Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 202

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Chapter 202 – Intermission (Prince) ②

I rushed to Daddy after receiving the report of the invaders, only to be given but one order, “stand by”.

I was told not to do anything unnecessary, so I couldn’t sortie and merely looked down at the city from the palace.

My little birds and the Guardian Squad were not allowed to fight, only guide the evacuation of the people.

Only Daddy’s golems were in battle.

The golems, however, were overwhelmed by the furious momentum of the Surface people.

[Mu~… why, that demon woman held Earth’s hand… uh, he’ll definitely get a sermon later! Until then, I’ll pierce you all!]

[Fufufufufu, oh dear, Little man is so popular~ I’m happy, but also a little frustrated~]

[Well, I’m not so narrow-minded that Honey touching another woman a little bit would offend me, am I? It’s just not funny, so I’ll let the melancholy slide.]

Warriors of the Surface, united under one will without taking a step back in the face of Daddy’s mighty power.

[We can count on Earth’s companions to lend us a hand. I’m Machio. What’s your name?]

[Rebal… you know of Earth’s strength…?]

[I know it very well. I fought him recently and lost.]

[Huh!? …… ah I see… same as me. I lost to him, too.]


[So Earth… faced someone strong like you… and won…]

[Fu~, well, that’s the way it is. Then, we’re both losers. But let’s make this our comeback.]

[…… yeah, I’m with you.]

The strength to kick away Daddy’s golems one after another while chatting.

Just watching them fight made my heart flutter.

And at the same time, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of danger as their fangs were digging into the Heavenly World.

And yet, I’m here still.


“…… What?

I can stand it no longer.

So in the throne room, I gave my suggestion to Daddy.

“Permit me to sortie! They’re quite skilled. But if Daddy’s golems are joined by the Valkyrie Knights and the Guardian Angels in this battle…”

“Hold your tongue! Thou do not understand how troublesome this would be for thee, a failure who art incapable of resisting the manipulations of a Magic Eye! Stand down!”

However, the frustrated Daddy only looked displeased at me and didn’t listen at all.

“Daddy… however, with my Heraldic eye, surely I can resist …”

“Thou…… lowly creatures. Do thou not comprehend? With my magical power, I can further strengthen the golems! Or…… deploy my hidden hand…”

No longer am I in Daddy’s sights.

The King of the Heavens, fighting all on his own, refused the aid of his comrades, subordinates, or family.

Were I stronger and more reliable, would he have done something different?

“Hihahahaha, come now~ Dick, you got this.”

However, even though Daddy is such, there is only one being whose words he hears.

It is the only one in this country who calls Daddy with such familiarity as “Dick” from “Dekte’ita” as a nickname.

“Friend, this is no time for mirth! If thou know of them, tell me everything.”

“Hihaha no, no, no, I also, got no clue what’s going on, I’m just as surprised.”


“…… Well, it looks like we got a surprising girl here…… so we’re going to have to get a little instruction from ……that young lady.”

“Nu? Who art thou referring to?”

“Look, that flute over there is… tte, hey Dick, let’s cut the telepathy, shall we?”


Yes, Daddy also listens to his friend’s advice.

Friend? That man who appeared in this country a few years ago.

Had it not been for that man, Daddy would not have become the King of the Heavens.

Therefore, Daddy trusts that man more than anyone else.

Yes, much more than I, his family…

“Maybe it’s… because I’m a failure… I’m…”

If only I could do more…?

“Hey, Ga’al! How long art thou standing there! Don’t just linger and keep the people away! From now on, I will perform the final techniques of my golem magic… by combining the five great cloud golems… to summon ‘The Ultimate Perfect, Great Cloud Golem’!”

“Oooh! That’ll get things going again! Yay, that’s the Heavenly King for ya!”

If I were more capable… I would live up to Daddy’s expectations… instead of being a failure… nay……

“…… Nay…… I….. I’m no failure!”

I’ll prove it with results.

That I am not a failure.

Daddy became a new Heavenly King. I… I’ll make him acknowledge me… as his child…!

Without fail!

“Hihaha… ah… young Ga’al… you’re much too shortsighted…”

“Hmm? What’s wrong? Friend.”

“No, it’s nothing ♪.”

Let us sortie.

I will not push it all on Daddy alone.

“Everyone, it is I. Ga’al. Attention all members of the Heavenly Valkyrie Knights.”

In the palace, I hear only the sound of my running, for most of the warriors of the palace are currently outside.

In other words, the warriors ready for battle are already waiting outside.

I will be disobeying Daddy’s instructions, but with all the responsibility on my shoulders, I can send forth all the warriors who are waiting right now…




“Wh, what?”

In front of me as I went down the grand staircase of the palace and was about to exit the main gate…

“Ridiculous… thou art…!”

Why? We met on the Surface… the man who hurt my cheek and… that doll…

“Hehe… never thought I’d see you again like this.”

“Good day to you, pardon the intrusion.”

“Thou… scoundrels…… why art thou here?”

Because they were in the city with the golems… and yet they’re alone in this castle… for Jamdi’el’s rescue?

Nay, perhaps…

“Where is the King of the Heavens?”


Their purpose is Daddy! While others fight the golems in the square and garner attention, a small group aims for Daddy… with these two?

“…… Does thou expect I would tell thee?”

“In that case, I’ll beat it out of you.”

“Does thou think I shall let thee go?”

“Then, I’ll push right through you.”

With that said, he stepped forward from the front without any hesitation.

My opponent had the leeway to have a broad smile upon his face.

“…… I don’t understand.”


“…… Why go so far…”

“Because you took something important from Kron and everyone else, didn’t you?”

“…… You mean Jamdi’el? Thou have no notion of how much she has―――”

“Oh, I don’t care about that stuff anymore.”


In order to save Jamdi’el, the great sinner who has committed unforgivable sins, he has risked his life to rush from the Surface to this Heavenly World.

Why do so much? When I tried to question him, he smirked and moved forward further.

“It’s not about who she really is, what she did, or anything like that. It’s just that there were a lot of people in that country…… people that I got along with… that don’t want to lose her. I’m just trying to help with that.”

“What… was that?”

“Yes. I just want to reward them…… for accepting me as me. That is my reason… and that’s also why… I want to repay the debt from what you bastards have done to them!”

For a moment, I was perplexed by the words of the man in front of me.

A human man, shorter than I, and I suspect, much younger in age.

However, his words were――――

“Let’s go! Breakthrough!”


“【Earth Misdirection Shuffle】!”

This was his unique fighting technique, he used it on the Surface!

“I won’t allow it! Heraldic Eyes―― “

However, the same technique will not work again. With my Heraldic Eye, I’ll see through―――

“【Great Demon Body Blow】!”


…… see. throu… all? Eh? Wh… what is this? Internal organs… my body… deep within…

“Urup, go, gaha!”

“What the hell? You have very soft abs for a guy, don’t you? I can’t believe you got down on one knee with one shot.”

Ridiculous! It’s much more complex than it looked on the Surface… faster…… and….. what, in heavens is this punch!?

Nay, one blow? Against me?

On the Surface, he was already exhausted, but the truth is, this… had this much……

“This is for what you have done on the Surface. If you step aside, you can keep that handsome face of yours from a beat down. But if you stand in my way, even I don’t know what will happen.”

“Th… this…”

“Come on, this is a raid!”

At that moment, the man before me, though smaller and younger than I, looked ridiculously large.

Author’s Note

Finally, we were able to reach today. I pray for the rest. This is the last prayer of this year.

Come on, let’s break into the bookstore!

By the way, about the manga, it will be out next spring … probably.

I don’t know the details yet.

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