a period to reexamine and build the relationship with the surroundings according to status and ranked magic power value. Some people confirm their engagement with anchored magical power values, and some look at the rankings and find their desired fiancée.

The principal had retired during the school holidays, and the new principal, who had moved from the Education Guidance Bureau of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, greeted the third graders as they started to move as instructed by their parents’ homes.

Among them were those who gathered under Digitalis.

Each of the five Dukes governs about 36% of the Monarchy’s total population.

If you take the 1410 aristocratic families as a percentage of the total, about 50 of them are strongly influenced by the Duke of Takrham. All 1,500 families cannot be present in a 100 students per school year, but even if you divide the 50 families influenced by the Duke by 1/15 of the total number of students in the academy, there will still be 3-4 students in the same school year under the influence of the Duke.

In the middle school, the three people who surround Digitalis are a Viscount Young Lady, Baron Young Lady, and Baronet Young Lady, and they are sometimes called A, B, and C behind the scenes.

That’s because their names are Amelia, Belinda and Charlotte, and the ABC threesome usually followed Digitalis for the sake of their households.

“It’s strange to think that the second son of a Barons’ second son could surpass His Royal Highness the Grandson of the Sovereign in magic power.”

Instead of praising the magic results of the 10th ranked Digitalis, or even comforting her, they criticize the person who no one would argue with even if he was stingy.

“That’s right.

Amelia praised herself inwardly for giving Digitalis a short affirmation, despite her uncomfortable mood.

“It is weird that the daughter of the Baron’s daughter is third place, and Stefan, Duke of Langlois’ son, who is an aide to His Royal Highness the Grandson of the Sovereign, is fourth place. The magic anchoring, I think there was a glitch this time.”


Belinda, who transferred the responsibility to the academy, decided to push the theory that the academy was to blame because of the positive reaction of Digitalis.

“It’s funny that two Baron Children are in the single digits.”

Charlotte, who wanted to say something for the time being, made a careless remark.

Amelia and Belinda, who were listening, all turn their eyes out to Charlotte in protest.

“Could you rent a salon after school and summon Hiragi and Takamiya there?”

 “Oh, yes, Lady Digitalis”

Charlotte, who was instructed with a smile by Digitalis, a Duke Young Lady ranked in the double digit, trembled as if she had been touched with static electricity. She hurriedly operated the terminal, went through the procedure to rent a salon, and then ran to another class where Hart and the others were.

The middle school of the Academy of Magic, one of the most prestigious schools in the world, divides 100 students in the first grade into 5 groups of 20 students each.

In the maiden game “The Galactic Prince” that Hart knows, the heroine Yuna, her best friend Colette, and capture targets the Grandson of the Sovereign and Duke’s son Stefan were in the same class. And in fact, Hart’s class, to which gave a sense of déjà vu, was also in the same class as in the game.

Yuna and Colette belonged to it. Charlotte, who entered the class, approached with a happy look on her face when she found Hart and Yuna.

“Mr. Hiragi, and Ms. Takamiya. Please come to the 4th salon after school!”

Yuna tilted her head to Charlotte, who suddenly entered the class and openly called them.

“Um, what do you want?

Charlotte, with her pure and innocent eyes turned, answers with some trepidation.

“I can’t say it here, so we’ll talk at the salon. I’ll be waiting!

Charlotte, who declared unilaterally, turned on her heel and fled the class.

“What is it?”

In contrast to the wondering Yuna, Colette was pretending to think on it. She understood that the caller was one of the entourage of the Duke of Takrham Young Lady.

For Hart, it was a situation he had never experienced in the game.

In easy mode Yuna gains magic, in normal mode, Digitalis simply fails, and in hard mode, Digitalis gains magic. Hart has not experienced a male character who steals magical power and receives a call. However, he had a good idea of what they’re getting into. And, when the matter was understood, he came up with a countermeasure.

“Ms. Yuna, I have an idea.”

“What is it, Mr. Hart?”

Hart spoke to Yuna and began to explain what to do at the fourth salon.

The opulent(gaudy) salon they were called to is one of the facilities that any student can rent freely.

After all, the middle school graduates are the future heads and wives of the royal aristocrats who rule over 40 billion people. The donation to the alma mater was a tremendous amount, and to that extent, the 4th salon, which reduced even a fraction of the savings in the name of the school, rented out the fourth salon to Digitalis, who waited for Hart while relaxing gently and elegantly.

And when they saw Hart and his friends who came to the designated street, Digitalis and ABC frowned.

Behind Hart, there was a Colette, followed by a male and female androids in a black suits.

There are many types of androids, but all of them had smooth skin with no spots, wrinkles, or freckles, no veins, and no hair. And the eyes emitted blue light, which makes it easy to distinguish if you look at it properly.

“I called only Mr. Hiragi and Ms. Takamiya. Why is Ms. Listner and even androids here? Even after school, androids are not allowed in the school building!”

Hart shrugged at Charlotte, who protested with her cheeks inflated.

“These are military android soldiers of the Royal Army.”


Charlotte, who learned that they were from the military, looked as hysteric as a pigeon that ate a peashooter.

Hart, while talking to the frozen body of the hysteric pigeon, sent a warning to those behind Digitalis.

“During the holidays at the end of the first semester, I took the Military Academy entrance exam and passed it. In the future I am expected to be a mobile fortress operator, and the Royal Army is here for the purpose of collecting magic power data. It seems they will take data in detail for about half a year, and once it is over, they will build a dedicated large-scale Magic Element Engine or something.”


“Also, it seems that my remarks are also collected and analyzed by the Royal Army, my information terminal is also equipped with a data collection function, and when I become a mobile fortress operator. I wonder if it will be checked for thought. But that is for the Monarchy, so I’m proud of it. Anyway, did you do anything for me?”

Hart’s explanation, of course, is a lie.

The Military Police, who conducted an investigation after learning of Hart’s magic power value, reported to the upper echelon of the military that Digitalis had herself caused deaths through bullying using the power of the Duke, and that Hart had hidden his magic power for that reason.

Understanding the situation, Commander-in-Chief Valfrete, the third prince, sent an escort to the school to protect Hart, who had the unprecedented magic power value of more than 90,000.

In addition, the principal was replaced to change the approach of the school teachers, and at the same time, the countermeasures were also communicated to Colette.

The remarks are collected and analyzed by the Royal Army. In place of Charlotte, who was silent when she was told that, Digitalis asked Hart a question.

“What was your magic power value?”

“My magic power value, after I have enlisted in the Royal Army, is being treated a state secret from the perspective of national security. I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you.”

After refusing to answer, Digitalis nodded her head and asked again.

“Well well well, are you going to keep a secret from me?”

It was the male android soldier behind Hart who responded to Digitalis’ coercion.

『Digitalis Takrham, should anyone force the leakage of state secrets by his or her status or position, we have grounds to arrest the offender for violating the State Security Act. Please be aware of your subsequent remarks.』

The blue eyes of the android soldiers that came forward changed to yellow, the warning color, and began to glow.

“Just, who are you?”

The android soldier replied to the curiously questioning Digitalis.

『We are of the military police in the Security Bureau under the Command Office of the Ministry of Military Affairs of the Monarchy. Notification from the Royal Army. Digitalis Takrham, you will be arrested depending on your subsequent remarks.』

Staring at the eyes of the warning color emitted by the android soldiers, Digitalis replied with a troubled expression.

“I only asked a classmate of mine how they did in school. I’m done, so you can go home now.”

Digitalis’ white-gloved hand was waved as if to dispel insects.

Hart walked away from the salon, pulling Yuna and Colette in both hands, with the Military Police as a shield.

Behind them, the Military Police followed in a dignified manner, the salon door was closed and a few minutes of silence flowed. The entourage, who had eventually rebooted, raised their voices of anger.

“Hiragi, to treat Lady Digitalis like that!”

When Amelia got angry, Belinda went along with it.

“That second son of a Baron, I wonder if he could even speak. He was like a barbarian wielding a stick.”

And Charlotte, who called Hart and his friends, was angry on a different matter.

“I submitted an application to use the salon for 2 hours!”

In front of Digitalis, the three began to verbally curse Hart.

“What are his parents’ jobs again? If the military are sticking to him, could we put pressure on his parents?”

“When I looked it up, they are magic engine operators of the battleship of the Royal Army. You’ll be arrested as a national traitor if you put pressure on the Royal Army to interfere with the military service. His grandfather, Baron Hiragi, is a member of the Royal faction. If you put pressure on His Majesty, you’ll be considered a rebel.”

“If so, I won’t share my sweets to them at a tea party!”

Hart’s parents are quasi-aristocrats who don’t even attended social parties.

Therefore, even if both the person himself and his parents are excluded from the aristocratic group and cannot go out to social circles, not being able to attend social gatherings does not affect them at all.

His grandfather is a Baron, but he is a general aristocrat who does not have a territory belonging to the planet Diros, and if divided by faction, he will be under the Royal faction. You cannot tell the Sovereign to get rid a Baron of his faction, and it is not possible to compel the aristocracy of the Royal faction to exclude a companion of the same faction.

And although they completely lost track because of the Military Police and Hart made too strong an impact, the grandfather of Yuna, who they also called, was also a military veteran and a Baron on the Capital planet. Even if she remembered, she couldn’t apply pressure to him.

“Then I’ll kick Hiragi out of the women’s association news group?”

“He’s a boy.”

“I’ll put thumbtacks in his shoes!” 

The disgruntled Digitalis’s temples twitched at the pitiful sight of her cronies, whose scale was getting smaller by the minute.

Because the Monarchy’s armed forces are monitoring, neither violence nor abusive language can be used, and pressure on parents using the power of the Duke cannot be applied.

Their usual bullying methods didn’t work, and they grew impatient and gradually began to stray.

“Then, how about making a fool of him with the first test results of the second semester, ‘if you have high magic power and are so talented, you should have good test results. The next test is a match.’, and the illiterate second son of a shallow-educated Baron family can be ridiculed by the result. With this, Military Police can’t speak out.”

Digitalis showed little interest in Amelia’s proposal.

“What were your exam scores?”

“At the end of the first semester, I was 6th place out of 100, I’ve never seen Hiragi in the top 10!”

Determined that she would surely win, Digitalis nodded to Amelia and gave her permission.

“Then do it, announce it in Hiragi’s class.”

“All right! Got it!”

Amelia triumphantly went into Hart’s class.

They will compete by grades. Of course, the student-like battle cannot be interrupted by the Military Police.

“Mr. Hiragi, since you’re talented and with high magic, you’ll probably be to get great test scores. The next test, it will be a match. Look forward to it. You too, Ms. Takamiya!”

Amelia, who walked into Hart’s class, declared openly in front of their classmates.

Of course, high magic power value and high test scores have little to do with each other. Practical skills related to magic are highly evaluated, but other departments are different.

Still, after receiving the declaration, Hart replied plainly to Amelia.

“So, what are we betting on?”

“Eh, are you expecting to win?”

In an unexpected response, Amelia could not measure Hart’s intentions.

“Well, Mr. Hiragi, you’ve been ranking in the 30s. I have seen Ms. Takamiya in the 10s a few times, but there’s no way you can beat me.”

Amelia was making fun of him with a relaxed expression, but Hart was sure he could win.

In the first test of the second semester, the academy, which had been occupied by the government and the military due to the appearance of high magic power holders, and undergoing a thorough investigation, was unable to prepare the exam questions. Therefore, there was no choice but to use the previous year’s data. It appeared in the game “The Galactic Prince” that Hart played.

And last year’s test data has already been obtained from the Senior Students.

“Then, let’s do this. And if you win, I’ll listen to only one request.”

“Uh, I was going to say that. Well, that’s fine. I’m going to win anyway. I wonder what I’ll get you to do when I win. Mr. Hiragi is a high magic power holder, so even the second son of a Baron will have some value. What should I do?”

For Amelia, victory or defeat is obvious from the start.

Defeat Hart and win the right to one request. And if you report it to Digitalis, who internally is fluming flames at magic power anchoring results, she can also vent her anger.

Amelia, who thought that this would solve the problem, took advantage of the match that Hart had set up.

“Then, Hart of Baron Hiragi and Amelia, the Viscount Young Lady of Stanhope, will compete in the next test. And to the winner, the loser will listen to only one request. The witnesses are the 19 children of royal aristocrats in this class, except me. Will you respond?

 “Let’s do it.”

When Amelia returned triumphantly after receiving the match. Yuna, who was anxiously watching, called out to Hart.

“Will you be all right, Mr. Hart?”

“Yeah!  You were also set to be in the match, Ms. Takamiya. So let’s win it. If we win, let’s have them promise not to get involved with us anymore.”

 “But …….”

The single-digit range of the Academy is often taken by children of the highly educated Count families or higher. Colette and Amelia are both Viscount Young Ladies, but they are always in the single digits.

Hart’s behavior from Yuna’s perspective was too reckless.

Hart stopped Yuna from being puzzled, and sent a message from the terminal.

“I think this will come up in the next test questions, remember the answers. Keep it secret from Colette.


“These are past questions, so it won’t hurt to study them. Well then, I’ll do my best.”

“Ah, yes. Past questions.”

With fearing whether she could win, Yuna obediently followed.

In the unlikely event that the exam was not the same as the past questions, Yuna had not made any promises to Amelia. Hart also took the test with ease, thinking that he would be able to find answers at the tip of his tongue if the need arose, and became the winner of the test.

Academy of Magic, Middle School, 3rd year, 2nd semester
1st scheduled Test Results
1st Place: Hart Hiragi, Baron Hiragi Household
2nd Place: Leandre Asteria, Royal House of Asteria
3rd Place: Yuna Takamiya, Baron Takamiya Household
4th Place: Stefan Langlois, Duke Langlois Household
5th Place: Colette Listner, Viscount Listener Household
6th Place: Amelia Stanhope, Viscount Stanhope Household
7th Place: Philine Carneus, Marquis Carneus Household
8th Place: Alisa Harvist, Count Harvist Household
9th Place: Florian Girard, Count Girard Household
10th Place: Digitalis Takrham, Duke Takrham Household

Amelia collapsed on her knees when she saw the test results.

“I was able to beat Philine this time…”

For Amelia, it’s around 6th place as usual. The only difference is that the people on top of her are, of all people, the two people she challenged to a match, Hiragi and Takamiya.

Even if the ranking is high, there is no point if you lose to the opponents who you challenged to a match.

With both knees and hands on the floor, Amelia’s shoulders slumped and she felt depressed, but the victorious man spoke from behind her.

“Now, I can request any one thing. You have given each of our family names and made the declaration with His Highness Leandre and the son of Duke Langlois as witnesses. You can’t refuse anything I ask on this.”

Her shoulders trembling at Hart’s words, Amelia eventually murmured in a whisper.

“What are you going to ask?”

“A pretty girl of my class will listen to anything from me, what do you think I’ll ask you to do?”

Whispered to from behind, Amelia used her rich middle-school imagination and eventually shuddered in despair.

“……………… Ku, kill me!

The Viscount Young Lady, like a female knight captured by orcs, urged the man who captured her to kill her.

“No, why?”

“………… Please, just kill me.”

Amelia stares with her dead eyes, and Hart, who is about to feel really cool, calms her mind with a deep breath.

The request was conveyed in a whisper.

“Don’t get involved with me, Takamiya, and Listner who beat you anymore. Stop making us targets for Digitalis’ bullying.”

There were a few seconds from the transmission.

In the meantime, Amelia, who chewed on(comprehend) Hart’s request, spat out the demands that she couldn’t swallow.

“…………….. I can’t do that at my will.”

“Still, stop it. The military, the government, and the royal family all know about it. That’s why the former principal was dismissed. It is either the whole Monarchy or the one Young Lady of a Duke whose magic power value is barely Marquis-class. Do your best to keep your distance. That’s all I’m asking. Obey this.”

“………….. I’ll tell father.”

The spat out request was swallowed again, and Hart nodded. Later, Amelia seemed to keep her promise, and others recognized that Amelia, who had been defeated by Hart, accepted some request and the shock made her useless as a subordinate of Digitalis.

No one knows the details of what was requested.

However, what middle school students came up with by their imagination was roughly the same.

Since then, Digitalis has shown a bizarre expression in which only her eyes are full of anger, while he was smiling comfortably.

Belinda and Charlotte also noticed the change in their leader and became more impatient than ever before.

 “Let’s send an anonymous love letter and laugh at Hiragi when he is called from the classroom and there is no one. A view from the classroom window might be a good idea.”

“What if they find out?”

Belinda asserted to Charlotte, who spoke of her anxiety, that there was no problem.

“I was going to confess, but I lost my courage and decided not to. I was attracted by his high magic power, but I thought it was crazy, so my feelings cooled down. And that’s my excuse. Then the Military Police can’t speak out.”

“I see!”

Charlotte, who was very convinced, nodded vigorously in agreement.

However, the operation carried out with the permission of Digitalis was unsuccessful because the essential Hart did not appear where he was summoned.

For Hart, who is being messed around with by Digitalis, there is no way he can respond to a suspicious love letter call from an unknown sender.

Belinda’s face paled in disgust as she was stared at silently by the Digitalis, who had been waiting in the classroom.

“Hey, isn’t the story different?”

The class to which Digitalis belongs include the Sovereign’s grandson Leandre, who is more than equal to the Dukes of Takrham, and Langlois

The son of the Duke, Stefan, was not present.

Therefore, no one interjected the actions of the Duke Young Lady, and Digitalis planned to make the class watch and laugh at the second son of the Baron’s family, who was summoned to the position visible from the classroom window.

Asked by Digitalis, who had lost face in front of her classmates, Belinda was impatient and uttered something unnecessary.

“Well, then I actually called, confessed, and got him to say yes, and then I said, ‘I was joking with you. It’s impossible, you’re the second son of a Baron family’, laughed, made him look like a fool. Watching the live video and making a fool of him. Just because you confess to a lie, the Military Police won’t move.”

“Oh, that’s fine. Do it.”

Digitalis was in a good mood, but Belinda, who proposed it, just uttered an idea and never thought of doing it herself.

“Well, I’ve confirmed my magic and it has been decided that I will get engaged to Jack of Viscount Lauser family…. it’s a little inconvenient.”

Digitalis tilted her head to Belinda, who appealed to her to use another Young Lady.

“Belinda, I wonder if you suggested something that couldn’t be done.”

“Oh……. of course not.”

Against the Duke family. Belinda couldn’t say no to Digitalis who applied pressure.

“Make it a punishment game. Then, saying that is fine, right?”

Belinda had no choice but to ride the optimism that Digitalis showed.

In this way, Belinda had to make a false confession, but since she was discussing it in the classroom, the rest of her classmates naturally heard her.

Most decided to ignore the oppression of Digitalis because they did not want to be involved in the bullying. Seeing transferees and suicides in the past, they knew that the academy will not cover for them and were taking such defensive actions.

However, there was only one person in the class who saw this as an opportunity. She is of a family equivalent to the Duke family, the Young Lady of the Marquis of Carneus

It was Philine.

(This is a chance.)

In the Marquis of Carneus, there is a struggle for the succession of the title between Philine and her sisters.

All three sisters have enough magic power value to inherit the Marquis. Therefore, the method of settlement would be determined by the one who brought the spouse with whom their child will have the highest magic power value among the three sisters.

Do you inherit the Marquis family or fall into a quasi-aristocrat without inheriting it? In Philine’s case, she would not only fall into quasi-aristocracy, but also be subjected to horrible things by Dorothea if she gained power in the future.

As a result, Philine had to find herself a partner with high magic power. And, the magic power holder who surpassed the Sovereign’s grandchild to be declared the highest peak in the Monarchy appeared from among her classmates.

(First of all, I have to get close to him.)

Philine contacted Hart, who saw Digitalis’ conversation as a great opportunity. After conveying the plans of Digitalis and her cronies, they set a trap with Hart.

Make a false confession and mock the captured goof in the live video.

Belinda, who became the perpetrator, is an attractive young lady with a gorgeous appearance and sparkling blonde hair, a beautiful brow, a small face, tall body, and an ample chest.

She didn’t feel uncomfortable when she appeared in a magazine as a fashion model, and she was clearly a gorgeous sprinkled bait.

Their hunting ground is behind the middle school building. Under a large cherry tree with thick roots.

Belinda was convinced of the success of the operation when she saw Hart, who had been lured to her.

“Ms. Belinda of the Baron of Percy, did you call for me?”

“Yes, I’ve been waiting for you, Mr. Hart Hiragi.”

Why did she have to deal with a Baron’s second son when her engagement to Viscount Lauser’s son has been decided? Belinda was frustrated.

And, and in order to end the unpleasantness quickly, she went ahead immediately.

“I decided to go out with you, would you like to?”

Belinda, the Baron’s Young Lady, had no idea that the second son of a quasi-aristocrat would refuse her. The confession was a request, and the response from the other party was only a fact confirmation that the words had been received.

But Hart’s response was unexpected for Belinda.

“I’m sorry. As I have enlisted in the Royal Army, I can’t respond to your feelings.”

If you join the Royal Army, do you not go out with women. And such

There is no law like that. She didn’t understand the meaning at all. Hart continued to refuse to Belinda who appealed with her face.

“Also Belinda, your fiancé is over there.”


From the base of the cherry tree pointed to by Hart, jack, who unraveled the optical camouflage, quietly appeared. To Jack, who was Belinda’s fiancé, Philine said…

[I need to talk to you about Belinda.]

He had been summoned by Philine and was waiting for her here.

Jack has been told that Belinda made a false proposal for bullying and stared at the executioner, and that he had almost said the words out of her mouth several times. He withdrew his cold eyes from Belinda’s face and eventually spoke a few words.

“I’m breaking off our engagement.”

The live video was being played in Digitalis’ class.

Behind Jack, who turned on his heels, Belinda, who had been dumped twice in a day in front of her classmates, turned into a stone statue.

The Baron Young Lady confessed to the second son of a Baron family in front of her fiancé, a Viscount Young Lord.

This is a situation that cannot be helped even if the Baron Young Lady is told her engagement is annulled by the Viscount Young Lord. The Baron Young Lady has to apologize to the Viscount Young Lord.

The only salvation is that Belinda worked for her parents’ home under the Duke of Takrham and acted as part of it.

The Baron’s family would not cut off Belinda.

A series of these situations continued to rotate in Belinda’s brain, and she was trapped in a labyrinth of thought and turned into an immovable stone statue.

On the other hand, Hart, who evaded Belinda’s trap, thanked Philine for reaching out via information terminal.

“You saved me, Lady Philine of the Marquis of Carneus.”

Philine, who received a bow from Hart, smiled at him through the terminal.

[That’s a manner with strangers. I think of you as a friend, so in the future, please call me Philine without being so formal. I’ll call you Hiragi.]

“Thank you, Ms. Philine.”

[Friends don’t need honorific titles either. Please just call me Philine, without the “Miss”. That’s how you can thank me for this.]

“……………. I understand. Then, thank you very much, Philine.”

[Of course, you’re welcome. I look forward to working with you in the future.]

Philine was in a good mood from beginning to end, but Hart, distracted by avoiding the Digitalis’ attack, couldn’t imagine Philine’s purpose.

Under the soulful digitalis, Belinda, who is soulless like stale carbonated water, came back.

In the video that had been broadcast to the class, Belinda, who was double dumped by Hart and her fiancé Jack, sits in a daze without looking at anyone. And, she turned into a stone statue.

It was uncomfortable, but also completely self-inflicted. In the classroom, the indoor temperature declined rapidly,

Charlotte, who is alive and well, made a desperate dedication.

“Now that this has happened, I’ll pass by and talk to Belinda, who is by my side, instead of Mr. Hiragi himself. I’ll say something sarcastic while disguising myself!”

“What will you say?”

Not expecting much, Digitalis, in an unenthusiastic tone, urged her to continue, just to say it for the time being.

“In the corridor wall of the classroom, which is not soundproofed, I will say, ‘I heard that quasi-aristocratic people are getting carried away with waving their status around these days!’. I’m just talking to my friend, so the Military Police can’t do anything about it.”

The classmates who were listening to this desperately stopped Charlotte inwardly as she tried to drag Belinda, who had become the living dead, around.

However, the unspoken thoughts were not understood, and the permission was issued by Digitalis.

“I don’t mind. Have it your way.”

“Thank you. Here Belinda, let’s get going. I’ll say something sarcastic to cheer you up.”

Would it be a beautiful friendship just because she cares for Belinda too? What she’s doing, though, is just harassment.

With permission, Charlotte went to the Hart’s class, dragging Belinda’s living corpse.

Charlotte knew that Hart returned to the classroom after rejecting Belinda.

She stuck to the wall of Hart’s classroom, set up the stone statue of Belinda next to her, and faced the classroom.

She then shouted out loud.

“Lately, I’ve heard that quasi-aristocrats are getting carried away with their pretensions to their status these days!”

There was no reaction from the stone statue, but Charlotte decided that it was only necessary to arrange the appearance, and continued to speak behind the scenes. Holding both hands, she put her strength, and shouted with a loud voice.

“Surpassing His Highness the Sovereign’s Grandson in magic power, surpassing His Highness the Sovereign’s Grandson in grades, he’s starting to get overly conceited just because of that. His Highness became 2nd in magic power, His Highness became 2nd in grades, doesn’t he know the meaning of ‘self-restraint’? With such lowborn standing, to not hold back and yield to Royalty, unimaginable!”

Charlotte was gasping for breath when she finished talking, and she heard a wild noise from the classroom, as if someone violently kick their desk away.

Hart, who was listening, might have fallen because he was upset.

With that thought in mind, Charlotte turned a ridiculing expression to the person who jumped out of the classroom.

“Shut up, so annoying. What’s wrong with second place?”

It was not a black-haired young man, but a pale blonde princely young man who jumped out.

At the sight of him, Charlotte, with a foolish expression on her face, turned into a second stone statues with Belinda next to her.

Meanwhile, the blonde aristocrat shouting at her alternately glared at two stone statues and then questioned a tall man with gray hair who was waiting behind him.

“Stefan, just who are these guys!”

“The one who is out of breath is Ms. Charlotte of Baron Astor, next to her is Ms. Belinda of Baron Percy. I remember them harassing some students other than Your Highness.”

The tall gray haired man, Stefan the son of the Duke of Langlois, describes them as habitual bullies, number two! Number two!

The Sovereign’s grandson Leandre, who was repeatedly called out, distorted his neat face with shame.

“You have quite the nerve to say all that so that I could hear you. Tell the Baron of Astor and the Baron of Percy that Leandre, Grandson of the Sovereign, said he would definitely remember this.”

One stone statues slowly fell down to the death at Leandre’s anger.

Beside it, Charlotte looks pale and shakes her head desperately to amend things.

“N, no, that’s not the case. I was telling the second son of a Baron family not to get carried away, not Your Highness.”

“Quiet, don’t speak. I understood the policies of the Baron of Astor Household. The aristocratic way is to spread the word that they are deliberately losing to the royalty and carry the palanquin with me, the clown, on their shoulders? It must be very amusing seeing me to lose to a quasi-aristocrat.”

Leandre’s long legs kicked the wall of the classroom.

“From now on, any drop in Hiragi’s performance will only be seen as him cutting corners under pressure from you guys. I’m still number 2. No, really, what number? Stefan, you’ve been cutting corners too, right? I’ve never been so ridiculed in my life!”

Leandre clicked his tongue and hatefully glared at Charlotte.

“No. I didn’t mean that. It’s not. It’s the fault of that second son of the Baron family, not Your Highness.”

“Annoying, shut up. I have not misunderstood your remarks. You blamed a Baron family for making a Royal take 2nd place by your conjecture. Well, who asked for such a thing? I don’t deserve to have my grades or my life influenced by you people. How extremely unpleasant. Be gone. Don’t show that face again!”

Sitting down on the floor, Charlotte shed tears from her eyes and continued to say it was otherwise. But Leandre was having none of it, yelled at her to get lost and returned to the classroom.

Thus, as a result of the inability of Digitalis and her crony threesome, the last of Hart’s Middle School life passed without incident.

The End

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