Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 224

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Chapter 224 – The Feelings of the Goddess

“Jamdi’el… I’m done talking to Paripi.”


“And back to the topic at hand. To get you out of here… they’re going to have to seal your power.”

After talking to Paripi, I will talk to Jamdi’el again about the future.

Sure enough, Jamdi’el gives me a jittery look… no, as her eyes are closed, was it even a jittery look?

“Hey, Earth Lagann… how did thou get caught up with the dross like Paripi?”

“No, I didn’t get talked down to…”

“No tongue is as calculating, deflective, or quick to falsehood and betrayal as his! After all, is it not by such a man that even the Heavenly World has come to this turbulent state?!”

Yes, that’s exactly right. Really, I can’t trust anyone like that at all, and I’m hesitant to take him up on his offer.

That’s why it’s so frustrating.

I don’t trust him and I don’t want to rely on him, but I have no other choice.



“What do you say about her?”

“…… that’s?”

But, I’m not the one who’s going to release this person.

I asked Kron, who then puffed up her cheeks and scolded Jamdi’el in her cell.

“Enough, Jamdi’el! Don’t be selfish. Surely losing power may be unbearable for you. But at this rate… I….. I can’t be with you! That’s what I hate the most.”

“Lady Kron… and yet…”

“You don’t need any power… I….. I want to stay with Jamdi’el from now on. I want you by my side. Someday, if I have a baby with Earth, I want Jamdi’el to hold it too.”

Yes, what Kron wanted was not Jamdi’el as the Six Supremacy, much less Jamdi’el as the High Priestess, but what she wanted was…

“M, mothe… mo, ther… m… uh, mo…”

“No, read the air, me… Honey would think that the woman who cringes here is annoying… just calmly count prime numbers… a child who will be born someday… the dream of Sakura as our daughter and Sasuke as our son. but only in my heart right now…”

“A baby with Little man… even if it wasn’t me who gave birth… I’ll be the one to hold it… ugh…”

Somehow the princess… she’s already so dizzyingly disheartened… I’m getting worried… or rather, she needs your support at a time like this, Rebal.

I’m sorry for Shinobu’s upset attitude because I know how she feels. I mean, Sakura? Sasuke? What is that, don’t tell me you’ve already thought of your child’s name…?

And it seemed that Sadiz was saying something that can’t be ignored…

“Lady Kron… thy feelings are… however, I cannot simply accept the loss of my power.”


“There will be those who will target thee, Lady Kron. More and more will come to know the existence of the Daybreak Eye and its holder. At such times, without the power to protect thee even at the risk of my life … I…”

The power of Jamdi’el. It’s not so much for herself, it’s all for Kron’s sake.

To protect Kron.

Because of her existence, Jamdi’el thinks that she cannot afford to lose her power in order to protect Kron who may be targeted by someone in the future.

In response to Jamdi’el’s feelings, Kron …

“Then I’ll get stronger! Rather, Jamdi’el, I will be strong enough to protect you!”

“…… y… yes?”

Yes, she said that.

“I will be so strong…  that you will feel safe Jamdi’el… that you won’t have to risk your life for me. So please don’t say that.”

“No, Lady Kron, what art thou saying! What is truly important, what the world needs is Lady Kron! I cannot allow thee to protect me I’m afraid! Thou should never entertain such thoughts—”

“I need Jamdi’el, not the world! You, Jamdi’el! No matter what kind of life you lead and what kind of feelings you have for me… I want to stay with you!”

Kron would say this now that she was stronger and has grown in heart.

“Why… Lady Kron, going so far for me or others…”

However, during this period, Jamdi’el was still saying this.

She’s a really troublesome woman.

“Geez… just cut it out, Jamdi’el.”

“Earth Lagann… what do thou mean?”

“Maybe it’s because of your own agenda that you’ve taken care of Kron so much, but… you should understand Kron’s feelings… other people’s feelings a little bit. It’s terrible to be too insensitive, isn’t it?”

She’s so dense, Jamdi’el, and I―――

『…… You…』

“”””…… Earth(Little man)… “”””

Huh? Why did master and all the princess’ group have faces there like, “Did you just say that?”.

No, no, I’m not dense.

I understood Kron and Shinobu’s feelings for me, and I’m facing them…

“He’s right, Jamdi’el. Please understand my feelings too.”

“Lady Kron…”

“Because… to me…… you’re the one who raised me… stayed with me my entire life… you’re my family—”


It may be that Jamdi’el herself did not see things that way at all.

Kron was created out of her warped feelings for Tre’ainar, and Jamdi’el may have acted as a servant or loyal vassal.

But still, Kron is…

“To me…you are… my…… “

At that moment, Kron tightly clenched her fists, a little hesitantly, a little embarrassed, and with tears slowly welling up in her eyes, trying to say something.

―― My true feelings… were full of what I really wanted to call her… there were so many… in the end, I couldn’t say anything!!


They were her thoughts from the moment Jamdi’el was taken away and a regretful Kron let them out.

To say it, to say that, Kron has come this far.

“My… Mother…… so.”

“…… wh… eh…?”

That’s the true feeling that Kron had for Jamdi’el all along.

Even if the world doesn’t allow it.

“Fufufu …”

“Prince? What was that?”

“No, it was the first I’m hearing of it… so…… I was surprised, but at the same time …… amused, though it was imprudent of me, I laughed, boy.”

Jamdi’el was speechless with astonishment. The prince, who had been watching the whole thing, gave Kron a warm smile.

“That girl… she’s a doll that’s been created… I was told as such, still it was wrong. No matter what others may think… for a child, a parent is a parent… they’re important… that girl… is no different from me…”

“Yeah. Well, I guess everyone’s family situation is different, but…”

Perhaps he was comparing Kron to his own feelings for his parents, or perhaps he would normally be surprised that a sinner like Jamdi’el would be called “mother”, but the prince seemed to rather sympathize with Kron and laughed.

As for me…… I wonder what’s going on…

“For now, I’ll keep my word. If Jamdi’el loses her power… I swear on my life to ensure that the Heavenly World will never lay hands on her… not that we forgive Jamdi’el’s past sins, but… we are indebted to thee. We shall never get involved with these two again.”

“Oh… well, let them be.”

“So, about thy future… should we return thee all to the island? Or instead… will thou ride back on the back of that odd faced dragon? If possible, I would have thought of a banquet, but this is no situation or atmosphere for such… my father is still unconscious, as well…”

The prince, who has yet to come to an agreement with me, asked me about the future.

Yes, this is the Heavenly World. Even if we were to go back, it does not mean that I can easily go back.

I could have taken Hilua, but…

“Hey, I want Hilua to send Kron and Jamdi’el to a certain place… and drop me off on the way there… everyone else can be sent back by you.”

“Very well…”

“The three of us… won’t we go back to Cacretale?”

In any case, the problem with my parents has still not been solved… I mean, I don’t intend to do it myself… Huh?

I feel like I’m forgetting something…

Yes, if I had remembered that at this point, I might have explored different options.

At that time, I… in Cacretale on the Surface…

“Fufufu~un♪ Cleaning, wiping… cleaning up!”

“Oh, how lovely! Are you cleaning up?”

I was so busy thinking about the fact that my mother and father were coming, about Jamdi’el and Kron, about Paripi…

“Un! I’m a good girl! I have to help a lot! If I’m a good girl, everyone would come back soon!”

I had completely forgotten about the little girl who was humming and waiting for “all” of us to come home

“Big Sister, uncle, goddess, high priestess… Older brother! I wonder if everyone will come back soon~♪”

That’s why I’ve come to realize that…

Maybe I wasn’t qualified to complain about my parents.

I’m about to do the same thing――――――

Author’s Note

Thank you for your continued support.

By the way, I reported the mistake in the item related to Sadiz on the “special page” that you pointed out to the editor in charge. Thank you. I laughed involuntarily. It’s really forbidden w

And wasn’t Shinobu’s chest big as she played Go on the “special page”? There was such an opinion, but it made sense.

Why was Shinobu’s chest big when she was playing Go? You can discover the unfortunate answer if you re-read “Chapter 51 – Overwhelming” www

At that time, a woman with a kunai will appear behind you and try to assassinate you, so please gochu f hekuio ff3e2kuoh;l——————

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