Forbidden Master – Teaser

Chapter 233 – You Liar

I said that to him. But I couldn’t help myself.

Because, right now, I felt terribly uncomfortable with my father’s no-nonsense behavior as he desperately chased after me.

Besides…… I just remembered…

―― Well, you’re the type to grow slowly. Take your time and do your best.

Those are the words that he said.

To be frank, nothing irritated more than those unreliable words.

“Earth… you…”

“Earth, you… what are you…”

My father and mother looked stunned by my question.

without looking back at those two, I continued to pester them…

“Of course, you’ve been working hard, too, haven’t you? You’ve had a hard time, haven’t you? You’ve been through a lot of pain during the war, haven’t you? There were some sad moments, but I’m sure you’ve overcome them too, haven’t you? I don’t know much about the past, but I think it must have been like that for you. I know that my father’s life wasn’t just easy victories. I also fought against the Six Supremacy, and I felt their overwhelming power, so my parents who fought against them must have been struggling… but…”

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