Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 204

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Chapter 204 – Look Closely

While looking down at the prince who crawls and cannot stand up, I realize that I have become stronger.



Then, the goddess who had been silent all this time jumped at me with excitement.

“You’re amazing, Earth! I knew that Earth was strong and cool, but today’s Earth was better than I knew!”

“O, oh, right?”

“Hey, I, for one, am thrilled. My heart is beating so fast! I mean, Earth is so amazing~, right now. Do you understand?”

Kron pushed her soft body against me and hugged me while thrusting out her chest.

Oh, I’m already active, but I don’t know what it feels like to be a man. It’s cute and embarrassing.

“Anyway, calm down.”


“And I’m sure the King of the Heavens is up ahead.”

Yes, nothing is over yet.

As long as we haven’t beaten the enemy boss, the golems that everyone is fighting outside won’t stop either.

“Yes. If you lose to him, Jamdi’el and everyone… isn’t that right?”


Kron, who was frolicking, also tightens her loose face again.


『Eh, child! They come!』

“…… Eh?”

The next moment, Tre’ainar suddenly roared–

“If thou don’t want to lose, die.”


A shadow approached from behind Kron.

They raised their hand and tried to target Kron’s thin white neck…

“【Great Demon Jab】!”

“Eh, tch…”

“…… Eh?”

If Tre’ainar hadn’t told me about it…

『Do not let your guard down while telling others to calm. This is the belly of the enemy, is it not?』

When Tre’ainar scolded me, I nodded and followed Kron.


“Tch… couldn’t kill the magic eye doll…”

The man, who was disrupted by my left, was not able to kill Kron and clicked his tongue.

The man was dressed in a pure white robe, and on his back were wings, a testimony of a Seraph.

He has a scraggly white mustache, but his head was smooth and shiny.

With a sharp eye, his whole body emitted an angry atmosphere.

This guy…

“Da….. di…”

The prince, who had fallen to the floor and was crawling, muttered in a murky voice.

“You’re… the Heavenly King?”

“Even standalone golems have a time limit. And I have no intention of conversing with filthy lower creatures. Die.”

Without answering my question, the bearded old man was coming towards me again.

Does this mean that he thinks Kron was such a threat that came to catch us off guard?

I mean, he didn’t answer, but this guy…

“I’m most certain. If I rid myself of Kron, other soldiers can be deployed. Golems lack a decisive strike, so I must stealthily act with my own hands… such is how it must go. Well, for thou and Kron to be here, it was most unexpected, and yet…”

There seems to be no doubt. Even though he was a king, he was very impatient.

And this is…

“How careless of thee. This is an opportunity.”


“Kron, he’s coming. Don’t leave my side! Get your eyes ready!”


If we defeat him here, it will all be over.

“Don’t make light of me! Even with magical eyes, in the end she is but a little girl! If I fight by focusing only on thy feet without making eye contact, nothing can go wrong! Blow up! 【Gigastorm】!!”

“You’ve come this far, I suppose, because you don’t look your opponents in the eye like that! 【Great Magic Spiral, Earth Spiral, Sonic Impact】!!

Even though we’re indoors, he shot a powerful wind magic spell at me and Kron, but I quickly intercepted with a shockwave of the Great Magic Spiral.

“Nuku!? My magick…”

“Hehe, you see. Because you don’t look closely enough… you can’t really understand the enemy in front of you.”

At the same time……

“Earth, amazing … kyaa, the wind…”

That’s right. If you don’t look closely… closely…… White…… String…… not that!


Yes, this is the one I have to keep my eyes on and blow away.



The clash of the storm and spiral created violent whirlwinds and turbulence in the palace, destroying the walls.

As a result, they canceled each other out.


“Hehe, did you finally see me?”


However, even though we were evenly matched, from the King of the Heavens’ point of view, he may not have thought that I could use a technique as powerful as his, and like the prince, he had a surprised expression on his face as he looked at me.

And then……


“…… Ga’al…”

“Hah~, hah~… Daddy…… be wary… he is…… strong.”

The Prince was almost blown away by the clash of our techniques, but he crawled to the feet of his father, the Heavenly King.

To the child who is worried about his father… a child who fought against the enemy but was defeated and covered with wounds on the floor . . .

“Imbecile! If thou were better…with the Heraldic Eye, what is this plight?”


“How far will thou go to disappoint me?”

The father trampled on his fallen child.

“In place of the former King of the Heavens, who was content with such small environs without expanding our world for over a thousand years, I, as an apostle of the true god, have the responsibility to expand the world, supervise it and guide all life. And if thou, the Son of the King, should be so useless…how utterly disappointing.”

That is…… the Heavenly King? King?

He just looked like a domestic violence bastard to me.

“How terrible… my goodness…”

It was a scene that even Kron had to hold her mouth shut to.

Good, I’m not the only one.

The scene unfolding in front of me was absolutely appalling.

But that’s not all.

“That eye is wasted on thee. Hey, Ga’al… gouge out those eyes and hand them over to me.”


“If thou disapprove, take off your clothes and conceive my child! Oh, yes, that would be better!  Thou who was born in exchange for the death of my beloved wife!”

“…… Daddy…… Wha, what… the.”

“Then, I shall have a more decent heir this time――――”

My anger has reached its peak, and I’m at a loss what to say.

That prince, too, his expression was saddened by so much of his father’s remarks, and he looked weak, as if he were a child or a woman.

Have you gone mad? Are you crazy? A father to his own son ugh I feel nauseous… yeah…… I can’t take it anymore.

“What the hell are you doing?”


The fucker was yapping about something, but my hand was out before I noticed.

The Heavenly King, who was completely off guard, was punched out by me, and somehow regained his posture and stopped, but bled from his cheek.

“Thou wretch! What! In the first place, this nothing has to do with thee―――”

“Shut it! If you don’t want to love your child, then don’t meddle in your child’s life any more. Shut your mouth already, you bastard.”

“…… Wh, at? Wh… towards me…”

Well, in a way, this is… after all, I felt somewhat uncomfortable at first.

“Well, for the time being, I don’t have to hesitate to blow him away. I’m glad you’re such a piece of shit.”

Striking at the enemy’s country and knocking the king of the other country was something that can’t be undone… so…… I was relieved.

“Hmm… this is why…the ignorant folk. Thou know nothing. My friend taught me. I am the apostle of God who controls the world and guides all life… why art thou so ignorant?”

“That’s not how you get people to understand.”

The Heavenly King sighed, as if mocking and making fun of people. I was not in the mood to listen to what he had to say.



“I’ll make an opening and give the signal. Then… can I count on you?”

“…… Yes.”

If Kron listens to me, and Tre’ainar gives me the best timing…

『Fu~, child… huh?』

Then it was then.

『This Heavenly King… insane eyes… incoherent remarks… missing hair… short-tempered personality… solid footing at the moment, but… hmm…… surely not…』

Somehow, beside me, Tre’ainar had a difficult expression at the Heavenly King, as if he was concerned about something else.

Author’s Note

Thank you for purchasing the book. I don’t know if the second volume is going to roll out, but I’ll still do my best. Review in dense forest…. I’m glad that I got the spirits! I’m so happy I don’t know what to take off anymore.

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