Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 73

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Chapter 73 – Battle of the Fukashiro Star System

Information on the complete suppression of the MacLir System also reached Fortress Kerviel, which had connected a communications network by scattering reconnaissance ships at each warp.

Since its founding, the Monarchy of Diete has only executed two planetary control operations.

The first was the invasion of the Solar System by the former Crown Prince Gracian. As a result of the twists and turns, Earth is still a dangerous zone where the Royal Citizens cannot set foot on even now.

The second was the recent third MacLir Star System Battle. The results were far better than initially expected, and the Tenka army that had taken root on the ground, as well as the former Coalition’s resistance faction and the mafia, which had stockpiled weapons, were all wiped out.

Major facilities of the former Coalition, which had been left untouched, and the Androids, that had been programmed to attack the Monarchy in case of an emergency, were also destroyed in the operation.

The Monarchy, which has taken control of the MacLir system, had brought in a number of city-building facilities and manufacturing plants through the transition gate, and plans to impose alternatives that they can control in the future.

The economic reconstruction of the MacLir System will be carried out by investing the industrial power of the Monarchy on the third planet Tula, which is a huge resource-mining planet, and connecting it with the Monarchy using the Transition Gate. A review of Anti-Diete education will also be initiated. As the Monarchy takes over in earnest, the areas that were likely to pose a threat to the lives of the Royal Citizens are steadily being resolved, and the threat level of the MacLir system is rapidly declining.

In the future, the Monarchy will be able to allow its citizens to walk around the planet Whispa, instead of being confined to the moon Fraga, as was the case during the reign of the previous Sovereign.

“What will happen to the Fukashiro Star System?”

The Fukashiro system, which Hart would directly govern, was also accepted by the former Sovereign, Valfrete, as its ruler Hào Lán expressed his willingness to subordinate to the Monarchy.

The people of Fukashiro already have the appropriate rights as Royal citizens of Fukashiro. Therefore, in the Fukashiro System, it is not possible to carry out a strategy of “The life of a single royal national is greater than the lives of five billion enemy people ” as in the MacLir System Suppression Operation.

It would be nice if we could rule smoothly and govern properly… And so, Hart indulged in sweet fantasies like the Normal Mode of the Maiden Game.

The Monarchy’s third planetary suppression battle will take place on Lián Shāng(Renshō), an ideal inhabited planet superior to Earth.

It has larger and more resource-rich land and oceans than Earth, pests are almost non-existent, thick and stable atmospheric layers, and a planetary rotation of 26 hours. The biggest factor in the Tenka Federation’s leap forward was that its first inhabited planet was Lián Shāng.

Currently, in addition to the Fukashiro people, there are 2.2 billion Shinkyō people and 1.545 billion Kyūyama people, and the rulers are a total of 3.75 billion intruders. Their forces are 90,000 Tenka cruisers and carrier crafts, and 325,000 destroyers.

In terms of Tenka cruisers, this is a force equivalent to 133,000 ships. Fortress Kerviel with 9 million Salamander crafts has a force equivalent to 120,000 ships, so the former five nations believed that they could adequately defend if Fortress Kerviel attacked.

“Space forces are no longer an issue. What’s troubling is the atmospheric forces.”

Hart is wary of the atmospheric forces that control the 21 billion Fukashiro people.

The more intense the resistance on the Tenka side, the more casualties the Fukashiro people will have, and the more difficult it will be for Hart to rule after the war.

Attack at the fastest speed and minimize casualties. With that goal, as soon as Hart reached the outer edge of the Fukashiro System, he immediately sent magic power to the Spirit King, Fleur.

『As a contractor, I apply for a direct contract with Fleur, without going through spirit crystals. Please connect this world with the spirit world of Fleur. Onsidium.』

When Hart called on the cherry-colored spirit crystal, and Mira also hoisted the spirit crystal of the Spirit God for activation, Fleur, who appeared before Hart’s eyes, smiled while touching the two crystals.

『How much do you understand the meaning of connecting me with magic power? But since Hart offered, it’s fine, right?』

『I don’t mind. I want to sign a contract with Fleur.』

『I see……… Congratulations. I’m actually peculiar. Looking forward to working with you. With pleasure.』

As Fleur radiated a pale glow, the scenery in Hart’s field of vision gradually began to distort and collapse as if melting.

The scene repainted with the light emitted by Fleur was a peaceful world with flower fields that spread out to the fullest, forests with yellowish green in the distance, and a series of gentle mountain ranges with snow on the mountaintop.

The colorful flowers brightly decorated the land. In the sky above these flowers, yellow, white, and pink petals danced in the wind, transforming into butterflies as they fluttered about.

Hart, the contractor of Fleur, intuitively sensed that all the beings in his sight were the lower class spirits of the genus who followed Fleur.

Their total number is meaningless to count because Fleur can produce as much as she likes. If hundreds of billions are needed, Fleur will generate hundreds of billions in the blink of an eye.

Fleur’s red eyes narrowed and she pointed her wand with a large blue gem at the tip towards the planet.

『You should distinguish the Fukashiro people from the Shinkyō people, and the Kyūyama people. Mark them as blue, red and orange. Everyone, go on.』

Brightly colored butterflies descend into the star system, leaving the trail of light.

They became petals, sticking to the humans in the system, and giving the Hart and his troops a way to identify the indistinguishable Tenka people.

The Fukashiro System was already under the control of the Spirit King Fleur, not Tenka or the Monarchy.

Fascinated by the insane and mysterious scene, Hart closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then slowly opened them. Then, the world that spreads out in the field of vision returns to the outer edge of the Fukashiro Star System as Hart knew it.

However, just because the scene in his field of vision had returned to the command center of Fortress Kerviel, which reflected outer space, did not mean that the anomalous phenomena in the Fukashiro system had subsided.

The Fukashiro System was repainted with the light emitted by Fleur, and at the coordinates of what should have been a normal space area according to human instrumentation, mysterious luminous phenomena, as if stars were twinkling, were occurring wildly.

『I’ll give you the Strategic Satellite Metatron, operate it and help me. I’ll make you a new one if it breaks, so I’ll leave it to you.』

『All right, then I’ll make a shortcut.』

At the point where Fleur pointed the tip of the cane, the space in front of Fortress Kerviel was distorted, and a huge vortex of white, blue and red colors with a diameter of 2000 kilometers was generated there.

At the appearance of the vortex, which swallowed up the surroundings at such a rapid pace, the personnel of the fortress command center, who were terrified as if a black hole had appeared, all turned their eyes to Hart and silently asked for an explanation.

Looking over the command center personnel, Hart gave them orders.

“That is the transition gate at the outer edge of the star system. From now on, we will return to the MacLir system via the transition gate, and with the troops waiting in the MacLir system, we will deploy through the transition gate that will be generated 300 million kilometers from Lián Shāng. Think of it as a shortcut of about 4 billion kilometers into the star system. Details are confidential. Proceed.”

Although the shape was somewhat different, the fortress personnel who were informed that it was the transition gate as planned patted their chests inwardly and accepted the sight of the fortress being swallowed by the vortex.

If Hart himself had been a staff member, he would have advised the Commander-in-Chief to explain the situation beforehand. Hart knows that it would be better that way, but he had not expected Fleur to be so peculiar. He can’t explain what he didn’t know.

Hart can only guarantee that Fleur’s seizure of the star system’s magical elements will enable her to use the transition gate, reduce the output of the enemy’s magic element engine, and identify the enemy.

However, for the Monarchy forces in the MacLir System, it was enough just to connect the transition gate.

The moment a third transition gate appeared in the MacLir System, from which Fortress Kerviel appeared, the Monarchy forces, which had been on standby, simultaneously activated the magic element engines at maximum output.

[Commander-in-Chief, Fleet Admiral Amakawa, to all forces. A transition gate has been connected to the Fukashiro System. From this point, our forces will rush into the Fukashiro System, annihilate the enemy forces occupying the Fukashiro System, and liberate the subordinated Royal Citizens of the Fukashiro System. All forces, rush into the transition gate immediately.]

After clarifying his purpose, Hart ordered the entire army to advance.

The Eight fleets and aristocratic troops, 4 million Israfel crafts, and 25 million Salamander crafts with various units, which received the orders, began to flow into the transition gate as a turbid stream of light, emitting a succession of magic element converted light.

From the zenith direction of these huge muddy currents, the 480-kilometer-long Strategic Satellite Metatron super accelerated and quickly overtook the army, and followed the reversed Fortress Kerviel into the transition gate.

Following the two giant meteors, millions of large stars and tens of millions of small stars transfer 250 light-years in an instant one after another.

Immediately after passing through the transition gate, the Royal Army began to broadcast a recorded video of Xuě Lì through multidimensional magical conversion communication waves via the magic elements that Fleur had hijacked, and the lower spirits of the petals attached to the Tenka people.

[I am Sòng Xuě Lì, the current head of the Sòng family, who have ruled the Fukashiro System for 699 years since the first head. The Sòng family entrusted the Gāo family to rule Shinkyō and the Lin family to rule Kyūyama, but did not grant them the rights to the Fukashiro star system. From this point on, we will use force to eliminate the five nations that have deceived us and restore the legitimate rights of Fukashiro.]

Xuě Lì, resolutely naming herself, issued a warning to the people of Fukashiro.

[In the name of the head of the Sòng family, I hereby declare martial law throughout the entire Fukashiro System. Until the battle in space and the suppression of the planet is over, the people of Fukashiro should take refuge in their homes. After annihilating the space forces of the five Tenka nation Army, the Royal Army will launch a large-scale ground battle with tens of millions of fighter crafts and suppression crafts. Each of you, bring down all androids that you can manage. All who are caught outside will be annihilated.]

Xuě Lì, in the recorded video, also explained the future developments.

The people of Fukashiro have the rights of the Royal People as part of the Royal citizenry. The rulers of Fukashiro were Xuě Lì, the successor of the Sòng family, and the Marquis of Amakawa, whom her father Hào Lán introduced to the Fukashiro people. The Marquis of Amakawa was entrusted with the Fukashiro System by the Monarchy and became the Duke of Son.

Other aristocrats involved in Fukashiro are Xuě Lì’s cousins, Sòng Sūra and Sòng Lín fā, who engaged in marriage diplomacy with the Monarchy, and their husbands. Sūra and Lín fā will decide the treatment of Shinkyō people and Kyūyama people together with their husbands.

Basically, they will punish criminal acts committed during the occupation and confiscate the property of former occupiers to compensate for the damage. What they cannot fully compensate for, they will enact forced labor to pay it back, even if it is for generations to come.

This was a publicity campaign to give the Fukashiro people relief so that they would not mistakenly side with Shinkyō and Kyūyama in their campaign to suppress the cities.

The moment she uttered the word “labor”, Xuě Lì had a painful expression even though it was a recorded video, but this was the best video that was taken.

As the video was repeatedly played, a turbid stream of light hit the Fukashiro System.

The star system rush of the Monarchy of Diete was as vigorous as the eruption of a volcano.

The ships that stood in the straight path between the transition gate and Lián Shāng were crushed by Metatron, a strategic satellite which came charging as a huge mass.

The giant Metatron is equipped with a mass-wave aggregation cannon connected to the magic engine, a magic conversion protective membrane. Fleur, the Spirit King in the system, pours in magic power and operates it with the internal computer and the deployed military android soldiers.

Driven by Fleur’s power, Metatron crushed the unfortunate ships in its path with enormous mass and shields, and against the Tenka ships that avoided it up, down, left, and right, it exploded them with a rain of artillery showered from the many cannon gates attached to it.

From behind, Fortress Kerviel, which followed with a slight deviation toward the zenith, blew away the surviving remnants of the battlefield where Metatron rampaged.

In the sector where the two meteors flew by, the light of the great army, which dyed the area around the transition gate like scorching magma, swarmed over the red and orange reacting Tenka ships in the vicinity as it flowed in to spread out at the base.

Four million large fighter crafts with combat capabilities to compete with Tenka cruisers wrap around the surrounding Tenka ships from all directions, skewering each ship with dozens of bombardments.

The area around the Transition Gate of the Fukashiro Star System was immediately conquered by the Royal Army.

[The enemy can’t put up a shield properly. They explode with just a small artillery hit, so fire a number of shots at once from the many secondary armaments. Leave the shield and propulsion to me and keep shooting enemies in range in cooperation with your spirits.]

Philine, Claudia and Xuě Lì are the three Operating Assistants to Fortress Kerviel.

Compared to Yuna and Colette on the General flagship Ramiel, Philine’s military rank is higher, which may cause a difference in the merit and the medals of honor. The more such concerns arose, the more enemies Fortress Kerviel was shooting down in the MacLir and Fukashiro Star Systems.

In the surrounding space where Metatron and Fortress Kerviel passed, the Tenka Fleet is in turmoil.

The Tenka side, unable to receive orders from the flagship due to the interference of communications through the magic element, was unable to even form a formation and was caught up in the melee, being hunted down by the subsequent fleet and Israfels.

Tenka’s defense force is nearly seven times that of the MacLir System, but it is only a slight increase in prey for the Royal Army.

“The magic conversion reaction of the Monarchy forces, more than 20 times that of our army!”

The Tenka rulers, who had been invaded, were given desperate reports.

“A star system anomaly is occurring. Auxiliary ship-sized fighter crafts and Salamanders have more than 10 times the power of our military, equivalent to 1.3 million ships. A new fortress, which is more than five times the size of Fortress Kerviel, is also confirmed. In addition, enemy reinforcements continue to warp out directly into the system. There are too many enemies. Lord Líng Yīng, we can’t handle them.”

Having witnessed the invasion of the Royal Army, Líng Yīng understood that the Monarchy had developed and introduced a new technology that would allow them to warp out directly into the star system.

What Líng Yīng couldn’t understand was that fighter crafts that should be incapable of interstellar travel and even the fortress more than five times the size of Fortress Kerviel have invaded via warp.

No matter how he tried, he could not respond with his existing forces. It is impossible for one side to win against a 20 to 1 strike disadvantage.

And Líng Yīng had neither the power nor the time to take measures. The Fukashiro System had three inhabited planets and one manned moon, and a huge number of facilities were scattered throughout the system, but the Monarchy’s forces were conducting simultaneous capture operations throughout the system.

As the Royal Army approached at high speed, Líng Yīng used optical communication to issue a warning to the Monarchy.

“This is Líng Yīng, of the ruling Gāo family of Shinkyō. This is a warning to the Diete’s forces. We are holding in Lián Shāng’s satellite orbit. We can drop fusion munitions on the planet. The people of Fukashiro were incorporated into the Monarchy. I don’t care what happens to the Royal people. Cease your attack. Otherwise, we’ll blow the Royal people away.”

The threats made by the cornered Líng Yīng surprised even the aides around him. In addition to the Fukashiro people who were the original residents, Lián Shāng also has a total of 3.75 billion people, including Shinkyō and Kyūyama residents. If he uses fusion munitions, he will burn down his own people as well.

Of course, if the Monarchy withdraws, Líng Yīng and his troops will be able to overcome the current situation without any sacrifice. The hopes of such aides were shattered by the black-haired young man who appeared on the communication screen.

[This is Hart, the Duke of Son, Husband of Sòng Xuě Lì and Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Army. I will give you my conclusion. The Royal Army will continue the attack. In the Monarchy, there is a principle that hostages should not be valued. You will be a warning to those fools who would think of taking hostages in the future.]

During the war with the former Coalition, Hart was responsible for the hostage rescue operation during the invasion of the Myrna System. The hostages were classmates of the Hart from the Military Academy.

The order given by the person in charge, Hart, was, “If any prisoner of war is used as a hostage, shoot and kill the enemy along with the prisoner and proceed”. After the operation, the number of prisoners who were rescued did not match with the prisoners held in detention.

The inhabitants of the Fukashiro System are also the inhabitants of the system that will be governed by the descendants of Hart and Xuě Lì. Still, Hart ordered the attack.

[Against the Monarchy of Diete, hostages are meaningless. All forces, continue to annihilate the enemy.]

The conversation between the two was transmitted throughout the system, and the attack of the Royal Army became even fiercer.

Each Tenka ship was bombarded by the Monarchy side dozens of times, and even in the space where the ship had exploded and been dispersed, the bombardments filled with murderous intent continued.

Asked by aides who witnessed the increasing momentum of the attack, whether he would really shoot the fusion rounds, Líng Yīng put blame on Hart for making a ruthless decision.

“Don’t associate this with other hostage incidents. There should be tens of billions of hostages. 20 billion people. More than a third of the Monarchy’s total population. Will you just let them die?”

There is no reason to accept criticism from the person taking hostages, but that does not mean that Hart feels nothing.

The families of the murdered residents will resent Hart for his ruthless decision. In the future, when Hart’s descendants rule the Fukashiro System, they will face various difficulties. Originally, the person to resent should be Líng Yīng who shot the fusion bomb.

And for Hart, the Monarchy’s only Fleet Admiral and Commander-in-Chief, it would be the biggest disgrace of his life to let 20 billion of the Royal people die, even in the Fukashiro System, in a battle he himself faced as Commander-in-Chief during his tenure.

He will be reminded of it many times until he dies, wondering if there was any other way.

If there had been a time window of half a year when he was entrusted with Fukashiro by Hào Lán, he would have protected the Fukashiro system like the Athena system and evacuated the important figures of the people of Fukashiro.

However, it was after the fall of Fukashiro that Hart heard of the matter entrusted to him by Hào Lán, and there was no room for maneuvering.

Hart, who was unable to come to terms with his feelings, uttered words that were at odds with his own emotions.

[Some casualties in the operation to recapture a star system will be unavoidable.]

“This is not a threat. I’m really going to fire!”

A grim look of determination rose in Líng Yīng’s complexion.

Shortly after, Hart threw a stone at a party other than Líng Yīng.

[I am also serious. I will make sure that the people of Shinkyō pay for the damage incurred, even if it takes generations to pay for it. However, the damage caused by Shinkyō will not be shouldered by Kyūyama. Moreover, if they turn on Shinkyō and stop the nuclear fusion attack, then the post-war treatment of Kyūyama will be better. With whom will the Lin family’s Lord Liú Hào side, the Sòng family or the Gāo family?]

It was a blatant invitation to betrayal.

When Liú Hào, who was unexpectedly invited, momentarily froze, Hart folded from the standpoint of the Tenka side, the Sòng family.

[It’s a simple matter. I don’t value hostages, but I appreciate contributions to the Monarchy. I cannot disrespect the will of my father-in-law, Lord Hào Lán, or the former Sovereign who accepted Fukashiro’s decision. This is the best concession I can make. If you were to side with the Sòng family, I would not treat the Lin family and the people of Kyūyama badly, but what do you think?]

When asked by Hart, Liú Hào suspected a possible trap.

He wondered if the intention might be to set up a dispute between Shinkyō and Kyūyama, block the launch of the fusion rounds, and then attack the weakened armies of both sides.

However, if he uttered falsehoods in the negotiations, the promises of the Monarchy of Diete and the royal aristocrats would henceforth be discredited by their own people and by other countries.

Moreover, Hart mentioned the name of his predecessor, Hào Lán, as the successor to the Sòng family. If he lies using this name, he will lose the credibility of 20 billion Fukashiro people.

In a battle where the Monarchy’s victory is already assured, reducing some sacrifices at the cost of permanently damaging the credibility of the Monarchy and the royal aristocrats is unbalanced.

In addition, in the Second Battle of the Deite Star System, Dirus, was attacked by Yúnlán’s Ōizumi Army, who were core the members, the Honyō army, who had to make a mark after losing their successor, Seiran, and Yuen’s Ten-to Army.

In the battles so far, Kyūyama has not killed any Monarchy civilians and did not directly incur resentment from the royal people. As the weakest of the six Tenka nations, Kyūyama is not worth the trouble of being deceived by the Royal Army.

Given no choice but death or surrender, Liú Hào was quick to seize the miraculously presented opportunity not to miss it.

“We, the Lin family, have given up on the Gāo family, which is trying to burn down Lián Shāng with all the people of Kyūyama, and we are joining the Sòng family. Burning an entire inhabited planet along with their own people is completely incomprehensible. It seems that we, the Lin family, were the wrong to side with those people to start with. If we follow the Sòng family now and attack Shinkyō, will we receive additional merits for our achievement?”

Liú Hào’s sharp eyes and the raised corners of his mouth reminded Hart of a hunter.

If you want a good job done, you should provide good terms. With the lives of 20 billion people in his own territory at stake, Hart showed that he could offer a reward commensurate with his work.

[Of course. I am the sole Fleet Admiral of the Monarchy, the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Army, and the Duke in charge of the Fukashiro System. In the name of the Duke of Son, I promise better treatment to Kyūyama as long as the lives of the Fukashiro people are saved.]

“I understand.”

As Líng Yīng condemned the betrayal, negotiations were concluded between Hart and Liú Hào. And Hart immediately instructed Fleur, who had expanded her realm into the Fukashiro system.

『Fleur, change the orange marker attached to the Kyūyama people to another easy-to-understand color. Also, please remove the communication interference on Kyūyama and stream the conversation I just had with Líng Yīng.』

『I’ll make it green. I’ll remove the obstruction and play the video. Don’t worry, leave it to me.』

Shortly after Fleur’s reply reached Hart’s ear, the orange Kyūyama army displayed on the screen of Fortress Kerviel command was all repainted green.

All enemy and foe identification displays of the Royal army use the same system. Judging that the display of the entire army had changed, Hart immediately issued an order to the entire star system.

[Hart, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Army, the Duke of Son, to all mankind in the Fukashiro System. Liú Hào of Kyūyama sides with the Monarchy and the Sòng family as Líng Yīng of Shinkyō is attempting to launch fusion munition at Lián Shāng where the Kyūyama people also live. People of Shinkyō, you too will be killed by Líng Yīng. The Royal Army and the Kyūyama army must jointly attack the Shinkyō Army. To the Shinkyō Army, stop following the foolish Líng Yīng and surrender.]

Following Hart’s orders, Fleur showed Líng Yīng attempting to launch a nuclear attack on the planet, dramatically changing the flow of the battlefield.

The Kyūyama army, which had changed to green, recovered the output of their magic engine and began to attack the surrounding unprotected Shinkyō army with overwhelming firepower.

Although the Kyūyama Army was outnumbered by the Shinkyō Army, the five-fold difference in force evaluation due to the output abnormality of the magic engine quickly overturned the number’s inferiority.

The Kyūyama army, exploiting the gap in which the various units of the Shinkyō Army were unable to decide whether to counterattack or not, overran the surrounding Shinkyō fleet and crushed it.

Some Shinkyō vessels fired fusion rounds according to Líng Yīng’s orders, but the number of missiles fired was not large because the planet was also inhabited by Shinkyō residents. And the fusion missiles that were fired were also shot down by the Kyūyama army, which was deployed right next to the Shinkyō army, in order to protect their own people.

“Your Excellency Fleet Admiral, the Kyūyama army is destroying or self-detonating weapons in the system one after another. Even those under the control of Shinkyō are sending location information to us.”

“Share the information with all forces immediately. Destroy each fleet command and fighter craft command post, prioritizing them at the discretion of each Commander. Advance the schedule and launch the atmospheric suppression operation. All Salamander crafts, commence the capture operation.”

After receiving information from the Kyūyama army, the Royal Army pushed the fleet and Israfels into the midst of the disorganized Shinkyō Army to clear a path and launched an attack against the Shinkyō Army on the planet.

A swarm of blue light swept away the red light in overwhelming numbers.

[Liú Hào, you shameless traitor wagging your tail to other people!]

Liú Hào squinted and smiled at Líng Yīng, who was swearing at him.

“Finally, allow me to express my gratitude. By threatening to attack the people of Kyūyama with fusion rounds, you gave me the cause to stand with the Sòng family in a big way. It also greatly increased our value in stopping fusion rounds shot at the Royal people. Shinkyō took on the wrath of the Monarchy and Fukashiro. I appreciate your foolishness, Líng Yīng. Thank you very much.”


There, Líng Yīng’s expression, distorted by anger, was drowned out by the light and wiped out.

The Israfel bombardment hit the part of the Líng Yīng’s General Flagship which was outside the range of the shield effect due to the territorialization, and caused a huge explosion.

Israfel, who carried out the attack, was the craft of Captain Alois Khan, who was identified as the Battalion Commander of Battalion 0285-073 in the Royal Army.

The craft, which skillfully used the supportive artillery of the Strategic Satellite Metatron and the flow of magic elements, ran through the battle sector like a meteor, accelerating in response to the huge explosion that occurred with a shield.

“Lord Liú Hào, the flagship of Shinkyō has been dropped. We can’t confirm any escapees.”

“Well, that’s fine.”

After receiving reports of Líng Yīng’s death, Liú Hào suddenly confirmed that two hours had not yet passed since the start of the battle, and he smiled uncontrollably.

The two hours to this moment were a turning point in the fate of the 1,545 million Kyūyama people’s future, which had changed dramatically.

The losing side would not be recognized as being of much value if they sold themselves, and traitors would not be trusted or appreciated.

However, if he was being recruited by the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Army, the story is completely different. If he was told that they were going to launch nuclear fusion munitions at his own people and betray them due to unavoidable circumstances, and if he had a track record of protecting the people of the Monarchy, albeit in the Fukashiro system, his position would be dramatically improved.

By deeming Shinkyō, who tried to shoot fusion munition at the planet, as a villain, he can explain the policy change to the people of Kyūyama and convince them.

And when he looked back on what the Kyūyama people gained from the war, he saw a future where they could say that they had a much more comfortable living environment than in the Kyūyama System.

If the future of the people is examined in thousands of years, perhaps the balance of payments could be settled.

In just under two hours, Liú Hào, who had managed to escape from the losing camp, gave orders to his troops using the magic element communications, which had restored its function, while biting back laughter at the sudden development.

[To all Kyūyama forces, earn as much merit as possible. We must have the head of the Sòng family appreciate our success. Stop the fusion round attacks with the highest priority. Thoroughly destroy the Shinkyō army and defense weapons, and reduce the number of casualties of the Royal Army and the Royal people. And don’t accept Shinkyō’s surrender. Tell them condescendingly that we have no such authority. In fact, we don’t.]

The reason why Liú Hào intentionally gave instructions to agitate Shinkyō was to make the Shinkyō army rampage and show the viciousness to the Royal people in an easy-to-understand manner, and to raise the rewards that the Kyūyama people would get.

How many times would this draw’s fortune be equivalent to the first prize of a lottery ticket? Liú Hào, who even had time to think about such mundane matters, mercilessly attacked the Shinkyō army which had been an ally a little while ago in order to solidify his foothold as a convert.

However, the support of the Kyūyama army was hardly necessary. Having brought down the defensive satellites that had been deployed on each planet and moon, the Royal Army began its invasion into the atmosphere.

As if they could not even wait for the military satellites to surround the satellite orbit, more than 20 million fighter crafts will descend into the atmosphere as shooting stars.

Some of them dispersed millions of unmanned fighters and drone units in the atmosphere and spread them over the units and facilities that the Shinkyō Army had on the planet.

In the blink of an eye, unmanned weapons from both armies begin to engage, and artillery and missiles fly over the sky, sparking flashes of explosions in the sky and on the ground. Later on, bombardment from military satellites began, and defense facilities on the ground counterattacked, creating shock waves in the atmosphere.

In between the battle airspaces, humanoid 40-meter-long suppressors and assault landing crafts carrying heavily-armed Android soldiers were landing all over the planet.

A large unit of the suppressors bombarded the planet with the energy converted from the magic engines, shooting through the diverse weaponry of the Shinkyō Army and conquering various regions.

Both the Salamanders and the suppressors have unusually high output of the magic engine, with Salamanders flying around in the sky with powerful shields, and the suppressors laying waste to ground weapons with overwhelming firepower.

As they destroyed large weapons, the Monarchy’s android troops were deploying operations to control major cities while annihilating the Shinkyō android soldiers.

“The resistance of the Shinkyō army and militia may last what, two months? But that’s if they didn’t have this.”

Fascinated by the green light that stuck to him and did not disappear, Liú Hào revised the expected time until suppression to 10 days.

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