Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 225

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Chapter 225 – Farewell Hugs

Somehow or other, the conversation reached a resolution.

Whether Kron can continue to call Jamdi’el “Mother” or whether Jamdi’el accepts it will be a matter for both of them.

But, it was likely that Kron’s desire to stay with Jamdi’el will be heard.

“All that’s left, is me…”

Paripi’s suggestion was that the future of Jamdi’el and Kron should be left to “that guy”.

It might be much better than going back to the current Cacretale or throwing them both out into the middle of nowhere.

But then what do I do next…


“Little man.”

At that moment, Shinobu and Sadiz stood in front of me with sad expressions.

“Honey, that means you’re not going home with everyone, but…”

“Then… we’ll have to say goodbye here… don’t we?”

The two of them reaffirmed the meaning of my words.

That’s right, that’s how it is.

“Sadiz, that’s what we originally talked about back in Cacretale…”

“Yes, I had a faint hope that I would be able to help you out and make your troubles go away, but…”

“I see… well, it’s true that you being there was a great help to me Sadiz… but…”

“Yes, I know.”

Once, we even hugged each other in the Cacretale and said our goodbyes.

Sadiz didn’t say “rethink this” or “take me too” or anything like that.

“Even if the Master and Madam were just a stone’s throw away… I’m on your side, Little man.”


Gently wrapping her hands around my cheeks, Sadiz said it again with tears in her eyes, and…

“But, one more hug.”


“Hmm~, Little man… cuddling, on my springy boobs.”

“Oh, ah…”

“If it’s the current you, Little man, with the power and strength of your mind right now, I’ll push your back… if you return now… as a perk, you can have my tits, or do other Erotic Things, as much as you want~…


Seeing me off again… a hug for that… while saying that, Sadiz half-jokingly seduces me.

Seriously …… oh, tits …… erotic things… as much as I want… no matter how many times … no way?

“…… is that how it is… like that… ah, ahem, Honey!”


When I was a little confused, Shinobu, who had been sneaking around for some time, grabbed my sleeve as Sadiz hugged me with a slightly smug expression.

“I also… I really want to be with you, Honey… go on dates, eat together, make out, and have a big hustle tussle at night…”

“O, oh…”

“But you know, I’m… on Honey’s side in any world or situation… there’s something meaningful about Honey leaving us and going off alone again, and as long as you want it, I, as a woman, won’t drag your feet.”

Shinobu likes me and really wants to stay with me, but she was trying her best to be a good listener and support me.

Geez… really…… a waste of a good woman…

” But you know what, I’d…… like a hug too… at least.”

“If that’s all… eh?”

So when Shinobu asked me for a hug, I naturally accepted.

Actually, I’ve been enjoying Sadiz’ tits, the way her body rubbed against mine and her scent… no, I wanted to hug her a little more, but I pulled away from Sadiz and spread my arms out to Shinobu.

“Nmu, Little man… to shake off my boobs… he’s really mentally tough… after all, the next time will be raw rather than over clothes…”

Sadiz pouted her lips a little uncomfortably… ah~, damn, that face was cute too… I mean…

“Here, Shinobu.”

“Ah ♡.”

“Erm… I’m grateful for all you’ve done for me this time around. You’ve been helping me a lot since Mr, Aka…”

“Honey… big, warm… wrapping me… ah, I resent my lack of vocabulary… Boso…… Space-Time Ninja Art 【Marking】 complete… Hehehe with this…”

“Shinobu? What was that? You were whispering.”

“Oh, it’s nothing! Oh, hug me tighter, so hard that I break♡.”

“O, oh!”

Her body was smaller than I thought. Unlike Sadiz, it does not have the flesh of an adult woman.

But, this little body has helped me out so many times.

Really, this girl…

“Ufufufufu, everyone is getting along.”

“Lady Kron! Such composure! I understand the future, but at least if thou delay in these situations, will others not gain an advantage over thee? In order to give birth to the future Son of Earth Lagann before anyone else, make the most of the opportunity here!”

“Oh, is that so? Oh… Mother…”

“Ahhhhh! I hear nothing. See here, we must hurry…”

“Nmmu, Jamdi’el, you’re so shy… ufufufu, but it’s okay~, because one day, I’ll have you accept me. For that reason, for now, I’ll be a good girl who listens to my parents! So, Earth~!”


Kron jumped on me and Shinobu’s hug while smiling, and hugged both me and Shinobu as if to envelope us.

Her expression was somewhat challenging, yet refreshing.

Undoubtedly, when it comes to Jamdi’el, Kron was even more…

“Hey, you! No matter how much you consider yourself a worthy rival and a friend, I need you to read the air here!”

“But I love Earth, too, so I want a big hug for myself.”

Anyway, it’s the first time I’ve hugged a girl my age like this… but… I mean…

“…… Honey?”


“Hmm? Nope…”

No, it’s inappropriate at a time like this, but… now…… I… I thought I was in quite the popular phase… I thought.

On the other hand…

“Fu, ga …… ah, gag …… nnngaah….”

“P, princess, f, fell, fell down… no way right…”

“Sorry for the trouble… normally I… would say that, but I’m so sorry I can’t do it…”

At that moment, something that looked like a mummy appeared at the edge of my field of vision… it was the princess.


“Tte, u o~tsu!?”


I was surprised.

The princess cried tears of blood that she had never shown before…

“Uh, ah, uuuuh, uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, EEEEEAAAAAARTH!!

“Ha, eh, wh, what?”

And finally, the princess, who was always crisp, cool and mature…

“Whyyy? Why are you being so mean to me? Why?”

“………… Huh?”

“You don’t tell me anything, and you just flirt with other girls in front of me as if to show off! There has to be a limit to the number of lovers one can have… but, buuuuuuuut!”

Finally holding her head and crying like a little child… what’s wrong?

“Tell me… as well… Earth…… tell me already! What happened, what happened to you, Earth! Tell me!”

Oh, I see…


So that’s how it is. She’s been treated coldly, and kept out of the loop.

As a childhood friend, it was discouraging to be treated like that and not to being told anything.

There was also the whole thing with Coman…

“I see… naturally… I’m sorry, Princess.”

“Ewannn, ugh, gusu, higu…”

I have to tell them to some extent.

To the princess, to Fu, to Rebal… this time I was helped a lot.

“You… all this time, didn’t you like me? You’ve always loved me, haven’t you!?”

“Eh? No, not really?”

“Gusu… and yet, why with a woman I don’t know……………… eh?”

“…… Huh?”

……… Hmm? Huh? What are you talking about?

“””Uh oh~……”””

Why are Sadiz, Fu and Rebal all staring at me like “Oh no!”?


Even Tre’ainar?!

Author’s Note

It makes me sad to see that in my recent career as a novelist, there is a trend of comeuppance and isolation against childhood friends.

Childhood friends are inherently precious. If connections between people are an asset in life, childhood friends are assets that can be obtained without difficulty, like a lottery ticket.

Even if they have the worst personality, if you have a connection to a childhood friend, you should cherish it.

So, take good care of your childhood friends. Don’t make your childhood friend cry. Don’t make them sad.

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11 thoughts on “Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 225

  1. Oh that’s just perfect, get rekt Princess. In all seriousness though (instead of mostly serious), this was probably the best way for Earth to get past her delusions, and the author is totally wrong about childhood friends being inherently valuable. Long-term relationships can easily turn into something you cling to merely because of ‘how it used to be’. Treat yourself better than that.

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  2. This wasn’t even mentioned,but I feel like Rebal will have the time of his life discovering that he doesn’t have a rival, just a platonic love

    Phianse deserves a chance,but only after being cruelly rejected for her to set herself in reality once and for all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s true that during the first tournament, Rebal thought Earth declaration of win against him was for Phianse… So yeah, he’ll get shot too somehow xD I wonder if Fu noticed though?


  3. AHHAHAHAHA, Take that Princess xD
    Though i bet it won’t happen… I’ll still want to see Earth saying why he never thought she loved him… Like all the bullying etc. For his side, well love is a thing that either drop on you like lightning or a thing that can be cultivated. I think Sadiz is the former(since apparently even as a baby he was more on her that his mom…) and Shinobu/Kron are the latter.
    For Phianse… well lightning didn’t drop, and because of her own conduct she failed to cultivate.


    1. Edit : You really like to promote your Patreon Sads damnit… Ending a chapter like that without the next one should be considered a crime ! A serious one ! A crime like NTR !


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