Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 203

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Chapter 203 – Recognition

“Are you all right, Earth?”

“Ah, don’t worry. Step back. I’m not going to lose.’

“Yes, I believe in you!”

Until here, in the sky, above the clouds, I had done enough warming up.

My body was warm and sharp enough.

In addition, with Kron’s magic eye, I’m in my best condition.

“Ku … thou art capable…”

“My best is yet to come.”

I don’t feel like losing.

“… Fufu … so thou claim… Boy…”

“Kuhahaha, kids these days have no discipline, a little provocation, and they’re in over their heads, right?”

My body blow brought him to his knee and distorted his face, but it doesn’t seem like his fighting spirit will break with only one shot.

He opened the Heraldic Eye in both eyes and slowly stood up…

“【Great Demon Smash】!”


As the prince tried to get up, I bent my knees and sank my body, then unleashed a low-altitude smash.

But, the swing was too big.

The prince rolled on the floor on the spot and hurriedly distanced himself from me.

I thought it was a bit of a chance, so I suddenly used a big technique, so it can’t be helped…

“Oh, how do you like that? The feeling of a Seraph rolling around on the floor”

“Huh, boy!”

And now, not only were his eyes opened, but the color of the eyes also changed.

“No more … stay alert!”

I feel like he recognized me not just as a boy, but as a powerful enemy.

“【Giga Rose Thorn】!”

The prince, with his hands on the floor, cast a spell as he yelled.

At that moment, a thick, prickling rose vine shot out from the floor and attacked me.

If I get caught, I will be unable to move.

But, such false threats will no longer work on me.

“【Great Demon Sonic Flicker】!”

“Wha… eh??”

The shockwave on the left at the speed of sound.

If his is a giant rose whip, mine is a fist whip.

I deflected all the rose vines that reached toward me, and on the contrary, crushed them.

“Wha… thy fist? My Giga-class magick!? Is this magick? No, martial art?”

“What’s wrong? You’re just idling away in thought. Do you have time for that?”

“tte… 【Giga Rose Whip】!!”

One after another, I crushed every vine that emerged from the floor.

As the vines were crushed and fell to the floor, I made them a blind spot and moved.

“Is it okay? What are you doing, making it harder for yourself to see?”


“【Earth Misdirection Shuffle】!”

On top of that, I move around in this space with more footwork.

“Scampering about… but, however much thou move, with my Heraldic Eye…”

“Can you catch me?”

The Heraldic Eye. As it is known to be legendary, having that eye is probably the basis of the prince’s heart.

Certainly, if this had been my first time, I would have felt threatened by the eye’s ability.


『Fear not. After all, this one was raised in a lukewarm heavenly country. You, on the other hand, have faced the Heraldic Eye of Jamdi’el of the historically renowned Six Supremacy that were forged in a hundred battles, and survived. Play on with confidence.』

That’s right. This guy is…… weaker than Jamdi’el. There’s no need to be scared.

“Ku, nu … right? Left? Ah, the rear? Stupid… wha, what in heavens? Every slight… arms, head, glance…”

“Even if you can see my magic, you can’t see through my movements, can you? 【Great Demon Sonic Flicker】!”

The Prince tried to capture my movement with his eyes, as if to undermine what is hidden behind the movements and disrupt them, but by making meaningful and meaningless movements, he was at my mercy.

Then, I released my fist and finally caught the prince.

“Ugh, uh … fast!? Tsu, it hurts…”


The prince tried to guard him by crossing his arms, but my flicker tore his skin from above the guard.

His guard was up, as if he didn’t want any attack on his face. Covering your eyes, what were you doing?

If you are doing that, I’ll just go with that theory…

“【Great Demon Body Blow】!”


My shot landed again, in the exact same place as before, not an inch of difference.

The face of the prince, as he trembled and sobbed with convulsions from his toes to the top of his head in an instant as if in agony, was completely defenseless.

I slam it into his face.

“【Great Demon Corkscrew】!”

A fist to destroy the opponent’s head. Add a twist and screw it in more.

There was a good response.

“Gatsu…… Kah, um…”

The prince ate my hit and rolled again while being knocked to the floor.

This was decisive.

His Heraldic Eye can’t catch me.

“Nonsense… me…… with hands and feet… I have the Heraldic Eye… that’s…”

“Kuhahaha, you got bad eyes, right?”

The prince looked up as if he was taken aback by my words.

However, the beautiful, sculptural face is swollen.

“Thou dare to hit me. Even Daddy never hit me.”

“I see. But what about it? I don’t think getting hit is a good thing, but I don’t feel like losing to a guy who’s never been hit before.”

“Huh … wh … at?”

Even though I don’t feel like losing, that doesn’t mean I’m going to underestimate him and let my guard down.

Now, the opponent may seem to be lying on the ground and full of gaps, but the prince was considering the distance between us properly, and the moment I try to close the distance, I guess he might unleash rose vines from the floor with the same magic as before, but that’s not going to happen.

“【Great Demon Sonic Straight】!”


A shockwave from a distance.

Even with the Heraldic Eye, there was no way he could avoid my punch from his fallen position since he couldn’t keep up with me, and the prince rolled again.

“Gahah…… im, posible… me…… hands and feet… strong…… thou was…… so strong?”

The prince was hurt by me and let out an involuntary squeak.

However, he did not crawl away as it was, but got up, whipping his aching body.

“But… no matter how strong thou art, I cannot let thee go any further! I will not… disappoint Daddy! For his recognition… I cannot lose!”

Shouting this, the Prince took up a stance with the will to fight in his eyes again.

And I got a little caught up in what he just said.

His father is the Heavenly King. So, I thought it was “because he was my father and my family” that he would protect the King of the Heavens, but now he said “make his father accept him”.

“What? Do you want your father’s approval?”

“…… Never mind…… it’s nothing to do with thee.”

The prince, who thought that he made a slip of his tongue, held his mouth in a hurry.

However, when I saw the situation, I just spoke unexpectedly.

“You’re just trying to get your dad to recognize you… huh? Pretty much…you’re a narrow-minded bastard?”

At that moment, in my ear.

『Hmm, boomerang.』

And Tre’ainar, with his arms folded, pushed in, but I ignored him.

“Inexcusable… in essence…… what would thou know? What about me…”

And, naturally, he reacted as always to the words I said, that I didn’t know anything about his life and had nothing to do with it.

But for some reason I…

“Is your father the only one in your field of vision… or your world?”

“…… Eh?”

“You want to be recognized by your father… I’ll make the world recognize me someday!”


I didn’t mean to preach, and that’s exactly what I said, even though it should have had nothing to do with this guy.

Then, although the prince looked slightly pouty, he immediately laughed…

“Haha… the world is it… why not save such grandeur for after thou beat me first?”

“Sure, in seconds!”

I rushed in and closed the distance in an instant.

The prince reacted instantly, too.

Both eyes wide open, he tried to see through my every move.

But I…

“Sometimes, feints become feints, by not doing them?”


And he reacted too late after seeing my left. All according to prior predictions.

So, I pierced all the way through…


My left took the prince’s lower jaw. The next moment, the prince crumbled in place like a puppet with broken strings.

“Kah, ah… ah… ah…”

From the front, a simple left jab with no tricks or feints.

On the contrary, it became a feint, and the prince was hit squarely, his brain was shaken and he went down.

Looking down at the prince who had fallen in front of me, I clenched my fist.

The prince was by no means weak. Even more so, he had a legendary magic eye.

But I was the one who won.

I wonder what it is. I…..

『Indeed, child. Are you not getting stronger? After your battles against Machio, Jamdi’el, and the Dragon King of Hades, you have been further refined.』

“…… oh…”

And those words made me happier than anything else that could be said right now.

If Kron wasn’t here, I might have thrown a guts pose in excitement.

Well, that’s fine.

Even if my father doesn’t recognize me… if there’s someone who recognizes me as I am… At least, I’m…

『…… As such…… you are transparent…』

Still, I didn’t care because I was so happy, so I just did what I thought in my mind.

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