Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 226

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Chapter 226 – What I Was Pursuing Back Then

TN: Boys… get your Popcorn ready!!!!!

In a way, this was just as surprising as the declaration that Paripi would be my subordinate or Coman showing her true nature.

In the first place, after pushing that attitude of disliking and condescending me to the fullest, there must be something wrong with my thought circuit if I believed the princess liked me, so why was she surprised the moment I said that she was wrong? Rather, I was surprised.

“Heh, ah, …… eh? E, Earth… t, that… eh… what?”

No, what are you talking about?

“Guh~, what are you saying, Earth! W, who, then, who have you been looking at, if you don’t like me?!”




I answered in an instant.

Oh no, she’s right here!

“Li, ttle man… ohohohohoho, so precious.”

“Ugh, guh…”

“Goodness, Li, tle, ma, Little maaaaaaaaan… r, really. Well, I, I knew, but hey. Who was Little man looking at~”

“Uh~ … gu, ka, don’t tease me…”

“Hoh~?! Fufu, ohohohoho…… bosu…. guh, even though I knew, this reaction… the strength to defeat a Six Supremacy, even though his body and mind have grown, this innocent reaction… utterly adorable… I want to eat him up… Oh…”

Sadiz’s thoughts were leaking out of her mouth.

Well, that was probably a bit of teasing, and Sadiz would laugh with a cool expression as a ‘grown-up’.

Besides, I couldn’t bear that laugh, so I turned my back and my shoulders were trembling with excitement.

Damn, so embarrassing…

“…… Hmm… That? What is it…… now…… my chest feels queasy…?”

“Lady Kron, it’s a disease… The Love Sickness… thou, Earth Lagann. That’s why, thou should have bedded Lady Kron as soon as possible…”

“Guh, uh, w, well, I knew she was Honey’s first love, but… I still get jealous when it is mentioned in front of me…”

I mean, even though I did it unconsciously, it can’t be smart.

Was Jamdi’el so angry that she gave off a menacing aura?

Kron tilted her head sadly, not knowing what the pain in her chest was.

And Shinobu, who didn’t come forward, still looked frustrated.

That’s right…

“M, my bad… Kron…… Shinobu…”



Right now, I’m…

“Oh, that, that… I mean, I should not say that in front of you guys who told me that you like me… that wasn’t considerate of me… I’m sorry…”

Right. To the two people who were in love with me, I haven’t given a clear answer yet, and they’ve still done something like risk their lives for me, and this is what I do.

I think I’m doing the worst thing possible.


“…… Kyu~…”

At that moment, Kron nodded as if he had something in her heart, and Shinobu turned bright red in the face and began to moan, “awawa”.

“…… I see…… my chest, which had been tightened…… fluttered just now.”


“I am overjoyed and saddened by your words… is this what love is? I learned one more thing that I liked today.”


“Ehehe, I’m glad I learned from you.”


Dazzling!? This Goddess…… oh, no, such a dazzling smile, I stood there for a moment…

“Honey, you really are …… a dork, aren’t you…”

“Uh? … wh… what?”

“My love is not so weak …… as to be broken by this.”


“For now… you understand my feelings… and that’s enough. Because the rest is up to me.”


My cheeks, hot, as a squirming and embarrassed Shinobu plucked my sleeve with her fingers.

Oh, I wonder what it is… already……

“I see.”

“Yes ♪.”

“That’s how it is ♡.”

Until now, I’ve only ever directed my feelings of liking a girl to Sadiz.

And because Sadiz was also a perfect superhuman in every sense, she was beautiful, smart, strong, tough but sometimes sweet and sexy, so I honestly didn’t think anything of the girls around me at the academy or the Imperial City.

But by going out into the outside world for a bit and broadening my horizons…

“Geez, look. Let’s take Jamdi’el out and get going right away.”

“Oh, Earth, ufufu~, he’s so shy~”

“Ufu~, are you already embarrassed, Honey? Ara ara!”

“I’m not embarrassed!”

“Oh dear, is that so~?”

“This is a nice development. Can we attack now?”

I can’t give you an answer yet, but… it’s just that…… I also have some kind of sweet and sour, but also warm feeling…



“””…… Hah…”””

“Oh~… Little man…… I should leave you alone for a bit, huh?”


Oh, not good, I forgot.

The princess shouted with a look of indignation mixed with tears, demanding not to be ignored.

Fu, Rebal and Sadiz were already scratching their heads, and the prince, who seemed to have the least understanding of the situation, had a drawn-out smile on his face.

“Erm, ah, p, princess …… er, I guess the story is?”

“So it is I whom you love, right? Your first love may have been Sadiz, but now it must be me!”

“………… Why?”

“What?! Why … eh? Ah … that? No … why?”



Anyway…… the princess is… does the princess think I like her?

“Because we … in the future … we’re going to get married…”

“…… Huh?!”

“What’s that face like it’s your first time hearing it!?”

“Because, it’s my first time hearing it!”

“What do you mean? We’ve been engaged since we were little, and you were supposed to be my husband and lead the empire with me in the future! Father, and Lord Hiro, intended it as well!”

“What’s that!?”

How many shocking events and shocking facts do I need to find out today?

Am I the princess’ fiancé?! Is that what the Emperor and my father intend?

“Sadiz, is that true!?”

“…… No….. well…… that…… the Master and Madam wanted it… I knew it, too, in case you were wondering.”

“Huh? Why! Because I’ve been asking Sadiz to be my wife since I was little…!”


Sadiz knew.

Did Rebal and Fu also know?

No, but why didn’t I, the person in question, know about this?

“Well, is that so, Earth…”

“For once… it wasn’t Princess Phianse’s assumptions or delusions…”

“Besides, he likes Sadiz so much… that he wants her to be a bride…”

“Ugh, I’m jealous…”

Oh… again, in front of these two…

“Shinobu… Kron…… um, I’m sorry――――――”

『Ever the cur!!!!』



Tre’ainar, who had been silent for a long time, finally got angry, saying “enough”.

I mean, I’m the only one who can hear his voice…

“Oh, hey, Earth… y, you… didn’t you know?”

“…… ah… Princess…”

“That we will be married in the future…”

“O, ou…”

I mean, I thought you were looking down on me.

“So, then, Earth, what did you think of me all this time?”

“In my eyes… a, a Childhood Friend.”


That’s why, honestly, I wasn’t good at… talking to the princess… but I feel like it would be kind of bad if I said that out loud.

But even without saying it, it was conveyed.

The princess’s eyes swirled as she wobbled.

“It can’t be…”


“When Earth ran away from the Imperial City… Lady Mamu, said something like……… Earth doesn’t really love me, so I… but that was a lie so I wouldn’t worry, and Earth and I both have feelings for each other… we are lovers, man and wife… yes…… by all rights, once the match was over, we will be together, officially … Huh?!”

That’s when it happened.

“Yes, the Graduation Match!”


The princess, who was muttering in confusion, looked up.

“Before the match… how do you explain it? There was that talk we had one morning on our way to school!”


“You said you knew…… what my feelings and wishes were! You, on the other hand, said you would win the championship to get what you wanted too!”

I remember …… saying that.

――― I’ve never lost to you… That’s why I won’t lose our match. And when I win the championship… I get everything! Everything… That’s it

―――Certainly, I’m not sure I’m thinking that deeply about the future compared to you. But… I’m serious about this tournament, too. No, I’m going to take it seriously. I’m the one who wins the championship!

Shortly after I met Tre’ainar, I remember having that conversation with the princess when we met by chance on our way to school in the morning…

The princess’ feelings at that time?

For the sake of the Empire. For the world. For humanity. For the future. We will continue to protect the current world of peace.

I thought maybe she kept harboring such lofty thoughts.

“The day Rebal and Fu came back! You said you were the one who would win! Because there’s something you can’t give up!”

I remember that too.


―――I know you guys are strong, but… I’m the one who will win! There’s something I can’t give up either!

I made that declaration after being egged on by Tre’ainar. As a way of putting pressure on myself.

“Didn’t it mean that you would confess and propose to me, as I was thinking of declaring to all the people that I would marry you upon my victory, and give our pledge to serve the people of the Empire, peace, and justice for all eternity?”

“Whaaaaat was thaaaaaaaat!!!

“Wh… uh…”

“I never said that… I didn’t mean it that way at all…”

No, really, why would I do that?

In the first place, I was…

“N, no way…”

And the princess, so shocked that she collapsed to her knees, her whole body trembled…

“No way, no way, no way! So, what does that mean? Was it… my misunderstanding? Then what did you want to win?! Wasn’t it me?!”

“…… Huh?”

“What you wanted to get when you won… if it’s not me, what was it!?”

What I wanted to win and get at that time… something I’ve been chasing for a long time…

“No! At that time, if I won, Sadiz’s boobs… b… eh!?”

“…………… Huh?”

I hurriedly held my mouth down.

I looked at Sadiz involuntarily. Sadiz quickly averted her eyes.

And I looked at the princess again.

“Oh… Princess…”

” ( ゜д゜)?”

The princess had an expression I had never seen before.

Author’s Note

Thank you for your support. Yesterday, I learned about your feelings for your childhood friend.

But I like Princess Ph, Phinseng. After all, she is my favorite character. Otherwise, I would not try to recover the misunderstanding of the previous 200 chapters. Even after hundreds of chapters, I still have feelings for Princess Ph, Phinseng, which is why I put her out there. I have never had the slightest desire to jump on the bandwagon and go all in, so let me say that clearly.

So, seriously, if you don’t have sympathy to some extent, the princess will really be helpless, so I would like to apologize for overdoing it.

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  1. The author’s note kinda worries me, hope he doesn’t try too hard to push the princess forward as a love interest. Because we’re seeing here, that though Earth might be a little slow on the draw, he properly faces and properly respects the feelings and intentions of women who do the same to him.

    Though you can blame the neglectful adults in his life for part of the scenario, much of this situation is brought about by the Princess’s delusions and assumptions overpowering any genuine connection with Earth.

    It once again illustrates how Sadiz was the only positive connection in his life before Tre’ainar came around. Granted she maybe could have told Earth about the arranged marriage, but she’s made it clear that she feels it to be a subject she has no business butting into. Also, probably had her hands full being the sole guardian of a boy four years younger than her.

    Though, I wonder if it will come up at some point that Earth losing the tournament against the Princess and being ‘claimed’ would have probably crushed his spirit for good?

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  2. Hmmm, i think it take too much time to get to some real explanation… Now she knows he never knew about that so called engagement, but still the core of the problem of her personality asn’t been adressed yet. Like Earth saying why he couldn’t think of her loving him when she constantly trashed him both physically and mentally


  3. Earth: I wasn’t fighting for you, I was fighting for Sadiz’s oppai
    Princess: ( ゜д゜)?

    LMAO what a way to end the chapter, I’m still laughing even while typing this comment wwwwwwwwww

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